Review of Easter Gear

Whelp! A belated post that arrived way too late. 😦

Hence, I’m going to review all of the easter related equipment for this post instead of providing the usual calculator or walkthrough. But I have to say, it’s much easier than the Spring festival (earlier in February) in terms of the combat prowess of the minions and boss (especially Legendary Mode).

*This is a buffer post before I make the next entry for the combat 2.0 series of posts.

Easter event gave out 2 minions, 2 gear (weapon and armor) and 3 tiers of an upgrade-able trinket.

I’ll exclude the trinkets since they’re basically slightly buffed versions of your regular trinkets (+2.0% for both nature armor and attack). And that they’re not too difficult to obtain if you’re above level 100 and constantly working on legendary. If you got the armor, you’ll probably have enough eggs (and hopefully sufficient stash space) to get the T3-trinket by then.

Defender of Easter (Armor)

Base Armor: 1800 (2,522)

Damage to Attacker: 125 (145)
Nature skill cooldown: 10%
Critical Hit Chance: 12.0%
Critical Hit Damage: 30.0% (49.8%)

An all-round great free but ugly armor should be sufficient as its description.

I’m guessing the main trait why most people would be going for this armor would be the Damage to Attacker Trait (DTA). At a healthy 145 at T5-lvl 100, this can be coupled with at least 2 other skills to produce high figures of DTA (>300). This makes it great for Keeper builds, especially if you have dodge or high HP bonuses equipped.

In terms of offense, critical hit and critical damage both are useful additional traits which go hand-in-hand with one another. Its nature cooldown helps trigger skills more often, which would be beneficial in any scenario.

Eggsculibar (Greatsword)

Base Armor: 1800 (2,522)

Nature Armor bonus: 13.0%
Bloodrage Chance: 12%
Fear Chance: 3%
Attack Speed: 10% (11%)

With all-rounder traits, I wouldn’t be surprised if this sword was highly sought after during the Easter period.

For one, it has the universal attack speed (10% -> 11%) which is great if you lack haste to boost it. Bloodrage chance is also great especially if you’re dealing with a large number of minions (ie ToE), but unfortunately lacks the same effectiveness in strongholds with limited minions. And nature armor bonus probably requires no explanation.

A downer is that the fear trait here at a mere 3%, which is barely enough to dish it out consistently. But a fair trade off, I feel, for the relatively high base attack once you get it maxed out.

Delicious Chocolate Idol
Upkeep: 10 (T3), 16 (T4), 24 (T5)
Max Attack: 3,513

As a gargoyle model-type minion, it has the same move-sets as the regular light gargoyles, which are largely available from solo-missions.

What’s good about it is that it has a immunity against disabling control effects (ie stun, fear, knockdown), and is basically a rampaging small bull you’ll need to overcome them with raw (fire) power quickly instead of trying to disable them and leave these units for a later time as it might wreck a bit too much unnecessary havoc on your character.

It also has a new ranged projectile skill, allowing it to launch slow-moving bells towards hostile targets. While these are easy to avoid, they have the potential to be rather painful, dealing about 100+ damage at T3 (lvl 50), 500+ damage at T5 (lvl 100) to my light build (3.8/6.2k armor stats).

Chocolate Filled Gargoyle

Upkeep: 10 (T3), 16 (T4), 24 (T5)
Max Attack: 3,885

Okay, this is confusing. Unlike its name, it’s a Dark-Sentinel type minion, instead of a gargoyle (like its name suggests). Like the former, it is like a nature-element Dark-sentinel with good damage output. It also has a decent level of survive-ability with its teleportation and nature shield, both of which provide it with short bursts of invulnerability.

Status wise, it inflicts armor shredding, which I’m speculating is slightly less useful now  unless you’re surrounded with minions who are stronger than your element (see my combat 2.0 post) since raising base armor plays a smaller role in the damage calculation than previously…unless you have something like close to 5k base.

Additionally, it is able to do the teleport-dash move (similar to dark sentinels), which apparently it can initiate it continuously for 3 times in a row at T5. This makes it great as a disabling skill, especially against tougher dark-elemental opponents.

But the age-old question still lies, should I make any of these into a T5?

In a general sense, my answer to that would be a hesitant yes for a few reasons:

The Good

These are great minions in terms of damage output and skill-sets if you’re in the lower leagues (veteran and below). These can easily take down some weaker dark raiders and stifle the stronger ones.

As mentioned, they have good maneuverability around the map as both come equipped with teleport and are relatively aggressive to catch up with escaping raiders, which is even more apparent in a smaller trap room, such as the forbidden garden and guardhouse.

Consider the Sentinel type first for T5 as it has much more robust in offense and defense than the idol. Also, the Idol is great as a filler even at T3 with its small upkeep cost of 10 so you can slot it as a distraction to the raider if you still have a little reminding upkeep left.

The Bad

However, observing the legendary and master leagues, there are a larger percentage of fire-gear users from the (awkwardly-distributed) anniversary armor giveaway (Incandescent Diresmoke armor and the rarer Meteoric Greatsword) (max 2.6-7k), or the even smaller percentage with their old newly obtained T6 WC fire armor and/or dual blades (max ~3.1k).

While these are no way close to the legendary gear, it is possible for one of these to enter your stronghold and tear these new Easter minions to shreds fairly easily, since they have the elemental upper hand.

Moreover, these admittedly lose out in offense and durability to the other end-game minions like Vorors, Ravangers and Acolytes (which apparently the last of the lot are readily attainable from co-op now) or certain champions (eg. Ethera, Mossback). So if you’re already sporting a stronghold full of the above mentioned, then these freebies are more of novelty items than anything else.

That’s about it for now. Hopefully I get my next post done soon, before the update that is coming up. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Review of Easter Gear

  1. For starters- you do an amazing job with this blog, even experienced players can learn a lot and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Now for my question- how critical is “critical damage”? I ask this because my updated nature set has gone up in terms of damage stat, but down from 180 critical damage to 100 critical damage. My critical chance is between 50-60% depending on the skill I have equipped. I’m scared that while my overall damage output went up 1000 points that my critical damage stat going down has basically negated the big increase. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


    1. Thank you Draven!

      In response to your query, a higher base stat will provide a more reliable damage output and damage reduction. But with regards to crit, I think this really is dependent on a variety of factors: (a) your overall stats; (b) the type of monsters you are fighting.

      When it comes to (a), the higher your overall stat, the smaller an impact the increment in stat is going to influence your damage output. In relation to my damage calculation post, an increment of say 500 global points in attack is worth much less when you’re in 10k stat range, compared to when you’re in the 3k stat range. This directly affects the damage output and you might not be gaining a lot of damage from it…consequentially your crit damage multiplier isn’t going to multiply a lot.

      For example:
      – 3,000 to 3,500 atk -> 500 more dmg (1k more when crit)
      – 10,000 to 10,500 atk -> 100 more dmg (200 more when crit)

      In terms of (b), if you constantly fight against monsters with high armor values (WP50 and above), or legendary league SHs with 40%+ minion stats, your overall damage output will be reduced, and also your crit damage in general. For example, a low level nature hound gets 1k dmg, but a high level Wicker beast gets 300 dmg instead. That 300 dmg is the one which is multiplied for crit dmg, which might not be very high as the difficulty level scales up.

      To accurately give you an assessment would require you to let me know what kind of equipment you have before I can accurately advise you what you can do.

      However, personally, I think critical is not as reliable as some see it to be as it is very much dependent on 2 different traits as you need both ‘hit chance’ and ‘hit damage’ for it to be worthwhile as both base %s are really low if you choose to neglect one or another. Damage could be done easily be boosted with traits like ‘bloodrage’, ‘berserker’ or ‘brawler’, which only need one trait and have relatively easy to trigger damage multipliers.

      Hope this helps! 🙂


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