Quantifying T6 (Light)

When the T6 gear emerged 2 updates ago, I was reluctant to do any comparison post for one major reason: It was simply unfair to compare these with existing gear as none had equal footing (similar number of traits, stats) to match up.

Now that ‘it’ is released, I can safely work on a post that encapsulates the strength of these gear in all its glory.

In this post, I present to you a comparison between 2 legendary-level armors of the same element:  Shining Justicar Arcplate vs Stellar Aegis Armor


Before any criticisms begin, I would like to say that I don’t own any of these gear (and I don’t think I’ll remotely foresee the chance to in the near future), so I speak from theoretical interpolations from other gear, meaning that I refer to the same traits from other (similar) gear before I make a judgement.

However, if you, the reader of this post/blog, do possess any of these gear and would like to weigh in your opinions about how accurate or inaccurate my reasoning is, I’m all ears 🙂

Stats and Traits

Shining Justicar Arcplate

(Legendary Light Armor)

Base Armor – 3,424 (4,416)

Light Attack Bonus – 23.0%
Health Potion Damage – 87%
Critical Hit Chance – 15.0%
Critical Hit Damage – 30.0% (67.0%)
Health/ Hit – 19 (25)


Stellar Aegis Armor
(Guild Wars Light Armor)

Base Armor – 3653 (4,769)

Light Attack Bonus – 16.6%
Health Potion Damage – 15%
Critical Hit Chance – 16.0%
Brawler Damage – 9%
Run Speed – 14%

Pitting Legendary against Guild Wars armors, by just viewing the base armor alone, one might quickly claim that the Stellar Aegis Armor overrules the existing Shining Justicar Arcplate, winning by a full ~300 stat point difference.

Before the netizens of DH5 cry out ‘foul play by GL’ or ‘why is my old gear now weaker?!’, it’s imperative to note that this observation only scratches the surface.

Argument for Justicar Arcplate

First, looking at the traits, I’d say that the Aegis armor generally loses out on what Justicar arcplate has to offer. Most would have already realised the weaker light attack bonus (-6.4%) and the drop in health potion damage (-72%).

Moreover, Crit. Hit Damage and HP/hit are both equally welcome and all-round useful for more damage output and lasting through longer and tougher battles respectively. For any level, there isn’t a chance of going wrong with either of those two traits.

Another point to make would be the additional 200 base defense difference.

Well, remember what I wrote in the (still unfinished) Damage Formula post about the damage curve? Fighting against T5 and T6 legendary armor wearers in raids demonstrates this, and I can safely say that the damage reduction isn’t as great as one would imagine.

Using the equivalent gear (4.1k base attack, 7k global light attack), a normal attack with my duals against a T5 legendary light armor inflicts approximately 500-700 damage. Against a T6 legendary light armor inflicts approx. 400-600 damage instead. Thus, this reflects a damage reduction of roughly 100 for…well…almost 1,000 raw armor stat.

Of course, do note that the above was a general observation from raids and I wasn’t particularly looking out of their global/base defence stats (which is probably something you could contest with me for in this scenario).

But basing upon this, it is clear that a 300 addition for a 4k range armor is in no way going to result in a drastic damage reduction.

TL;DR: Arcplate has higher attack bonuses and HP pot dmg. HP/Hit and Crit Dmg are great and a difference of 300 armor does jack.

Argument for Aegis Armor

On the flip side, Aegis presents a slightly higher crit. hit chance (by 1%) and the oh-so-useful-but-understated Brawler Damage and Run Speed.

Brawler works well for close-combat, meaning that the closer you are to your target, the more damage you’ll deal, dealing up to a reported 90% more damage when the enemy is breathing down your neck. Great for melee, mildly beneficial for ranged, and a very disturbing analogy.

Run Speed gets you to where you want faster. Like any rush skill (Malrush, Dash Strike etc.), this is always a good thing be it using it offensively (running to hit that druid at the back) or defensively (running out of an Ethera’s AoE).

Additionally, potions are absent in raids, making the Potion damage trait obsolete when you’re going toe-to-toe with a keeper, or just fighting against SH minions in general. Regardless of whether you have 15% or 87%, potion damage doesn’t save anyone’s hide in a stronghold, especially with guild war being a dominant feature week after week.

[After I wrote this, I realised it’s undoubtedly a dumb way to argue. Hypothetically, it’s like saying all the apples we have are spoilt regardless whether you have 3 or if I have 1…and you’re forgetting about the hungry guy next to you who just wants an apple, spoilt or not!]

TL;DR: Aegis gives a bit higher crit chance, brawler and run speed, making it useful for close quarters combat.

Overall Stats

However, an armor is nothing without its weapon.

Let’s ramp it up a bit and include in the guild war duals in the mix to see which one is a better fit. Since the Guild War duals are out this week, we’ll use that as a reference.

Stellar Skiverend

(Guild Wars Dual Blades)
Base Attack – 3653 (4,769)

Berserker Damage – 60 (84)
Critical Hit Damage – 30.0% (67.0%)
Damage over 3s – 360 (608)
Light Armor Bonus – 14.4%
Light Skill Damage Bonus – 16%


Tabulated Stats and Traits

Using the same formula and set items as the previous WC comparison calculations (click here to see), but with 3 x T3 trinkets instead, below are the tabulated stats and traits for each combination set. Also, traits which are exemplary in value (ie. higher than average and significant) are highlighted in orange.

Set 1: Stellar Skiverend + Shining Justicar Arcplate
Attack: 10,804 (global); 6,209 (base)
Defence: 10,209 (global); 5,820 (base)

Health Potion Damage 87%;
Critical Hit Chance 15.0%;
Critical Hit Damage 134.0%;
Health/ Hit 25;
Damage over 3s 608;
Berserker Damage 84;
Light Skill Damage Bonus 16%

Set 2: Stellar Skiverend + Stellar Aegis Armor
Attack: 10,407 (global); 6,209 (base)
Defence: 10,828 (global); 6173 (base)

Health Potion Damage 15%;
Critical Hit Chance 16.0%;
Critical Hit Damage 67.0%;
Brawler Damage 9%;
Run Speed 14%;
Damage over 3s 608;
Berserker Damage 84;
Light Skill Damage Bonus 16%

Besides the inherent traits contributed by the new duals, Justicar Arcplate offers a significant raise to crit hit damage (134%). Global attack is also increased by 400 would offer a damage increment, though most probably enemies will be falling like flies around you by 10k stats. However, what it has in offense, it loses defense and has less base (-353) and global armor (-619).

On the other hand, set 2 presents a lower global attack while increasing defence, generally having higher base stats (for both attack and defence). Unfortunately, it doesn’t have very noteworthy traits, but more of an agglomeration of decent %s of traits.

While one might comment about the brawler damage kicking in for the second set, it operates on a 9% chance (approximately 1 out of 11 hits), which is not always guaranteed. Also, distance is a factor for its damage output so it’s vital to keep close to your targets constantly for this to work efficiently, making it a bit too specific to be entirely reliable.

TL;DR: Aegis gives all round higher base stats but loses out on traits. Justicar has higher global attack and better traits.

Final Verdict

Reviewing these two gear, I’d admit it’s a close fight between both armors:

Aegis has higher base stats, but is geared specifically to serve a melee user better; Justicar wins in universality and bestows higher attack, but lacks the defence that Aegis offers.

In conclusion, if I had to make a choice, I’ll go with the Justicar Arcplate (Legendary armor), primarily because it goes well with any Light weapon, ranged or melee, from higher global atk bonus and boosts your damage much higher with critical chance and damage.

Not to mention a quick survey of the players from the top guilds (with the armor reward in the Asian iOS server) show only one member wearing a starter version of it…which kind of says a lot, since water guild war armor was evolved almost immediately and players were quicker to bring it up (though not in a positive light).

Nonetheless, if you somehow are in the scenario where you’re in the top 3 ranked guilds but somehow lack the legendary light armor, then I’d say this is a welcomed gear to your arsenal.

TL;DR: Choice goes to Justicar Arcplate for universality in weapon choice, higher attack and multitude of traits.

And if you’re just wondering about the cost of the gear…

Legendary is well…random at best. It can be entirely free (if you’re absolutely lucky on your first chest draw) or still chalking up the dollars while you face the numerous email invoices that GL send you for every Legendary Bundle you purchase…

At least there must be a ‘limit cap‘ on how much the guild war gear can actually cost, am I right? Since it’s only 4 days worth of war-ing…


3rd Guild War result on iOS Asia Pacific Server

What. The. F**k

Figuring out how much they paid for it should be a post on its own…:)


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      1. Somehow, Defensively it feels much worse. Perhaps the HP/hit plays a big role in this.


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