Back from Hiatus

Hello all!

Much apologies for the lack of updates as I was away in China for a week long vacation. As of now, I’m familiarising myself with the new update and see what further changes I need to make for my upcoming posts.

Also, due to the revision in traits for the older WC equips, I feel that there’s a need to relook and amend my previous posts on WC gear comparison. Affected equips, such as the Possessed Asgirr and Prestigious Skybridge Armor no longer add +140 raw attack, but has been changed to (at T5 max level):

+75 Raw Attack
+65 Raw Armor
(see screenshot below for clarity)


Consequentially, the modified old gear is indeed more balanced but unfortunately does not put it on par when compared to the newer gear due to the reduced attack stat.

Additionally, I’m curious to know what happened to the Khil Urdd WC challenge for the new 5th cycle water gear (Armor and Glaive). The current WC challenge is Vizier of Madness 4th cycle.

Okay that’s it for me, stay tuned for more updates to come. 🙂


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