Spring Festival WC Calculator



The Chinese(/Lunar) New Year is just round the corner and we’re looking at DH5’s recently released new event, Temple of Bells. The objectives are fairly straightforward so I won’t be going in depth into the mechanics of the mission.

All I can say is that even with 5.5k/6.3k stats (light gear), the legendary run is pretty tough without potions and a strong death ally.

Last wave of minions for the event mission

However, what I can go in-depth into is how to get the Armor.
Since this is a WC-type of event, I’ve revisited the Christmas event calculator and the existing WC event calculator to give you the Spring Festival Calculator…which probably explains why the format is similar to its predecessors.

Download the Spring Event Calculator HERE!

Like the other calculators, to download it, go to the top-left corner of the screen for ‘File’ -> ‘Download As…’->Excel (.xlsx)


*This calculator works best on Excel 2013.
*File has been screened and cleared by AVG security.

*Due to the unpredictability of GL, the formulas within will be updated should there be any changes to the running of the event.
*This calculator is intended for players to be updated regularly as the event progresses for reference purposes for the user’s discretion.
*The calculator assumes that you will be using all of your gained energy (without any energy gone to waste) into this event from now till the end date.

*Like the WC VP Calculator, there might be slight discrepancies because you’ll tend to get a few more coins than expected per run. However, after previous rounds of testing, this shouldn’t drastically change the results and I daresay it’s about 99% accurate.

How to Use

Like its former variants, the Spring Festival calculator is divided into 3 main sections:
– Base Stats and Targets
– Event without Gems
– Event with Gems


Specific colours in each cell represents different functions/ formulas within the cells.


Yellow cells require numerical inputs (eg. current level, time left etc.)
Orange cells require a choice from a drop-down list
Dark Blue cells are to be kept as they are unless there is a major change in the system/ promotions.
Grey cells are not to be touched
Green cells have values which might be of interest to players
Red cells means that there are errors in the formatting

Base Stats and Targets


Like the WC calculator, the excel sheet takes the amount of coins you currently have against your target objective coins and finds out whether you’re able to achieve that target in reference to your player stats (specifically your energy capacity) and the amount of time left to do the event.

I’ve also included the list of rewards for your easy reference, so you’ll know how many coins to target for if you’re going for the rewards only. However, for the ranking, I can’t give an accurate gauge since its a full 7 days event and I’m uncertain how crazy heavy spending some players can get.

WTF….the event barely started! (Asian Server, iOS, with 7 days 3 hrs left)


Event Without Gems

Spring(2)This portion of the calculator factors in your natural energy gain and the difficulty type* of the event you’ll be engaged in. From this, the calculator tells you whether you can meet your target objective (as listed above).

Also, I’ve included the rate of coin-to-energy, which obviously playing Legendary is your best bet to get the most coins for the least energy. 🙂

*Remember to change the Difficulty cell, it’s the drop down list in orange.

Event With Gems


And finally, the last segment tells you how many gems you’ll need in addition if you’re not able to meet your goal. It factors in the bonus gems you’ll get from dailies as well.

Good luck and have a good weekend ahead!


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