Work Hiatus and Random Updates

Unfortunately, due to heavy work commitment, there wouldn’t be a new post here in the next 3 weeks or so. But before I dive back into the work pile, below are some minor random updates/announcements.

Update (14) Log

For those who are wondering why your Ruby Temple has become weaker, what gears can be evolved to T6, or why is my inventory so spacious all of a sudden, click here to get yourself updated with the changes.

Christmas Event

Nonetheless, I’ll cover the latest Christmas event once it drops at about 16 December (iirc), especially with the newly announced holiday shop which remove the ‘luck of the draw’ in favor of accumulative progression of event resources to get rare rewards.

holiday shop.PNG
Not sure whether this has been confirmed, but 10.8k baubles should is steep

In the meantime, as it looks like the event is going to be the same, I did a coverage of the Christmas mission Easter eggs here! Try to spot and recognise as many familiar characters within the mission itself. 🙂


Guild War…again?

Also, for those wondering why there’s Guild War on your server (namely the Asian iOS server) over the week, it was meant as a compensation for the previous weekend where few guilds/players could actually access it.

For those in the other server and somehow got their guild rosters locked because of an ‘invisible’ guild war, this has been mentioned and is getting fixed.

Official Twitter Announcement: Here

Guild Shop Negativity

Due to the numerous complaints I’ve received and/or heard floating around the internet, feedback has been sent to the devs that the Guild Shop is rather…overwhelming…in terms of what is actually made available to players.

For those who are still in the dark:

In short, Rank 1-2 guilds in GW are the only guilds with access to the legendary chest + T6 universal WC material and hence have little to no use for additional legendaries and/or T6 WC gear (since some members probably are loaded with them). Additionally, those who actually manage to achieve that rank and number of scrolls might as well purchase the legendary bundle right off the shop as a faster alternative.

Hence, an appeal has been made to reconsider the actual GW rankings and what is made available to these rankings. Optimistically speaking, the soonest we can see any change would be in the next update.

Miscellaneous Questions

Quick fire round for those who don’t like to read:

Q: Is Immortal Justice (new legendary light belt) any good? 
A: No. Stick to Ice Stalagmites until it gets buffed.

Q: When’s Christmas Event coming and for how long?
A: 16th December, 1 month long

Q: Anything else christmas-y?
A: 23rd December will feature a new WC with an event glaive + armor

Q: The new Legendary glaive is called a staff!
A: Devs have been notified and will change it

Q: I’ve got plenty of Billhooks (latest fire duals) as duplicates from chest openings!
What can I do?

A: If you’ve not fused them away, you can email GW as it is a technical bug. They will refund you VIP chests in return for the additional duplicates still in your inventory.

Q: What are the best trap rooms now?
A: Nightmare Pit, Guardhouse, Seashore Retreat

Q: Why are you so busy?
A: Ask my boss :/

Have fun!


2 thoughts on “Work Hiatus and Random Updates

    1. Hey defcon, yes there is a significant difference since it goes past 100% increase on both Attack and run speeds.

      However, do note that run speed is capped at 50% so if you had gear that boosted run speed before, you might not notice a significant difference.


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