Trap Room Part 2.5: Seashore Retreat

Busy schedules!

If you’re wondering what happened to the continuation of the Weapons introductory post, let’s just say that its still baking in the oven. But first, something which is more relevant and up-to-date for your literary enjoyment: Seashore Retreat.

Seashore Retreat is the latest trap room that made its debut in a previous update’s advertising video. While not only surprising people with an ‘alleged‘ Water Ethera champion, this water trap has been well designed for the new edition of SH v2.0 with the 5 minion slots within.

In the same vein of the previous trap room posts (which I do very much need to update some of them), let’s explore this new trap in terms of planning and strategizing for it.

Correction edit on 31/10/16: Embedded tridents do damage you!

This post was written during the time of Update 13. If it changes in the future, it’ll be revised accordingly.

Also, if you’ve missed the previous posts:

Part 1: General Overview
Part 2.1: Valenthian Guardhouse
Part 2.2: Ashkardian Crypt
Part 2.3: Nettle Grove
Part 2.4: Ruby Temple
Part 2.5: Seashore Retreat <- You’re here!

Seashore Retreat

Room Type: Status Inflictor
Room Size: Borderline Medium-Small
Element: Water


According to the developer and card description, the Seashore Retreat is haunted by the Water spirit/witch, inducing silence as a mandatory means to instill peace…which doesn’t really make much sense since weapons are loud as well.

An observation would be that the interior architecture of the room is strangely reminiscent of a Roman bath house, which explains why it has ‘Retreat’ in its name. However, it which makes one question why it is listed under Forsaken Sands (which reflects Arabic/Egyptian origins)….oh right, the update :/

Greek Ionic Columns (at the side) contradict my argument of it being Roman though :/

Nonetheless, this has piqued my interest in terms of historic architectural settings and perhaps I’ll do a separate post on this for those who are interested.


For those who have yet to realize, the graphic on the Seashore Retreat trap room card is showing a trident that is embedded within the ground. An imagery which is representative of how the silence mechanism works within the trap.

A trident’s end.

To put simply, the room triggers silence upon first entering the raid, by launching a trident into the air and rooting itself into the ground. This is indicated by swirls of water gathering around the two pillars and a blue circular pulse on the ground (similar to a faster Ice Colossus‘ bombardment attack) which shows where the trident will land. The landing of the trident takes between 1-2 seconds.

After affixing itself to the ground, the Water Witch (a blue hologram model of the Ethera) emerges and induces a unique status effect, Silence, after one second of the trident’s landing. Silence affects you wherever you might be within the map, so there’s no escaping it and you’ll be able to see an overlay of bubbles on your screen.


In order to remove silence, it is necessary to destroy the trident by regular weaponry (be it ranged or melee). At T6, the trident has approximately slightly more HP than a turret within the Valenthian guardhouse. Once the trident is eliminated, another second or two is needed before you regain the use of your skills.

A critical detail which I missed out: The embedded trident is able to pulsate a shockwave every 2-3 seconds. This shockwave damages and knockdowns the raider if he/she is within the blast radius. Hence, it is imperative to take it out as soon as possible or destroy it from a distance.

The trident will launch again after a duration of 10-12 seconds continuously until all minions within the map are cleared. Thus, this makes it necessary for you to constantly keep an eye out on where the trident might land…which is usually your last position when the water starts to swirl around the pillars.

Those slowing Shallow pools

To make matters worse, shallow pools within the map cause slow upon stepping into them. This could be increasingly dangerous when coupled with other water type minions that slow (more on that later).

Getting slowed (and then knockdowned) in the pools almost mean certain death

This narrows your path down the lateral and longitudinal aisles of the room, as stepping into the water instantly makes you subjected to the additional 40% damage on slowed opponents (at T6).

The good thing is that doing a dodge roll can cover the narrowest part of the pool, allowing you to escape being slowed.

Optimistically speaking, this trap does not deal damage to you directly. (Correction: the trap can damage you directly if you get too close to the embedded trident)

Considering the silencing and slowing properties of the Seashore Retreat, these combined would be un-remarkably disruptive and enables the minions around you to whittle your HP down faster than you think.

TL;DR: Silence from the trident and Slow from the pools.


With the advent of SH v2.0, I discussed briefly that it is recommended for raiders to have all sets built equally to tackle any elemental trap room. With the increment in minion stats and trap room bonuses, having the right elemental build for a particular trap room makes it all the more imperative to have.

(1) Elemental Type

While many might charge into it with a well-built light set, do remember that a healthy number of these traps have opposing Dark elemental minions. Some of which with equally high dark minion permanent bonuses to make up for them not being buffed by the trap. Hence, it is not surprising to see a 10k minion attack/armor stat even with dark minions within.

Nonetheless, Light gear (with a backup nature weapon) is still the best bet as the less buffed dark minions would be able to fall relatively quickly if you concentrate your fire power on them early. After which, the water ones wouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Light excels best over water, even against the buffed Mezzogian

TL;DR: Light still fares the best here, with a backup Nature weapon to clear the opposing dark minions.

(2) Play Style

Secondly, the infuriating aspect of this trap room originates from unfamiliarity of its mechanics. Although these have been introduced above, it is also necessary to consider how you usually raid:

A) Dependent on Weapons

If you’re a heavy user of weaponry to fight off minions, being silenced should not be much of a downer and your main concern would be avoiding the pools of water instead.

As mentioned above, simply stepping into the pools warrants extra damage from the minions around. This is worsened as slow is able to cumulatively stack. What this means is that while the pools reduce your run speed and attack speed, minions with the slow ability can also cast it upon you, reducing your speed by another notch. Such makes your character immensely slow….ironically…really quickly, to the point of a snail’s pace if you get affected while in the pool.

And yes, most water minions are able to slow…so go figure which ones you really need to take out fast.

Not a very nice position to be in

Furthermore, a good idea would be stick to the left and right extreme edges of the room and traverse up and down. This will prevent you from accidentally walking into the water if you stray too far off.

TL;DR: Avoid the pools, traversing the sides as a precaution.

B) Dependent on Skills

On the flip side, if you’re one who constantly relies on skills such as Fire cone and Ice Stalagmites, you’re in for a bad time.

Although the first trident is unavoidable, destroying tridents and ending the match should be done swiftly before things get out of hand. Fortunately, something which I would like to highlight would be the numerous lag times before getting silenced.

In fact, once the trident lands, there is a second of lag time before silence gets triggered. A well-timed Area of Effect (AoE) (Predatory Instinct, Static Burst, Ice Burst), persistent zone (Ice Stalagmites, Entangling Vines) or a Damage over Time (DOT) (Fire Cone) skill can easily shatter the trident even at T6 to get rid of the silence quickly. Haste before the trident lands is great with a light weapon and Ray of Darkness also works well if you accidentally walked too far away from it.

This strategy is masterfully documented in Aqve Teig’s video:

Also, do check out his growing youtube channel here! 🙂

Another suggestion would be to go get yourself a nice light ranged weapon (staff or crossbow) as that would quickly help you to take out the trident if you’re standing from across the room. You can also use the two statues as cover from continuous projectiles being launched at you (eg. Mezzogian, Assassin).

And yes, the previous strategy applies of avoiding the pools applies as well. Just stay away from them and unless you’re absolutely sure that there’s nothing around you.

TL;DR: Blow up the trident quickly when it lands using hard hitting skills!

(3) Optimal Route

Like all the other trap rooms, there is an optimal route to take to make things easier, such as not triggering certain minions or making it possible to kite minions towards you.

For one, NEVER go down the center aisle as this will attract all the minions towards you and having to deal with all 5 at once is admittedly difficult, especially if all 5 are champion-types.


As the trident will always land close-by, the first trident will be in the center lane, slightly above where you’ll spawn at location (1). Thus, removing it quickly is of utmost priority before moving to location (2), which are the extreme ends of the room, before the top most minions start to see you. The side, of course, is determined by the strength of the minion at that corner, always rolling to the weaker one to take it out.


At location (2), the trident should also land in your vicinity, making it easier for you to destroy it without having to face the other minions far away.


Hover around location (2), killing the bottom most and middle minions before going to location (3). This will then aggravate the upper most minions, which shouldn’t be that difficult to take out considering that other 3 should be dead by then.

TL;DR: After finishing off the first trident, roll to the extreme left or right to avoid triggering the upper row minions.

If you’re building one

With the current limitations of 5 minions per setup, minion choices are definitely very much vital to make all 5 worthwhile. Optimizing based on the room’s elemental colour, the additional traits and its interior architecture are some of the considerations you might want to make.

Nonetheless, the good thing is that, like the Valenthian Guardhouse, this trap is somewhat universal. This means that regardless of elemental minions you put in, this trap would still be deadly…to some extent of course.

(1) Elemental Types

First off and without a doubt, Water and Dark minions are your main priority.

The great thing about Water minions are that most possess the slowing trait, making it more deadly to your raiders as described above. Thus, placing some water Champions, such as Ice Colossus, Mezzogian and the recently improved Naga would warrant a high chance for those sweet defense wins.

As a balance, Dark minions would be there to counteract the Light type raiders who invade your stronghold. It’ll be best if these dark types possess a slowing ability as well to benefit from the trap room, such Ravager, Ethera and the soon incoming Lord of Eve with his fixed phantom wave strike.

TL;DR: Water and Dark minions are the way to go here, especially those with slow.

(2) Bonus Types

Referring to minions that would also benefit from the room’s special ability, bonus type minions, for this scenario, are those who can induce slow and are appropriate for the room.

Teleporting minions or minions with long invulnerability frames also do very well as they keep your raiders chasing them around the room or waiting around avoiding attacks, which means more opportunities for them to step into the pools or more instances of silence.

Some of which that can be considered, but outside of the Dark and Water elemental types are:

  • Assassin: Armor Shred, Teleporting
  • Cicatrizer: Jumping, buff nearby ally armor
  • Mossback Dragon: Flying, Vomit damages, slows and regens HP of ally minions

TL;DR: Other minions to consider include those who can slow and/or teleport or with long invulnerability frames

(3) Placement

Not much can be said about the position of minions within the room as it is fairly straightforward.


Given its relatively small area, the back row is most likely going to be your support type minions (Hexcaster, the must-have Gelid Voror) or those whom you prefer not to die so quickly (eg. Prophet, Witch, Ethera, Naga, Mezzogian, Kringle, Harbinger).

Front row would naturally be your defenders (Turtles, Cardinal, Kenashi Warrior), melee strikers (Ravager, Pumpkin Ghoul) or Chaser type champions (Corvus, Succubine, Lord of Eve, Warmage Sentinel).

In the middle, you can place a Frigid (T6) Ice Colossus here to shower your opponents with frost bolts upon entering the room. This would slow them down and reduce their chances of destroying the trident too quickly.

Frankly, placement wouldn’t matter much once the minions start swarming

Front Row – Chaser Champions, Defenders, Melee Strikers;
Back Row – Support, Artillery Champions;
Middle Row: Anything hard hitting and durable

Alright, that about wraps things up.

Since this is a relatively new trap that has been released, do let me know if I missed out anything or if you have any strategies which you’ve found that works out for you.

And yes, my other posts will come in due time too! 🙂

32 thoughts on “Trap Room Part 2.5: Seashore Retreat

  1. Hi Zung, it’s me Rei Leão 🙂
    I have one T6 Xinka Spring with 5 champions, many of them can freeze enemies, except for Warmage Sentinel, what ypu think is better to do, increase minions bonuses and make use of Spring or spend 25k sh stones in this new room?

    I know Seashore is smaller than Spring and slow is better to give damage than freeze (because you can easily avoid that with dodge), but with this price of 25k stones I can put my bonuses higher and maybe Spring harder than Seashore with lower bonuses, not?
    Thanks Zung, keep the nice work, see ya.

    Ps.: I will buy Kringle in Christmas event, because I think his “all time freeze” is nice to make a combo with Spring trait ;p


    1. Hi Rei/Silas,

      Yep, I remember you from the forums. Thanks for your support! 🙂

      Before I give any advice, could I first know what Champions you have and are currently using? Because, like you said, freeze can be dodge-rolled out unlike slow (which applies to the entire room and stacks). Also, would you have any other dark minions/champions as backup?



      1. Hi,
        Actually my set up is Mezzogian, Ice Colossus, Warmage Sentinel, Corvus and Fire Colossus, but I will replace Fire Colossus with Lord of the Eve and want to replace Warmage with Kringle too, because I think this guy too slow hehe
        I know for Seashore Ethera is better because ofher slow, but to me she dies faster than Lorde of the Eve, my bonuses are around 20% to water and 16% to death.

        What you think about that? Spend to buy Seashore or Spring can be good with higher bonuses, two dark champs and three with freeze skills?
        I plan to set up my room until the end of the year, as follows:
        Kringle, Mezzogian, Ice Colossus, Corvus and Eve, or maybe trade some dar guy for Ethera in the future, thank you (:


      2. Sorry for the delayed reply. I gave it some thought and I think it’s best to stick to the xinkashi spring trap for the following reasons:

        1) You get more bonus damage from freeze, which mezzo and ice colossus (and eventual Kringle) will be dishing out often. On the flip side, once players learn how to overcome the slow and silence from the seashore retreat, it becomes easier to overcome.

        2) It’s not worthwhile to spend additional stones to rebuild a new SH since they now cost more. In fact, just continue building up your current minion stats through the workshop.

        Moreover, by the time you get seashore retreat to t6, it’s not going to fare very well since players will build up light gear to counter it by then. And you’ll be sorely disappointed that your new trap is less useful.

        Hope this helps!


  2. Hi Zung, I need your help to set up my stronghold again. Now I evolved my guardhouse to t6. The champions that I have are: Scorching Fire Colossus (1), Pompous Lord of the Eve (1), Mezzogian (1), Assassin (1), Grim Corvus (1), Majestic Nature Colossus (1), Nature Colossus (3).
    The other minions that I have are:
    Minions that I have:
    T6 Minions: 1 Cicatrizer (Max Level), 1 Sentinel (Level 93), 2 Exalted Thunderfist Brawler (Level 64, 30), 1 Furious Stormtooth Wolf (Level 120), 1 Blighter (Level 95), 1 Wicked Dark Sentinel (Level 92), 1 Farsighted kenashi Druid (Level 84), 1 Luscious Pumpkin Ghoul (Level 1)

    T5 Minions: 1 Mystic Emberstrike Conjurer (Max Level), 1 Scorching Duergar Incinerator (Max Level), 1 Majestic Chocolate-Filled Gargoyle (Max Level), 1 Majestic Vulture Harpy (Max Level), 1 Delectable Pumpkin Fiend (Max Level), 1 Tormentor (Max Level), 1 Grim Acolyte (Max Level), 1 Enlightened Thunderfist Brawler (Max Level), 1 Scarred Kenashi Warrior (Max Level), 1 Horrid Yuletide Miscreant (Max Level), 1 Grotesque Kringles’s Worker (Max level), 2 Slaking Scaled Lurker (Max Level), 1Merciless Gift-Taker (Max Level), 1 Majestic Delicious Chocolate Idol (Level 82), 1 Grim Ravager (Level 81), 1 Vengeful Bewitching Specter (Level 38), 1 Vapidus (Level 29), 1 Glowing Rhino Vigil (Level 1), 1 Corrupted Dark sentinel (Level 12), 1 Overseer (Level 13)

    Below T5 Minions: 2 Brutal Firegut Ogurin, 2 Dread Voror



    1. Hey Pornpote, apologies, I’ll only have time to reply you proper by the end of the week.

      However, on first impression, you seem to lack any light champion, which wouldn’t bode very well in terms of stronghold defenses since you’re using guardhouse and the other champions don’t benefit from the trap room bonuses.

      Solely based on guardhouse’s ability alone, I would prefer
      – Fire Colossus (bombards + invulnerability)
      – Nature Colossus (bombards + invulnerability)
      – Assassin (teleports)
      – Corvus (flies fast + pushback)
      – Mezzogian (teleports + freeze)

      However, as mentioned above, none of these actually get stat boosts from the trap itself. Hence, let me ponder about this and get back to you by Fri/Sat.

      From what I know, there is Gatekeeper next week and Lightning Colossus following week from the stronghold chest inventory.


      1. Thank you very much. I’m really appreciated for your help. My Stronghold setup is in the front row, I put t6 monkey (Level 64) and t6 Assassin (Level 1). In the middle, I put t6 Lord of the eve. And in the back, I put t6 Fire Colossus (Level 124) and t6 Corvus (Level 1). I think my t6 monkey can use as a champion because his attack, health, armor are very high. What do you think about my setup? Now I have about 1,100 gems left and I am not sure that it is enough to get Light champion next week (Gatekeeper). Do you know the other champion that will be released next week?


    2. I looked through your first comment in depth and I think the setup which I proposed could potentially yield some good results.

      Also, you might want to considering getting yourself a Gelid voror (in this week’s SH chest) as apparently Gelids activate their shields immediately within Guardhouses, meaning that your opponent is forced to use DOT straight from the start to overcome the higher defence.

      Assassin’s armor shred capability is back and it does some serious hurt, especially if one of the opponents is of an opposing element from your raider. This makes it much more worthwhile to keep minions of different elements within your trap room.

      Lord of Eve also heals upon every strike and gives good knockdown potential, to keep your opponents on the floor often.

      – Fire Colossus
      – Assassin
      – Corvus/ Lord of Eve
      – Gelid Voror
      – Monkey -> Gatekeeper/ Lightning Colossus (in the future)


  3. This week, Immortal Gatekeeper is released in Stronghold chest. I spent all my gems about 1,600 and I don’t get any champion from the chest. All I got are the same minions over and over again. So I think I will never get light champion for sure. So which trap room should I use? and What minions should I use? I got 2 Lord of the Eves now.


  4. I just upgraded my Nightmare pit to t5 and I assign following minions in the stronghold: Assassin and Lord of the Eve in the front row, Fire Colossus in the middle and Corvus and Druid in the back. For Fire Colossus and Lord of the eve are t6 max level. Corvus is t6 level 110. Assassin is t6 level 87 and druid is t6 level 84. What do you think about this stronghold? Do you think I should use this stronghold or I should use my t6 guardhouse? The layout for my t6 guardhouse is: Monkey and Lord of the Eve in the front row, Assassin in the middle and Fire Colossus and Mezzogian in the back. Monkey is t6 level 65 and Mezzogian is t6 level 89. In this guardhouse, should I use two Monkey in this traproom?


    1. For the nightmare pits, you might want to focus on getting it to T6 first and not have the druid (as it will fall pretty fast). In fact, you could put in another Lord in its place, as it restores HP per hit (which compliments the heal of the trap) and has great knockdown potential.

      As for the Guardhouse, you can replace the mezzo with a Lord as his teleportation + invulnerability would be annoying to deal with. You can also put in the monkeys or 1 monkey + 1 wolf.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

      PS: Apologies, I’ve been really busy over the week. Just saw your comments in the morning.


      1. Hi Zung,
        Now I decide to use t5 Nightmare pit because I can defend a lot. My layout is: T6 Lord of the Eve and T6 Assassin in the front, T6 Fire Colossus in the middle and T6 Corvus and T6 Mezzogian in the back. Now my another lord of the eve is just T5. Do you think I should replace T6 Mezzogian with T5 Lord of the Eve or T6 Pumpkin Ghoul?


      2. Cool! Get your Lord of the Eve to T6 (which shouldn’t take too long to do) and also, T6 your nightmare pit since those are immensely deadly at that level.

        Glad that you’ve finally found a setup which you’re comfortable with and enjoy those defences. 🙂


  5. I currently use pit with: lord of the eve, crow, witch, assassin and mezzo. I also have ignicore and kringle champs and other non-champ minions (sadly no gelid voror).
    Should i switch to seashore or keep pit.
    P.S. If you have suggestions about pit setup please do tell.


    1. Hi Black, I would suggest sticking to the pits as you have decent dark champions and you can opt to build up your minion bonuses instead.

      You might want to replace your mezzo with another crow, assassin or witch depending on availability. Fire champions, while being the opposing element, unfortunately are not the best option for pits.

      Hope this helps!


  6. Hi Zung, I have some questions. Now I use seashore retreat traproom. The set up as you suggested is: corvus and gelid voror at the back, Assassin in the middle and Ice colossus and mezzogian (or Kringle) in the front but it doesn’t work. So I change to Voror and Kringle at the back, Fire Colossus in the middle and Ice colossus and Mezzogian in the front but it still doesn’t work. Now my water champions that I have are: 2 Ice colossus, 1 Kringle, 1 Mezzogian, 1 Warmage Sentinel. What do you suggest? My other champions are: 1 Fire colossus, 2 Lord of the eve, 1 Corvus, 4 Nature Colossus, 1 Kenashi Warlord, 1 Assassin. I have 4 gelid voror.
    One more question, is gelid voror a must-have minion in this traproom? Why? If I place a gelid voror in this room and 1 dark champion, how about the other three slot? Which water champion should I put in?


    1. Hi Pornpote, looks like you’ve got quite the collection of champions. Personally I would stick to the ice col (middle), assassin and mezzo/Corvus (front), Kringle and gelid (back). Then continue building your minion bonuses, especially for water atk and def, while adding SF pts to the champs. This should put you in the 12k minion stat range which is decent enough to fend off attackers.

      Do note that with the current imbalance of gears, trinkets and mastery, it is difficult to get a 100% defending SH. Perhaps only when minions get buffed would there be a greater chance for defending.


      1. Thank you, Zung. So if I should assasin and corvus in the front, which minion should I use at the back between Kringle or Mezzogian? Why do you think that gelid voror is a must-have minion in the seashore traproom? If I don’t use a gelid voror, could I use Mezzogian and another Ice Colossus?


      2. Gelid vorors provide projectile reflect + high armor buff to all nearby allies. Since the seashore trap is small in size, almost all of the minions will get this buff almost instantly of raiders entering your trap room. This is very annoying since the raiders would have to play defensively at the start of the raid and attacking the nearby minions would prove to be less effective. Additionally, casting Immortal Justice would be a problem too since the lightning projectiles can get reflected back onto the raider.

        If you’re keen on not going with gelid, I would opt for the Mezzo since it has good mobility.

        Of course, if you enter with a strong light set, chances are that you won’t get damaged too heavily. IJ has been known to wipe out all manner of minions in a single hit (except assassins if there are other minions in the room, or corvus since it flies fast). Thus, the gelid’s shield is a good defence mechanism against that, but only during the duration that it is in effect. Once the shield is down, the other minions will be inevitably vulnerable.


  7. Hey.
    Fantastick site!
    Would you prefer a moss dragon og wicker beast in this stronghold? I have a hard time deciding because while the moss dragon slows, the wicker beast chase.
    And what about a warmage sentinel – worth it?


    1. Hey Casper, thank you!
      I generally don’t recommend Mossback here as there are faster and ‘stickier’ minions around (Wicker, Mezzo, Corvus etc) that pressure the raider to keep moving. Mossback functions too slowly because of its flight and attack patterns and this gives the raider to recover his/her skill cooldowns or HP through HP/hit.
      Moreover, with the same reasoning, the Warmage sentinel is rather slow and would get overwhelmed by a ranged user easily.

      Of course, this is also dependent on the possibility of whether you have enough duplicates for mastery and your minion bonuses.
      For Shore, it’s best to focus on Water and Dark (to counter light raiders) unless you already have strong bonuses for Nature (for nature minions).


  8. I have a question about seashore set-up. My minions that I think they are useful are 2 M7 Kringles, 1 M7 Mezzogian, 1 M7 Assassin, 1 M7 Mosssback, 1 M6 Corvus, 1 M4 Succubine, 1 M6 Lord of Eve. I have Candy cane corvus which can be evolved and mastered to M7.
    Which minions do you think that I should place in SH? And what position for each minions? Do you think Candy cane corvus is worth to be evolved and mastered?
    My Seashore is M7 now.


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