Making SH v2.0 Work

Stronghold v2.0 has descended a few days ago and, boy, do we get plenty of changes (not to mention that I need to edit/recreate a number of my posts).

But with regards to that, let’s take a look at what is currently present in the new system and look at strategies as to how to at least survive these first few weeks of stronghold building.

The Lowdown

Not going into the details too much (since you’ve probably experienced it already), you basically now have 5 minions instead of 10, no upkeep limit, no keeper and an entirely revised trap room ‘crafting’ system. Workshop stones are your primary resource and you gain some (on top of your trophies) upon every successful raid.

The workshop offers an interesting configuration system, allowing you to buy and evolve trap rooms, increase minion maximum stats (attack, armor, HP) by a percentage (maximum of 60% for each stat), purchase minion boosters, buy stronghold chests (once every 5 days) and converting your abundant reservoir of quartz to stone.

Losing a rank means losing the right to buy that minion booster, even if you attained that rank before.

What they don’t tell you is that conversion from quartz to stone and permanent minion stat increase is incremental, so it would be really costly to do it at some point in time. Also, if you fall out of rank, you lose the option to buy that tier of minion booster…which sucks if you’re barely sitting in those specified leagues (eg. Vet2, M2 etc.).


Pretty sure by now you would know that you’re gonna lose a lot of trophies over the next few days, or even weeks for that matter.

Well…to survive in the current cut-throat environment, the advice which I can give would be to raid continuously to prevent too drastic ranking league drops at this point. The other alternative (of lesser maintenance) would be to drop to a suitable rank where players would start to hesitate as to whether or not to raid you upon seeing what your Stronghold has to offer…and ultimately you get raided less.

But besides that, it’s imperative to look into strategising for both Stronghold Building, to get in some defensive potential, and Raiding plans, to maximise your trophy wins.

Stronghold Building

With the 5 minions, it’s critical to optimise the efficiency of your trap room and put in the ‘right’ minions which experience bonuses from that particular trap.

But before I go any further, it’s best to give Red69’s well-written post a read here about strategising for Stronghold Building.

Working that Trap!

Echoing the same tune, the first and foremost step should be that you spend your stones on evolving the trap room to T6 as soon as possible, as this gives the most bang for your buck which ranges anywhere between 10k-13k.

It takes a while, but upgrading from T5 to T6 gives more stat increment than increasing permanent stats altogether.

However, it is recognised that evolving traps to T6 are incredibly expensive in terms of stones, to which I’ve already feedback to the devs down below on how to work around it.

TL;DR: Priority is to T6 your trap room for maximum effect.

Universal Traps

If you lack a trap room that suits your minions (or vice versa), you can always opt for one that gives a universal bonus (eg. Valenthian Guardhouse – Invulnerability, Ruby Temple – HP regen). These are undoubtedly useful regardless of the minion’s element you choose to invest in.

Nonetheless, it still costs stones and this should only be used as an option if you’ve just started out without good rooms or not yet in the high leagues (Veteran and above).

TL;DR: If all else fails, go with Valenthian Guardhouse or Ruby Temple

Diversification is Key

Strongholds with minions of the same element are not entirely dangerous (especially at T5). It’s best to have at least an opposing elemental minion which preferably receives the boost from the trap room.

For example, putting a Baloth in a Valenthian Stockade as it has knockdown capabilities, which get boosted by the increased damage to knockdown-ed raiders in your room. This gives you some damage potential against those pure Dark raiders you’ll attract.

Ice Colossus, though not as strong as the nature ones in the Nettle Grove, has some potential to fend off fire raiders at T5.

Choosing the Right ones

Currently, it’s best to have minions of some good defensive and higher than average offensive quality to them.

Keeping them alive longer should be a priority these help a lot in getting the damage across over an extended duration of time. Having minions with invincibility frames (iframes) or a skill or action that allows them to evade/block/dodge attacks all do nicely.

Corvus now has his Blind ability (from the solo mission), giving him a better edge unless your opponent can raid under poor visibility.

Examples of non-Champion types include: Monkey‘s force barrier; Voror‘s reflective shield; Cicatrizer‘s Leap attack; Cardinal‘s Unseen Strike; Sentinel‘s Lightning shield etc. etc.

Yep…basically the same minions that were deemed good in SH v1.0. Thus, if you’ve been playing consistently, you’ll probably like to add one or two of these T6 minions to try holding the fort.

Don’t forget the Support too!

Support units might be deemed as unnecessary now that there’s only 5 available slots for minions. However, these can still do good even without being boosted by the elemental bonus from trap room, especially the universal traits trap rooms.

Unfortunately, certain support units might not be entirely useful now. The once famed Acolyte and all-time poor Pyre Voror are (still) lacking in their support capabilities, with the Acolyte having less Ravagers to revive at its disposal and the Pyre Voror still falling too quickly before triggering Armor shred, particularly to Ice burst. While I like to include the Rhino Vigil in this same category, I think it does have some defensive and support potential in the light room, especially if sited well.

Also, it’ll be best to get them to T6 (like the rest of your minions) as quickly as possible (or if possible), to prolong their survive-ability.

Notice that I didn’t include in the Ranged Strikers in all of this?

Unfortunately, these are still rather poor in terms of durability and putting them out with less other minions to distract would only result in them falling really quickly. Thus, unless there is a major AI adjustment or skill-set improvement to minions of this type, then it’s advisable to stay clear of them for now.

The Proper Placements

As mentioned in a number of my stronghold posts before, minion placement is ever more vital in this context as it could keep minions alive longer…which means additional damage to your opponent.

Another thing good to know that most trap rooms usually have all the minions aggro-ed and chasing after the raider upon the start (with Scalding Forge and no trap being unique exceptions).

Basically, most Strongholds now adopt a reverse V-formation or Star formation, with one minion sometimes behind a big obstacle.

Voror Knights to defend the weaker Acolyte at the back

Naturally, it is the back slot where you would want to place your support minions or one of those heavyweight Colossi or Kenashi Warlords there to keep them obstructed and alive.

Front slots would be your defenders, melee strikers, or Chaser-type Champions, generally anything that sticks close to the raider and won’t go away until upon death.

Middle slots include minions that block your raider’s path to the minions at the back, particularly if they are weak like most support types.

The Valenthian Guardhouse (of all traps) includes sweet spots at the top of the room. Now with the reduced size, it is impossible to hit the 2 spinning turrets at the top without some form of ranged spell or weapon. Moreover, with the placed minion in the way (usually I see Colossi here), it’s near impossible to ‘break’ them unless they get lured out from it.

Circled minions experience invulnerability until lured away (though this isn’t a good example of minion placement)

At this rate, I would like to ask: “Why aren’t you using the Guardhouse already?”

TL;DR: Minion matters are important – Back: Support/Artillery; Middle: Block raiders; Front: Damage dealers


Although raiding has become much easier, it works back ways as players are getting attacked much more at a faster rate.


Now that the speed of raiding is now faster (from an hour to 1/2 hr per stamina regen), the rate of losing trophies is consequentially more rapid as well. Hence, the general objective would be to maximise your efforts in raiding (more trophies per raid) and at the same time reduce the chances of you appearing on opponent list.

Revenge is best served Sweet

As discussed in the previous entry, only raid those on your revenge list. This allows you not to show up on theirs instead…which is a great help if you’re constantly getting raided.

Another neat trick which I discovered would be to constantly refresh your game if you don’t get players with high trophy count on your raid list (ie. you gain less than 25 trophies from them). This refreshes your list and it can display up to people who have raided you for more than a day (longest passed duration I’ve seen).

The less your opponent takes from you, the more you can take from him (so long as he/she doesn’t fall massively in trophy count)

If you do have to raid through the regular method, try to avoid those who are of much lower trophy wins (less than 25) as this means that they can return the favor and take a higher number of trophies from you when they win. Of course, unless you are absolutely confident that they are unable to.

TL;DR: Only take revenge and refresh the list (by refreshing the game) whenever necessary

Plan your Sprints

Scouting is an good addition to the raiding system as it now shows where your opponents minions are located. While players might feedback about it as it takes out the fun of raiding, at higher rankings, this helps a lot in deciding which minion to take out first or to plan a strategy instead of blindly killing everything…placing the emphasis more upon strategising.

Not such a good choice to take on 5 Champions

Paired alongside this function would be to change opponent, allowing you to skip that T6, 5 champion stronghold. Thankfully, the rate of changing opponents is still is reasonable a fee for the first few attempts. For anything else, you might want to refresh your game to find out whether you have any opponents to take revenge upon.

TL;DR: Scouting to avoid low trophy gain opponents or simply those well-equipped with Champions

Suggestions to Devs

After reading this post, I still expect a large number of naysayers out there who would still be unconvinced about the new SH v2.0 system, criticising it as a problematic function (which doesn’t encourage synergy at all) and seeing it as pay-to-play as you ‘absolutely need’ 5 champions to defend.

Roasting SH v2.0 with a rich dose of Fire Colossi

Fortunately, rest assured that a couple of suggestions have gone up to the devs already and hopefully some of these will be implemented in time to come.

Bring back the Shields!

Suggested by Kaseus, a once-forgotten capability of raiding used to come with shields where players would not be able to raid others after getting hit for a duration of an hour. This essentially blocks you from being attacked, which is undoubtedly essential in this context from getting 20 loses after coming back from a hard-day’s work.

This is especially so with the reduction in stamina regen duration…meaning you get raided twice as often now if someone were to take your (SH’s) fancy. :/

…at least that should give us some ground to hold our ranks.

TL;DR: Hour long shields to protect your SH.

Scale Trap Rooms at lower tiers

Starting between 3-5% and max-ing out at 80-100% for same-element minion stats, trap rooms currently suffer from poor scale-ability at anything below T5, as per general consensus by most players.

What happens when you have a trap room lower than T3.

Placing a T5 trap, sadly, does not offer decent stat increment to handle the current gears which most players have, especially at anything above Vet 3. As most players have stuck (and would be stuck with it for a rather long while), this equates to a massive percentage of losses which is what most people are experiencing now.

Oh, and if you were wondering, a T6 room with relatively high permanent minion enhancements is equivalent to a WP 46 and above in Trials of Elements…so at least that is some consolation that the end-game is being done right.

TL;DR: Scale the lower tiers (below T6) better.

Improve the Trap room capabilities

Besides shrinking down certain trap rooms (eg. Ruby Temple), enhancing the trap room’s inherent capabilities could be also an option to improve the offensive and defensive potential of a trap.

A potential list (sent to the devs) include:

– Guaranteed Knockdowns and faster recharge times for Valenthian Stockade
– Increase trigger radius and blast radius or add bind/stun effect for mines in Bayant Mountain
– Higher HP regen for Nightmare Pits
– Increased poison damage for Nettle Grove
– Longer freeze duration for Xinkashi Spring
– Make all minions with aura able to regen HP and receive higher DOT upon hit in Ruby Temple
– Return Ashkardian crypt its guaranteed bind ability
– Increase DOT on Scalding forge
– Shorter duration to Stun the player near the flowers in Forbidden Courtyard

…and if you were wondering about the Valenthian Guardhouse, rest assured that its invulnerability is way OP already.

TL;DR: Better trap rooms through their inherent traits.

Increase Stronghold Stone base Gain

Now that the 2x Stones event is currently running, it still might seem a stretch to reach a T6 trap room.

In fact, in order to get a T5 trap room to T6 from scratch requires much of a grind than one might appreciate, with approximately 12 victories a day for a month at double of M1 rate (36 stones per win).

As such, it might be more reasonable to increase the amount of stones per raid (perhaps to the current double rate or higher). This way, there is less of a risk of alienating those who still have a long way to go.

TL;DR: More stones per raid.

Breaking Protocol

With this one understandably tedious to implement, I placed it as last on the list.

At the moment, most minions execute their standard protocol AI, dishing out move after move without care of that huge field of Entangling Vines or that they’re probably burning to death…inclusive of certain champions as well.

My point is that minions are really bad at avoiding AoE attacks and DOT damage, with most taking them on head first instead of teleporting (eg. Warmage Hexcaster) or jumping/ running away (eg. Corvus, Vulture Harpy, Overseer). This is exactly why ice burst/ice stalagmites/entangling vines and fire cone all work so well.

Thus, this limits the number of ‘good‘ minions to be used as recognising and evading potentially dangerous attacks mean that they don’t die as quickly as other minions. Hence, this increases the viability of more minions, meaning more options to build your stronghold with.

Of course, this would have to be improved with the considerations of the trap rooms scaling and minion stats, in order to avoid overpowering raiding on a whole.

TL;DR: Smarter minions (which can avoid attacks) for more options.

Okay, that concludes it for now.

I’ll update this post whenever I receive new suggestions for strategies. In the meantime, happy raiding. 🙂


44 thoughts on “Making SH v2.0 Work

  1. Hi Admin..

    could you please explain about guild ?

    As My friend has created a guild..
    The problem is I cannot find it..even he invinted me to his guild it doesn’t work either..

    He is using android to play this game and I am using ipad mini 2..
    is it possible that problem caused by the different device ?

    As my another friend using android also and he can find and join to his guild…

    Thank you


    1. Unfortunately DH5 is not cross platform, meaning that Android and iOS servers and databases are separate.

      Hence, since you are using ipad (iOS), you can only join iOS based guilds. Likewise, only Android players can join your friend’s guild.


  2. How to build minions when it’s come t3 therefore no minions booster after successful raid, you must to see or increase or give some minions booster after successfully raid


    1. Well…the minion boosters can be purchased from the workshop using stones, so at least that’s one avenue for boosters.

      But at the moment, I’d prefer to stock up on regular boosters on Monday (or if it happens to appear on special occasions).


  3. I have questions about valenthian stockade. Its knock-down capability includes minions who has stun or not. And When fire colossus punches to the ground and causes a knock down or stun, the raider will get additional damage for being knocked-down or not. Now I have Valenthian guardhouse at t5 and I cannot defend at all. Do you think I should buy valenthian stockade?
    One more question: Could you design the stronghold for me, please?
    Trap rooms that I have is valenthain guardhouse (T5), Xinkashi Spring (T5), Nightmare Pit (T4) and Scalding Forge (T3)
    Minions that I have:
    T6 Minions: 1 Cicatrizer (Max Level), 1 Pompous Lord Of The Eve (Level 99), 1 Scorching Fire Colossus (Level 68), 1 Sentinel (Level 92), 1 Exalted Thunderfist Brawler (Level 57), 1 Furious Stormtooth Wolf (Level 119), 1 Blighter (Level 95), 1 Wicked Dark Sentinel (Level 92), 1 Farsighted kenashi Druid (Level 82)
    T5 Minions: 1 Mystic Emberstrike Conjurer (Max Level), 1 Scorching Duergar Incinerator (Max Level), 1 Majestic Chocolate-Filled Gargoyle (Max Level), 1 Majestic Vulture Harpy (Max Level), 1 Delectable Pumpkin Fiend (Max Level), 1 Succulent Pumpkin Ghoul (Max Level), 1 Tormentor (Max Level), 1 Grim Acolyte (Max Level), 1 Enlightened Thunderfist Brawler (Max Level), 1 Scarred Kenashi Warrior (Max Level), 1 Horrid Yuletide Miscreant (Max Level), 1 Grotesque Kringles’s Worker (Max level), 2 Slaking Scaled Lurker (Max Level), 1Merciless Gift-Taker (Max Level), 1 Majestic Delicious Chocolate Idol (Level 82), 1 Grim Ravager (Level 81), 1 Vengeful Bewitching Specter (Level 38), 1 Vapidus (Level 29), 1 Glowing Rhino Vigil (Level 1), 1 Corrupted Dark sentinel (Level 12)
    Please design the stronghold for me. Now I am at veteran 3 and I can not defend at all. Maybe because I don’t use the right trap room with the right minions. Thank you in advance.


    1. Valenthian stockade gives bonus for minions with knockdown only, and yes, that Fire Colossus’ attack is one of them. As for the choice of trap room, I think it’s better to stick to the guardhouse and get it to T6 because its special trait more universal (invulnerability to all minions regardless of element or type).

      Use the Valenthian Guardhouse.
      Front row: Lord of Eve, 2 Monkeys (get your T5 to T6)
      Back row: Fire Colossus, Stormtooth wolf

      There aren’t many strong dark raiders around so you’ll have a better chance until some strong dark legendary armor (or equivalent) gets released.

      More importantly, don’t be concerned about losing too often because right now most people have gears which are stronger than most stronghold setups (eg. one ice stalag can probably wipe out an SH full of T5 Champions in a T5 trap). It’ll only be when you get your T6 trap than you’ll start to see more defence wins.


      1. I have some more questions. What about sentinel and vapidus? Are they good? Should I evolve vapidus to t6? And I also have Kenashi druid at t3. What do you think if I evolve druid to t6 and put 2 druids at the back of guardhouse? They will heal each other or not and are they any useful? Thank you.


      2. I don’t recommend 2 druids though, even at T6 they can be taken out fairly quickly using fire cone or anyone who has decent fire gear in raiding.

        As for Vapidus, I understand that the devs have already fixed the glitch so it might be worthwhile considering to T6. However, it’ll be better off waiting for a light champion instead (in future weeks to come) unless the devs modify the AI capability of the non-champion minions.


  4. great review – most of it spot on, but guardhouse back 2 invulnerability generators can be hit easily by melee if you keep directing your attacks at them, even with the shorter dual swords. THAT is the easiest room to beat IMO – I kill a back generator then kill the minions as they come to me. Of course maybe that differs once you pass master 2?


    1. Yep, you got that right.

      In the legendary league, it is the most tedious trap room to beat as the T6 generators each have close to 7k HP and can’t be cleared in a few hits. Moreover, it makes it worse when minions with high invincibility frames (colossi) or high regenerative powers (spirius) swarm you. Even with legendary gear/good dark gear and/or a good strategy, it is still difficult to beat.


  5. Now I have 5 champions which are one T6 Fire Colossus, one T6 Lord of the Eve and three T3 Nature Colossus. Should I put all Nature Colossus (if I max them to T5) in the Valenthian Guardhouse? Will they be any use? And Where should I put them?


    1. Hmmm…I suggest you wait for the next update instead of getting the Valenthian Guardhouse to T6. Some of the mechanics between minions might change (esp for non champions) and you might want wait it out till then.

      My major concern for you would be that you won’t get any bonuses from the trap room at all and a suggestion would be to get at least one light champion first for your setup (to do some real damage). This means your Lord and Colossi will fall very quickly to anyone with above decent stats (eg. >9k).

      Also, Nature Colossi aren’t very good (at T5) and won’t last very long in combat unboosted.

      Since you have so many of them, perhaps it might be worthwhile to consider getting a Nettle Grove/ Forbidden Courtyard trap instead to beef up your overall attacks. Of course, fire raiders can still break you but at least you pose a threat to dark raiders.


      1. Thank you, Zungedous. Your suggestion is always valuable to me. Last time that you help me set up my stronghold, now i can defend 18 times now. I try to pull light colossus from the chest but I still don’t get it and today I got my 4th Nature Colossus. I opened 24 chests now and I’m not sure that I will get light colossus or not. So if I don’t get it, you think that I should invest in Nettle Grove or Forbidden Courtyard instead? Which one is the best between Nettle Grove and Forbidden Courtyard? And do you know how much stone to evolve them from t1 to t6?


      2. This question is tricky to answer and Nature Colossi unfortunately do not fare very well in general (because of fire cone and their low accuracy, preference for melee strikes) nor do they benefit from either room in terms of additional bonus (Nettle: poison, Courtyard: Slow). For this, I cannot give you a clear cut recommendation as to which one to choose. I would, however, advise to wait till when nature colossi attain T6 and/or to see whether there are additional skills which they possess at that stage before deciding.

        In terms of stones for evolution, the courtyard is cheaper (10.2k for T5 to T6) than the grove (11.55k for T5 to T6), for the stone requirements before that, I don’t have those figures. Stats wise, Grove adds more nature attack (100%) but less HP (80%), Courtyard is more consistent (all 90%).


      3. Thank you, Zungedous. I’m thinking about saving stones for the new trap, seashore retreat. What do you think about the new trap? Its special trait is slowing. I have one t5 warmage hexcaster, one t5 kenashi berserker, two t3 dread voror to use on the new trap. Just waiting to find the new water champion. What do you think about warmage hexcaster and kenashi berserker? Are they good and worth to evolve to t6?


      4. Hey Pornpote, I can’t really comment much on the new room as I’ve yet to see what it can do. Slowing exists on most water minions and voror has it as well, but I’m interested to see how often ‘silence’ will trigger in this room and what is the extent of it (eg. will it negate existing shields/buffs, or just disabling skill usage, how often does it trigger)…or maybe it just disables the opponent’s audio :/

        Warmage hexcasters and Kenashi berserkers are unfortunately not highly appreciated as they don’t have decent surviveability even at T6. Having a turtle/lurker (defender) and a water voror (support) would generally last better than the former two minions you listed.


  6. Hi, that bonus of minions have some max limit? I just sow attack, defens, hp 18%, but asking if there are maxed, or not. Just someone sow max?


  7. Hi Zung,

    I just wanted your expert advice on an SH setup, before I proceed with T6’ing the room and minions (since it’s quite costly). I would really appreciate it if you can help me out:

    So my current setup is everything in T5:
    room: Xingkashi Spring
    minions: Ogurin(3), Kringle, Druid

    I placed the druid in between two Ogurins, and then Kringle (top left) and another Ogurin (top right). So basically, the logic is that a player should go for the Druid first, since aiming for any of the other units would just lead to them regenerating health. However, since the Druid is in between two Ogurins (healing + large sprites for blocking hits), the attacker would have trouble killing the Druid in just one shot, giving enough time for the 3 ogurins to band together and go after the attacker. While this is going on, the spring’s freeze projectile forces the player to be constantly moving and Kringle’s there to trip him every now and then, just enough for the Ogurins to catch up (note that he already spent some time killing the Druid first).

    Seems to be working, since I’m at almost 100% defense success (well, maybe because I’m lingering within Warrior II for quite some time now). However, I’m unsure if this strategy would hold together in higher leagues. I’m not looking to have 100% defense rate in succeeding tiers, but was wondering if this would reap at least a decent 30% defense success rate?

    Sorry for the long-winded note, and thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Garfried,
      No worries, it’s good to be detailed about this.

      While your strategy does work at the lower leagues, you might consider a stronger setup as you get stronger minions. At the moment, only the Kringle has been boosted by the room and its recommended to get a few more same elemental minions to reap the benefits of a t6 trap.

      The xinkashi spring trap, although good at the start, does not pose much of a threat to raiders in higher leagues due to its sheer size and weaker disabling skill. Thus you might want to consider smaller trap rooms like seashore retreat or guardhouse.

      In this case, Might I ask whether you have any other minions in your possession?

      Additionally, I would recommend waiting for a bit longer to see if you manage to get any other strong minions of the same element. From there, you’ll be able to identify which room you would want to use.

      Hope this helps!


      1. Thanks very much for the swift response Zung!

        Sadly, Kringle’s my only champion. My other minions are: Vapidus(2), monkey, dark Sentinel, Overseer, Cicatrizer, Lacerator, Bewitching Specter, Tormentor, Emberstrike Conjurer(2), Sentinel, Rhino Vigil, Scaled Lurker, Harpy, Prophet, and the rest of Kringle’s minons.

        I really want to progress to Master league (I think my armor setup can take me there) to get more SH stones per raid, but would want a decent chance of not getting robbed VERY often by raiders (coins and quartz).

        I also have Ruby Temple and Guardhouse both at T5. Any setup recommendations based on that and the other minoons I have?


      2. Hmm… just got me thinking.. what about 3 ogurins, a cicatrizer and the monkey at ruby temple? the health buff on the ogurins would be crazy high, then i’ll the cicatrizer pestering the attacker with knockdown, and a monkey for blue attackers?


      3. You could opt for either the Ruby or Guardhouse as both of them are end-game tier trap rooms which are versatile enough to have all types of minions within. Potential options can be considered below:

        (A) Ruby – 3 Ogres, 1 Cicatrizer, 1 monkey (or the upcoming yulong)
        (B) Guardhouse – Kringle, Monkey, 2 Vapidus, Cicatrizer (or upcoming yulong)

        However, winning defences is not only based on your minion placement and setup, but also due to your permanent buffs. But before you start pumping stones to upgrade your minion stats or make your trap room T6, I would suggest waiting a bit till you get at least your next champion before deciding which trap room/element you would want to invest in.


      4. Sorry, answered before I saw your previous post. That setup you mentioned also works well because 3 Ogres are able to heal nearby minions from their ‘fart'(?) attack (the one where the jump up slightly to release a cloud of fire). Cicatrizers are also great because they buff armor of allies upon landing.


      5. Thanks Zung! I think your ruby temple option looks fun and deadly, heh. But just to confirm– once I get the Yulong, do I put it in place of the cicatrizer or the monkey?

        If it’s the latter, then my followup question is: can a single-color trap room (all T6) like this setup be okay at higher leagues? (meaning, a full-blue set would not always guarantee a win against this setup?)

        I greatly appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions 🙂


      6. I’m still doing more tests with the Yulong but on first glance, I think keep the monkey in place for now to provide an opposing element inside your trap.

        Speaking on a very general level, single-color trap rooms might not function entirely well for certain scenarios at higher leagues as most players would already have well-built sets by then (ie above 9k/9k with good dodge), making ‘almost’ every stronghold easy to overcome.

        From the context of the Ruby Temple, a mixed elemental setup performs much better (in my opinion) against a single element one for the reason above. This is primarily due to the enhanced buff provided from the Ruby crystal as it is versatile enough to enhance and boost the offensive capacities of all types of minions.

        Of course, other trap rooms have their own ‘synergy’ for players to figure out. I’ll spare you the details for now. 🙂


      7. Oh and, I know that I should be waiting for the next champion, but I’ve tested the ogres and they’re a beast comparable to tough champions I’ve faced during raids. So 3 of them (with high health + healing a big plus) are definitely killer (i think?)

        oh and the cicatrizer armor buff really adds to the survivability of the ogres–I never knew that!

        so basically, I just have the final questions above and I’ll work on T6 starting with the ogres.


      8. Hey Zung, thanks very much for your recommendation. I’m now hovering at Veteran 1, and your setup A (3 Ogres, 1 Cicatrizer, 1 monkey) is doing quite well (over 90% defends). Thanks!

        I’ve tried mixing in a druid + kringle (in place of cicatrizer and monkey), but have tested it to be weaker than your recommended setup. Which leads me to ask, is there a scenario where the druid would be harder to kill? I’ve tried 2 druids, but found that the healing doesn’t affect other druids. I really think that the druid has a potential to be quite the nuisance– I just don’t know how.


      9. Hey Garfried, no problem and I’m glad it has worked for you! 🙂

        As for your question about the making druids ‘a nuisance’, I think this is intricately linked to the durability of these minions. This presents itself to be a difficult issue to tackle as druids have never possessed high armor nor HP in the first place. Thus, keeping them alive long enough for them to constantly heal is key for them to be ‘quite the nuisance’ and this would require the combined efforts of the trap room (eg. silence from Seashore/ invulnerability from Guardhouse/ innate stat boost from nature rooms) and improved armor buffs from other ally minions (eg. Gelid Voror, Rhino vigil, Cicatrizer). This is, of course, assuming that the druids themselves don’t get one-shot killed by a loose fire cone or a legendary belt skill (considering that most players now possess it) since the green healing animation is painfully obvious and it is not tricky to sieve out a druid out of 5 minions.

        Nonetheless, as you might have probably predicted, to keep the druid alive long enough to pose a threat is likely going to be extremely inefficient in later ranking tiers, as you could replace it with a more durable defender (eg. another ogre) or, at best, a champion to fill the ranks. Thus, they aren’t featured largely in upper-tiered strongholds, unless as a last resort, or used as a means of distraction from other weaker but hard-hitting minions in the area (eg. Wolves, Assassins etc).


      10. Nice analysis, thanks for sharing! Come to think of it, I’ve never had any trouble with setups containing druids during guild wars. i actually found them to be rather… vulnerable.

        If it’s not too much trouble, I have one other question regarding my current setup. I’ve seen a lot of comments praising the monkey (thunderfist brawler). However, I’ve tested it many times, and I find it to be very, well, underwhelming (not that tough, doesn’t trigger knockdown all that often). As such, for non-champion white minions, would you say that it’s the best option?


      11. I would say that Monkey (Brawler) is one of the more versatile non-champ minions in the light series and often used if players lack a light champ. Probably the most dangerous thing about it would be its higher than average chance for critical hits, which I have a feeling that Ruby temple is able to boost as well. It has plenty of invulnerability frames and a robust AI that dodges often, making it highly durable throughout the battle.

        However, like all minions, it is easy to read its attack patterns when facing it alone and this makes it easy to take it down. Additionally, when used outside of light trap rooms, the un-boosted monkey is more of a ‘supporting’ offensive minion that helps add to the complication in the heat of the battle.

        If you’re looking for other non-champion light minions, you could consider either the wolf (more of a glass canon) or vapidus (great defender which can negate and heal when defending). Though monkey would still be a good choice regardless.


      12. I never knew that monkeys were good at crits! It’s analyses like these that really make you stand out. Okay I’ll stick with this minion, until my luck turns around (champions). Thanks!


  8. Hi Zung,
    I need your suggestion again. I just got 2 new champions: Warmage Sentinel and Ice Colossus and I got 2 gelid volors. The champions that I have are: 1 Fire Colossus, 1 Ice Colossus, 4 Nature Colossus, 1 Kringle, 1 Mezzogian, 2 Lords, 1 Corvus, 1 Wicker Beast, 1 Assassin, 1 Kenashi Warlord.
    I use t6 Forbidden Courtyard now and my set up is: Front: Assassin, Mezzogian. Middle: Kringle, Beast. Back: Druid. I am in Legendary now. I can hardly defend with this set up. I try replacing Mezzogian with Corvus or Lord but it still doesn’t work. What do you think that my set up should be? Should I replace Kringle and Mezzogian with Ice Colossus and Gelid Voror? My other trap rooms are: t6 Guardhouse, t6 Nightmare Pit,
    t5 Xinkashi Spring and t5 Seashore Retreat. In my idea, I don’t think that t6 Seashore will be good because from my experience, I hardly have trouble raiding that even though it has ice colossus, Mezzogian, Kringle, Naga, Gelid Voror. What do you suggest?


    1. Hi Pornpote,
      Okay, I’m back. You might want to try a Seashore Retreat at T6 instead with Assassin (center), Mezzogian, Ice Colossus, Corvus and Gelid Voror.

      The reason you might hardly have trouble with the Seashore is primarily because it is pure Water/Ice element and this does not bode well against a decent light gear. Having an Assassin and Corvus adds additional complication to the elements and attack strategy, even at lower bonuses. Thus, this makes it harder for a pure light user to clear this configuration.


  9. I need your advice on setting up my stronghold again. I just got 2 Mossback dragons from the chest and I just evolved both of them to t6. One of them has 83 sf points. The champions that I owned are Ice Colossus (T6 Max, M1 level with 165 sf points), Mezzogian (T6 Max with 43 sf points), Corvus (T6 Max with 10 sf points), Fire Colossus (T6 Max), Wicker Beast (T6 Max), Assassin (T6 Max), Warlord (T6 Max), Lord of eve (T6 Max, M1), Vile Kringle (T6 Max, with 8 sf points), Warmage Sentinel (T6 Max), 4 Nature Colossus (1 T5 and 3 T3) and 2 Mossback dragons. The other non-champion minions that I have and may be useful are Druid (T6 Max and M1 with 10 sf points) and Druid (T3), Gelid Voror (T6 Max, M3 with 35 sf points).
    I use Seashore Trap room for a long time and it still doesn’t work. I never defend at all. My set-up is Ice Colossus and Gelid Voror at the back, Mezzogian in the middle and Corvus and Mossback in the front. Now I want to try Forbidden Courtyard. What set-up do you suggest? Do you think I should go for Courtyard or just stick to Seashore? If I prefer to use Courtyard, which minions should I use and what position for each minions? I find that legendary skill is very powerful. When I raid my stronghold (both seashore and courtyard) and I use Immortal Justice, all water minions including Ice Colossus die instantly? I don’t know what to do now. My Ice Colossus in seashore has 18,635 for attack. In Courtyard, my Ice colossus has 9,949 for attack but my fire set just get a little damage from Ice Colossus. I read in the forum about someone using Courtyard and use druid and voror in that room with the right position and it work but they don’t tell the position for those minions. What do you think?
    Should I master druid to M2? and Should I master Mossback to M 1? I prefer to keep 2 Mossback because I believe that mastering it would do no good. What do you think?
    Finally, please help me set up my stronghold? I use to be in Legendary but now I am always in Master 3. When I climb back to Legendary, I will drop to Master 3 in the morning. That is painful.


    1. Hi Pornpote, you really need to start mastering your minions to at least M3 or above to at least get defends, especially if you’re sitting in Legendary league. With HPH boosted and T6 trinkets in place, unmastered minions fall very quickly nowadays and any stronghold without mastered minions is literally an easy target.

      From your available minions, you can opt for a Nettle setup (Gelid, Druid, Assassin, Mossback/Ranger, Kringle/Ice Colossus). It is much more open and smaller than a courtyard room and leaves little room for ranged raiders to attack. You do have good water Champions but these really need mastery to withstand raiders, so Shore might not be a good option unless you can find more of these types of champions. Always remember to put opposing element minions inside to counter incoming raiders as these have the potential to deal good damage (eg. water minions in nature room to fend off fire raiders).

      Legendary skills are indeed powerful, with Immortal Justice having the highest damage output (but it requires timing and precision). When the hammer drops if the Ice Col is in artillery mode, it’ll automatically reflect all damage onto the raider, so that needs practice. And yes, because the damage is so high, it can take out all the minions which are unmastered.

      P.S.: Do remember to put paragraphs for your text next time. It’s quite difficult to read if all the text is lumped in one paragraph. Thanks.


      1. Thank you very much. As for nettle, I need some time to build it. If I decide to use Courtyard, which minions should I use and what position of each minion?
        I am still looking forward to reading your article about Courtyard.


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