Dark WC Gear Comparison [Demonic Overlord]


No updates last week as assignments have been piling up on my end. Nonetheless, I present to you the comparison of the Dark WC Gear for the 4th and 6th series, with the Demonic Overlord as the bounty in question.

Did you know that the Demonic Overlord (Kraílash the Igniter) was the first boss in DH4?
He probably got his title as his DH4 version had explosive fiery attacks (eg. teleporting and reappearing in an AoE explosion).

Watch the video of the playthrough here (skip to 27.38)

The Armors


Evil Boneplate

Base Armor 2540
Attacker Fear Chance: 3%
Death Skill Cooldown: 10%
Health/Kill: 48 (68)
Dodge Chance: 14.5%



Demonlord Guard

Base Armor 2392
Death Attack Bonus: 10.0%
Fear Chance: 4%
Run Speed: 11%
Health Bonus: 7.0%

The new evil boneplate has pretty decent traits, HP/Kill and high dodge values. Attack fear chance also works nicely as well to add to the surviveability of the character who dons on this armor.

Unfortunately, it lacks global bonuses to its element, meaning that you’ll only be relying on the base values. Perhaps this is one way that GL is implementing to keep players from being too overpowered with the newer WC gear (but I digress with that speculation).

The demonlord guard, despite having the death attack bonus, loses out in terms of health bonus than other armors. Ironically, having fear and run speed together is a paradox because you’ll end up chasing after the minions you’ve fear, especially for melee characters.

The Weapons


Dark Omen (Staff)

Base Attack 2540
Attack Speed: 11% (12%)
Damage over 3s: 250 (448)
Darkness Skill Damage Bonus: 10%
Bloodrage Chance: 8%



Unholy Striker (Dual Blades)

Base Attack 2392
Death Armor Bonus: 10.0%
Pushback Chance: 9.0%
Fear Chace: 4%
Stun Chance: 8%

Like the previous 3 WC gear for Light and Water, the dark WC weapons feature a swap from ranged to melee and vice versa. Hence, this is really up to the player’s preference as to which weapon to get. Fortunately, there’s no restriction on the respective WC armor so there’s less of a limitation of choice in this aspect.

In my opinion, staff, as a weapon type, has a much better crowd-control attack style than the dual blades. Thus, this gives staff users more opportunities to clear swarms of monsters, but do not behave as well for one-to-one due to its slower attack speed.

Speaking specifically for dark omen’s case, this is fortunately taken care of with its additional 12% attack speed. Damage over time (DOT) also works nicely as it is element specific, and can help finish off the abundance of light (legendary) players dominating the leaderboards.

On the contrary, Dual blades fare better for individual targets. Being innately fast as a weapon type, cutting through high HP monsters would be very much a breeze. Unfortunately, its downside is that crowd control is usually problematic, especially if you have low base attack. You’ll also need to constantly focus your attacks on a single target and this will be tedious when getting swarmed.

Unholy striker has a nice mix of status-inducing traits, like fear, stun and pushback. Fear does well in crowd-control to literally scare away the incoming hordes of minions.  It’s also useful against keepers if you can constantly keep them feared throughout the duration of the match, but of course, you’ll end up having to chase them around the battle field.

The Comparison

The fixed equipment used in calculation are:

Back – T5 Demonic Shield (+10% armor)
Hand – T5  Spinning Slash (+10% attack)
Belt – T5 Nightmare Burst (+10% armor)

Trinkets – 3 x T2 trinkets (+24% armor & attack)
Guild – 5% for both armor and attack

Superfusion points of the gear are kept at 0 for standardisation purposes.

Combo (1): Dark Omen + Evil Boneplate
Attack: 5433 (Global); 3908 (Base)
Armor: 5877 (Global); 3944 (Base)
Traits: Attack Speed 12%, Damage over 3s 448, Darkness Skill Damage Bonus 10%, Bloodrage Chance 8%, Attacker Fear Chance 3%, Death Skill Cooldown 10%, Health/Kill 68, Dodge Chance 14.5%


Combo (2): Unholy Striker + Demonlord Guard
Attack: 5603 (Global); 3760 (Base)
Armor: 6036 (Global); 3796 (Base)
Traits: Pushback Chance 9.0%, Fear Chance 8%, Stun Chance 8%, Run Speed 11%, Health Bonus 7.0%

Remember that post when I mentioned that the new WC gear aren’t necessary better than their previous versions?

Here’s one instance right here.

Of course, the base stats of attack and armor aren’t as high as the new versions, but the global stat different is noteworthy (approximately 200 points difference)… …I wonder whether does this mean the older set will perform better against light minions/keepers. (But that’s for another post altogether.)

Do note that the 2540 version does have a multitude of very very useful traits. Stuff like attack speed, heath/kill, dodge, damage over time etc. etc., all give it an edge against the less ‘colorful’ 2392 version…which probably would be chasing around escaping feared targets. (Don’t get me wrong, the 2392 combination still works really well against light and other elements.)

Nonetheless, it’s all about preference in the end, especially about weapon type. Well…unless you already possess the legendary death incarnate staff at T5, level 100, then I think it’s more of going for traits and higher base stats (which is effectively pairing it up with the later variant).

The Alternatives

Combo (3): Dark Omen + Demonlord Guard
Attack: 5823 (Global); 3908 (Base)
Armor: 5656 (Global); 3796 (Base)
Traits: Attack Speed 12%, Damage over 3s 448, Darkness Skill Damage Bonus 10%, Bloodrage Chance 8%, Fear Chance 4%, Run Speed 11%, Health Bonus 7.0%


Combo (4): Unholy Striker + Evil Boneplate
Attack: 5227 (Global); 3760 (Base)
Armor: 6271 (Global); 3944 (Base)
Traits: Pushback Chance 9.0%, Fear Chance 4%, Stun Chance 8%, Attacker Fear Chance: 3%, Death Skill Cooldown 10%, Health/Kill 68, Dodge Chance: 14.5%


The individual 2540 weapon/armor benefit from the 10% bonuses from the 2392 versions, providing higher attack and armor respectively in terms of global stats. Along with the additional traits, these combinations are rather balanced.

While the Unholy Striker + Evil boneplate doesn’t have high attack in general, the armor values and traits provide it an edge when engaging in long battles with many enemies (eg. ToE). 

On the other hand, the Dark Omen + Demonlord Guard has boosted offensive capabilities and might not require that much armor points since you’ll be taking out enemies from far before they reach you most of the time. Major concerns would be Mossback Dragons and Nature Colossus, but at 3.9k base attack, you’ll probably stand a good chance against these.

Highest global attack: Combo (3) – 5823
Highest base attack: Combo (1,3) – 3908
Highest global defense: Combo (4) – 6271
Highest base defense: Combo (2,4) – 3944


Still in the works would be the Trials of Elements map which is pending release, but I’ve got to test it out a bit more times. In fact, it seems that I’ve encountered a 5th wave with a champion but no 6th wave glitch…does it mean that it’s okay now? Hmmm…

To be confirmed by…well…soon. 🙂



7 thoughts on “Dark WC Gear Comparison [Demonic Overlord]

    1. It’s a new set, hence a first run.

      For the VP required, a good target would be >250k VP to get you within the top 500. However, this is based on previous data (particularly for iOS) and it’s best to monitor throughout Sunday to make sure that you don’t fall out of the range too much.

      More importantly, don’t wait till the last moment to boost your ranking as others might be doing so as well, resulting in a much higher VP than expected required for that ranking tier.
      (You might want to refer to this too: https://dh5guideblog.wordpress.com/2015/12/03/getting-your-wc-rank/)


    1. Based on previous data of WC armor evolution:
      T3 to T4 needs 1 Element-specific horn, 1 Element-specific crystal, 1 WC-specific evo mat, 2 Ancient Relic

      T4 to T5 needs 2 Element-specific horn, 2 Chromatic crystals, 2 WC- specific evo mat, 1 Ancient Relic

      Hence, it’s advisable to get a ranking between 1-500 if you want to evolve the armor to the full potential of 5 stars.


  1. Zung I have been reading your information and would like for you if you so wanted to join our guild group chat. My guildmates spend a considerable amount of discussing much of what is on your pages and think would benefit from your knowledge. If you are interested please join http://band.us/@thelastkings I am the leader there ShøckWave. I have an open forum for general chat there and would place in guild chat to talk with them.


    1. Hey ShøckWave, thanks for the invite! I would be more than happy to be part of the discussions in the chat group and forum. (Started a band account and just joined a few minutes ago. See you in the group :))


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