New Layout

Approaching the blog’s first year anniversary, I decided to give the blog a graphical and organisational overhaul. This time, replacing the traditional layout in favor of a cleaner, more minimalistic approach for your viewing pleasure, be it on your computer screen or mobile devices.

Moreover, at the top menu, you can now access the various more popular categories as a drop-down from the ‘Site Map’ tab. As for more specific posts, the search function has been shifted down to the footer.

Do let me know your feedback below (or if I messed up any of the links while reconfiguring the site). Enjoy the weekend! 🙂



2 thoughts on “New Layout

    1. Hi Angel,

      Apologies I’m not familiar with Spanish, but from google translate, I can’t really help you much with your issue as it is a technical problem and I’ve not encountered this before. Apparently every device has different performance with the DH5 app and what crashes I experience with my iphone might be different from what you get. Moreover, it might be better to submit a ticket to customer care though it might take some time in them getting back to you.

      Hope this helps!


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