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Hello again!

For those of you wondering what I use for calculating the stats for the WC gear comparisons, look no further as here is the DH5 stats calculator.

Download here!
(*This calculator will be made available in the Downloads page too.)

Based on the formula used in DH5, you’ll be able to use this to calculate your stats and determine whether that new equipment is right for you, instead of having to tediously evolve and level it up before you can see it in full effect.

A typical DH5 character stat sheet

Similar to the VP WC Calculator, you’ll need to download it by clicking the google drive link. At the top left hand corner, click on ‘file’ -> ‘save as’ -> .xlsx file.

Likewise, do note that this is a very basic version of the calculator and at the moment, is to be used in conjunction with the DH5 wikia (here!) for a complete database of stats. Also, there are plans to improve upon this.

– The calculator works best with excel 2013.
– The file has been scanned by AVG security before uploading, but if it causes any problems, kindly inform me immediately.
– To be used at players’ discretion.

Special Note:

While the base attack and armor values have been tested and are accurate, there might be slight discrepancies of +/- 1 for the Global stat values.

For those curious as to why, it seems that the global attack often (but not always) functions as a ‘Roundup‘ (to the higher closest integer) expression while the Armor stat uses a regular ‘Round‘ (to the nearest integer) function. I have yet to decipher what causes this though, but will update the calculator formulas once I’ve figured it out.

How to Use

The Stat calculator is divided into 3 main sections:
(1) Base Attack/ Armor
(2) Attack/ Armor Raw bonus
(3) Elemental/Weapon-type Attack/ Armor bonuses

As seen in the calculator, Dungeon Hunter 5 employs a rather straight-forward formula system to tabulate one’s stats.

First, the (1) Base Attack/ Armor is the sum of one’s weapon attack and armor defense in addition to its Super Fusion points.stats(1)

For the super fusion bonuses, key in the resulting value obtained from the listed number (eg. if you have +12 fusion points, type in 24 in the cell below its respective equipment).

Secondly, (2) Attack/ Armor Raw bonus is added to segment (1). These are usually taken from your other gears (such as bracer/hand, Belt and back). Do also note that certain armor and weapons give raw attack bonuses (eg. Prestigious Skybridge Armor; Tidal Djinn Armor; Possessed Asgirr).


Taking (1) and (2) in total gives the result of the base attack and armor. This figure determines how much ‘raw’ damage you’ll deal to an opponent of no elemental advantage/disadvantage (read Dummy0151’s post). Likewise, this also works the same way for defense.

Lastly, (3) Elemental/Weapon-type Attack/ Armor bonuses are multipliers to the base figures. Input in the percentage bonuses as listed in the different gear.


A rough guide to bonuses (for spell gear) would be as follows:
T5 Bracer/Hand: 10% Elemental Attack
T5 Back: 10% Elemental Armor
T5 Belt: 10% Elemental Armor

*No bonuses for Kenashi/Ashkardian spell gear (bracer, belt, back)

The end result will give you the full glory of your character’s Global Attack and Armor values.

Last but not least, what you do, do not touch the ‘grey’ coloured cells as they have formula attached to them. The rest can be adjusted accordingly to your liking.

That’s about it!

Hope this helps you in your journey of Dungeon Hunter-ing and enjoy the festive season!


2 thoughts on “Stats Calculator

  1. Hi. I dont really understand how this can help me figure out maxed stats when you have to enter in maxed stats for the calculator to work? If I get a new piece of armor the highest stats I can find is t6 level 1 from the collection. What I want to know is of course what my end result will be at t6 lvl 125. Some skills stay (the %ones) and some scale up (like armor or attack bonus etc) when you fuse it, so I have no idea how to figure out what the end stats of the armor is. Hope you can help me with that. thanks.


    1. Hi. Unfortunately, there isn’t an indication of max stats within the Collection tab.
      I usually use the gauge of +700/800 additional stats to the gear at T6 level 1, this is usually how much it increases when at max level.

      In general, for the magical properties/traits, certain traits (bloodrage/stun/slow/fear/pushback/crit hit chance/elemental bonuses/skill bonuses etc) are kept consistent throughout the levels. Others (DTA/DOT/HPH/HPK/HPD/attack bonus/crit hit dmg/berserker etc.) increase to a maximum number based on their starting figure.

      If you’re on the app, band, there is a global chat group for DH5 and most are pretty helpful if you ask.
      There is also the official DH5 forums, though players are more likely to complain there than anything else.


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