Getting your WC Rank Pt. 2

No new WC gear this week so the comparisons are taking a break.

On the other hand, with the increasing amount of repeat runs of WC, I’ve been doing a bit of research and study as to the statistical trends of Victory points (VP) for each of the various WC runs.

Well, put yourself in the situation where you probably didn’t get the full 6 evolution materials  (or insert any number here) or you probably missed a few rankings away from being within the 500 range and the gear just isn’t good enough at T4.

Thus, fortunately for all of us, the re-runs/ re-re-runs of WC are here (YAY!) and we can look forward to having another stab at getting our desired number of evolution materials and rank, and at a much cheaper rate.

Hence, this I present to you: Getting your desired WC Rank. Part 2!

As a start…

First off, if you’re a first timer participant or planning to engage in WC and have not read the first part, you can do so Here!

This would provide you with the necessary mindset and mental preparation to be involved in this taxing event (both in wallet and on the nerves).

However, if you’re already a hardcore WC player or just want to get that last evolution material to evolve your T4 to T5, then there’s no need to look into that post and we can proceed…

Do note that this is written in the context that players have limited resources (in terms of monetary budget and time) and takes into account that players will do their utmost best to save money and time. If you’re have a lot of disposable income and are willing to invest much in this game, you’ll probably not require this guide anyway. 🙂

The Study

The framework of this post will breakdown the different ranking tiers of which you’ll receive the evolution materials at the end of the event. This means I’ll cover the different tiers with the rewards:

  • Rank 1251-2500: 1 Evo-mat
  •  Rank 501-1250: 2 Evo-mats
  • Rank 251-500: 3 Evo-mats
  • Rank 51-251: 4 Evo-mats
  • Rank 1-50: 6 Evo-mats

I will also attempt to provide a very (very) simple formula that suggest how much VP you’ll probably be aiming for, at the different ranking tiers, in relation to the rank 50’s current VP. The top 50 guy’s VP was used because the first guy probably has a score that is way much higher (and much more loaded) than everyone else and it wouldn’t be accurate since this difference is always changing.

Also included would be the estimate number of gems needed to achieve that ranking position. This was recorded for a level 110-120 character with natural energy gain over the 3 days of the repeat WC in the iOS Asia pacific server.

Additionally, different WCs require different amounts of VP depending on the type of equipment released, and so the results would vary.


A big disclaimer here would be that this study was done with purely repeat WC runs (both 2nd and 3rd runs) as I don’t have the resources (both time and money) to compete in the newer first WC runs that feature highly contested gear.

Moreover, do note that the correlations here are more of a gauge to allow you to figure out how much VP is actually required for the ranking tier. Usually it’s quite accurate but it’s best to pump in a few more attempts than the estimated required VP.

These ranking and VP scores were taken at the end of the WC so while you can follow the trend when the WC is happening, you’ll also need to anticipate and add in more VP.

Rank 1251-2500
Required VP: (Rank 50’s VP)/ 10
Estimate Gems needed: -NA-

There’s not much to say for this ranking tier as it’s probably not very difficult to enter and sustain yourself within it.

Due to the large availability of slots (1250 of them), there is no real competition for the people and the strategy (if you’re level 110+) would be to invest most of your naturally gained energy into WC, with some spare energy for doing Trial of Elements (ToE) and missions for your daily gems.

You’ll probably get this really easy so I don’t think any other commentary is necessary. 🙂

Participated in this for the kicks and don’t have any of this gear though.

Rank 501-1250
Required VP: (Rank 50’s VP)/ 5-6
Estimate Gems needed: ~ < 50 gems

Not much difficulty here either but you’ll probably require some gems to refill your energy bar in order to keep within this ranking tier but generally quite achievable if you’re on a tight budget.

Not entirely below rank 1250, but this was the closest I got for my attempts.

Rank 251-500
Required VP: (Rank 50’s VP)/ 3
Estimate Gems needed: ~ 150 gems

Within the entire leaderboard, this is where the bulk of the activity happens, but definitely not to be confused with bulk of the money.

This area is a highly dangerous place where depreciation rates (ie. how much ranking you can fall in an hour) is extremely extreme (190-200 in the last hour). This is especially so in the last hour because everyone wants to make the cut into this zone, regardless of whether they’ve been consistent or attempting during the 11th hour (figuratively of course).

Hence, DO NOT be content with a rank 300 in the last hour and leave it as it is! This is how many players get pushed out this ranking tier and end up extremely disappointed at the end of the day when they see something like this:

@#$%^&! Rank 350 in the last 15 minutes and pushed out by a margin.

…and no, I did not intentionally use myself as a case study (just in case you were wondering).

Speculatively, I guess this is where the last minute players and those with limited resources (myself included for both traits) strive to aim for and hence, the limited capacity of this ranking tier would probably not be able to cater everyone here.

Rank 51-250
Required VP: (Rank 50’s VP)/ 2
Estimate Gems needed: ~ 250 gems

This is considerably the safe zone of the leaderboard, most probably because 4 evolution materials only makes sense for the group of players who unfortunately missed out slightly on the 3 evolution materials and eventually decided to go for this to get both their gear to T5 instead of one.

However, if you have the resources and are only aiming for the former ranking (251- 500), it’ll be much safer to try to aim for this zone during the last hour as the depreciation rate is very low. In fact, it’s so low that in the most recent Dark WC, my rank only dropped by 33 in the last 20 minutes or so.

18 minutes before the end…
Final result.

Rank 1-50
Required VP: Just watch the top
Estimate Gems needed: ~ 400 gems

You probably just need a big wallet for this because it’s still one hectic money game at this point, no matter which angle you look at it.

Frankly, I’ve not been in this tier before but from observing how much each person gains in the last hour, lagging behind (in VP) means that you’ll have a lot to catch up due to the large gaps between each player.


Here are a few take-away pointers to make from these figures and some advice in general:

> The VP score of the rank 50 player is a good gauge throughout the course of the WC as to how much VP you would require for your rank at that time

> Be consistent and stay above your desired ranking tier.

> If you’re hard-pressed for time especially in the last hour or 2 (or realise you’re crashing a lot), it’ll be best to raise your ranking tier to at least one tier above your desired tier.

> If you’re on a tight budget, don’t be afraid to pull out of the WC race, especially if you notice the top 50 players climbing extremely fast in the first and second day.
It’s always better to abandon halfway in, than to invest all to a bad result.

> Lastly, always prepare for contingency (ie. have spare gems available)!

Good luck and have fun in WC!



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