Getting your WC Rank

Wanted Challenges (WC) are costly yet worthwhile and surefire investments to get your character to be well beyond the 5k+ stat range. While it is always possible to pump in $100+ dollars to get over 1mil VP and sit there till the end of the event, planning for the WC is vital if you’re on a tighter budget. Below are some tips to get you prepared for your next WC without bursting too much of your budget.

Concept Art for a Certain WC Boss (source)

*Disclaimer: Before I jump in to the guide, do note that these are based on my findings for the newer generation of WC (for the Kenashi & Forsaken updates) as that was when I began my research for this event. More importantly, I’m no expert at this so if I missed out anything or if you deem these strategies to be questionable, please feel read to point them out! Any help is greatly appreciated in refining this guide.Image

*Just to clarify, when I use the terms ‘below’ and ‘above’ a certain ranking, I refer to it numerically.
For example: Below rank 500 refers to ranks 1-499; Above rank 500 refers to ranks 501 and beyond.


A) Check what you’re planning to get

Since the last update the game, all the WC weapons and armor (from T3 to T5) will be featured within the ‘Collections’ Tab in the inventory (usually at the end of the list).

Although all their base stats will be roughly the same (2.3-2.4k), do some research first to see whether they are worthwhile to obtain, especially for their traits (eg. Dodge/Stun/Pushback/% for atk/def etc.) This will also give you a general idea on how many players will be after these new equips.

B) Give a target and prepare your wallets

This is rather obvious as getting equips from WC events is not going to be cheap. If you choose the ‘free player’ route, it isn’t entirely worthwhile to participate in WC unless you have enough gems stockpiled up, otherwise you’ll be facing major disappointment when you realise you lack gems at the last moment.

A general breakdown from the last light repeat WC in order to be within the ‘safe’ range so you’ll know how much you’re looking at spending or need to save up for.
(This VP amount is based on the Asian server which includes countries like China, Vietnam, Phillipines, Korea, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore etc.)
Rank 1-50: >500k VP
Rank 51-250: >120k-500k VP
Rank 251-500: >100k-120k VP

For a regular first run WC, the VP needed would be something like:
Rank 1-50: >1.2m VP
Rank 51-250: >300k-1.2m VP
Rank 251-500: >200k-300k VP
*Unfortunately, I don’t have data for anything rank 500 and above. If anyone has, please feel free to contribute.
*These are estimates from the previous WCs I’ve experienced so far and should only be taken as a reference.

As you can see from the table, the ‘safe’ zone for 251-500 will have a very low range as most people are aiming for those 3 sweet evo orbs that will give you at least 1x T5 weapon/armor. Furthermore, be sure to note that all WCs have different VPs needed for each ranking. Certain elements/equips are much more sought after than others so you’ll need to guage appropriately.

C) Get your VP up really early

Over-estimation is not over-rated! Don’t leave it to the last minute as you’ll be scrambling to ‘battle’ against other desperate players who spam VIP tickets by the second, meaning that it only takes players the most 5 seconds to complete 1 legendary difficulty play-through with decent internet connection. This translates to 8.4k VP per minute for a repeat WC or 18k VP per minute for a initial run WC.

Hence, a suggestion would be to get about 3/4 (or 75%) of your target VP one day before the event ends. Subsequently, work your way up the next day to reach your target VP. If the WC isn’t popular, you might get your reward at a lower VP than expected so you won’t need to spend that much. A good gauge would be to be well below your intended ranking, which leads to the next point:

D) Don’t ‘linger’ at the ranking borderline

Main thing is not to be complacent. The depreciation rate increases astronomically in the last hour to a whopping 190+ positions per hour (within the 200-500 position range). This means you can lose your ranking position very quickly even though you’re well below your target position.

Give yourself some buffer, for example if you’re aiming for position 250, stay at somewhere around 100. This will give you enough ‘meat’ against the 200+ players or so who are doing their last hour mad rush to overtake you in order to get to the position of their choice.

E) Check often, especially closer to the deadline

Reason is same as point (D). But most importantly, remember that GL is not responsible if you do not manage to get into the ranking of your choice so no amount of complaining is going to help after the event.Image

Hope this helps and have fun in your next WC!


As part of this research, I did a study on the depreciation rate for the last 24hrs of the most recent light WC. Here are my findings:

Character Stats during the Light 2nd WC:
– Level 107-109 (levelled up twice)
– Max Energy: 131-133
– Doing Legendary at rate of 700VP per 60 energy
– VIP rank 5-6 at additional 30 energy per 6hrs
– 2-3mins per WC playthrough on Auto mode

Target: Below rank 249
Final Ranking: 190 (129,725 VP)
Gems needed: approx 550

Depreciation Rate: (see table below)




7 thoughts on “Getting your WC Rank

  1. Again, a job well done (I read the other post before this one). What I can say in my only experience at running for both weapon and armor in the death set prior to the Halloween, I ranked 7th or 9th with few over 700k points, which means that the top 50 mark sat on 500-550k or so. This one was a first run.

    No question that newer events have had higher requirements in points and you get tighter in your results so the more you advance, the more controlled you will be.

    I’m running for the Eye of the Sky + Fencer Plate and I will let you know how things go.


  2. Thank you for your support!

    I realised that the VP requirement for the other servers (besides Asia) are much lower primarily due to the competition from VN and CN players, who get more gems for their dollar. In the same Death event you mentioned, the figures went up to a ridiculous 1 million VP just to be within the Top50 on the Asian leaderboard (don’t have the screenshot though).

    An interesting phenomenon I’ve noticed on the Asian leaderboards would be that one player would ‘rush’ his way up to the top, getting about 200k+ VP more than the 2nd place player and stay there till the last day, where he/she will push even higher to stay at first. Not sure whether the same thing happens in your server though.

    Once again, thank you and stay tuned for more updates to come! 😀


  3. Hey Mabaeyens, thanks so much for the input! I’m working on cataloguing the WC results into a database for the past few series of WC and I’ll add your contributions in as representative of the European server.

    Also, just for the record, the top mark for the Asian server was >874,528 VP for Top 50 (for the same event). A strong reason why I would think twice before striving for the next WC gear.


  4. This Dark WC has been crazier than other previous events. Top 500 was around 226k VP and top 50 has been 770k. However the ranks in the 100-500 where really packed between 226k-270k VP and in some cases players with the same exact number of VPs, which I don’t know how they untie that (first to get there?).


  5. Thanks! I’ve added a new ‘WC Database’ as a page at the navigation bar with your contributions. At the moment, I’m still looking into how to organise the information when there are more WC events.


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