Water WC Comparison

Hello all,

Well…I honestly never thought that I would be doing a water WC comparison anytime soon, especially when the previous update left out the Khil Urdd WC version of the armor and glaive. But nonetheless, let’s examine this week’s WC Water gear and see how it holds up with its immediate ‘available‘ predecessor (the 4th cycle).

Just a note, this is the 6th cycle of WC gear and with GL’s tradition, the armor artwork have been recycled with different gear stats and traits. Hence, I hope I don’t confuse you guys when I’m naming the armors.

Manipulator of Magic Veil

2540 armor
Greatsword Damage – 10.0%
Water Attack Bonus – 11.0%
Damage to Attacker – 125 (145?)*
Health/Kill – 43 (58)

*No idea how high this trait will be at level 100, but generally DTA raises by 20 points at T5.



Crystal Djinn Armor
2392 armor
Water Attack Bonus – 10.0%
Dodge Chance – 11.5%
Attack Bonus – 75 (140)
Critical Hit Chance – 13.0%



The thing that shines about the manipulator armor is that it has a high Damage to Attacker (DTA) trait, something which is desired when facing raiders who spam Chain lightning. However, the armor itself is specifically suited for greatsword, which unfortunately aren’t many good ones recently (closest is the WC 3rd cycle Sigrid with 2322 atk).

While the Crystal Djinn armor lacks the high base armor value, it also has noteworthy stats like additional 140 raw attack bonus and 11.5% dodge chance. This gives it the flexibility of being used with any weapon you desire.


Trigger Blade 
2540 attack (Greatsword)
Damage over 3s – 200 (398)
Attack Speed – 10% (11%)
Bloodrage Chance – 10%
Water Armor bonus – 13.0%



Ice Keeper 
2392 attack (Staff)
Water Skill Damage Bonus – 10%
Water Skill Cooldown – 12%
Water Attack Bonus – 10.0%
Critical Hit Chance – 13.0%



Interestingly, this comparison pitches a ranged weapon with a melee one, making it difficult to provide a truly accurate comparison due to player preference. However, something that you might’ve also observed would be the recent buff of Champion minions in Strongholds and how certain champions close the gap between you and them really quickly (eg. Wicker beast, Succubine etc.). Hence, this might be a consideration to opt for a melee build.

The Ice Keeper is like a magician’s weapon, focusing on skill buffs (skill damage bonus and cooldowns) rather than dishing out direct damage like the Trigger Blade. It does add 10% water attack bonus, but we’ll get to the stats comparison later.

On the contrary, the Trigger blade has, in my opinion, better traits that optimise melee combat, with the 11% attack speed and additional water armor bonus. The bloodrage chance is also a boon in sticker scenarios should your character get cornered.


There isn’t a common water trait around so I’ll pick and choose skills with variants I would like to recommend. 🙂

Fixed gear and attributes which I used for this comparison would be:
Back – T5 Frost Shield (+10% armor) (Dodge variant)
Hand – T5 Ice Blast (+10% attack) (Fear reflect variant)
Belt – T5 Frozen Blades (+10% armor) (Stun Variant)

Trinkets – 3 x T2 trinkets (+24% armour & attack)
Guild – 5% for both armor and attack

The weapon and armor used are fully evolved T5 versions.
Superfusion points have been kept at 0 for standardisation.


Combo (1): Trigger Blade + Manipulator of Magic Veil
Attack: 6311 (Global); 3944 (Base)
Armor: 6331 (Global); 3908 (Base)
Traits: Damage over 3s 398, Attack Speed 11%, Bloodrage 10%, DTA 145, Health/Kill 58


Combo (2): Ice Keeper + Crystal Djinn Armor
Attack: 6259 (Global); 3936 (Base)
Armor: 5602 (Global); 3760 (Base)
Traits: Skill Dmg bonus 10%, Skill cooldown 12%, Crit Chance 26%, Dodge 11.5%


Naturally, the Combo (1), (2540 stats), performs much better than the Combo (2), (2397 stats) in terms of stats. However, Combo (2) has almost similar base attack value as Combo (1) due to the raw attack bonus.

When the weapons and armors are combined together, one can clearly see that Combo (1) optimises on a melee-oriented build with both offensive (attack speed, damage over time, blood rage) and defensive (DTA, HP/Kill) traits. Combo (2) is more geared towards ranged and skill usage and has a nice dodge value to compliment.

Unfortunately, Combo (2) would not fare very well in close combat and/or in the face of swarms due to its generally lower base armor.  Losing out on a good 140 base def puts them at a disadvantage, especially against the rise of the legendary armor + shining eye of the sky combination for keepers.

Alternative Combinations

Combo (3): Trigger Blade + Crystal Djinn Armor
Attack: 6086 (Global); 4084 (Base)
Armor: 6091 (Global); 3760 (Base)
Traits: Damage over 3s 398, Attack Speed 11%, Bloodrage 10%, Dodge 11.5%, Crit Chance 13%


Combo (4): Ice Keeper + Manipulator of the Magic Veil
Attack: 6074 (Global); 3796 (Base)
Armor: 5823 (Global); 3908 (Base)
Traits: Skill Dmg bonus 10%, Skill cooldown 12%, Crit Chance 13%, DTA 145, Health/Kill 58


With the raw 140 bonus, Combo (3)’s setup brings its base attack into the 4k range, making it the highest possible combination you can obtain out of the 4 gears. It also has the high dodge and good attack speed boost, making it a worthwhile combination should you lack the funds for the armor.

Unfortunately, Combo (4) has traits that are kinda all over the place so I wouldn’t really recommend that.

Overall Stat Comparison

Highest global attack: Combo (1) – 6311
Highest base attack: Combo (3) – 4084
Highest global defense: Combo (1) – 6331
Highest base defense: Combo (1,4) – 3908

Yep, that’s that with the water comparison.
Have fun and enjoy the weekend!


2 thoughts on “Water WC Comparison

  1. Hi, I was wondering if the beetle coin evolution materials will be coming back? I was in the middle of building my sets and now I’m stuck without enough beetle coins to evolve to T5! Thx!


    1. Hi Dan, I’m not too sure whether the developers have any plans to do more re-runs of the previous WC (the one that gives beetle coins). From experience, WCs tend to run the most 2 rounds (which most of the beetle coin WCs have gone through already).

      Nonetheless, unless GL has made any public announcements about the ceasement of these WCs and their evo mats, then I guess it’s advisable to hold on to them a while longer and keep our fingers crossed. 😉


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