Nature WC Comparison [Undead Elemental]

By now, most of you would be thinking…where are my other posts? Why is this blog only about comparison posts? Where’s that ToE map which I promised? Why

Unfortunately, these are still in the works…the Ashkardian crypt analysis is out next. Soon! (I hope)

But in the meantime, I’m actually working on something with the help of the developers…

Sneak Peak after the (Read more)…


But anyway, I’m partially working (part-time) on refining and updating the information on the DH5 wikia and I think one of the topics which people are looking at would be this idea of skills and what exactly do they do, since it’s mostly a ‘black box’ in most cases.

Frankly, I’m really clueless as to what the skills I’ve yet to receive actually are capable of (eg. Burning Phantasm, Valor Totem etc.) and indeed a manual of some sort would be helpful in sharing the knowledge of these skills.

Of course, do understand that this would take time as I’m individually (and obsessive-compulsively) experimenting with every single skill and seeing its effects. I’ll also post a forum post about it as well.

Okay, besides that, here’s the Undead Elemental WC gear post proper.

The Armors


Forest Spirit Guard
Base armor – 2540
Health Bonus – 7.0%
Dodge Chance – 8.5%
Nature Attack Bonus – 11.0%
Run Speed – 14 (15%)





Base armor – 2392
Nature Attack Bonus – 10.0%
Health Bonus – 7.0%
Critical Hit Chance – 13.0%
Dodge Chance – 11.5%


Well…things are certainly looking a lot easier to compare from the surprising similarity of the traits.

Perhaps the way GL has opted to balance the new gear with the old would be to reduce certain trait percentages while swapping out one preferred trait with a well…less preferred one. (I seem to have said something similar in another post…hmm…)

In this case, the new Forest Spirit Guard has additional run speed, and quite a high % as well, instead of critical hit chance. I’m not entirely sure whether this is a fair trade-off, but I guess the fundamental question you need to ask would be ‘Do I want to trade dodge % and crit chance for higher armor and run?’ 

That would most probably inform your decision already. 🙂

The Weapons

Bone Razorleaf

Base Attack – 2540 (Glaive)
Nature Armor Bonus – 9.0%
Pushback Chance – 12.0%
Critical Hit Chance – 13.0%
Critical Hit Damage – 25.0 (49.8%)



Winged Gem

Base Attack – 2392 (Crossbow)
Critical Hit Chance – 13.0%
Critical Hit Damage – 50.0 (69.8%)
Nature Armor Bonus – 10.0%
Slow Chance – 12%



And again, this supports my stand of the approach taken in attempt to balance the new gear.

While I do think that this is one option to balance the gear, I don’t think this is the best method since players would be relying on just hacking and slashing instead of choosing their gear because of their constituent traits.

Since the already unsustainable method of largely increasing the gear stats for every update/ generation, what I would propose would be the remapping of these gear stats into a smaller domain (eg. atk/armor 2000 – 2200).  This would effectively remove the need to constantly obtain new gear so players would rely more on choosing gear based on trait combination rather than just base stats.

Nonetheless, this would involve revising certain traits tied to the stats and scaling the stats of minions and mission difficulties as well, which might incur the wrath of players in the forum along the angry (yet familiar) lines of “my hard-earned gear has been nerfed….whyyyy GL?

But I’ve digressed…bug fixing is of utmost priority (if you want to get your technical achievement award ;)).

The Comparisons

EDIT: Slight modifications to standardise the figures with the previous nature WC gear comparison as I’ll be working on a general standardisation comparison post in the future. Also modified the layout of the pictures slightly so less scrolling is required.

Also an unrelated quip, I’ve just received shockwave and entangling vines from chest drops and both work really well for crowd control. Nature does have a lot of nice and useful AoE skills.

Fixed gear and attributes which I used for this comparison would be:
Back – T5 Healing Shield (+10% armor)
Hand – T5 Shockwave (+10% attack)
Belt – T5 Earthen Wrath (+10% armor)

Trinkets – 3 x T2 trinkets (+24% armour & attack)
Guild – 5% for both armor and attack

The weapon and armor used are fully evolved, fully leveled T5 level 100 versions.
Superfusion points have been kept at 0 (zero) for standardisation purposes.

Combo (1): Bone Razorleaf + Forest Spirit Guard
Attack: 5862 (Global); 3908 (Base)
Armor: 6345 (Global); 4016 (Base)
Traits: Pushback Chance 12.0%; Critical Hit Chance 13.0%; Critical Hit Damage 49.8%; Health Bonus 7.0%;  Dodge Chance 8.5%;  Run Speed 15%

Combo (2): Winged Gem + Barksteel
Attack: 5823 (Global); 3908 (Base)
Armor: 6150 (Global); 3868 (Base)
Traits: Slow 12.0%; Critical Hit Chance 26.0%; Critical Hit Damage 69.8%; Health Bonus 7.0%;  Dodge Chance 11.5%


A fast running higher stat melee character that pushes monsters away or a slower and lower stat ranged character that slows monsters down.

Frankly, I would choose the first option (Combo (1)) because my (biased) preference causes me to lean towards using glaives, especially helpful during voror swarms. Crossbows aren’t my cup of tea because they behave very much like dual swords but lack the speed to handle crowds. The innate pushback from the crossbow is useful (even more so coupled with the slow and higher critical chance and damage), but if you’re not killing monsters fast enough within a small environment of certain strongholds, it’s pretty much a losing battle.

Nonetheless, the high pushback chance of the glaive means that you’ll most likely be knocking away foes faster than you can kill them….don’t worry, you have more speed to chase after them when they soar through the sky :p

The Alternatives

Combo (3): Bone Razorleaf + Barksteel
Attack: 5823 (Global); 3908 (Base)
Armor: 6111 (Global); 3868 (Base)
Traits: Pushback 12.0%; Critical Hit Chance 26.0%; Critical Hit Damage 49.8%; Health Bonus 7.0%;  Dodge Chance 11.5%

Combo (4): Winged Gem + Forest Spirit Armor
Attack: 5640 (Global); 3760 (Base)
Armor: 6385 (Global); 4016 (Base)
Traits: Slow 12.0%; Critical Hit Chance 13.0%; Critical Hit Damage 69.8%; Health Bonus 7.0%;  Dodge Chance 8.5%; Run Speed 15%


Out of the 2, I think the one that provides a better survive-ability in ToE would be Combo (4), as ranged users do have some manner of benefit in the larger arenas. Also, it has a nice global and base armor to boot despite the reduced dodge, so you’re guaranteed defenses rather than relying on chance. (Something which most players would complain about in other aspects of the game).

*Click on the individual thumbnails to view the calculations in detail.

Highest global attack: Combo (1) – 5862
Highest base attack: Combo (1,3) – 3908
Highest global defense: Combo (4) – 6385
Highest base defense: Combo (1,4) – 3868

Looking for the previous gear comparison? Click here to see!


Time to revert back to my (real-life) assignments. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Nature WC Comparison [Undead Elemental]

  1. “what I would propose would be the remapping of these gear stats into a smaller domain (eg. atk/armor 2000 – 2200). This would effectively remove the need to constantly obtain new gear so players would rely more on choosing gear based on trait combination rather than just base stats.”

    thats not gonna happen… why? its because they are trying to make you buy the WC gear… people dump a crap load of money to get it and they wanna milk that. They dont want you to stic with the same gear or choose based on trait, they wanna sell sell sell.


    1. Well…frankly I don’t deny that. From an economic standpoint, the fastest way to make money would be to keep releasing better gear constantly and, it doesn’t make sense to release stuff that a market (ie. us players) won’t invest in.

      To be fair, they have tried to reduce the stat increment for the later gear (forsaken and adamant sets have nearly the same stats) and in some manner, reduced the traits and bonus %s for the later WC so it’s not immensely better than the older variants. Nonetheless, there would be some form of change that needs to be implemented and I personally believe that what’s happening now (and going to happen) in the stronghold would be a step in the right direction.

      But of course, as I mentioned, the priority would be bug fixes, which would indeed make the game more enjoyable. 🙂


  2. Can you please provide the data about the
    1.Titan Hornplate with Asgirr (Glaive)

    2.Titan Hornplate with the Bone Razorleaf (Glaive)

    Which one of these is better ??


    1. I wouldn’t say that there’s a better or worse combination out of the two. Overall, (1) is better for players who use skills often and (2) is for players prefer head-on combat.

      The Bone Razorleaf combination will have 78 more base attack than the Asgirr but loses out on 1.0% nature armor bonus (which roughly translates to about additional 40 global armor value).

      In terms of traits, you’ll be getting much more crit chance and damage on the razorleaf than the asgirr, making it more combat-oriented. Pushback will be a nice touch too.

      However, the asgirr is more for heavy users of skills, which can also work well if you have skills like predatory instinct and entangling vines which don’t have long cooldown times, which are made even faster with the Asgirr.

      Hope this answers your question. 🙂


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