New ToE Rewards

To follow up on the previous post on the revised Crafting system, Trial of Elements (ToE) has also received a revamp in terms of rewards.

This data has been quickly amassed and compiled by Book, whose blog does on ToE and crafting ingredients…and he has kindly shared the information (which can be found after the jump).

Book will also be doing an analysis post of crafting ingredients which he will release in due time, so do await that on his post. 🙂

The table has been sorted according to individual rewards for each Waypoint and cumulative rewards.

The excel sheet can be found here for better viewing.

Have fun! 🙂


4 thoughts on “New ToE Rewards

  1. The odd thing is that the lowest level – the mushrooms – is the bottleneck. All the recipes require as many of them as anything else, yet they aren’t available in solo missions, and there are less of them received than any other type below the topmost (which IS available through solo missions). This is likely intentional, but will result in a build up over time of unusable ingredients. Odd.


    1. Yep, this has been feedback to the devs about the bottleneck and the limitation per week for crafting materials. Hopefully they open up more opportunities to get more ingredients. 🙂


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