Back to Reality

After the dry spell of 3 weeks in the military with an alternating ‘stuck on initialisation‘ and endless loading issues, the game is fortunately now working for me after the update. And thus, this means I’m back in business!

This was probably how long the loading issue affected me and the periodic downtime during reservist didn’t help at all

Now that a number of big changes have been introduced into the game, I’ll need to revise certain sections of my post to keep it up to date (least I confuse the newer audience). Nonetheless, as I edit those, here’s a newer post in relation to the update.

This is post is not so much about the content about strategies or analysis, but more towards a collection of snippets of information which I’ve gathered on the forums and what I got when I discussed with the devs about recently. The post will be done via Q&A style for ease of reading (with Q being voiced by my angry inner self representing the frustrated bulk of the player base).

*Major Disclaimer*: Please do not treat this post as an official announcement or confirmation from the DH5 team in any way. Certain things written here are either still on the drawing board, under development and the devs only could provide a hint of what is to come. Of course, there’s the NDA (non-disclosure) thing from them as well so this is more of a ‘head’s-up’ than anything else.

(And no, no blurry screenshot leaks here either…though the rising frequency of those kinda makes me wonder whether they’re actually intentional.)

UPDATE (31 July 2016): Correction to Blitz mechanics explanation (thanks to serependity for pointing out!) and addition to changelog about Coop reward alterations.


Q: Where’s my Gear Chest as featured in the Compensation?

A: Unfortunately, (though not official announced) there’s a graphic glitch resulting in the SF boosters (Celestial boosters) appearing as the Gear Chest icon. The first wave of compensation would be 50 gems, 2 SF boosters, 4 Multi-coloured t5 boosters, 200 energy.

However, I’ve heard that there might be considerations of giving out proper Gear chest(s) as part of the compensation. No guarantee though.

Q: Certain players have received additional Compensations, what gives?

A: While I don’t know how the list was generated (probably from players who have written in to complain via Customer Care), this second wave of compensations is for players who got the ‘Stuck on Initialisation’ issue. If you did experience this problem (ie. not being able to log-in entirely) through the duration of the bug, you can still write in to customer care (either through the in-game or web form on their support website).

Of course, they do have methods to verify whether the case is genuine or not.
(And if you’re about to ask: I’m clueless about whether it’s the same for hacking issues.)

This second wave of compensation consists of 100 gems, 50 rush tickets, 300 energy and 1 million gold.

Q: I didn’t receive anything! Help!

A: From what Max (the current community manager of DH5) mentioned, all players who played before the introduction of the Update 11 (last Wednesday) should be able to receive this general compensation. For newer players who are unaware where it is located, it’s found under the Social tab (next to inventory) -> Mail -> Special. Make sure you have the latest game version (2.1.0) as well.

However, don’t be too hasty to send that ticket as the compensation DOES NOT get registered immediately upon loading. I had to refresh my game a few times before it actually showed up and some have reported having to reinstall the game entirely. I think this is tied to one’s internet connection, though I can’t really give a definite cause.

Q: Compensation Sucks! We demand more!

A: I’ve spoken to the devs and gave some suggestions of Compensations which would be more appropriate for the issues/bugs/glitches in the last update (as collected from other members of the remaining player base).

Apparently, they are considering of giving out more compensations for the other issues of which the devs are familiar of (eg. Endless loading bug etc.) but are monitoring the situation to determine their stability on the public servers first. Hence, stay tuned!

IMG_1663 (1)

WC and GW Rewards

Before you get into this, do read this announcement made by Max (here) about the revision of the reward system. Long story short, the new reward system shifts power ‘balance‘ to stronger players through putting stronger rewards for WC events, focusing on individual strength and persistence more than combined coordination (and also strength and persistence).

(You wouldn’t want to face a level 50 with GW-gear, would you?)

With 3,780 stats at t6 lvl 1 (comparable to Legendary gear stats), these WC gear (which can be found in the collection) are:
Incandescent Hellforged Full Plate & Incandescent Hell’s Sweep
Stellar Exalted SentinelStellar Arbiter of Life
Marvelous Jungle JesterMarvelous Whispergale Striker

I got to admit, while it does help (a bit), it still does not solve the fact that, in the Asian servers, Master leagues and above are flooded with rich lower leveled keepers fully decked out in t6 legendaries.

Q: GW Rewards suck! I’ve got tons of trinkets already so bring back the powerful gears!

A: The revision to Guild War rewards is meant to avoid newer, weaker players from free-loading in their strong guild and getting extremely good gear over a single weekend. (This was observed often in the Asian server where the top few guilds had a few players between 10-50 to get the trinkets or even GW armor/weapon.)

However, that said, I would very much like to see the difficulty level of the WC event first before giving feedback on this. If the difficulty level is going to be on par with the older WC events (ie. having 5k stats is sufficient to clear Legendary difficulty bosses easily), then I think that defeats the purpose entirely.

Maybe I’ll start revive my WC reviews again when this happens.

Q: If you’re introducing new WC gear, what about my older ones? Will they get evolved to t6?

A: There is confirmation that all these WC gear will be made evolv-able to t6 in due time. However, having to participate in the WC and getting top 50 to get the evo-mat doesn’t look like it would change anytime soon.

Q: GW is dead, nothing is loading and I can never get an opponent guild to battle against!

Yes, it is…yes it is. :/

Q: Not entirely related, but what does the new Blitz function do during GW?

Blitz uses up your 3 morale but gives you 3 times the amount of war points. This also essentially boosts your battle frenzy as well, but does not include the points you get from destroying an opponent’s star.
(Credit to serendipity for pointing it out my previous mistake and clarified by Aqvi)

For Raiding, this results in a total possible average score of (10*3 +20 + 20*3) = 110 WP instead of 50 WP per battle (for an opponent with more than one star and when frenzy is activated). Only one star is cleared and failure for the raid results in no points gained.

For Armory raids, the average possible score would be 10*3 = 30 WP instead of 10 WP (excluding the activation of frenzy). Apparently, battle supplies do get the multiplier effect and you can essentially get battle supplies faster.

Blitz for an opponent with zero stars (Credit to Aqvi for the screenshot)

In terms of accumulating points through regular raiding, I really don’t see how this is beneficial unless one is short on time (less than 3 mins to end of war) or lazy enough to invest in this maneuver. For one, it does not get you the same or more WP as you would for battling and winning against 3 opponents, but it is more useful (especially for weaker players) to earn  opponent that he/she can achieve a guaranteed win.

Nonetheless while this does save time in getting your points (since you get 110 pts in 1 raid), it does not help when wanting to get battle quests, as you still have to expend morale individually to get those stars. It is also useful in quickly accumulating Battle supplies to cut the waiting time of raiding members for frenzy to commence by two-thirds.

Unrecorded things in the Changelog

The official changelog (here) has been posted and while it is fairly comprehensive, there are a number of items which they have missed out (mostly minor but a couple of major ones as well). Here are my additions which I’ve found out so far (and will add in more when I find out):

  1. Ongoing damage (DOT) now ticks 10 times within 3 seconds instead of 3 times within 3 seconds, with the total still being the same damage. This means that your HP falls more gradually, though it is pretty unnerving to see a flood of smaller numbers on your character’s head.
  2. Damage to Attacker (DTA) is no longer triggered by DOT. Hence, less of a heart attack when dealing with that 500+ DTA user.
  3. Removal of the aerial fly-through for raids. This stops the glitch where controls don’t show up for players during raiding, but also translates to lack of prior information to plan your raiding strategy.
  4. Reduction of chance for players to be ‘staggered’ (observed by the stopping of a player’s attack getting a critical hit from monsters or other players). This essentially makes raiding easier.
  5. Increase in EXP when fusing weaker gear and minions.
  6. Larger icons for minions when placed in the layout screen for Stronghold setup, and proportionately smaller Gold/Quartz indicators.
  7. Co-op now give 5 minion shards a week but the same minion is spread out over 2 weeks instead.

That’s about it for now. Catching up on lost game time and will update the rest of the posts in tandem.

Have fun!


3 thoughts on “Back to Reality

  1. Zun, LiLJaC11 of Imperium here.
    This might not be the right place to ask this but all of us on Win8.1 mobile are unable to get the most recent update. I have sent several emails and posted on the forum and haven’t received a solid answer yet.
    Meanwhile all the win8.1 users were unable to participate in the guild war and receive all the new stuff the update has provided everyone else.
    If you would take the time and find out what is going on with the status of releasing the update to this of us left out and reply with the answer in the forum under my post
    Thanks much appreciated
    LiLJaC11 (Imperium)


  2. Blitz will give you tripple war points and frenzy points, but the points for destroying a star are the same. So not 150, but 110.


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