Valenthian Rooftops [2016 Edition]

Christmas came early with this year’s edition of Valenthian Rooftops, the annual Xmas DH5 event, commencing a couple of hours ago…at least when I first started writing this post. 

In the same vein as last year, the event features your character (and ally) running around the rooftops of Valenthia collecting and delivering presents, which you can read about the strategy here, and the Easter eggs post here, both of which were posted last year.

The mission should now be (much much) easier with more gears attaining run speed at T6 and with maxed out T6 Haste making everyone a speed machine, all set for a rapid pick-and-drop delivery.

Update (22/12/16): The ornaments rewarded per difficulty have been updated. Fortunately, this makes the whole event much much easier. 🙂

But yes, just to be clear since I saw this a couple of times around: the maximum run speed is 50% since the start of the game. So even if you can accumulate more than 50%, it caps at 50%.

This limit also applies to haste so a 49% run speed user would only be boosted by +1% and have 50% run speed when haste is activated.

Not too much increment in run speed there.

The Math

First, let’s get down to number crunching.

Long time veterans of DH5 would immediately notice the increment of ornaments gained from all the difficulties. However, contrary to (highly optimistic) beliefs of players, the event does not reward a multiplier of 20/40/90 ornaments (as ‘suggested’ by the ‘multiplication’ sign), but rather as a base figure.

To be more precise, when you play each mission without Rush tickets, you get a base of what is shown + an additional number of ornaments based on how many presents you delivered. Example as follows:

Difficulty: Expert
Base ornaments: 90
Delivered presents: 8
Total rewarded ornaments: 98

20 (base) + 9 (presents delivered) = 29 ornaments

However, rushing the mission itself will only reward you with the base number of ornaments displayed (and no more than that).

Energy Cost effectiveness

Like last year, it is evident that the more difficult the mission, the less cost effective it is in terms of the Ornament to Energy ratio (let’s just call it O:E), meaning you get more less ornaments per energy spent.

The most likely option you’ll be picking after your patience runs out playing the mission normally (though this was the old number)

Playing Normally

Assuming that you can manage an average of 8 presents delivered (though I’m pretty sure that most of you can do better), let’s find out the exact O:E ratio for each difficulty instance.

Normal: 20 + 8 = 28 / 15 = 1.87 ornaments per energy pt
Hard: 40 + 8 = 48 / 25 = 1.92 ornaments per energy pt
Expert: 90 + 8 = 98 / 45 = 2.18 ornaments per energy pt

With Rushing

Normal: 20 / 15 = 1.33 ornaments per energy pt
Hard: 40 / 25 = 1.60 ornaments per energy pt
Expert: 90 / 45 = 2.00 ornaments per energy pt

From this, we can easily see that playing it on Normal mode without rushing grants you with the most ornaments per energy points, though at the cost of approximately 2 minutes of your life per run through.

It is also the same for rushing, where Normal mode offers the most ornaments per energy. Nonetheless, you’ll end up spending more on rush tickets to get the same number of ornaments at the end of the day if you were to choose to go with it.

Basically, this reflects the idea of making time spent equivalent to money (in this case, spending more gems on energy and rush tickets). While there is no recommended option, it all boils down to how much money and/or time you ultimately want to spend to get what you want…which will be covered below.

With the recent change in the number of ornaments rewarded, it appears that playing normally or rushing the expert mode is the most worthwhile option, deviating highly from the original ratios designated initially. While players who might’ve spent a ton on the event already might get annoyed by this change, it is nonetheless a great move from the devs part to reduce the tedium and/or potential money spent during this holiday season.

TL;DR: Most energy efficient method is playing the mission on easy, but also the most time consuming.  now Expert mode for both instances of playing normally and rushing.

Holiday Shop

The new Christmas event has evolved into a shop (of sorts), solely rewarding hardworking players who cumulatively build up the number of ornaments they have, instead of having them to trying their luck at (random) chest pulls.

An evident sign would be that both the Xmas blades and Xmas armor are both present within the shop, albeit at rather high prices, which I’ll illustrate in the next segment below.

If you think about it, the most worthwhile options are actually the stocking and celestial spheres

Also, let’s point out the Elephant in the room…

“Where on earth are the Snowball bracer, Xmas minions and Kringle on the rewards list?”

An immediate reason would be that this could be attributed to the fact that it is unlike the Christmas Blades and Christmas Armor, which both debuted last year as a decorated xmas chest pull (available once you open more than 20 regular xmas chests).

The Kringle Champion, however, is in a different reign as it was featured as a reward for opening a set number of 80 chests instead. For the inquisitive, that warranted a net total of 14,000 ornaments – 1273 attempts with 11 ornaments per run – 42 hrs 26 mins of game time – 19,095 energy: – a ridiculously tedious way to spend your festive season for a champion that was not well appreciated at that time.

We all know who the Kringle is, but who exactly is the Vile Green Goblin? Hmmm…

While I dislike speculations without grounding (which I why I wrote this blog in the first place), my guess would be that it might come out as a progressive rewards in the upcoming xmas WC.

At least the devs did confirm that these will be out in due time…

TL;DR: Holiday shop removes the random draw and the other ‘missing’ items (Kringle, xmas minions, snowball) are due soon.

How Much for That?

Now that we have gone through the shopping list and the energy needed, here is a breakdown of, assuming an optimal run of the most energy method, exactly how ornaments – attempts – time taken – energy you would require.

These calculations assume that you’re doing the two methods at opposite ends of the spectrum:

(1) rushing the highest difficulty at 90 ornaments per 45 energy, at 20 seconds per attempt;

(2) playing normally with 98 ornaments per 45 energy, at 2 mins per attempt.


Interestingly, you don’t really save a lot of energy if you were to look at the highest tier of xmas trinket (675 energy difference). This is further compounded by the 286 mins you save through rushing.

A stark improvement as compared to the previous figures, which you can compare below:

ornaments breakdown.PNG
The old model

As clearly shown in the tables above, you either spend time or money to get the rewards you desire.

Looking specifically at the most expensive item (the T4 trinket), you basically save 3,120 energy and 336 rush tickets, but at the trade-off of an additional 1,099 mins (18 hrs 19 mins) of your time.

Or you could just try your luck at getting the probably rare 750 ornaments from the chest

Have fun and Happy Holidays!


9 thoughts on “Valenthian Rooftops [2016 Edition]

  1. 12-20-2016. Nice analytics throughout your posts. Great job! Check out Tableau Public for some great ways to visualize all that data.

    After the holiday event I’ll post about some chest drop findings, possibly closed today with patch, that pumped out thousands of SH stones. No cheating, no exploits; only investigation and statistics. My hint: Ever notice that there are cycles where your SH attack wins and normally would have failed by a fair margin?


    1. Hi John, thanks for the comment! 🙂

      Would await your posts on drop findings. For the Xmas chest, I’ve got reports indicating that there’s a high chance of getting stones like you mentioned, and a Low chance of getting your ornaments back too.

      For the ‘hint’ of the Attack raid wins, yes, this has been a highly debated issue around. I think this could be attributed to certain ‘luck’ % modifiers that kick in for your gear (eg dodge, crit, bloodrage, brawler etc) that keep you alive or kill off the enemy more quickly.

      The other controversial discussion point is that there are tweaks on the server side to modify damage parameters constantly in attempt to ‘balance the game’. This makes your character fair better or worse even against the same minion setup.

      While I’m not one to judge, there are way too many causes for this (eg minion permanent stats are increased, raiders taking different routes, minions responding differently etc), it sure makes players stressed out about it and I’ll talk to the devs about it in the near future.


  2. Hi Zung,
    Glad to have you back. Keep up the good work buddy!

    Just had a question,
    Is a Corvus a good champion for one’s stronghold? I have been able to beat it in nightmare pit a few times and was wondering if I should t6 the one I possess.
    Currently have Ethera, Lord of the Eve, witch, pumpkin ghoul and death voror all t6 in t5 pit room.
    Would really appreciate your suggestions.
    Am going for Kringle when it gets available.

    Should I keep opening stronghold chests for a fire champion?
    Any tips on getting a fire champion? Should I open 10x forsaken chests? Havent gotten champion from it, tried several times.

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hey aragorn, good to hear from you too! 🙂

      If you’re sporting a T6 nightmare pit trap, Corvus can be a relatively deadly foe especially if there is more than one around. With the higher activation rate of the dark flame tiles of the pits (sometimes all pits light up), it doesn’t have to do much (but dodge and fly about) to recover full HP, which is deadly if raiders aren’t able to trap them into corners. Thus, it is more viable if you possess at least 2 to keep raiders distracted.

      I can’t say for sure about getting a fire champion (or any particular champion per say) as I’ve not had plenty of luck with them either. The only fire champion that is worthwhile would be the (event-exclusive) fire colossus. Besides that, the next in line is the ignicore, but that performs much better in extremely small rooms (eg. guardhouse). Besides…with the current influx of ice stalag raiders, fire champs/traps are greatly underwhelming.

      If you’re building up pits though, you might want to go full on dark minions, eg. Ethera, Lord, 2x Corvus, Witch. The multiple witch setup is highly annoying too due to teleportation + recovery from the trap.


      1. Thank you for your response 🙂

        I just got lucky with a Naga Tidesplitter!
        Was wondering if it is viable to buy the Seashore Retreat since Kringle would be available soon. Got 14k stones at the moment and have t5 nightmare trap.
        Thereby, I can go for a t5 retreat with kringle, naga, ethera, lord of the eve. Then should I go for a kenashi berseker, turtle or water knight? What do you think would be best?
        Because I consider 3 same trap minions and 2 minions with minions bonus opposing the raider’s element.
        Otherwise I could stay on course and have ethera, lord of the eve, corvus. Then I have a witch and pumpkin ghoul. Only got 4 firegut ogurin which arnt great to counter nature sets.

        Coming back to what you said, disabling raider skills with the seashore retreat I think would be better.

        Again, thank you for your quick response.
        Looking forward to your great insights. Keep up the great work with the blog! I always check it every week hoping for a new post 🙂


      2. Congrats on your pull!

        For the qns on setup, Corvus and Lord of the Eve would be suitable in the scenario you’re going for the seashore retreat. You might also want to place a gelid voror to improve the overall defence of the minions within.

        Also, it might be worthwhile a shot to tier the trap up, especially with the high amount of stones that are dropping from the xmas chest. Hopefully you’re not buying the T4 xmas trinket as that doesn’t quite cut it.

        Thanks for the ongoing support and happy holidays! 🙂


  3. Additionally, I have noticed whenever I have encountered Corvus, that it dodges a lot and doesnt attack that much. That’s why I covet a succubine and harbringer.


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