Some (Proper) Updates

No, I’m not dead yet.

And, no this is not a joke post.
It is only of coincidence that the date of release of this post is 1st April.

However, the nature of this post would be more qualitative than quantitative in terms of approach in looking at the upcoming changes.

Anyway, just wanted to share a few updates since I’ve not been posting often as per late. This is partially due to real-life work & personal commitments, as well as certain game-related limitations at this moment. All of which I’d personally prefer not to get too much into detail to.

Thus, newer incoming posts will only be coming out once the next update drops.

Nonetheless, I’ll still be actively replying to comments on the blog till then, or you can reach me via the official DH5 forums (username: Zungedous) or the Dungeon Hunter 5 Band channel.

Incoming posts

Current posts in the pipeline have their framework written out, but still need to be fleshed out with content to make them read-able. At the moment, I’m working on the following posts, in no definite order of release:

  • Forbidden Courtyard (as requested by Pornpote)
  • Revised Valenthian Guardhouse
  • Cultural references of Seashore Retreat
  • New Math of Wanted Challenge
  • Social Dynamics of Guild Wars

If there are any other posts you would want me to do or research upon, do let me know in the comments and I’ll try to see how I can fit them in.

That being said, this would also include newer content changes, such as the recently announced trinket crafting system and hopefully, the currently locked arena option. This brings us to the next section…

Announcement of New Trinkets

With the new trinket crafting system teased, I can say that I’m a bit more concerned than escastic when thinking about the new trinket system.

Exciting Potentials

Optimistically, the new version of trinkets now provide an added layer of customisation to your character. This has been something which has been less apparent in DH5 despite the numerous fixed traits have been attached to different item cards, only leading to a decision-fatigue rather than freedom of choice. And, has also become a result of players wanting perceived ‘best‘ gears at all costs.

Perhaps this, too, would remove the dependence on certain traits like dodge or critical hits. And, this could mean the emergence of lesser sought-after traits like bloodrage or brawler (if trinkets have these of course).

Imagine a 40% chance to trigger Bloodrage…mmmm….

Additionally, the now 5 added slots do help aplenty in getting these bonus magical properties to suitably high values. Much needed traits like critical hit chance/damage, or lesser used ones like crowd-control properties, can now be supplemented and boosted to decent levels if you do not possess the armors or weapons.

crafting 2
Interesting to see HP bonus and also a never-seen-before slow bonus on a dark trinket

If done right, we might even be considering a good +40% bonus to a magical property for a well crafted set of trinkets. However, the values still need to get worked out in time to come.

TL;DR: Yay to customisation and increased % boosts.

Foreseeable Issues

However, the down side is that there are still certain inevitable concerns which relate more to power balancing, randomness of crafted traits and lack of certainty for future rewards.

When considering the larger scale of the player community, the 5 slots would quickly be a double edged sword as it raises the overall power level of majority of the player base. Characters which can afford to craft and equip 5 x T4 trinkets can easily boost their global attack/armor stats well into the 18k range thereabout, if we assume the old model of trinkets.

While this is fine and dandy on first glance as higher stats effectively mean an easier raiding experience, it might not look good when applied to your end when you realise your stronghold isn’t defending as well.

In a dog-eat-dog gaming system: One man’s fortune definitely at the expense of another’s misfortune

Moreover, looking at the system, there is going to be a range of values per trait upon every successful craft. Questions about ‘luck‘ and ‘probability‘ immediately pop into mind:

What is the extent of randomness for trinket crafting?

Is everyone going to be stuck with an E grade trinket 90% of the time?

Is there a way to improve an existing low value trait(s) instead of constantly crafting a new trinket?

Would my previous 3 x T4 trinkets be as strong as before compared to 5 x T4 trinkets?

While the figures have yet to be finalised, I’m a little concerned when there’s now an uncertain ‘range’ of values for the specific trinket

Lastly, changing trinkets also means that the future rewards involving trinkets might be revised as well. This is inclusive of Trials of Elements (ToE), Guild Wars (GW) and WCs events, all of which might or might not give out trinkets as easily as before depending on the extent of boost provided by the trinkets themselves.

TL;DR: Nay to Power Imbalance, possible randomness, and uncertain reward systems

Speculative Conclusions

Nonetheless, these are purely speculative in nature since there might be other details (both major and minor) that have yet to be released. There are still plenty of questions left unanswered, such as: How it’ll influence power disparity between paying and non-paying players? How non-linear will the crafting mechanism be? Or how would the crafting recipes be like now?

Hopefully, these will all be addressed in due time, either through balancing before the update gets released or more details get revealed before that.

Shout Out

A quick shout out to MojoFabulous’ new data compendium site, which is currently looking at compiling evolution recipes by crowd-sourcing from the community. Do contribute what you can!

I’m also hoping that this able to supplement or even overtake the wikia (which is collecting dust) in aiding new or veteran players in finding out much-needed information.

Okay, that’s about it for now.

Newer posts due once the new update drops so do be patient for them. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Some (Proper) Updates

  1. We Gamers are immortal. We have revive. Unless you run outta gems 🙂

    About this,
    “Would my previous 3 x T4 trinkets be as strong as before compared to 5 x T4 trinkets?”

    We’ll most probably get disappointed. If you look closely at the t5 S-grade dark trinket, Death Attack/Armor Bonus is at 10% only. Compare to t5 trinkets now which gives 20% Death Attack/Armor Bonus. With some calculations,
    3 x 20% = 60% (old system)
    5 x 10% = 50% (new system) *boom

    We can’t tell yet, but I hope the new magical properties can compensate for the 10% lose


    1. I’m not sure what is the extent of the trinket bonuses for next update though, but it does make sense that the trinkets now get a reduction to balance out against strongholds now. Moreover, we don’t know whether 10% is the highest or is it because of the other traits within that lead to an indication of the ‘S’ grade.

      Thankfully, there are some good changes to the ToE mechanics as just announced:


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