Special announcement

Hi guys, 

No content related post today but wanted to share a special announcement:

A friend’s guild mate was permanently banned because he was deemed to be cheating for changing his region to procure gifts from another region. If you have guild mates who have done the same, please warn them because it is associated to malicious behaviour and will be dealt with severely, meaning the loss of account. 

Apparently to him, this was the only thing he did which resulted in a prompt and un-disputable ban. Hence, kindly relay to message to all players you meet. Thanks!



4 thoughts on “Special announcement

    1. Hey Bobby, Mal Rush is within the category of ‘dash’ skills, where it causes your character to move quickly in a straight line (according to your directional-pad) and damages all monsters along its path and within its vicinity. It also has a high chance to deal critical damage. This can be used both offensively (to attack) and defensively (to escape) as it propels your character quickly over a significant distance within a few seconds.

      The purple stuff is to indicate a period of high dodge, making it less likely for monsters to hit you.


      1. Sorry to bother you again Zung, but just another question: does Smoke Veil reflect ranged attacks when activated or only increase dodge change?


      2. Smoke Veil does reflect ranged attacks and increase dodge chance (according to the card %).

        Ranged attacks (eg. shots fired from staff or crossbow) and projectiles (certain spells like ice blast) are reflected back in the same direction of their trajectory. However, iirc, this reflect ability is not 100% and there might be some attacks that bypass the smoke.


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