Light WC Comparison (Spirit of Order)

Happy Lunar New Year to all readers!
(…or Spring Festival if you’re living in the DH5 universe :D)

I would like to apologise for the late post as I’ve been caught up with work over the weekend which I was doing in advance for the 2 days of New Year visitings (today and tomorrow).

That aside, this round of WC features the Light Gear comparison that is obtained from the Spirit of Order, taking the 4th cycle and 6th cycle into consideration. Like the Water WC (Vizier of Madness), the artwork of the armor is the same but with largely different weapon types (one melee, the other ranged).

While the water and light WC armor both have very specific and high traits for their respective weapon types, this same trait will not be present in the other elements…which to me, makes the armors more flexible so you can pair them up with a weapon of your choice, and not be hard-pressed to get another weapon of similar type.

The Armors


Thunderbolt Harness

Base Armor 2540
Health/Kill: 43 (58)
Light Skill Cooldown: 12%
Crit Hit Chance: 13.0%
Crossbow Damage: 13.5%



Steeltrap Armor

Base Armor 2392 
Light Atk Bonus: 10.0%
Crit Hit Chance: 13.0%
Attack Bonus: 75 (140)
Pushback Chance: 9.0%


The Thunderbolt Harness vs the Steeltrap Armor is reminiscent of the previous water WC gear comparison I did a week ago. The new Thunderbolt is specific to the Light Crossbow, which unfortunately are not widely available as gear in the late stage of gameplay (the best closest alternative being the Radiant Ichaival, ~2.1k atk).

The steeltrap armor is much more flexible for other weapon types and it’ll be more recommended to get if you’re on a tighter budget and cannot procure the accompanying weapon. Light attack bonus and the raw attack bonus adds nicely to light-based damage and the pushback chance is an interesting addition to the mix.

To be honest, I doubt anyone is reading this section since the Legendary Justicar Arcplate is much more durable and superior in terms of traits, while also being more easily attainable (*cough*Legendarybundle*cough*) than having to compete in this WC.

[After using the results, this might be the main reason why the ranking requirements are so low for this round.]

The Weapons

White Spark (Crossbow)

Base Atk 2540
Slow: 14%
Berserker: 50 (70)
Light Skill Dmg: 10%
Crit Hit Dmg: 20.0% (44.8%)



Fencer of Darkness (Glaive)

Base Atk 2392
Stun: 8%
Atk Speed: 11% (12%)
Pushback: 9.0%
Fear: 4%


For players who prefer long ranged, the white spark is a great to have, especially with its 14% slow trait. Unfortunately, it has slightly lower than average crit hit damage bonus and I’m not too sure how a berserker trait holds up, especially if you don’t plan to get hit often. But for now, while I don’t see it being replaced by the Shining Eye of the Sky anytime soon, it still makes a nice alternative for ranged combat, especially when paired up with the Legendary armor.

In contrast, while the Fencer of Darkness lacks base attack, it’s attack speed and other traits make up for it. Pushback and stun are very much needed especially against Vorors to cut them off midway during their AoE attack, but of course, getting a nature glaive is a better choice.

The Comparisons

Not much to say here since you probably know the results…:)

Fixed gear and attributes which I used for this comparison would be:
Back – T5 Lightning Shield (+10% armour)
Hand – T5 Chain Lightning (+10% attack)
Belt – T5 Haste (+10% armour)

Trinkets – 3 x T2 trinkets (+24% armour & attack)
Guild – 5% for both armour and attack

The weapon and armour used are fully evolved T5 verisons.
Superfusion points have been kept at 0 for standardisation.

Combo (1): White Spark + Thunderbolt Harness
Attack: 6015 (Global); 3944 (Base)
Armor: 5823 (Global); 3908 (Base)
Traits: Slow 14%; Berserker 70; Light Skill Dmg 10%; Crit Hit Dmg 44.8%; Health/Kill 58; Light Skill Cooldown 12%; Crit Hit Chance 13.0%


Combo (2): Fencer of Darkness + Steeltrap Armor
Attack: 5865 (Global); 3936 (Base)
Armor: 5603 (Global); 3760 (Base)
Traits: Stun 8%; Atk Speed 12%; Pushback 18.0%; Fear 4%; Crit Hit Chance 13.0%


The latest set, while having a significant bonus to its respective weapon type, doesn’t have much in terms of global bonuses. It does have many other traits but suffers from an identity issue where it’s a Jack of all trades but Master of none. As mentioned in the weapon segment, the only significant trait is its 14% slow, making it easier to take out minions that are far away, but less useful against the recently buffed rampaging Wicker Beast or the sprinting Succubine.

In contrast, the older gear set has a nice array of traits with a noteworthy 18% pushback chance and almost similar base attack value as the other set. However, the set has an overall lack of armor, making it less useful in melee combat on its own. You’ll probably need to keep lightning shield on if you’re jumping into the fray.

Alternative Combinations 

Combo (3): White Spark + Steeltrap Armor
Attack: 6086 (Global); 4084 (Base)
Armor: 5603 (Global); 3760 (Base)
Traits: Slow 14%; Berserker 70; Light Skill Dmg 10%; Crit Hit Dmg 44.8%; Crit Hit Chance 13.0%; Pushback 9.0%


Combo (4): Fencer of Darkness + Thunderbolt Harness
Attack: 5277 (Global); 3796 (Base)
Armor: 5823 (Global); 3908 (Base)
Traits: Stun 8%; Atk Speed 12%; Pushback 9.0%; Fear 4%; Health/Kill 58; Light Skill Cooldown 12%; Crit Hit Chance 13.0%


While examining combo (4), you might think that, from the stats alone, the overall combination is weaker than the rest. However, the traits actually compliment each other pretty well and optimise this set as a melee-combatant type, with high defence value with HP per kill and Attack speed bonus in the mix. Skill cooldown is helpful too to activate Lightning shield frequently in the heat of the battle. The unfortunate thing is that the high crossbow bonus is gone to waste.

Combo (3) has generally the best attack overall with nice slow and pushback traits paired with crit chance and damage. This would be useful in larger strongholds as you’ll be able to take down stronger minions easily.

Overall Stat Comparison

Highest global attack: Combo (3) – 6086
Highest base attack: Combo (3) – 4084
Highest global defense: Combo (1,4) – 5823
Highest base defense: Combo (1,4) – 3908

Time to update the WC records…
…in the meantime, more house-visiting and Dungeon Huntering!


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