WC VP Calculator

In the last post of ‘How to get your WC Ranking‘, I developed a (rather crude) calculator in excel 2013 to tabulate the amount of gems I would need to spend in order to get to my ranking. After some tweaking, I’ve refined this for easy usage for all to refer to.

Without further ado, here is the WC VP Calculator Version 1.0:
Download it here on Google Drive!

To download, go to the top-left corner of the screen for ‘File’ -> ‘Download As…’->Excel (.xlsx)

*Do note that this is a very basic version and there are plans to refine this even further.
*Works best on Excel 2013
*Did a full AVG scan on my computer to ensure that the file is virus-free. Do let me know if there’s any issues.

The Calculator is divided into 3 main sections:
(0) Base Statistics & Targets: How much is needed
(1) As a Free Player: Amount of VP you’ll get without paying
(2) Pay-to-Play: Amount of Gems you’ll need to buy

How to Use?

Upon opening the calculator, you’ll be able to tell that the cells are coloured differently (unless you’re on Night Mode/ High Contrast Mode). Each colour represents a different aspect (see below):

cal legend.PNG

Important output would be those which you’ll need to refer to; Semi-important output would be those which are just for reference and used in another equation further down.

(0) Base Statistics & Targets


In Section (0), you’ll need to input your current level and your target & current VP. This will return a simple result of the overall data of how much VP you have left to go.

Also, on the right, there is a VP-Energy rate. Due to the release of the repeat WC system, the VP-Energy rate is different from the original initial run so that would require input if necessary.

It will also help you know how many times you need to do the WC challenge before you hit your target VP.

*Something to note would be that the VP shown as the reward is the minimum amount of VP you’ll get when you complete each round. You can obtain up to +70 VP more but I’m not sure how that works out.

(1) As a Free Player


This section is if you want to play the WC without the use of any gems (which is really not feasible if you’re aiming for anything between 1-2500 of rank). However, this is to give you a guide as to how much VP you’ll get just based on a ‘Natural Gain‘ together with energy rewards from the WC, VIP bonuses, level ups and dailies.

*As the amount of energy keeps changing for the rewards given out, you’ll need to input it in manually for now. Further versions of the calculator will attempt to refine this to make this input automatic.

(2) Pay-to-Play


Last but not least, this is the section which you’ll want to look at. Taking into account the amount of energy you have left currently and the amount of gems you have, the calculator will tabulate the amount of extra gems you’ll need to buy.

*Gem per full energy refill might change if there are any in-game seasonal discounts. 

That’s about it. This will be posted to the downloads section as well.
Happy Hunting!


10 thoughts on “WC VP Calculator

  1. Like it, downloaded it and will use it for a try to top 500 this time (dark set). A question, in the cell F8 (Attempts left) you are rounding up to 700, however, this is a first run wc, therefore it should use instead the value in cell just above it (Rate) instead of the fixed value of “700” as I will get 1500 VPs each time I run successfully, shouldn’t it? Thanks!


  2. Good to know that it has worked well for you! 🙂
    I was a little concerned about the additional VP because the extra random 10 to 70 VP might throw calculations off, especially for repeat WC runs that rewards less VP.

    As for the excel file, its meant for your personal reference which is to be updated constantly so no need to send it over, but thanks for offering!


    1. Level up gain means that the full energy refill you get upon level up. That means if you’re level 124 and u level up once during the WC, you input ‘149’ (which is the energy for level 125).

      For misc gain, this refers to extra energy you get from other sources (eg. ToE, special events). Generally I input the ToE energy rewards here.

      Hope this helps!


  3. Hi, Zung, really like the blog.

    If I understand it correctly, you only have TWO CHANCES to get the evo materials, right? No WC event has appeared more than twice?

    Thanks for your fine work.


    1. Hey Charlie, thank you for your support! 🙂

      To answer your question, past experience has shown that there have only been 2 WC so far for the previous cycles of WC. However, I wouldn’t be too quick to judge until the developers have announced officially that they will not continue the current cycles of WC events (eg. On sept ’15 they announced such a thing).


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