Fire WC Gear Comparison [Spirit of Power]

This week rolls out the fire set of WC gear and we finally get a rare (and long-awaited) treat: a fire melee weapon with armor bonus.

With its high damage and crit output, additional attack speed bonuses (from trinkets) and good AoE control skills, fire users are plagued with fire gear (especially melee) without armor bonuses and a lack of a proper immunity skill (aka shield) wouldn’t help in the face of a Naga or Ice Colossus or even a water voror. Hence, this pair of dual blades would indeed be sought after by those who have sworn by this element.

The Armors

Red Judge Armor

Base Armor 2540
Fire Skill Cooldown 10%
Health Bonus 7.0%
Brawler Damage 8%
Fire Attack Bonus 13.0%



Base Armor 2392
Fire Attack Bonus 10.0%
Fire Skill Cooldown 12%
Crit Hit Damage 50.0% (69.8%)
Health Bonus 7.0%

Unlike the former WC equipment comparisons, the Red Judge Armor does have some significant bonuses when it comes to fire attack bonuses. Despite lacking the additional crit hit damage which the Sunguard possesses, the new armor has the brawler damage trait, making it easier for crowd control. This is, undoubtedly, very much needed since dual blades don’t handle well when facing crowds.

(PS: For those who are still clueless about what brawler damage is, click here to view this forum post.)

The Weapons

Pyreglyph (Dual Swords)

Base Attack 2540
Stun Chance 8%
Fire Armor Bonus 11.0%
Damage over 3s 150 (348)
Fire Skill Damage Bonus 13%



Flamebrand (Greatsword)

Base Attack 2392
Crit Hit Chance 13.0%
Damage over 3s 200 (398)
Crit Hit Damage 50.0% (69.8%)
Stun Chance 8%

Flamebrand has good critical bonuses and stun chance would be useful against crowds. However, if I had to make a choice, my vote would go to Pyreglyph from its higher base attack with the much-needed armor bonuses. Even the fire skill damage bonus would come in helpful for additional crowd control capabilities (assuming that it triggers for Warcry though). 

The Comparison

As a Fire set, we’ll go with spell equips with critical damage bonuses, similar to the previous fire WC comparison post (where you can compare the previous gears with this one).

Fixed gear and attributes which I used for this comparison would be:
Back – T5 Warcry (+10% armor)
Hand – T5 Fire Hammer (+10% attack)
Belt – T5 Fire Cyclone  (+10% armor)

Trinkets – 3 x T2 trinkets (+24% armour & attack)
Guild – 5% for both armor and attack

The weapon and armor used are fully evolved T5 versions.
Superfusion points have been kept at 0 for standardisation.

Combo (1): Pyreglyph + Red Judge Armor
Attack: 6050 (Global); 3980 (Base)
Armor: 6310 (Global); 3944 (Base)
Traits: Stun Chance 8%; Damage over 3s 348; Fire Skill Damage Bonus 13%; Fire Skill Cooldown 10%; Health Bonus 7.0%; Brawler Damage 8%

Combo (2): Flamebrand + Sunguard
Attack: 5710 (Global); 3832 (Base)
Armor: 6074 (Global); 3796 (Base)
Traits: Crit Hit Chance 13.0%; Damage over 3s 398; Crit Hit Damage 139.6%; Stun Chance 8%; Fire Skill Cooldown 12%; Health Bonus 7.0%

Due to the higher bonuses, the newer gear set Combo (1) has a very strong attack and defence output for both base and global stats. Moreover, its traits are (in my opinion) only slightly weaker compared to the older set Combo (2).

However, the thing which Combo (2) excels in would be its amazingly high crit hit damage bonus. Paired up with the suggested combination of skills above, and you’ll be sporting a good 349% crit damage bonus, which wouldn’t be too difficult to trigger with the increased crit hit chance that the armor gives. 

Other Combinations

Combo (3): Pyreglyph + Sunguard
Attack: 5931 (Global); 3980 (Base)
Armor: 6074 (Global); 3796 (Base)
Traits: Stun Chance 8%; Damage over 3s 348; Fire Skill Damage Bonus 13%; Fire Skill Cooldown 12%; Health Bonus 7.0%

Combo (4): Flamebrand + Red Judge Armor
Attack: 5825 (Global); 3832 (Base)
Armor: 5877 (Global); 3944 (Base)
Traits: Crit Hit Chance 13.0%; Damage over 3s 398; Crit Hit Damage 69.8%; Stun Chance 8%; Fire Skill Cooldown 10%; Health Bonus 7.0%; Brawler Damage 8%

The alternative combinations don’t yield amazing stats or traits but are still useful nonetheless. In fact, both seem to have roughly the same types of traits as provided by the armors and weapons, such as stun chance, health bonus and fire skill cooldown. All of which are useful when engaging in close combat.

Overall Comparisons

*Click on the individual thumbnails to view the calculations in detail.

Highest global attack: Combo (1) – 6050
Highest base attack: Combo (1,3) – 3980
Highest global defense: Combo (1) – 6310
Highest base defense: Combo (1,4) – 3944

Noteworthy Traits: Combo (2) – High Crit Damage bonus


12 thoughts on “Fire WC Gear Comparison [Spirit of Power]

  1. I love these post, full of statistics and information that leads us to another level of play. Thanks for your work. I saw in a post where there is a BAND group could I add ?
    You would have some spreadsheet in Excel to control the Daily Dungeon lose myself how many need , if not to have, as you do control? Another doubt : how much is the investment that you make in the game to play the WC ?


    1. Thank you Thiago!

      I’m not too sure what you mean about controlling the Daily Dungeon. Perhaps you could explain it a bit more.

      For WC, I developed a calculator (see here: which helps you to determine how many gems to achieve your target objective.

      The amount depends very much on the type of gear for that WC (eg. Nature gear tend to get more competition) and the number of runs the WC has undergone. Although every WC has different requirements for the rankings, a rough gauge can be found in the end of the WC Database link, that gives you an estimate of how much VP is needed.

      Hope this helps! 🙂


      1. Explaining a little better : how do you do to find out how many items to evolution of the equipment you ‘ll need ? Claws , horns , teeth, etc …
        And if possible , with their ability to spreadsheets, make a spreadsheet that we could do this control . Sorry for the delay to reply…


      2. To your first question of the evo-mats required, I believe I’ve already updated the DH5 wikia to include these already. 🙂

        You can access the link to that page (Gear Evolution) here:

        To your second question, I can work on the spreadsheet of their abilities, but probably won’t be done this weekend since I have a number of assignments due next week. Probably next week or so.



    1. Hey Thiago, what sort of armor and weapons do you have?

      As reported by GL, the WC events from cycles 1 and 2 won’t be repeated anymore. However, cycle 3 seems to be doing a full run for the 3rd time and I’m anticipating that this will happen for the later WCs.

      Hence, unless you’re holding on to cycle 1-2 gear, I’d suggest you to keep them a bit longer as there is a chance of them repeating. Evolving them to T5 would be your best bet to improving your stats on a whole. 🙂


  2. Is there any tips to facilitate the probability of winning evolution of materials elemente of interest? I realized that when you choose an ally of the element I want the materials seem to come more easily , is confident this statement ? Sorry for so many doubts


    1. Well…this I’m uncertain myself. The current claim from GL is that evolution materials (from the Tuesday’s dungeon) is set at random probability.

      I’ve experimented with different allies with different gears with varying results: sometimes I get different elements and other times I get same elements constantly.

      What I would really advise would be to collect as many evo-mats as possible regardless of elements, when you’re not involved in WC for that week. This would ultimately negate the chance of yourself being subjected to the risks of probability every week.

      Sorry man, can’t help you much here. 😦


  3. Bout to fuse all 8 t’3 for first T4. Should I wait until I can replace T’3 for other 2 slots that will be only T2 s? Or fuse… I understand I will lose some power till I replace the 2 t3s . Is it worth it?


    1. Not worth it yet.

      You might want to wait for the T2s first as your global stats will decrease by a significant amount upon fusing all your T3s into T4 (36% -> 16%).

      Getting the other 2 T2 trinkets will get you back to close to your former global stats (32%). But overall, you’ll still enjoy the bonuses from the specific weapon type you equip (+8%), so your global attack will be raised. 🙂


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