WC Light Gear [Old vs New]

With the new WC items being released in the recent Forsaken Sands 2nd update, it is somewhat clear that these newer gear will overpower the older variants with their higher base stats (+105 to be exact) and higher percentage traits. Being rather sore about spending $50+ to get the recent light WC armour in the repeat WC event, I made a sweeping statement about the older models being obsolete (see here). However,that got me thinking (through work) whether my presumption has been a huge mistake.

Hence, let us do the math and compare this week’s WC light gear (Eye of the Sky, Light Fencer Full plate) against its predecessor (Agmundr, Skybridge Armour).

*To see how to battle against the Spirit of Absolution in this week’s WC, check out Dungeon Hunter Pro’s video here.

Overview of Stats

The Armors
wc light armor
Light Fencer Full Plate

Max Base Armor 2427
Crit Dmg 30% (54.8%)
Attack 75 (140)
Attacker Fear Chance 3%
Light attack bonus 9%



wc light armor
Skybridge Armor

Max Base Armor 2322
Light armor 10%
Light attack 10%
Attack 75 (140)
Dual-blade 10%


Comparing both armor, it is clear that the Skybridge armor focuses more on adding to base stats and providing more % to attack and defence. It also pairs up well with the weapons (both dual blades) with its dual blade %. On the other hand, the Light Fencer Plate, while having a higher base stat armor, is weaker when adding light-based attack, 1% less than the Skybridge armor. It also has useful traits like Crit Dmg and Attacker fear chance (which is good against raiders).

Unfortunately, with the recent gear stat nerf, the Skybridge armor no longer adds a significant 140 to raw attack value. Instead, it compensates with an additional 65 armor.

The Weapons
Eye of the Sky

Max Base Attack 2427
Crit Chance 13%
Stun 10%
Dmg over 3s 200 (398)
Light Armor 9%




Max Base Attack 2322
Light Armor 10%
Pushback 9%
Fear 4%
Stun 8%

The Agmundr has a generally weaker overall trait list compared to the Eye of the Sky, with weaker stun and focuses more on less ‘direct damage’. Crit chance and Dmg over 3s is also beneficial for fast attacking dual blades. Although the Eye of the Sky also has greater base attack, it loses out in Armor bonus (1% less).

How do they hold up?

Comparing each gear individually doesn’t do justice and it really boils down to using both as a set that you’ll be able to see the difference.

For most late game players, base stats are crucial in combat as other non-direct combat traits (eg. Pushback, Stun, Fear etc.) are based on percentages for triggering and are not guaranteed. Base stats of attack and defence/armour can also be boosted very much through trinkets (as an increase of 4%s can bring you into the >6k+ range). Hence, we’ll be using base stats for the criteria of evaluation.

For this, I created a calculator (using excel) to tabulate the final attack and defence stats which you’ll be getting if you were to equip a full light set for a mid to late game player.

Fixed gear and attributes which I used for this comparison would be:
Back – T5 Lightning Shield (+10% armour)
Hand – T5 Chain Lightning (+10% attack)
Belt – T5 Haste (+10% armour)

Trinkets – 3 x T2 trinkets (+24% armour & attack)
Guild – 5% for both armour and attack

The weapon and armour used are fully evolved T5 verisons.
Superfusion points have been kept at 0 for standardisation.

(1) Agmundr + Skybridge
Attack: 6147
Armour: 6236


(2) Eye of the Sky + Light Fencer Full Plate
Attack: 5877
Armour: 5996


The Verdict

The calculations don’t lie: the 2322 combination set (1) wins the newer models (2) by a good 200-300 difference, looks like the +% bonus to attack and armour are highly important. From this, I sincerely apologise for my lack of research in the previous post for giving false information, and I hope this clears the air about the new WC equips and how they fare against their older variants.

Other Combinations

Since we’re on the topic of comparing, let’s do some other combinations to see how whether a mix and match returns better results:

(3) Eye of the Sky + Skybridge
Attack: 6314
Armour: 6199


(4) Agmundr + Light Fencer Full Plate
Attack: 5722
Armour: 6034


Hence, it looks like if you want the highest attack (6314), combo (3) is the way to go. On the other hand, combo (1) features the highest defence (6236) out of the 4 sets.

Hope this helps!

*Disclaimer: Images of gear were taken from the Dungeon Hunter 5 Wikia. The Excel images are the author’s own.



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