Ruby Temple [Revisited]

Since the later half of 2016, a good number of my posts have been registered as defunct and outdated due to the massive changes in gameplay mechanics and strategies. Combat, stronghold and the way to select and customise gear are now much different from the way they were since the time of writing.

In this post, and many others down the line, I’ll be working on reviewing and updating the old posts starting with the stronghold ones. This will be seen as a replacement to the original entries.


For this scenario, let us start with the Ruby Temple, one of the strongest fire-based trap rooms currently existing in DH5.

Before I start, a shout-out to my good friend and guildmate, Xinkashi, for allowing me to experiment and test his Ruby Temple.


Ruby Temple (stats at T6)

Elemental: Fire
Special Trait: Buff Minions (combat abilities and life leech)
Rating: 4,025
Fire minion attack bonus: 90%
Fire minion armor bonus: 110%
Fire minion HP bonus: 100%
Buff minion by: 25% (2 minions per pulse)

Great as a late-game fire stronghold, the Ruby Temple is one of the more frequently used trap rooms in the higher leagues…which is pretty painfully obvious if you see it popping up in the top guilds.

Ummm…what a variety.

To improve upon the previous post, the function of the central ruby crystal now bestows the following observed effects:

  • Attack Boost
  • Attack Speed Boost
  • Damage over Time (when hit)
  • HP/Hit
Revised Ruby Temple layout

While none of the core functionalities have deviated from its initial setup, the only big change is that monsters now regenerate a good deal of health through a HP/Hit buff whenever the ring of fire around them is active. This is largely different from the original mechanic of instant HP regeneration upon getting buffed.

Additionally, as written on the special ability in the item card, the special trait is its ability to gradually buff 1-2 minions at a time, dependent on the tier of the trap room. Described in the recent changelog, the pulse rate is now confirmed to be 12.5 seconds and the nearest minion in its vicinity will be buffed. This buff will continue to take place until all minions are buffed or cease when the crystal is destroyed.

For inexperienced and not-so-well equipped raiders, this scene can be pretty overwhelming

While I classified it as a status inflictor/ support‘ type trap room in my general trap room post, this trap room is extremely offensive. This is primarily due to the speed and strength of which the buff aura is dished out, making it particularly dangerous if you aren’t prepared for quick combat as the monsters inside will simply overwhelm you very quickly.

Like the Guardhouse, Ruby aims to buff minions regardless of elemental types.

The manner of which the trap buffs also allows it to be versatile in terms of element, since it offers buffs to whichever minion approaches it first regardless of element. This makes it almost equivalent to Guardhouse, where every minion, regardless of type and elemental colour, is made stronger simply being within it. The only difference being Guardhouse being a ‘defensive‘ type, while Ruby is an ‘offensive‘ trap.

If I’m fighting one…

Fundamentally, this does not differ from the strategy described in the previous post, where using the urns for cover helps you shield off incoming damage, especially from stronger ranged monsters. This is even more imperative if you do not possess a decent water set (more than 8k/8k) or do not have a dark weapon to fend off potential opposing light monsters within this trap room.

For those who are extremely confident and well geared (Ashray Mantle, Oceanbreacher, Ice Stalagmites), a quick way to clear this trap room would be to run in the center of the room, preferably within range of the crystal. Once the monsters gather upon you, instantly lay a field of Ice stalagmites to take out the crystal as well as all of the swarming monsters. Then you can pick off the remainders one-by-one after that.


Unfortunately, this ‘strategy‘ does not always work since not all monsters will be Fire types. Also, if there were Fire types, they should be sufficiently buffed to withstand that degree of onslaught (ie. high minion permanent boosts to def and HP).

Therefore, Guerrilla warfare is much more vital now that there are only 5 stronger minions. This is especially so if each of them have the potential to be buffed to the strength capable of taking an inexperienced raider out.

Recommended travel route to take to avoid minion attacks

Regardless of being a melee or ranged user, stay far far away from minions – except for the chaser types or melee strikers who will catch up no matter what. Run speed helps you from being swarmed too quickly. If there are colossi around, I would also suggest running quickly from urn to urn, only stopping for a few hits before taking off again to the next one to prevent getting caught in bombardment attacks (esp. Lightning Colossus stun attack at the end of this bombardment mode).

Use urns as covers but keep moving if you encounter artillery bombardments by Colossi

Running around will allow you to wait out the cooldowns of your stronger defensive (eg. Smoke Veil, Shield spells) or offensive skills (eg. Immortal Justice, Ice Stalagamites, Ice Burst) before charging back into the fray again. All of which should be hard-hitting ones, to get in large bouts of damage instead of relying solely on less-effective smaller faster damaging skills (eg. Ray of Darkness) or DOT-based ones (eg. Fire Cone), particularly against high HP minions inside…which trust me, will be plentiful inside.

Always be wary of potential swarming attempts, especially by opposing elemental minions

In addition, a fair caution to raiders about the burn damage sustained in this trap room. While the lava rivers do not deal damage over time (DOT), the minions themselves do very significant burn damage in a T6 trap room. Although the damage shown is numerically small, it ticks much much faster than previously applied DOTs and makes it misleading if you are only focused on the base number. Furthermore, always watch for elements opposite of yours as this DOT damage is doubled, making your HP drain quicker than you realise.

Last of all, watch for minions which either have damage reflection (eg. Ogres, Dominators) or those that have high critical hit chance (eg. Monkeys, Assassins), both classes will be elaborated in the below section. To deal with damage reflection minions, use regular moderately damaging attacks and never attack them in a group with an AoE skill as this will instantly drain your HP or even kill. Running constantly can also help to break up the group to ensure that they don’t swarm you quickly or you can use fear to reduce the numbers that you deal with directly. As for those with high critical chance, keep your distance and the constant running should do fine to avoid you getting hit.

TL;DR: Keep running from urn-to-urn to allow skills to cooldown; Use hard hitting skills; Beware of DOT, Opposing elemental minions & Damage Reflection

If I own one…

As described above, I mentioned the Ruby Temple is an ‘offensive‘ trap room, referring to it as a dangerous room that can kill you quickly. Nonetheless, proper minion setup and layout is required to maximise the offensive potential of this room, especially now since there are only 5 slots available.

Minion Selection

The primary objective of this would be to take out the raider in the shortest amount of time possible. This can be achieved by having minions that are either heavy hitters or those that constantly chase you around the room. Below are some minion types which you can consider:

Damage reflection minions, such as Ogres and Dominators, are able to reflect damage by a fixed percentage (reportedly 10%) and this passive ability can effortlessly damage raiders should they have hard hitting skills or choose to attack them in a group.

Armor shredding minions, such as Assassins and Yulongs, as they can reduce the defences of the raider, allowing other minions to deal increased damage against the raider.

Critical hit minions, such as Monkeys and Assassins, which get their critical damage boosted by the crystal as well, making their hits even more deadly than usual.

Fast chasing minions, such as Dominators, Ignicores, Immortal Gatekeeper, Monkeys, Corvus etc., these will constantly keep the raider on his/her toes and prevent attacks from being initiated so often. This allows the buffs to kick in for all minions, resulting in a quicker end to the battle.

Dominators, Corvus and Gatekeepers can quickly mess up one’s attack strategy, especially if you get stunned while trying to fight back

Stun or knockdown minions, such as Monkeys, Immortal Gatekeeper, Cicatrizers or Lighting Colossus, to ensure that the raider gets rooted to the spot, allowing minions to quickly come in.

Moreover, it is good to mix and match different elemental minions together. This will greatly aid in GW where your stronghold will get blind-raided often. Of course, this will be even better if you can afford boosting all of their different stats up. If not, putting mostly fire types and some light types as a countermeasure will do nicely.

Blind-raiding is not to be confused with getting blinded in raids

Another great thing about this trap room is that simply building it with non-champions is more than sufficient to fend off a number of raiders, due to the great boosts offered by the crystal. This makes it great for both early and late-game setups.

To summarise a list of recommended minions is given below. Do note that the list is non-exhaustive and I might add more to them if I were to gather viable feedback.

Non Champions

Ogre (Defender) – High HP, Invulnerability while attacking, Damage reflection
Monkey (M.Striker) – Invulnerability while attacking, Stun, Critical, High dodge
Cicatrizer (Defender) – Knockdown, periods of invulnerability, Ally def buff
Yulong (Defender) – High HP, Moderate invulnerability, Knockdown, Silence
Wolf (R.Striker) – Bursts of invulnerability, Stun


Ignicore (Chaser) – Fast hitting, knockdown
Dominator (Chaser) – Damage reflection, High damage from bombs
Immortal Gatekeeper (Chaser) – High def, Stun, Immortality with totem
Assassin (Vanisher) – Hard hitting, Armor shred, Critical, Limited Immortality
Corvus (Chaser) – Fast hitting, blind, ally attack + speed boost
Mezzogian (Chaser) – Fast hitting, Slow, Freeze
Fire, Lightning, Ice Colossi (Heavy-weight) – Hard hitting, Long invulnerability, stun (light)

Do avoid support minions like Pyre Voror, Gelid Voror or Druids or Ranged strikers that are outside of Fire and Light elements as these are purely easy pickings in this stronghold. Having any support units is a complete waste of one slot as their buffs do not reach everyone due to the large size of the room and their HP are too low to survive a couple of hits. Non-fire/light ranged strikers do not possess the necessary defences and can easily be taken out as well.

TL;DR: Hard hitting and Fast moving chaser minions. Best to pair them up with debuffs or stun types. Avoid support minions and non-fire/light ranged strikers.

Minion Placement

Center – This slot is highly significant as the minion you want to place closest to the crystal will be usually the first to get the buff at the start of the raid. Thus, I recommend this to be your fastest most durable minion (eg. Ignicore, Dominator) or your hardest hitting one (eg. Colossus, Assassin).

Sides – Honestly, I don’t think the placement of the other 4 slots matter a lot unless you have vulnerable minions which you want to put in the back. This would be if you decide to have ranged strikers (eg. wolf, scorchers) within your setup, then putting them at the back makes more sense as they won’t be touched so quickly.

Example of great minion selection and placement

Alright! Hope this helps in your raiding and defending strategies.

Have fun and enjoy! 🙂


25 thoughts on “Ruby Temple [Revisited]

  1. I would like you to write an article about Forbidden Courtyard. I have a hard time raiding this traproom. I want to know how to build it effectively and how to raid it.


    1. Well, this is really dependent on the minions in the room and your raiding style. If you are able to find the opportunity take out the central ruby without sustaining much damage, then by all means do so to kill the buffing auras from the minions.

      But of course, every match needs to be assessed individually and when raiding ruby temples, I generally find that playing cautious is the key to surviveability and eventual victory.

      However, that’s my strategy and if you’re able formulate a viable one. Do share it by all means, and I’ll add it within this post if its feasible 🙂


    1. Hmm…seems I left it out in the main minion list. Will add it in once I’m free.

      But yes, I did write it inside the main text (but I referred to them as scorchers). Incinerators deals large amounts of burn damage, surpassing even dodge/smoke veil, which is compounded from the DOT received when buffed by the crystal. Unfortunately, they do not possess adequate durability to survive strong water attacks/skills, making them less desired in upper leagues.


  2. I have drawn tons of chests and only gotten a Mezzogian and a Kenashi Warlord as champs and neither seem to survive long here so have been experimenting with Incinerators, Yulongs (have 2), Ogres (have 2) and a Cicatrizer. I do get some wins on Master 2 with maxed versions of those. Sure would love a couple assassins and some colossi! 🙂


    1. Don’t worry Matt, you aren’t alone. I’ve only ever gotten 3 champions from chest pulls (Gatekeeper, Naga and very recently Warlord) at a rate of one every 6 months or so. I think it’s much easier to get the event ones in comparison (eg. Kringle, Lord of the Eve, Fire Colossus).

      Mezzo can do some decent damage even in Ruby but I think it still does not match up with other more durable champs. You might want to add a monkey into the mix as these are quite a handful against pure water raiders.

      Good luck in pulling more champs! 🙂


  3. Thanks, Zung!
    Love your blog. Right now I have 2 yulongs, 2 ogres and the cicatrizer. Who would you replace with the monkey? A Yulong? I have the monkey almost maxed actually… do you know if it is better to raise their armor or health to keep them alive vs. ice stalagmites? They get more health obviously with each tick of the counter, and want to keep him alive as long as possible…thanks as always for advice!


    1. Thanks Matt!
      It’s a bit hard to say for the replacement since most of the units are roughly equivalent in effectiveness. Yulongs are actually quite hardy since they have a good plethora of abilities, but I would swap the cicatrizer for the monkey since it has slightly less durability compared to the rest.

      Unfortunately, I believe that besides a small group of minions (eg. corvus, witches, colossi etc), nothing can truly withstand the power of ice stalagmites unless they have good periods of invulnerability or evasive maneuvers. If you do want to defend against it, I think a better alternative would be to get other elemental champion-types.

      But pertaining to your question, raising armor is slightly more effective than raising HP, against a weak element. This is because damage at the end is automatically multiplied by two times against a weak element. Global defence does play a part in resisting this damage, but the extent of that resistance has yet to be studied.

      Um….I think you are mistaken about the HP regen in ruby, since this is premised upon every time you hit you, instead of a natural regeneration rate (like the lit tiles in nightmare pits). In fact, if you constantly attack from a distance (using ranged weapons) and avoid getting hit, buffed minions in ruby won’t benefit from the HP/Hit buff.

      Hope this helps!


  4. Hi Zung,
    Thanks! When I said tick of the counter I was referring to each time you buy it on the minions tab (you get more health than you do defense since it’s a percentage of a greater number). Since it’s close to 2 times the amount I would assume they (defense and health) are close to equivalent benefit unless you have a really high health minion where their health is like four times their defense roughly. Perhaps in those cases health is a better bet to buy? Good news, I just randomly got a Corvus- though I don’t know if it’s going to be overly effective here. One thing I found is the element of minions from chests seems to tend to match what you have in your stronghold. If I place a bunch of nature minions in, I tend to get more nature creatures. Going to keep doing that until I hit jackpot on the assassin. Does anyone know how large the cicatrizer’s defensive buff is? This blog is the only place I know that looks at actual numbers….


    1. Ah I see.
      Yep, that reasoning is true, you do get more HP than defence per +2% increment. However, you would need to factor in that elemental bonus is multiplied right at the end (eg. 4k damage becomes 8k), which means that you need to boost way more HP to survive against stronger elements compared to defence.

      However, I’m not too sure how much of an impact defence would make on resisting the amount of damage, since that would require a lot more research and experimentation. But looking from another perspective, the fact that HP boosts cost less than Armor boosts does indicate that the system recognises that the effect is less.

      Grats on getting the Corvus! Those are awesome regardless the room they show up in.
      As for the buff, the official minion list describes it as double, so that’s +100% armor. This also comes with immunity to crowd control effects (eg. stun, slow, knockdown, fear etc.). However, this buff only lasts for a few seconds (iirc <5 secs).


  5. Hi Zung,

    I have two final questions- well, at least for now… is the health leech associated with ruby temple based on a percentage of the minion’s total health, or is it a set, fixed amount? Or is it equivalent to damage dealt? My other question is if I build up my Corvus, would it be wise to shift a lot of the room to more ranged minions (i.e.- Mezzogian, incinerators etc.) and perhaps just keep the two ogres? I could have a Mezzogian, incinerator, Corvus, and 2 ogres for instance. Or 1 ogre and the monkey I suppose… monkey is getting quite strong since I have bought a bunch of bonuses for light now. Fire and light are my highest bonuses at the moment…thanks a lot for the advice and on master 3 I am defending successfully as often as not right now due to quite high bonuses on fire and lightning.
    Thanks again!


    1. Hi Matt,

      From what I observed, I find that it is a percentage of the minion’s total HP as a low damage and a crit damage still recovers the HP of the monster by the same amount proportionate to its HP bar.

      As for the minion setup, Ogre, Mezzo (front sides), Corvus (middle) and Monkey (back side) is fine for the first four slots. For the last one, I would suggest practicing with either the ogre or incinerator to see which one is more impactful. I believe it might be the ogre (since double ogres are quite annoying to deal with), but do try it out first since the incinerator can dish out quite a bit of DOT burn damage, assuming if it is left unattended.

      No problem and glad to hear about the increased defences.
      Just a bit more and I think you’ll be able to push into Legendary league 🙂


  6. Hi Zung,

    That’s very interesting and another reason to raise health other than the fact it is not listed for people considering raiding you. If minions have really high health they would be recharging it much more actual HP per hit. Especially fast hitting minions. May make sense to get the bonus to the fastest hitting minions first then. I am going to test it multiple times and see how effective that strategy is once I have the mezzo maxed out. Thanks again!


  7. Firecone can be effective in a ruby trap if you play hit and run. Just fire 1 or 2 (not the entire round) of firecone and you can lower their health before going to fight the minions.

    Which brings me to one question: Why do people use the entirety of the fire cone shots at once? Only the first shot does damage over 3 seconds. The rest just hit for damage once. It’s cooldown is insanely fast so you can release 1 firecone shot, fight normally, then release another firecone shot (will be fully charged by the time you finish attacking).


    1. Well…as much I would like to agree with you, let’s just say don’t rely too much on FC in the near future.

      The problem with FC is that its projectiles move extremely slowly. Thus, I would assume that players casting more of it would have a better chance of hitting the opponent(s). This is especially so for fast moving targets like corvus.

      Additionally, the damage is the highest when the projectile first contacts the enemy, which is why launching multiple shots equates to a higher direct damage being dealt, which is useful against monsters you need dead quickly and off your tail (eg. wicker beast).


  8. Some people decided to stuff their rooms with Ogurins, ergo five big boys with clubs come running at you. I really noticed that outrunning them while shooting fire cone at them reliably does the trick. They don’t reflect FC’s dot-damage and are not able to heal up because they can’t trigger their on-hit heal. In case you get swarmed in a bad spot, ice burst and smoke veil will do the trick.

    On a sidenote: I currently stuffed a Corvus, two Ogres, a Cicatrizer and a Chicken in my room. Most recently, I drew the Warlord out of a chest. Is that guy a good upgrade to my current ‘line-up’? Unfortunately I miss a good light(ning) alternative, a Spirius or a Gatekeeper would help out immensely…
    Thanks for your kind input in advance.


    1. Yes, the 5 Ogurin combination is indeed difficult at lower leagues, but needs to be well-boosted (HP/Def bonuses) if one plans to use it in upper leagues. The problem with this setup is that a well-equipped water geared player or one with ice stalagmites can quickly decimate all 5 ogurins instantly. Moreover, throwing out FC might no longer be a feasible strategy in upcoming updates (as there have been mention of reworking its mechanics).

      Warlords, unfortunately, aren’t fantastic and I think it’s best to stick to your current setup. An alternative suggestion would be to replace one of the fire minions with a monkey (brawler). If you do manage to get a lightning champ, Gatekeepers or Lightning Colossi are more preferred, as Spirius lacks surviveability outside of Guardhouse.


  9. Surprisingly no Santa. I think it can still somewhat help. But do you think Mezzogian as an alternative would do? And also what else to put beside them? Like I said my current minions now are M6 Corvus and M3 Assassin. I plan putting Mezzo (or Santa), Light Col, and Wolf (or Immortal GateKeeper). Do you think putting Ignicore would be good in replacement of Wolf or Immortal Gate Keeper. Thanks bro! 😀


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