Trap Room Part 2.4: Ruby Temple

Okay great!

I’m finally back online since the (godsend) update/hotfix kicked in last Thursday/Friday (depending on which part of the World you live in)…after an immense week-long drought that made me realise how ridiculously entwined my life is with this game. But since it’s back, the ‘schedule’ (for gaming and this blog) has gotten back to normal.

This week’s post is more of a personal interest, and will offer an insight into one of the more annoying and overused trap rooms since a few updates back, the Ruby Temple.

Just in case you’re new, here’s what I’ve done so far for trap rooms, to get you up to speed.

Part 1: General Overview
Part 2.1: Valenthian Guardhouse
Part 2.2: Ashkardian Crypt
Part 2.3: Nettle Grove
Part 2.4: Ruby Temple <-you’re reading this now!

Ruby Temple

Room Type: Status Inflictor
Upkeep: 5 (T3); 10 (T4); 15 (T5)
Element: Fire

*Similar to the previous posts, I’ll be reviewing the T5 version of this trap room as you’ll eventually come to face this, or eventually obtain it if you keep going at this game long enough.

*Many thanks to Anööbis (NERFHERDERS) for providing the map layout, Ranjan (my guildmate, and not his IGN) for letting me practice on his ruby temple, and iSpiff (Leonard) for spotting all my spelling errors (:p).


As it’s name suggests, the Ruby Temple is a octagonal shaped (just like how a ruby can be cut) room with the titular Ruby crystal embedded in the center of the trap. It pulsates at a rate of 4 seconds, emitting an aura which grants enemy minions a buff of run/attack speed, deals DOT when they’re hit, and provides/boosts HP regeneration capabilities.


The fiery aura itself will remain on the minion for as long as it is within the range of the crystal, as indicated below. Or, if the crystal has been fortunately destroyed, the aura will linger on for some time before dissipating. (Unfortunately, I couldn’t get an accurate gauge on this, but I’m speculating that its about 10 seconds or so.)

Like most functioning turrets in other trap rooms, the Ruby Temple’s crystal deals moderate-high fire damage if the raider is within the sphere of influence of the crystal’s radius when it pulsates. On my nature set (3.7k base/6.4k global armor), it dealt 433 damage per pulse.

The Ruby Crystal sits snuggly in the center of the room, emitting a deadly aura that buffs minions and damages raiders.

As a point of reference, the size of the sphere of influence is within the 4 columns surrounding it. Hence, there is some space at the sides for raiders to walk through unscathed.

The room also comes with its fair share of obstacles.

The trap room is flanked by 2 elongated lava pools, each on either side and pointing towards the center of the room. These not only deal fire damage when the raider is in direct contact with them (ie. standing in/ walking/ rolling through), but also narrows the walk-able pathway between the pool and the central crystal.

Hence, raiders will take damage either-ways if they are running from the top to the bottom of the room, unless the crystal has been wrecked. The good thing though is that the damage is not a lingering damage-over-time (DOT) type, so if you aren’t touching the pools, you don’t get damage.

Additionally, one would notice the 4 large urns at each corner of the room, big enough for players to hide behind. These help to break the speed of faster minions as they’ll have to maneuver around the large urns to get to you.

While they provide excellent cover from projectiles, urns do not protect the raider from certain ranged attack types and the incoming swarm of minions.

While this provides cover from ranged projectile attacks, it does not shield players from artillery-type (eg. Colossus’ artillery fire, Cicatrizer‘s leap etc.), phasing-type (eg. Specter‘s homing orbs), ground-type (eg. Voror‘s spectral sword, Acolyte‘s hand-grab) ranged attacks.

If you are Raiding one…

Let’s talk some strategy, shall we?

Well…it doesn’t sound too bad after typing out the main description of the room. But the real issues start to surface when you examine the layout in depth.

As a raider, the room itself is relatively big such that if you were to raid one half of the map, the minions from the other half might ignore you completely, until provoked – a vital strategy to take note of. But it is small enough to have all the minions hot on your character’s trail if you make a wrong move.


However, the initial aerial pan through of the map is problematic. The positioning of the camera is located above the top of the bottom right urn, resulting in the entire rightmost side of the room being a blind zone, concealing an ‘mysterious minions‘ and half of another in these areas.


The depth of view also makes it difficult to see the minions which are positioned far away in the upper left of the room, so unless you have a huge screen (eg. iPhone plus series), you’ll probably need to squint a bit to catch sight of what is at the far corner. (…or maybe it’s just a sign of me getting blind after staring at LED screens for way too long)

(Update on 1/8: Unfortunately, this function has been removed on Update 11 and we’ll just have to be more cautious when raiding now, which shouldn’t be an issue when raiding this trap room.)

TL;DR: 1 unknown minion and minions at the upper left corner are hard to see.

For this particular trap, personally, I think that raiding in ranged or melee would not make much of a difference. To stronger players, it might be easier to raid in range (ie. crossbows and staffs) but this is also dependent on the minion types that the opponent has chosen to build his stronghold with. Thus, for this post, I’ll be giving a more general overview of how to approach this stronghold regardless of what type of weapon you choose to wield.

There are several general protocols I noticed that I use, whenever I raid this map.

(A) Choosing Sides

As mentioned above in the description, the 4 urns will be your friends in this raiding session as you can easily use them as cover from the incoming minions or ranged attacks.

As a start, after surveying the ground (in the aerial pan-through cutscene), pick either the front row’s left or right urn to move towards. This choice will be dependent on two factors: (a) the side without the druid; (b) the side with the ‘perceived’ weaker minion.

Move quickly to either the left or right urn to stand your ground

The rationale for factor (a) is that the druid’s healing range is only within a half of this particular trap room. Choosing the side without the druid will ensure that you get some buffer time to kill the minions on the opposite side before the druid comes in to heal them.

For (b), the reason is that you would want to secure a ‘safe zone for yourself. Similar like securing a fort and holding your ground, clearing the minions at the front line would allow you to get a firm position on the map to initiate the next step.

AoE type skills are good, in general, to take out large number of minions. The recent T6 ice burst also works nicely.

At this point, if you’re able to hold your ground at the front, you do not need to travel across to the next urn (ie. across the lava pools). Instead, start by luring them across one-by-one across to your safe zone. This is of course, easier for ranged users to perform, but if you’re a melee type, you can run within the ‘aggro’ zone of the minions to get their attention, before running back.

The good thing about this is that the minions diagonally opposite your corner will not notice you entirely. You’ll probably need to run up to them before you they start to notice you…and by that time, it’ll most likely be after killing off 3/4 of the minions on the map.

TL;DR: Pick either of the front two urns, clear the minions and hold your ground. Kite other minions to your spot after that.

(B) The Alternative

So, what happens when this doesn’t work and your character gets overwhelmed at the front line urns?

Proceed to plan B when you run over to the next urn directly opposite of the one you were at, crossing the lava pools as those are likely to damage you less compared to moving close to the crystal and risk enraging all of the other minions. Stick as close as possible to the edge of the map, but crossing at the small width of lava pool (see diagram below) before seeking cover behind the top most urn.

Move from front to back, but never diagonally

If done right, you’ll only have to deal with the most 5 minions on that side of the trap room. Allowing you to secure that side of the room. Oh yes, and if the druid is on that half of the room, you’ll probably have an easier time as well.

At this point in time, if you still get overrun or if you can’t deal with the other minions, you can choose to return to your original urn location or move over to the opposite side of the map, making sure that you move along the edges of the map instead of through the center. Take out stronger support types (eg. druids, acolytes, gelid vorors, hexcasters) as you go along, as these will make your battle significantly harder in the long run.

If all else fails, keep running from urn to urn!

Sadly, if you’re still constantly moving around from urn to urn and can’t seem to weed out the big crowd, you might want to practice raiding in this map a bit first and/or improve your gear to get the hang of things.

TL;DR: Run from urn to urn, killing the faster minions that catch up to you or the weaker slower ones whom are lying around.

(C) Tricks

A special ‘trick’ for raider to note would be that those with the trait HP/Hit or a healing shield can actually benefit from this map a lot by gaining back full HP before fighting with the final keeper. This might take some time (and a bit of skill) to initiate though, but definitely worthwhile in the end.

What you need to do is kill off all other minions on the map except for the minion that can regenerate, the most common example being the Assassin as his attacks are easily dodged at a distance. With healing shield triggered, attack the minion, preferably with ranged attacks, near the crystal while avoiding the minion’s attacks. After replenishing your HP, kill off the minion and proceed to the keeper with a full health bar.

Technically, I think this should also work if you keep one minions alive and constantly attack the crystal, but I’ve yet to hear of this being implemented. Maybe I’ll try it one day and update the result here. 🙂

TL;DR: Have Healing shield or HP/Hit -> Kill all minions except the one that can regenerate -> Hit the minion within the crystal and avoid its attacks…-> Full HP!

If you own one…

As a sign of caution, Ruby temple is not good as a starter trap room. As its inherent nature suggests, it serves to buff minions, and if you lack the quantity and quality of minions for this, you might want to go for the Valenthian Guardhouse instead as it is much easier to build up.

A major mistake which I’ve observed for this trap room, which most newer inexperienced players tend to make, would be distributing weaker and/or slower minions at the front row. Like in the raiding strategy above, once the front 2 urns are secured, the rest of the map becomes less of a challenge for them.

The middle and sides are most important regions, unlike the back which is sadly neglected.

(a.1) General Minion Types

*If you have no idea which minions I’m referring to, you might want to refer to the 3 minion categorisation posts I did previously, (Champions and Support, Defenders and Ranged Strikers, Melee Strikers).

Due to the size of the room, placement of minions would need to be strategic. Minions that would fare well here would be those that are possess one of the four qualities and abilities:

(1) Deadly fast (eg. Chaser Champions, Melee Strikers);
(2) Have high armor and/or regenerative capabilities (eg. Ethera, Wicker Beast, Mossback Dragon, most undead ghoul types)
(3) Minions that vanish or have states of invulnerability (eg. Vanisher Champions, Vanishing glass canons)
(4) Ranged attacks that are unaffected by the Urns (eg. Voror Knights, Specters, Colossus, Acolytes, Cicatrizer)

However, as of Update 11, Ruby Temple no longer provides healing to Ranged Strikers and Champions. While you might still consider the Champions in (2), certain minions (eg. Specters) are very much less useful under such scenarios.

Specters’ Homing dark spheres phase through the urns, making them worthwhile minions to consider for your stronghold build.

Also note that the usefulness of support types is also weakened by the size of the room as they might not be in range to buff/heal the other minions that are out of their spell zone and hence, need to be stationed appropriately. Of course, avoid putting the druid or gelid voror in front as its equivalent to immediate death once the raider approaches either of the 2 urns.

Something you might want to try would be positioning a druid on the side with the weak minion (on the left or right side). This would enable the weaker minion to stay alive a while longer while forcing the raider to move across the lava pool to kill off the druid, in turn, triggering more minions to come attack him/her.

TL;DR: Just see the bold words on top. Support minions near crystal.

(a.2) Minions to Avoid

Any slow moving minions with no form of ranged attacks should be left out immediately. These include Heavy Duty Defenders and most Glass Canons. These minion types would tend to be easy pickings for raiders and are not recommended for this particular trap room.

TL;DR: Anything slow or without an attack that isn’t stopped by the urns should be avoided.

(b) Middle 

The middle row minions are recommended to those who can benefit from the crystal’s power the most. This refers to minions with high armor or with high regenerative rates, which would be Pumpkin Ghouls, Ravagers, Mossback Dragons, Assassins and Ethera.

Upon entering the map, these 4 center minions will get buffed (more so for the upper 2 as they would need to run some distance through the ruby crystal to get to the raider). The front two most minions will also immediately charge towards you and thus, Chaser champions are welcomed here.

T6 Specters and T5 Scorchers, also work well here in the back-middle row, so long as they don’t die on the first hit. These will vanish instantly away upon hit or heavy fire (respectively) and allow the healing properties of the aura to replenish them back to near full HP on their next appearance.

Finally, your druid or gelid voror can be stationed here as well, to benefit from the crystal’s aura and be close enough to reach the other minions around the vicinity.

(c) Sides

The minions at the sides are actually rather important as these are the ones that hold the ground for the Urns or deter players from staying around there for long. Heavy weight champions, especially the Colossus, does very well here as they are practically indestructible when they go into artillery-fire mode (but unfortunately die too quickly now without the HP regen aura buff).

Alternatively, other fan favourites, such as Voror Knights (AoE attack), Monkeys (High dodge + increased damage upclose), Cardinals (high dodge), Acolytes (AoE sphere shield that knocks-back), are good as well to hold the ground in these regions.

Voror Knights hold their ground (near the urns) pretty well, particular against light raiders

(d) Back

You can put a monkey, cicatrizer, ravager or two here to keep weaker raiders moving even more when they hit the back row.

Honestly however, you can put any other favored minions here and it wouldn’t matter as much compared to the other areas. If you were to get an experienced and strong raider, the back row will almost never get triggered until they desire for it.

TL;DR: Middle: Fast regen or teleporting minions; Sides: Minions that can hold their ground; Back: Anything left of your choosing.

Phew…another long post.

The summer event would be coming out shortly (next Monday) and the new minions might be a worthwhile addition in any stronghold. Hence, I’ll see whether I can do a review post when they get released.

Until next time…


7 thoughts on “Trap Room Part 2.4: Ruby Temple

  1. How on God’s green earth do I use a trap room? I got the stockade out of a box but see no place to turn it on? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Oh and thank you for your service brother. 6 years US Army here.


    1. Hey modocc, the trap room can be accessed when u press on the stronghold tab. It’s located at the top row, the button in the center. I’ll post a screenshot later once I’m out of camp later.

      P.S.: I saw both comments but I needed to approve them first before they show up. Hopefully it’s alright with u if I only approve this one.


  2. But what about the most ridiculous and inconsistent feature of the room, DOT, applied randomly to raider per each minion he attacks?


    1. Like you said, I’ve heard that it is very inconsistent and I can’t pinpoint whether it’s the minion itself or actually the trap room aura which is triggering this phenomenon. There are quite a number of minions that can initiate DOT and hence I cannot confidently say what is behind this cause.

      During this round of testing when I used nature to raid (in order to feel the full effect of the trap room), I did not encounter this and bulk of the damage came from rolling in the lava pools instead. However, so long as you follow this strategy and stick near the urns, it is much easier to face minions without the aura as it will dissipate after some time of not being in contact with the crystal.


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