Farming Ornaments [Valenthian Rooptops]


As covered in the last post of xmas calculator, the Valenthian Rooftops mission is most worthwhile to be played on the ‘Normal’  difficulty mode by the manner of which they calculate how many ornaments you get at the end of the mission.

*For the 2016 edition of the event, click here instead.

Total No. of Ornaments awarded =
Base No. of Ornaments (based on difficulty level) + No. of Presents delivered.

Hence, applying this formula with a fixed 7 number of presents delivered, the ornaments per energy point will be as follows:

Normal (15 energy) = 4 + 7 = 11 [0.73 ornaments per energy pt]
Hard (25 energy) = 8 + 7 = 15 [0.6 ornaments per energy pt]
Normal (45 energy) = 18 + 7 = 25 [0.56 ornaments per energy pt]

Anyway, the main point of this post would less of the calculation and  more so as to how to deliver those 7+ presents.

*The 2016 edition figures are different from the 2015 ones. Click here to see the current figures instead.

UPDATE (21/12/16): A viable suggestion to use the bottom right chimney has been added.

UPDATE (26/12/15): A few more special pointers to note included at the bottom!

Building your Gear

As this mission is all about speed, you’ll need to consider the following equips:

– A speed spell (Haste, Fire Dash, Dash Strike, MalRush)
– A shield spell or Smoke Veil (to stop/deflect snowballs)
– Equips that add to run speed (over 10% extra would do)
– Equips that have Damage to Attacker (so the minions will ‘kill’ themselves)
– Equips with spell cooldown (to activate your skills more frequently)
– A Ranged Light weapon (to take down the final boss)

Here’s what I use:

Light set with 24% run speed and haste

Don’t worry if your gear isn’t good as you’re entering a mission with normal difficulty rating. As long as you have anything above 2k stats, you’re good to go.

Also, you can pick a strong ally preferably with a ranged light weapon. If he/she has chain lightning, it’ll be even better as it works well here due to the small space.


The event map is a rather small one and there are 3 main points where the Christmas presents randomly spawn (see map below, not to scale), with their closest respective chimney.

Closest Chimney to Present Spawn Points

As the time limit is rather short (1 minute 30 seconds), there isn’t much time to linger around aimlessly. In fact, there are a few points on the map which are important to bear in mind (see below).

Entrance and Present Spawn pt 1
Present Spawn pt 2
Closest chimney for present spawn pt 1 & 2
The opening of the 2nd bridge is where the ‘hotspot’ is that allows you to see where your presents will spawn on your mini-map.
Present spawn pt 3
Closest Chimney for Present Spawn pt 3

Hence, a recommended route will be something like this:

Starting Route
Route if present spawns at pt 1
Route if present spawns at pt 2
Route if present spawns at pt 3

Know that every present you deliver will cause the environment to change. Bridges (in orange) will flip up. So you’ll need to know your route around.

I also ignored the bottom right chimney as it’s rather far compared to the other chimneys and less accessible with an obstacle blocking the way (highlighted in black).

EDIT (21/12/16):

As recently suggested by fellow player, VastGenome, the bottom right chimney is also a feasible option as it allows you to see the drawbridge going up or down. Basically if it goes up, the present will never spawn on 3, so you can instantly travel up to either spawn point 1-2.

Minions are all there to slow you down from achieving your goal, with Kringle workers having some form of frost shield and everyone seems to randomly fling snowballs at you. The Prophet types are there to freeze you as well. Thus, if you have the smoke veil/shield skill, keep it on constantly to avoid getting hit.

To save time and optimise your runs, do not bother attacking any of the minions and let your ally do it for you. If you have a lightning shield even better, as having it equipped zaps minions from afar.

Interesting Points to note

> I’ve yet to see any consecutive spawns of presents on point 3, so heading back to the bridge at point 2 would be the most viable option to optimise your routes.

> If your present spawns at point 2, it has a higher chance to spawn at point 3. This pattern can keep occurring, making your character having to shuffle between points 2 and 3 constantly.

> However, if your present spawns at point 1, there is a high chance that it can repeatedly spawn at that location. (The highest number of recorded consecutive present spawns at point 1 for my runs would be 5.)

> Interestingly, it is possible to pick up a present before the time is up and deliver it after the deadline. It will still count as a present delivered that contributes to your final score.

Delivering the last present after the time limit

> Last but not least, NEVER use rush tickets for this event. It will give you the minimum number of ornaments (eg. doing rush on normal difficulty only give 4 ornaments).

Once you’ve got the hang of it, delivering 7 presents (and maybe more) would be a breeze! Don’t forget to kill off the Vile Kringle, who is rather easy if you have strong light gear (he dies instantly after getting hit by my lightning shield).

That’s about all.
Merry Christmas and have fun dungeon hunter-ing this holiday season!


3 thoughts on “Farming Ornaments [Valenthian Rooptops]

  1. Pulling 8 85%, 9 10% and 7 5% when I screw up or get slowed to much. Decent and forgiving, but not a maxed setup. Leg nature armor and smoke veil to hit 50% run bonus, evo2 dash from a bounty chest and rolls. Run speed being key. 6 total distance boosts, vary usage to keep something recharging. Attacking with an AOE only when picking up is impeded by minions.

    The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Point 1 is favored with drops. Run back from chimney 1/2 to point 1 and watch radar. If you can’t see blue ! then spawning at 3. Probably not optimum, but reliable enough to average 8 extra ornaments. I’ll take a zen 8 over a stressed 9!


    1. At 50% run speed, 8 presents is a comfortable number. Like u mentioned, point 1 has the highest spawn rate and point 3 has the least.

      You can also try at the bottom right chimney as you can see the draw bridge being lifted/closed. If it’s lifted, it means that there won’t be any presents at point 3 so that saves time.

      Technique is to stick to one chimney but yes, it’s better to be comfortable rather be stressed. 🙂


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