Dark v Dark [Old vs New]

Announced a few hours ago, the Dark WC set (Demon skull armor, Dark revenge) now runs in competition against its old contender (Shadowtusk, Aginvild). Interestingly, with both having same weapon types, let’s see how much difference there will be when we put the figures to the test.

(For first timers, do check out this video by Dungeon Hunter 5 Pro on defeating the Death Knight on Legendary difficulty.)

In my flurry of updating, I overlooked a very important factor which colapepsi commented in the forums (read here): there was a lack of consideration (in the previous post) for base attack and defense, which makes up for raw damage output and resisting damage respectively (source: Dummy0151).

This would explain why the Possessed Asgirr is advertised as having 2462 attack even though it only shows 2322 as a level 100 T5. The additional 140 raw attack has been factored in as well.

This base damage (or ‘real’ damage) plays a much larger role when dealing against minions/players that are not of your gear’s weakness, where the base attack value is pit against the opponent’s armor value before the multipliers come into play.

Thus, subsequent comparison posts would include the base values as well as global. The light WC post will be updated as well.


Take note that as I do not posses these gear, there is no combat data/experimentation available. Hence, what this analysis takes into account is global and base stats (attack and defense) and does not have actual damage output.

However, in benefit of the rest of the DH5 community, if you do possess these items, any comments as how these gear(s) function in real-time combat would be highly appreciated. 

The Armors
Demon Skull Armor

Base Armor stats 2467
Fear 4%
Crit Chance 13%
Run 10%
Death Attack 11%



(*Artwork is the same!)

Base Armor stats 2322
Crit Chance 13%
Crit Damage 50% (69.8%)
Attack 75 (140)
Crossbow 10%


At first glance, the older Shadowtusk seems more apt for offense, packing both crit chance and damage bonuses while having raw attack power. However, one might wonder whether the additional 140 attack is able to hold up against the more versatile higher-than-average Death attack bonus (11%) of the Demon Skull Armor.

Sadly, after the nerf for the Shadowtusk stats, its additional raw attack power is only able to match up to the 4th cycle WC gear. The new armor stat gives the armor a more balanced stat boost though.

The Weapons
Dark Revenge (Crossbow)

Base Attack stats 2467
Attack Speed 11%
Fear 4%
Stun 6%
Death Armor 11%



Aginvild (Crossbow)

Base Attack stats 2322
Fear 4%
Crit Chance 13%
Crit Damage 50% (69.8%)
Death Armor 10%



As both crossbows, the Dark Revenge generally fares better in terms of traits, raw attack power and death armor bonus. Not only does it have a guaranteed 11% attack speed, but also has fear and stun as well. Thus, allowing the player to have a higher chance to unleash these negative statuses more often.

The Results
Like the previous Light WC comparison, a tabulation of results will be done using fully evolved gear and skill items, to best simulate achievable stats of a player with decent equips. Since we’re using a Death player, let’s go for a high attacker fear chance build for the fun of it (ie. 6% attacker fear chance).

The fixed equipment used in calculation are:

Back – T5 Demonic Shield (+10% armor)
Hand – T5  Spinning Slash (+10% attack)
Belt – T5 Nightmare Burst (+10% armor)

Trinkets – 3 x T2 trinkets (+24% armor & attack)
Guild – 5% for both armor and attack

Superfusion points of the gear are kept at 0 for standardisation purposes.

Combo (1): Aginvild + Shadowtusk
Attack: 5707 (Global); 3830 (Base)
Defense: 5924 (Global); 3726 (Base)
Other Bonuses: Fear 4%; Crit Chance 26%; Crit Damage 139.6%(?!)


Combo (2): Dark Revenge + Demon skull Armor
Attack: 5753 (Global); 3835 (Base)
Defense: 6194 (Global); 3871 (Base)
Other Bonuses: Fear 8%; Crit Chance 13%; Stun 6%; Attack Speed 11%; Run 10%


Looking at the global stats, it’s quite clear that why GL chose not to do the Dark repeat WC.

With weaker overall stats, the old gear (combo 1) loses out by a 200 stat difference in defense and 50 in attack (saved by the extra 140 raw attack from the armor).

An interesting thing to note would be that the base attack for the old gear is comparable to that of the new one, meaning your raw damage output would be roughly equal when facing non-light foes.

In terms of traits, although Combo (1) features some significant increment in crit chance and damage bonuses, the newer gear (Combo 2) has attack speed, stun, crit chance and high fear percent (8%) that make it a generally more worthwhile set to invest in.

Hence, the new Dark WC set for the win (FTW) this round.

Other Combinations

Combo (3): Dark Revenge + Shadowtusk
Attack: 5923 (Global); 3975 (Base)
Defense: 5962 (Global); 3726 (Base)
Other Bonuses: Crit Chance 13%; Crit Dmg 69.8%; Attack Speed 11%; Fear 4%; Stun 6%


Combo (4): Dark Revenge + Shadowtusk
Attack: 5535 (Global); 3690 (Base)
Defense: 6155 (Global);  3871 (Base)
Other Bonuses: Fear 8%; Crit Chance 26%; Crit Damage 69.8%; Run 10%

Dark (4)

Combo (4) exchanges offense with defense, featuring the same base defense value as combo (2). However, it does have the high fear and crit chance to make up for the weaker attack value.

On the other hand, Combo (3) is a generally balanced build. Merging the traits from both old and new gear, this means your 11% attack speed would be able to dish out critical hits and trigger fear and stun rates more often.

Moreover, it has the highest base attack out of the 4 combinations, making it a set to potentially consider.

Highest global attack: Combo (3) – 5923
Highest base attack: Combo (3) – 3975
Highest global defense: Combo (2) – 6194
Highest base defense: Combo (2,4) – 3871


Good luck and happy Dungeon-huntering!


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