Trap Room [Pt 1: General Overview]

Back on track after acclimatizing to an almost 30 degC temperature difference, I decided to start the year with a small but essential topic which was formerly in development: the Trap Room.

A short introduction: This is a trap room series of posts which is currently in development and will be broken down into 3 main parts:

Part 1: General Overview (
Part 2.X: Specific Trap Rooms (written upon request)

General Overview
In this post, we’ll be examining the different trap rooms available and categorising them in terms of types.

Brief Descriptors (removed as it is unnecessary)
Next, this part will feature a short write-up of each of the trap rooms, general data, suggested minions to fill them, and a brief strategy on how to overcome those pesky traps.

Specific Trap Rooms
Lastly, this section will explore each trap room in great detail, fleshing out strategies of building them up and raiding them successfully.

The Trap Room

Be it engaging in raids or building your own stronghold, the trap room is one of the many aspects that will determine the success or failure of a raid. Thus, the purpose of this post and series would be to familiarise players with their acquired trap rooms and how to deal with them if battling against an opponent with one.

But before we begin the post, here is the obligatory Ackbar meme everyone is expecting.


Anyway…In DH5, there are a few categories of Trap Rooms:
(1) The Damage Dealers
(2) The Status Inflictors
(3) The Irritants
(4) The Terrible

– Do note that what I’m suggesting here is mainly from experience and if I missed out or erred on anything, please don’t be afraid to comment and highlight.
– Moreover, the minions recommended in this section are based on my opinion and what I’ve seen in raids and gameplay videos.
– *Update: After testing one of my allies’ Ruby Temple trap room, I’m finalising it to be a ‘Terrible’ rating. Despite the crystal in the center of the room giving a ‘regenerative’ aura to minions, the radius of influence is too small and the healing is much too slow.
– EDIT (23/2/2016): I’ve decided to upgrade the Ruby Temple trap room to a higher status due to the buff of all of the champion minions. I realised that it works really well for minions (esp. high HP ones) that are able to passively regen and already have high armor (eg. Ethera, Mossback Dragon). This practically makes them unkillable unless you have really high base attack to shave off their constantly regenerating HP. 

The Damage Dealers

Examples: Nightmare Pit; Nettle Grove; Ashkardian Crypt (Mild Stun)

These trap rooms are most dangerous in the sense that they dish out constant elemental damage to the character within the confines of a small to medium space, resulting in the player having to constantly move around without getting hit by either the trap room itself, or the minions.

While constant evasion is possible, a sliver lining would be that these trap rooms have certain ‘safe’ spots. These are where for the player to stand on where he/she will be able to not get hit by these environment causing effects entirely.

That safe spot isn’t going to save you against the 4 incoming Voror Knights

These trap rooms are great and near fatal against in lower ranks (Veteran and below) and poorly geared raiders. On the contrary, these pose less of a threat in higher ones (Master and above) as opponents tend to have not only higher global armor but raw armor stat but are also more familiar with the mechanics of these trap rooms.

Moreover, a simple way to counter these trap rooms is to have a ‘shield’ skill on constantly. This will negate incoming damage so you’ll be able to concentrate on the minions instead.

If you happen to hold one these trap rooms yourself, fill it with minions that need your opponent to run around constantly, even if he/she were a ranged user, in order to increase the chances that they’re being exposed to  environmental damage. Minions with the ability to teleport, fly, or deflect projectiles fit the bill.

Alternatively, you can go for a full stronghold of melee striker types. This will force the raider to have to constantly run around to avoid getting hit and swarmed massively. Tormentors go well too due to their ability to fear your character all over the place.

Such minions include, but are not limited to, Colossus-types, Scepters, Voror-types, Conjurers, Dragon-types, Tormentors, Thunderfist Brawlers, Harpy Vultures etc.

The Status Inflictors

Examples: Forbidden Courtyard (Slow); Valenthian Guardhouse (Temporary Immunity); Ruby Temple (regen HP + armor aura)

In this category, the trap rooms are small but are surprisingly very deadly. Although the trap room itself doesn’t deal a lot of damage, they come with an additional status effect that benefits the minions or disadvantages the raider.

Having a moderate space gives it an advantage of forcing the opponent into a tight corner and with the status effects, this will end the match very quickly for unskilled opponents.

It’s imperative that no intruders get further than the entrance gate.

Good for you if you managed to pull out one as these, in my opinion, are the better trap rooms in the game.

Nonetheless, the downside is that the minions in this category of strongholds matter a lot as putting the wrong minion will render the status effect as little more than a hindrance to the raider. Thus, these rooms are not recommended if you don’t have good minions in your arsenal.

Minions which you’re looking for would be those of high defence, high HP and possess the ability to remain invulnerable (eg. immunity shields, deflect projectiles etc.). Support types work perfectly here as well because the map is sufficiently small for them to work their magic on almost every minion that is in range.

(Only for the Valenthian Guardhouse, it also goes well with hard-hitting Ranged Striker types, but I’ll leave that to another post.)

Such minions include, but are not limited to, most defender types (Orges, Vorors, Dark Sentinels, Lurkers, Voror Knights etc.), Gatekeeper, Ethera, support types (esp. Gelid Voror).

The Irritants

Examples: Scalding Forge (Burning); Xinkashi Spring (Freeze); Valenthian Stockade (Knockdown)

Although these are larger in size (I daresay, some of the largest in this game), these trap rooms have the capability to cover the entire map with their status attack. Also dishes out weak to moderate damage, but unfortunately, these trap rooms are significantly less dangerous.

I’m not going to lie, but these trap rooms pose little threat to incoming players even at maxed out T5 and can be overcome easily with a single dodge roll away from the environment damage. Due to their huge confines, it’s very easy to find a safe zone to refresh your skills and ‘kite’ individual minions there to the slaughter.

Hence, to take advantage of these rooms, minions recommended would be those with high defence and/or HP and usually keep to one spot. Thus, this requires raiders to keep attacking until they forget to move much. Additionally, go for minions with high stun/ knockdown rates so raiders get ‘stuck’ in one spot and unable to roll away in time.

Being stunned, frozen and swarmed makes this corner rather unappealing.

Such minions include, but are not limited to, Colossus-types, Thunderfist Brawler, Dark Sentinels, Lurkers, Voror Knight, Baloth etc.

The Terrible

Examples: Mine Layer, No Trap Room

These trap rooms are terrible. Not only do they not deal direct damage to the opponent, they’re quite large as well. Personally, I find no purpose in the game besides acting as superfusion fodder or for those slight minion bonuses it comes attached with.

Basically, if you see a trap room listed above, you basically have the upper edge. Just hope that there’s not too many voror knights and etheras sitting inside them.

The stronghold is so big that Blighters can’t even hit you.

I’m not going to even start recommending a strategy as there’s way too many safe zones and you can literally run to the other corner of the map and not get targeted by certain minions altogether. Raiders can even outrun the faster melee striker types, making these maps a haven for easy hostile takeovers.

Well…you can always go for the unbreakable 2+ x Gelid Vorors and the rest being T5 Voror Knights combination. That goes well with any stronghold.

But if you’re on the receiving end of that, the key principle behind a successful raid would be to know your minions and the trap room they appear in. With enough experience, it’ll certainly be a breeze. 😀


23 thoughts on “Trap Room [Pt 1: General Overview]

    1. Haha yes, but unfortunately I haven’t got the opportunity to meet many players with one so I’m holding back the classification. But overall, the heal is pretty weak and the range is rather small. Thus, I don’t really have a good opinion of it.


  1. Oh ok thank you I look forward to them I am currently stuck in master 2 and only holding on because attacks. I haven’t won a single defence with mine currently


      1. I mean in particular bro… i have a t6 fire colossus , a fire bird one gatekeeper t6 one mossback t6 one dominator t6 and one harbinger t6


  2. Hi Zung,
    Im using forbidden courtyard with t7 m2 Kringle, t6 assasin, nature collossus, ignicore and corvus. I also have t3 Mezzo Kenashi Warlord, Lord of Eve, Naga Tidespitter and Kenashi Druid.
    Can you suggest me the best minion i should maximize?


      1. Hi Zung,
        Happy New Year. Thank you for the suggestion, actually i’m still working on shore and i’m gonna switch to shore after maximized that room.


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