Short announcement: 3 week hiatus

Hi guys,

I’ll be taking a 3-week hiatus from any updates as I’ll be stuck in military service for that period of time. However, I’ll still be keeping up with the Summer event (starting next Monday) and be checking the forums whenever I’m free.

If there’s anything you would want to discuss with me about or write about, you can always leave a comment on any of the posts in this blog.

Until then…I’ll see you after the 17th July!


8 thoughts on “Short announcement: 3 week hiatus

  1. Now it is Monday. And there is no summer event. I still can not access gameloft forum. I don’t know what’s wrong. The last fire guild war also can not be pkayed. Do you know why?


      1. What do you think about fire champion minion from the summer event? I read the forum and there is someone who got it and evolved it to t6 max and he said that it is not good. What is your idea?


      2. When I battled against it during the event mission on Legendary, it wasn’t fantastic and I’m speculating that it wouldn’t be that amazing even as a minion at that upkeep. Perhaps there are certain combinations of minions and trap room(s) that work with it around, but I’ll need to do some testing for that.

        At this point, I’ve yet to get it since I haven’t been able to play much, but I’ll review it if I get the chance.


  2. Thank you. I faced a fire cyclope in some stronghold. It has a circle of fire around it so it is quite different from the event mission. But I don’t know that it is good or not. I managed to have them all now waiting to be evolved.


    1. You might want to read this forum thread here:

      In the same thread, someone (Emperor1) also posted a video of the Fire Colossus being taken down quickly, but I feel that the results are skewed because there was only one minion and he had legendary armor and duals, making most challenges very easy to overcome.

      [video src="" /]

      In general, colossi’s durability is based on the length and frequency of triggering their invulnerability mode, but if this one does not activate it as quickly or has a lower duration, then it’s time to reconsider. I’d rather put in 2 T6 cicas in place of a T6 fire colossus with better results and with upkeep to spare.


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