Update 15 Review

Since the introduction of Update 15, dropped since Wednesday/Thursday for iOS and Android users, the latest update has brought about several minor changes to the gameplay.

This will be done in the format of a review post to explain and/or discuss about some of the new key features in this update. Additionally, certain bugs that have been identified and have been documented below as reference to their status.

Before reading this post, you can review the full changelog here to familiarise yourself with all of the changes.

Content and UI Additions

For those who were expecting content additions, do keep your expectations low for now as this update is no way heavy on content on first glance.

This update is wholly similar to the previous Xmas Update where the current season of certain WC Gears and themed Gears (Adamant Alliance) have been updated to include a T6 rating. Also, the Spring event would be the main highlight of this particular update. This is due to launch on 27th January, in-sync with the Lunar New Year celebrations for 2017.

Looks like this year includes plenty of roosters and Ogres

Not much is known for the WC event except that the new minion, YuLong is clearly a chicken/rooster instead of a dragon (like per its Chinese name translation). And yes…it is a defender class minion.

Taken from the Trailer video, it looks like we’re going to get more coins per energy this year.

I’ll do a review on the cultural significance of the event when the event itself starts.

On the flip side, the update itself filled with plenty of nice User-Interface (UI) updates which make the overall gameplay much easier. New functionalities, like multi-rush, animation skip, gear type sorting, removal of stash, are all nice touches to the overall player experience, making things less of a grind.

The improvement in Animation quality, however, does entail some mixed feedback from the community. It seems that the spectrum of devices included for the 60 FPS enhancement is rather broad. This has both made game-play eerily beautiful, but also brought about bouts of lag and increased battery life consumption.

TL;DR: Content is mainly in the event and UI improvements are good enhancements of the gameplay experience.

Morale and Stamina price increment

For those who are still in the dark, the Morale and Stamina refill prices have not only increased, but have also an incremental value slapped upon them. What this means is that there is that the next time you refill your morale and/or stamina, it increases in price to refill the next time. Below are the values to illustrate this:


  • 1st Refill – 40 gems
  • 2nd Refill – 40 gems
  • 3rd Refill – 80 gems
  • 4th Refill – 80 gems
  • Every refill from the 5th refill onwards – 160 gems


  • 1st Refill – 25 gems
  • 2nd Refill – 25 gems
  • 3rd Refill – 50 gems
  • 4th Refill – 50 gems
  • Every refill from the 5th refill onwards – 100 gems

The good news is that the duration of this increase is not infinite as it resets every day based on the server time (ie. the same time your daily quests are reset).

Initial Price Increment has gotten mixed reviews from all players

Discussion on its Effects

While I’m not familiar with the intention of raising the Stamina prices, the increase in morale prices is meant to curb the strategy of the guild riding off a small number of stronger players who are heavy gemmers. Additionally, this also makes hitting a single weak player, instead of clearing all the stars, ridiculously expensive to sustain.

This ‘encourages’ guilds to adopt a more long-term strategy by getting as many active members as possible and engaging in coordinated efforts to excel against other guilds and consistent initiation of wars to get the desired ranking.

While I do respect GL’s decision to put this forth, personally I find this method is rather extreme.

Although this seems reasonable to the bulk of players who do not spend money on GW and depend on raiding consistently and actively, it does, however, stifle opportunities to play. As discussed with some of my friends online, every game, regardless of mobile or not, players should get the freedom to play as much as possible. While this is less for mobile gaming due to the energy regen rates and respective recharge values, imposing hefty financial constraints would ultimately discourage gameplay altogether.

Morale refill increment has reduced the total war points gained by top guilds. By now, Sunday afternoon, scores would have been easily in the 300k range for the first rank.

In short, this is off-putting to both F2P (free-to-play) and P2P (pay-to-play) players as there is a limitation as to how much players can actually invest time. And this limitation is intensified by the increased requirement to spend in order to continue playing.

On the other hand, this also affects the Guild Shop which still has its prices fixed. As stated above, there will be a potential reduction in battles that each player would want to participate because of the refill prices. Thus, items, in general, would naturally be ‘worth’ much more due to the reduced number of scrolls players can attain per Guild War.

I’m not sure whether this is what the Devs have intended, but this has been feedback to them.

TL;DR: Decision to increase prices limits gameplay and might drive players away. Also, Guild shop prices remain the same despite increased morale prices.

New and Lingering Bugs

Sadly, despite having certain bugs being fixed, every update brings along new bugs to the existing pool of glitches and this one is no exception.

Fortunately, there is no extreme game-breaker-level type of bug that exists presently (eg. Assassin infinite revival). Nonetheless, these are troublesome and would cause confusion and inconvenience to varying extents. Below are some that have been identified and reported to the devs to fix.

Guild War Visualization Bug

Reported at the start of the GW, this visualization bug causes the Victory Screen to be out-of-sync with the overall Guild list screen in terms of how many stars are remaining per player. As of now, it shows one less star on the victory screen than it originally was.

The key issue is that the last star is usually not shown and the additional 20 points is not revealed to be factored within one’s score. The number of scrolls has also been displayed wrongly in some instances of blitzing, showing a total of 63 instead of 21.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fortunately, these have been clarified as a visual bug and the points indeed have been tabulated correctly and the number of seals is indeed 21. And yes, this does not help when the morale prices have increased, making ever star much more valuable than before. Just don’t go slaughtering your guild mates over it.

Effects: Out-of-sync Victory Screen causes confusion
Status: Reported and under Investigation
Solution: Check the War Logs when referring who has taken which star

Revivable Minion Bug

Yes, this one is back again (from the previous update) and affects all minions that can be revived (eg. Acolytes, Ravagers, Pumpkin Ghouls, Tortured etc.). This happens under the specific minion is killed and gets resurrected, causing it to lose its HP bar and essentially making it invincible to all attacks. These are also impervious to all damage entirely.

Effects: Revived minions sometimes get no HP bar, results in an impossible to win raid
Status: Reported and under Investigation
Solution: Kill off all minions that can revive first (ie. Lord of Eve, Acolytes, Harbringer) before taking out the revivable ones.

HP Bars ‘Missing

Certain large minions, like Ice Colossus and Kringle, have their individual HP bars positioned way too high up from their heads, resulting in a perceived ‘missing‘ HP. If you want to see the HP bar of an Ice Colossus, you can see so in certain rooms (eg. Nettle Grove), but it has to be quite a distance away before it is visible.

The HP Bar is positioned way above the Ice Colossus head, making it seemingly invulnerable

Effects: Seemingly invulnerable large minions
Status: Reported and under Investigation
Solution: Just attack them as per normal.

Out of Map Experiences

This one is rare but annoying nonetheless. Ignicore’s Tail Whip attack is sometimes able to push raiders out of the bounds of the Ruby Temple map. This results in an instant loss in the raid but no trophies lost.


Effects: Pushed out of map results in insta-loss
Status: Reported and under Investigation
Solution: Kill Ignicore off first to prevent this bug

Price Increase for Certain Countries

This is actually not a bug, but I decided to put here since there were a number of complaints about it. Apparently, Apple has reviewed their prices and changed the cost of certain countries’ pricing of online purchases across all games. Countries affected are Turkey, UK and India. You can read about this here.

Effects: Frustration from increased Gem prices
Status: It’s Apple!
Solution: (really can’t think of one)

If there are any other bugs or glitches which you have found, do report them in the comments below and I’ll get the devs to look into them.

In the meantime, just a few more days to the Spring Festival (and public holidays for some of you out there)! Enjoy! 🙂


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