Nature Gear [Old vs New]

Even with the festivities in place, this week’s Wanted Challenge (WC) still runs as per normal, proving how much WC is *cough*really essential*cough* to DH5. Well…the show MUST go on!

This week marks the 3rd elemental gear set and features the strongest nature set to date and showcasing some noteworthy attack/armor multipliers (13%). Something of which might possibly highly sought after for due to the absurd number of voror knights in strongholds.

However, as the mid-way point of the ‘beetle coin’ WC gear and reviewing this week’s results, I’m starting to wonder whether my initial statement about the new WC gear (and how it made the previous edition obsolete) might be true after all.

Let’s look at the facts before we jump to conclusions.

*Special thanks to Higira for correcting some of the figures inside this post! 

*Note: If you use auto-mode, do note that it is slightly broken in this map. It is advisable for you to check on it at the end of the match as there is a high chance that your character might do one of the following:
– Stand around the map after the boss is dead because the chest does not spawn only unless your character moves about after killing the boss
– Stand in the swamp pit till death
– Constantly walking into a tree and dodge rolling (?!)

The Armors

Swamp Monster Hide

Base Armor 2467
Nature Skill Cooldown 10%
Crit Hit Damage 30% (54.8%)
Health 6%
Nature Attack 13%


Titan Hornplate

Base Armor 2322
Nature Skill Damage 10%
Damage to Attacker 75 (95)
Nature Skill Cooldown 12%
Nature Armor 10%

Quite an obvious difference here. The Swamp Monster hide has traits that focuses more on attack while the Titan Hornplate focuses more on defense. Both have nature skill cooldown reduction, though I question how much a 2% difference would make a significance during actual combat.

The Weapons
Dragon Bile Blade (Greatsword)

Base Attack 2467
Nature Skill Damage 8%
Attack Speed 13% (14%)
Health/Hit 11 (15)
Nature Armor 13%


Asgirr (Glaive)

Base Attack 2322
Nature Armor 10%
Nature Skill Damage 10%
Nature Skill cooldown 12%
Attack 75 (140)

Again, the newer variation takes the cake. Despite having the same base attack (the Asgirr boosted by its raw 140 attack), the Asgirr loses out by one trait and lacks the 14% attack speed that the Dragon Bile Blade has. This means the new Greatsword makes your character a hard-and-fast hitting machine, which is advantageous against Vorors and other pesky dark minions.

In the latest update, the Asgirr loses out on the raw attack bonus but is balanced out by the armor bonus addition. Although it doesn’t have as much ‘punch’ as before, it makes your character slightly hardier, especially beneficial in Voror fights and tanking swarms of Voror knights. (back to normal!)

Seriously, is there any point in comparing?
Both weapon and armor are already individually superior than their predecessors.

Anyway, just for the sake of it, here we go!

As a Nature set, let’s try gear with health bonuses this round.

Fixed gear and attributes which I used for this comparison would be:
Back – T5 Healing Shield (+10% armor)
Hand – T5 Shockwave (+10% attack)
Belt – T5 Earthen Wrath (+10% armor)

Trinkets – 3 x T2 trinkets (+24% armour & attack)
Guild – 5% for both armor and attack

The weapon and armor used are fully evolved T5 versions.
Superfusion points have been kept at 0 for standardisation.

Combo (1): Dragon Bile Sword + Swamp Monster Hide
Attack: 5830 (Global); 3835 (Base)
Armor: 6388 (Global); 3943 (Base)
Traits: Nature Skill Cooldown 10%; Nature Skill Damage 8%; Crit Hit Dmg 54.8%,; Health 6%; Attack Speed 14%; Health/hit 15


Combo (2): Asgirr + Titan Hornplate
Attack: 5324 (Global); 3830 (Base)
Armor: 6419 (Global); 3798 (Base)
Traits: Nature Skill Dmg 20%; Nature Skill Cooldown 24%; Damage to Attacker 95


Although having similar base stats for attack, the newer weapon has an extra attack speed as discussed earlier, making it much more deadly compared to the Asgirr.

Armor stat wise, the older set wins in terms of global stat value due to the additional armor bonuses from both armor and weapon, something can be depended upon when facing off swarms of voror or tormentors. However, when against other elemental types, the newer set fares much much better.

While the older set has faster cooldowns and increased damage for spell skills, I question how much and how often players will actually use their skills in combat. The newer gear has more reliable traits like health bonuses and health/hit, making it more versatile, especially in melee combat.

Overall, my vote goes with the newer set with this one as it has higher base stats and more traits which are useful as well.

Other Combinations

Combo (3): Dragon Bile Sword + Titan Hornplate
Attack: 5715 (Global); 3835 (Base)
Armor: 6153 (Global); 3798 (Base)
Traits: Nature Skill Damage 18%; Nature Skill Cooldown 12%; Attack Speed 14%; Damage to Attacker 95; Health/hit 15



Combo (4): Asgirr + Swarm Monster Hide
Attack: 5822 (Global); 3830 (Base)
Armor: 6269 (Global); 3943 (Base)
Traits: Nature Skill Cooldown 22%; Nature Skill Damage 10%; Crit Damage 54.8%; Health 6%


When mix-and-matching weapons and armors, combo (3) and (4) prove that the original combinations maximise the effectiveness of their respective gear and make more sense to don on the matching weapon/armor.

However, if I had to pick a combination, I would choose combo (3) as it prioritises on offense while packing a ‘damage to attacker’ trait and decent percentages on skill damage and cooldown, despite its lower global values. I would say…this makes the character function like a ‘half-warrior/half-magician‘ hybrid that hits hard and attacks equally with spells. (Okay, I know that DH5 doesn’t have classes, so let’s not go there.)

Highest global attack: Combo (1) – 5830
Highest base attack: Combo (1,3) – 3835
Highest global defense: Combo (2) – 6419
Highest base defense: Combo (1,3) – 3943

Happy Holidays!


7 thoughts on “Nature Gear [Old vs New]

  1. i have a quesiton, i have this bow from previous WC its called majestic winged gem. Its nature as well, do you think if i pit it with the monster hide it’ll be crazy strong? or is sword still the smarter choice?


    1. Also if you didnt know the stats (not sure base mine is +6) ATK: 2404 crit hit chance 13% crit hit dmg 74.8% nature armor bonus 10% slow chance 12%

      BTW i know the sword is gonna be sick during voror My primary set is light.. and i use asigrr right now to defeat voror.. but that atk speed is gonna be sooo helpful.

      ALSO last thing, you used earthen wrath. Can you tell me how good it is and what it actually does for a belt skill? I am currently using entangling vines, and the skill CD is awesome with it. all my skills takes like 4 seconds or less to finish on cd. (thats entangling btw thats longest)


      1. Hey Higira, thanks for providing the stats.
        I did some research and the Majestic Winged Gem (crossbow) base attack is 2372 (T5, level 100).

        My suggestion would be to go with the Majestic Dragon Bile Blade as it has an overall higher attack and good traits as well (attack speed, health/hit). As you mentioned, the greatsword would bode well when dealing with the anti-ranged vorors (which appear a bit too frequently in everyone’s SH).

        Nonetheless, it’ll be good to have the crossbow as a secondary to slow down and take out trickier champions such as Etheras (heavy damage + stun), Harbringers (flight), Succubine and Lord of the Eve (100% knockdown + fear) from a far.

        However, do note that by using the Majestic Winged Gem, you’ll have about 95 less base attack (based on 0 SF pts for both weapons) and 3% less nature armor global stat.

        I’ve not used Earthen Wrath before and I’ve only seen it through gameplay videos and against SH keepers. I would say it is like an Area of Effect (AoE) skill like Entangling vines with slightly higher damage output. The downside is that it requires a charge time to activate and a single tap would only cause the single line of ‘thorns’ to appear in front of you. Not too sure about the cooldown though as I’ve not used it myself.

        Hope this helps!


      2. Thank you! that is quite an informative reply! also i noticed that the stats are a bit different. Is it because im from Canada server and ur from asia? the sword is actually 14% atk speed not 13% and health / hit is 15 not 16. not sure if its a mistake or different server problem.

        Also the armor is crit dmg 54.8% not 49.8%

        i have screenshots to back this up if you’re interested.

        thanks again 🙂


      3. Thanks for offering, but I doubt GL would do something of that sort, especially after how much flak they’re getting from the gem price difference.

        As I don’t personally own the gear, the stats were actually extrapolated from level 100 variants of equips that have similar traits. Hence, I’m pretty sure its a mistake on my end.

        I’ve updated the post with your figures. Thanks for your help! 🙂


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