Xmas Event Calculator


!UPDATE: Version 1.3 (01/01/16)
Increment of the daily ornament gain to 20 instead of 18. However, you need to spend 70 energy now.

With the commencement of the Valenthian Rooptops mission, the Christmas Event Calculator is now live!
Download it here.

Like the other files, to download it, go to the top-left corner of the screen for ‘File’ -> ‘Download As…’->Excel (.xlsx)

*This calculator works best on Excel 2013.
*File has been screened and cleared by AVG security.

*Due to the unpredictability of GL, the formulas within will be updated should there be any changes to the running of the event.
*This calculator is intended for players to be updated as the event progresses for reference purposes for the user’s discretion.

This calculator’s format was based on the VP calculator released earlier (see here) and improved further to include and test more complex functionalities like input of VIP level to determine VIP bonus energy rates.  If this works out well, I’ll transplant over some of the formulas to improve the VP calculator further.

Special Note:

Although the whole Christmas chest event is scheduled to end in 13 days, the calculator actually uses the end of the ‘Valenthian Rooptops’ event as a deadline (3 Jan 2016, 1:00pm UTC). This is so because the event is probably the only sustainable way to farm for Christmas ornaments without incurring massive expenditure on bundles.

Also, while getting ornaments from successful raids is also a viable option, it is not as sustainable because there are limited and specific periods of time (2 sessions, each 3hrs long) for this to happen. As the maximum capacity for stamina is capped at 3, the most a player can raid per day for free during this event would be 10, without any additional bonus stamina.

How to Use

Like the VP calculator, each cell color represents a different function.


Yellow cells require numerical inputs (eg. current level, time left etc.)
Orange cells require a choice from a drop-down list
Dark Blue cells are to be kept as they are unless there is a major change in the system/ promotions.
Grey cells are not to be touched
Green cells have values which might be of interest to players
Red cells means that there are errors in the formatting

Hence, if you were to encounter any red cell, please inform me immediately (in the comments) and I’ll amend the ‘spoiled’ section of the calculator.

This calculator takes into account (0) the target number of chests the player wants to open for the event, along with his/her character level and VIP level to aid in the calculations later.


Input the time left in days, hours, minutes in reference to the end date and time (listed in dark blue). Also, you can choose whether you’ve collected your daily bonus which will affect the later calculations.

Subsequently, it factors in both sources of obtaining Christmas ornaments through the (1) Valenthian Rooptops event and the (2) Stronghold Raids.


The energy and stamina gain is based on the amount of time left till the end of the event. This is used to determine how many times you can run the event/raids.

*Do note that actually, the stamina gain is only as a reference as the main formula comes from input of the Stronghold Raid Bonus instead.

You can also select whether you want to include either the event mission or the stronghold bonus in your calculations of obtaining ornaments through a drop-down menu of Y/N.

Similarly, there is another drop down menu to select the difficulty of the event mission (Normal, Hard, Expert). The most optimal ornament farming is ‘Normal’ difficulty (see here).

All in all, these are tabulated to see how many chests you can open for free during this duration. Hence, this will show whether or not you can meet your desired target.


*I’m uncertain of the number of daily calendar ornaments you can get in total as everything is blanked out by a ‘present’ image.  It seems like the rate is 5 extra ornaments a day upon logging in and doubled for certain days through VIP bonuses. However, I’ll leave it blank as for now.

Additionally, should one desire to spend gems, the (3) pay-to-win segment calculates the amount of gems one needs to buy for energy refills.

*Taking into account only gaining ornaments through the event mission.

This factors in the amount of chests to the final goal and breaks it down as to how many times you’ll need to refill your energy to gain. Finally, it will tell you how many additional gems you’ll need to buy.

Okay, that’s about it.

Merry Christmas and hope this makes your ornament farming experience a little easier!



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