Fire Gear [Old vs New]

Happy 2016 to all readers! Here’s hoping for a good year free of glitches and full of lucky chest pulls!

Okay, back to business, this time investigating the Fire WC Gear.

Released on New Year’s eve, this latest set makes an appearance, joining the ranks with its predecessor that was once the source of much controversy (ie. the fire bonus bug).

Similar to the Dark and Light gear sets, the new fire WC features the same weapon type (staff) as its predecessor and the former armor has bonus % to that particular weapon type. Let’s see how both fare:

*Btw, there’s an update to the Christmas Calculator as the number of ornaments for daily is 20 now, from the previous 18. Moreover, for those who have yet to reach the decorated chest, it costs 200 ornaments to open chests above your 21st chest. Both have been updated into the calculator.

*Updated with the stat changes since the Jan 2016 update.

The Armors

Old Wood Protector

Base Armor 2467
Health/ Kill 43 (58)
Critical Hit Chance 13%
Critical Hit Damage 25% (49.8%)
Fire Attack Bonus 13%




Base Armor 2322
Staff Damage 10%
Fire Attack Bonus 10%
Fire Armor Bonus 10%
Health Bonus 10% 7% (stat change since update)




Looking at both armors, the Old Wood Protector prioritises on dishing out bonus damage through criticals. It also has an additional higher than average elemental bonus (13%) against the HP bloated Nature gear users and that annoying oversized Nature Colossus. Unfortunately, the health/kill trait helps only in solo missions and very little in stronghold raids (you can only get maximum of 10 x 58 = 580 HP back in raids, not counting the keeper).

On the other hand, the Strawhide concentrates on improving global stats instead, featuring similar traits like the old Light WC armor (Skybridge has bonuses to weapon type and elemental attack and armor stats). However, the 10% health bonus only gives you a few seconds longer against a better geared opponent and does nothing against the incoming (and severely overused) ice blast to the face.

The Weapons

Blood and Bones
Base Attack 2467
Damage over 3s 250 (448)
Critical Hit Chance 13%
Berserker Damage 50 (69)
Fire Armor Bonus 9%




Base Attack 2322
Damage over 3s 200 (398)
Fire Skill Damage Bonus 10%
Fire Skill Cooldown 12%
Critical Hit Chance 13%




Little doubt here that the Blood and Bones has better combat capabilities in terms of base attack and traits. Additionally, it has the new Berserker Damage trait which makes characters more dangerous when they have lower HP, and possibly giving a greater chance for comeback against tougher opponents.

(*Speaking of which, is the Berserker trait a percentage or a raw attack addition? It has the stat gain of a critical damage bonus trait but does not have a percentage sign. Hmm…this warrants experimentation!)

The Colborn is geared more towards a spell-casting weapon (much like how a staff is supposed to be in most games), which can be advantageous when spamming the much-needed Warcry and other destructive skills such as Flame Eruption and Burning Phantasm.

The Comparison

As a Fire set, we’ll go with spell equips with critical damage bonuses (that give a whopping 69.8 x 3 = 209.4% at max level).

Fixed gear and attributes which I used for this comparison would be:
Back – T5 Warcry (+10% armor)
Hand – T5 Fire Cyclone (+10% attack)
Belt – T5 Fire Hammer (+10% armor)

Trinkets – 3 x T2 trinkets (+24% armour & attack)
Guild – 5% for both armor and attack

The weapon and armor used are fully evolved T5 versions.
Superfusion points have been kept at 0 for standardisation.

Combo (1): Blood and Bones + Old Wood Protector
Attack: 5939 (Global); 3907 (Base)
Armor: 6116 (Global); 3871 (Base)
Traits: Health/Kill 58; Crit Hit Chance 26%; Crit Hit Damage 49.8%; Damage over 3s 448; Berserker Damage 69


Combo (2): Colborn + Strawhide
Attack: 5982 (Global); 3762 (Base)
Armor: 5924 (Global); 3726 (Base)
Traits: Health Bonus 7%; Damage over 3s 398; Fire Skill Damage 10%; Fire Skill Cooldown 12%; Crit Hit Chance 13%


Like the Dark Gear set, the Fire gear lacks any additional raw attack bonuses that make its base stats less desirable compared to the newer gear and making this comparison less exciting. But although Combo (1)’s base stats naturally fare better than Combo (2), the older gear set has a slightly higher global attack value.

When both armor and weapon are put together, it is clear that the newer models are more combat-driven for handling stronger opponents, with bonuses to crit hit chance and damage, while handling well at low HP with the Berserker damage trait. It also has a higher damage over time (DOT) trait compared to the older version.

Other Combinations

Combo (3): Blood and Bones + Strawhide
Attack: 6213 (Global); 3907 (Base)
Armor: 6260 (Global); 3726 (Base)
Traits: Damage over 3s 448; Critical Hit Chance 13%; Berserker Damage 69; Health Bonus 7%


Combo (4): Colborn + Old Wood Protector
Attack: 6095 (Global); 3762 (Base)
Armor: 5768 (Global); 3871 (Base)
Traits: Damage over 3s (398); Fire Skill Damage Bonus 10%; Fire Skill Cooldown 12%; Crit Hit Chance 26%; Crit Hit Damage 49.8%; Health/Kill 58


Individually, the combinations are well boosted by their stronger counterparts (Blood and Bones; Old Wood Protector) and together each set has its strengths: Combo (3) being the highest in terms of global stats and Combo (4) showcasing a noteworthy list of traits.

However, if I had to choose, I would (theoretically) recommend Combo (3) as a good bet as it fares well damage-wise with guaranteed high base attack stat and a higher DOT value.

Also, as a long ranged damage dealer, you’ll tend to avoid situations where you’ll get swarmed and thus, receive less direct damage. However, if your character happens to get swarmed, the Berserker Damage trait would kick in and increase your already high base attack.

Overall Comparsions

Highest global attack: Combo (3) – 6213
Highest base attack: Combo (1,3) – 3907
Highest global defense: Combo (3) – 6260
Highest base defense: Combo (2,4) – 3871

Noteworthy Traits: Combo (1)

Okay, that’s that. Thanks for giving this a read and let me know what other gears you need me to review. I’ll continue to deliver presents in the meantime and attempt to draw out the christmas gear.

Unfortunately, I’ll far from my computer next week but will try to answer any queries posted here. See you next time!


6 thoughts on “Fire Gear [Old vs New]

    1. Hey Arsh, if it doesn’t differ from the previous cycle’s WC armor, it should be 2 x fire horns, 2 x chromatic crystals, 2 x fire beetle coins and 1 x ancient relic, to evolve from T4 to T5.


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