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Hi guys,

No formal update this week due to the latest patch emerging and I’m still trying to wrap my head around all of this influx of information. In fact, I’ll probably need to change some of my guide posts due to the modifications made so far.

However, for now, I’ll talk about the issues that have been experienced and highlighted to the developers so far.

(*Images to come soon!)

WC Top 50 for T6 Evo mat
Status: Investigating and monitoring

As you would probably know if you’ve read the forums, the recent fix has reflected the right ingredients for evolution to T6 with the a large number of players are extremely unhappy about the limited number of ranking slots available for the reward of the T6 evo mat (ie 1-50 only).

Hence, we have spoken to the developers about this matter and while there’s no guarantee this reward system will be changed, they will continue to monitor and review it.

Lack of Guild Contribution Rewards
Status: Investigating

This has been brought to their attention and hopefully those who have surpassed the donation rewards mark will get their boosters soon!

Undead minions not dying
Status: Investigating

Undead minions take longer to die as reported in the forums. This could be due to the ‘persistent zone’ which the changelog has highlighted about the undead minions (esp. pumpkin ones).

However, I’ve experienced winning raids even with these minions or losing defends even with a pumpkin ghoul in my base. Thus, I think this only occurs sporadically at best. Nonetheless, the relevant developer has been informed and will look into the matter and hopefully this will be solved soon!

Android Lag
Status: Reportedly Fixed

As of the latest update, android phones have been lagging severely.

A hotfix has since been deployed and most players have reported that this issue has now been resolved! 🙂

ToE Rewards
Status: To be released soon!

Waypoints past 50 have seemingly no rewards at the moment. These will be added in due time after this dark ToE has ended

Easter Event
Status: To be released soon!

Looks like a collection event (like the Xmas type).
And it’s coming up soon!

P.S.: The easter chest is available on android and you can get the Easter Greatsword from there. 🙂

Coop Requirements
Status: Pending

Due to a Coop a day, players who do not have wifi everyday cannot receive the 5 daily gems. Not too sure what is the outcome but this will be looked into. 🙂

That’s about it.

If anything, you most probably can find me doing damage control on the forums over the weekend. Otherwise, if you have any issues, please bring them up here and I’ll address the developers on Monday. 🙂

Have fun!



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