Updated Strategies Pt.2

Now that we have covered the changes, the next part looks into what actually has been impacted and what exactly do we have to look out for. This will also include strategies to cope with the modifications in combat mechanics.

For those who have yet to see the earlier post about the changes from the most recent update, do give it a read here before proceeding.

The New Meta?

Speaking in the context of raiding (since it’s the most common gameplay in DH5), the new ‘Meta‘, or what is currently considered good in the game, can be broken down in terms of Trap Rooms and Minions.

Trap Rooms

The variable dodge mechanism has made smaller trap rooms even more dangerous. Seashore Retreat and Guardhouse both are equally more problematic now, since minions are immediately situated right in front of you and there is little room to escape.

Close quarters of the Guardhouse, coupled with invulnerability buffs, makes it much more of a challenge than before

A well set-up Seashore, especially with its silence, makes short work out of most non-light geared raiders as it is much easier for minions to get in their attacks due to the short distances. Just fill it up with Ice Colossi, Mezzogians and Kringle and this makes this particular room a highly dangerous configuration that most would undoubtedly avoid.

With the nerf of Fire Cone, Nature aligned trap rooms (and correspondingly Nature minions) are much more resilient than ever. Nettle Grove and Forbidden Courtyard (which I’ll do a post soon), are trap rooms that innately deal ongoing damage to raiders (poison arrows; flower traps). This helps to quickly scrape away effective dodge, allowing minions to rush in for the kill.

Constant poison arrows with multi-hit minions degrade one’s dodge ever so constantly throughout the raid


There is actually quite a number of minions which have become much more powerful due to the reduction of dodge, so going through each and every one of them means a lot of ground to cover. However, I’ll state what makes them more powerful than before and list the ones which are much more significant in strength compared to others.

Speaking broadly, minions which possess abilities with multiple projectile hits, self-homing projectiles, breath and persistent zone attacks are much more dangerous than before. This is especially so if they are accompanied by stun/slow/knockdown/ freeze which can really get you into a pinch when these attacks are chained over and over again, reducing your dodge and HP as you haplessly watch as your character is on the ground.

Mezzogians and Assassins with their multi-hit ranged projectiles are few of the prime examples of those that quickly wreck havoc on your dodge

Notable monsters

Mezzogian – Multiple projectiles, Homing Projectiles, Periods of high defence
Warmage Sentinel – Homing Projectiles, periods of high defence
All Colossi – Multiple projectiles, Fixed invulnerability period, crowd control abilities
Mossback Dragon – highly damaging breath attack, high defence shield
Duregar Scorcher – constant ‘breath’ damage
Stormtooth Wolf – Multiple projectiles, Stun

Another set of minions would be the fast-moving, fast-hitting (Chaser) types. These will carve out your dodge much more quickly and need to be taken out equally quickly, especially if they are of a stronger element to you. Fortunately, these minions do not have extremely high HP and recognising their attack patterns would give you an easier time.

As per general observation, these usually have periods of invulnerability/ higher defence value during their attacks to keep them alive much longer. Thus, it’s best to attack them out of these timings.

Notable monsters

Wicker Beast – hasted, knockdown, poison field
Ignicore – Multi-hit swipe attack, knockdown, armor shred
Dominator – Multi-hit whirlwind attack, Damage reflect, high explosive damage
Monkey – high dodge, long periods of invulnerability, stun projectile

On the flip side, certain monsters are easier with stagger removed.

A clear example would be Corvus as its favourite ground rune‘ ability is no longer a problem to get out of, making them easier to chase around the field. Thus, the dreaded 5 Corvus setup becomes much less of a hassle, and some need to get replaced with other minions (eg. Assassins, Mezzogians) to be effective.

While the Corvus ‘Ground Rune’ ability is no longer a problem, their other attacks still make them a worthy adversary. 

Nonetheless, their pushback, blind and flight-dash attacks still make them a hassle to deal with in the long run. The ‘Ground Rune‘ attack can also quickly take out one’s dodge value and thus, Corvus should be approached with equal caution as an Ignicore or Wicker Beast.

Active Strategies

Strike Swift and Fast

While raiding has indeed become a little more tougher than before, certain strategies still hold true. The first is to quickly clear identified ‘weaker’ minions out from the map as fast as possible. Minions like Ignicore, Corvus, Wicker Beast can be taken out fairly quickly with the right elemental advantage. This is especially so if they are within striking range, to remove them as a threat throughout the raid…meaning less chances for your dodge to be scrapped away as the battle progresses.

And of course, support type minions should be a priority as well, despite them being still squishy.

Don’t forget the druid at the back!

On the contrary, putting minions which are more invulnerable at the front also poses a greater hazard to incoming raiders, especially for blind raiding in Guild Wars. Thankfully, this is a valid strategy now with SH v2.0 since all minions instantly ‘detect’ the raider and engage him/her.

For those who have Ice Stalagmites, rushing in and planting one of these in the middle of ‘weaker’ minions at the right moment, would quickly turn the tide of the battle. Mist of Death (I’ve heard) can be used to the same effect, but I’ve yet to obtain the skill.

However, that is admittedly a ‘lazy‘ strategy, and for those without and/or are still having issues with executing the first strategy, the next one I find is much more viable.

Still a valid move, but it makes everything much much easier

TL;DR: Strike fast to quickly take out minions with lower HP, to eliminate impending threats.


For those who follow this blog, ‘hit-and-run‘ has been mostly recommended throughout my posts, and I’ve found to be particularly useful in light of the changes in combat. The main principle alludes to guerrilla warfare, which can be broken down into three main steps: (A) to keep your distance out of enemy attacks; (B) recognise enemy attacks to know when to go in for the kill; (C) to use an obstacle to shield yourself from incoming projectiles when attacking the target.

(A) Evasion

For larger rooms (eg. Ruby Temple, Nightmare Pits), evasion can be achieved by running around the periphery of the compound, allowing your more powerful skills, and now dodge, to recharge before closing the distance again. Smaller trap rooms can be done as well, sticking closer to the walls instead.

Sticking to the center aisle for Seashore is absolutely NOT a good example since it exposes you to all manner of attacks from all directions

(B) Recognition

Identifying periods of vulnerability or non-attack stances from the minions is key to when you can charge in for the kill. As described above, these moments are generally when minions pause right after an attack, and recognising how long an attack takes, or how it works, makes things easier. This, however, requires quite a bit of practice experience and raiding with five minions with a combination of five vastly different movesets isn’t as easy as it seems.

Furthermore, patience is the key and don’t rush in for the kill unnecessarily since this might result in loss of large amounts of HP or death. If it’s not the right time to attack or if your necessary skills have yet to cooldown, just revert to running from the other enemy attacks until you find the appropriate window to do so.

(C) Isolation

Lastly, obstacles provide good cover for incoming attacks and are littered everywhere in most rooms. This is especially so for smaller rooms, where attacking a target while being behind columns (Nettle Grove) or tables (Guardhouse) can offer some level of coverage from ranged projectiles fired in your direction. This helps to isolate yourself and your target from other enemies, essentially saving yourself the trouble of getting hit.

Sticking behind pillars in Ruby temple when engaging a specific minion, helps to shield off incoming ranged projectiles

 TL;DR: Run along and stick to the periphery of the room; Recognise minion attacks; Close in when it’s time to strike, using obstacles as cover


Re-prioritising Traits

A new emphasis on other traits has become much more prevalent now.

Fortunately, traits like HP/Hit and Attack Speed are still relevant in combat, and should take priority in the selection of equipment.

With the revision of Trinkets, certain other traits can also be boosted (based on luck, or if you don’t mind constant re-crafting to overcome randomness). Some noticeable ones would be:

Damage enhancers like Bloodrage, Berserker, Brawler damage are now looked to for raising one’s damage by a ‘fixed’ amount. Raising these past their original fixed %s makes them much more effective at triggering (ie. Bloodrage, Brawler) or boosting their existing damage multiplier (ie. Berserker).

An example would be getting Bloodrage past the former highest possible value of 20%. Making it 25% or even higher essentially makes it viable in almost every raid, since it mathematically triggers once in every 3-4 monsters killed.

An Old screenshot showing the destructiveness of Bloodrage. Imagine if this can be constantly triggered in raids. 

Critical Hit Chance/ Damage has also received much more limelight since damage is boosted by an amount according to the numerical %. Triggering critical hits is solely tied to the % of Crit Hit Chance property and this needs to be raised to sufficient levels as well (ie. >45%). However, it is to be noted that getting both up is admittedly not easy, unless you possess a whole array of legendary or WC-equivalent gears.

Although I did rank Run speed at the last on the traits list previously, its value now is much more significant since running from enemy attacks and physically evading them has to be done to keep one alive. However, getting it beyond 50% is not possible since there is a hard cap to prevent one from speeding off from attacks too quickly.

TL;DR: Other ‘good’ traits are still good (HP/Hit, Attack Speed); Damage enhancers, crit-related and Run speed are becoming more popular now.

Re-prioritising Skills

Now that Fire Cone is no longer the current meta, I know a number of players have side-lined it for their non-fire set. But do remember that it does have some use for its dodge and run speed traits though.

Alternatives would include Cyclone or Malevolent Rush (MR), as these get you from one location to the next relatively unharmed/ unscathed. Cyclone deflects projectiles when activated while damaging nearby minions, while boosting your passive dodge and attacker fear chance. MR increases dodge by a flat 50% when activated and damages all minions/objects in your path of dash, while raising critical hit chance and damage.

In terms of shields, Smoke Veil can still be used, but is now the equivalent of a HP shield since getting hitting more ‘destroys’ the dodge. It soaks‘ up damage to create a buffer from your dodge getting degraded, similar to how HP shields provide an imaginary HP bar which gets damaged from enemy attacks.

While I’ve yet to get any of the old HP shields at T6, their added active properties of HP/Hit (Healing Shield), stunning Lightning bolts (Lightning Shield) etc. do prove to have some defensive and offensive merits when activated.

Lightning Shield gives an added bonus of lightning bolts that damage and stun enemies periodically

Just to clarify, Frost Shield is a HP shield unlike what the description writes. This was tested before (with the now-removed guy who changes equipment at the end of ToE waypoints). On the other hand, Fire Shield is NOT a HP shield and is purely an offensive Area of Effect skill that follows you around during activation.

Lastly, for belts, Legendary skills are the way to go. Immortal Justice, Ice Stalagmites and the new Mist of Death are, for the lack of better description, legendary enough to withstand most nerfs.

For those without, other belt skills worth mentioning include Ray of Darkness (longest  range, shoots through anything, HP/Hit), Haste (increases run, attack speeds) and Entangling Vines (persistent zone, bind and poison).

That’s about it for now. Hope these strategies work for you. 🙂

Happy Labour Day!


16 thoughts on “Updated Strategies Pt.2

  1. Zung, thanks for putting this together. I always benefit from reading your analysis.
    I think that you’ve overlooked the utility of Flame Eruption in the new paradigm. Given how quickly Dodge degrades, anything that serves to provide invulnerability frames has a place (as you pointed out with Ice Burst in the previous post), and FE has quite a long period of invulnerability. Of course, it comes with the immobility, so I view it more as an “Oh, shit!” button. Coupled with its short cooldown, its ability to bypass obstacles (when using them as cover), and its good passive stats at T6, I think it deserves another look from a lot of raiders.
    I’d love to see a comparative analysis of Dodge value vs. Armor now, if you’re looking for more posts to shoehorn in. ‘Cuz, y’know, you’re not busy or nothin’. 😉

    -Ysandre in DH5


    1. Ysandre, Fair statement! I rarely use FE nowadays, but its merits are worth recognition. Will put it in the post as well.

      As for the Dodge value vs Armor, I’ll try to think of something since comparing a variable (dodge) and a hard value (armor) might get a little tricky. Nonetheless, I’ll let you know when it’s up. 🙂


  2. Hey Zung, I’d say that you should add Fire Dash on to your list. It now has a T6 version (with crit chance and dodge), and I’m (over)using it in all my builds. It’s like malrush with faster cooldown!


      1. Hey Ysandre.

        Short answer: yes!

        Longer answer: being able to dash away or into minions gives you more control of the battle flow, since you wont suffer degrading dodge (you wont be in the same spot for long) and you instantly close a gap (say, you’re using a great sword).

        But the mobility you gain must synchronize with your ACTUAL build. I found it to work with a specialized build, as opposed to a “medium” build that has average trait values. So you pair it up with say, a crit build (at least 50% chance, 150% damage, 10%-30% bonus attack speed), or a skill-damage build (burst, eruption, etc), just to name a few. You don’t want to be running around the screen without being able to kill anything!

        Oh, and it’s better to not go below 35% dodge. Not sure why I die alot otherwise. Or maybe I should just get better at using this tactic.. haha


      2. I’ve not tried Fire Dash at T6 yet, since I have other things on the waiting list for evolution. Will try it out and update this post too. 🙂

        SV (i think that’s what was referred to) is still one of the end-game skills despite the dodge nerf and back items usually have the better ‘defensive’ skills. Having increased mobility does improve survive-ability, but that itself takes practice to be used well since the ‘dash’ range is very narrow. When I first practiced with MR, I kept missing even larger targets, so that needs to be worked upon, though using it to escape is indeed very useful (just make sure you’re rushing in the right direction).

        As for between MR and Fire Dash, I would still prefer MR due to its +50% dodge after use (as documented before). This acts as a short duration of near-invulnerability which is useful when charging into combat and tanking for a short duration (assuming you’re using melee).

        I agree with the synchronisation segment too. Rushing into combat and planting an AoE skill does wonders if timed right. Maybe a dual mobility MR + Fire Dash would be useful for both offensive and defensive purposes.

        Nonetheless, I’ll test them out before saying anymore. Thanks for the input!


  3. Hello zung, this doesn’t really have much to do with the above post but I was wondering how do I get my armor and weapons up to the 4, 5, or 6k region, i have a few pieces that are 5 stars but they are all mid 2k range. Are there specific weapons that go that high?


    1. Hello tony, gears that go beyond 4k in stats are Wanted Challenge (WC) or Legendary gears.
      The current run of dark WC is one such set (5k+) which can be procured only through leaderboard ranking.

      Alternatively, you can wait for the end of the month to get the legendary chest as the 28th daily reward.
      This should guarantee you an item of 4k stats and above.


  4. Hi Zung,
    are there already some experiences about the new T6-Items for back?
    There are a lot of them and I try to avoid maxing out worthless items.


  5. Hi Armin,
    For back items, T6 Frost shield has been used by many players with water gears so that’s a good bet to go into. I’m not tried the other shields (ie lightning, demonic, healing) but will let you know once I get them up to T6 or if I get more info. 🙂


    1. Hi Zung,
      thanks for your reply.
      I’ve already maxed out healing, frost and demonic shield.

      Healing shield is perfect for toe. You’ll get 2100 additional virtual hp for anytime time you acivate the shield. Virtual means that the shield isn’t going to refill the energy bar but there is no decrease of the bar until you reach 2100 dmg. Furthermore the healing shield gives you hp/hit during activated time.

      Frost shield is perfect for ruby room cause the vortex after activating generates really a lot of dmg.

      Demonic shield just give hp/kill while acivated.
      I use my dark set only for guardhouse and sometimes ruby. For guardhouse smoke veil is still better than demonic and frost shield for ruby even on the dark set.

      Furthermore I found out that all shields are going to avoid damage over time, which is an enormal benefit for ruby.

      I was not able to find most of these addional functions on the official descriptions.
      Maybe you can start a shield article 🙂

      This week I’ll finish the remaining two shield and can give you feedback regarding the functions if you want.

      Thanks for your great work regarding the game.
      Best regards


      1. Hi Armin,

        Thanks for the comprehensive analysis on shields!
        Probably not very visible, I did a previous general post on skill documentations (with their activated properties) sometime ago here: https://dh5guideblog.wordpress.com/2017/01/15/skills-documentation/

        That said, I do have something in mind for a future ‘shield’ post but I want to wait for the next update to post it (esp if the Arena gets released). Nonetheless, I’ll be sure to credit you once the post is up. 🙂


  6. hey man, so i am using seashore retreat t6 and im using empowered ethera t6, horrid acolyte t6, tidal gelid voror t6, vindictive bewitching specter t6 and warmage sentinel t5 almost t6…. but i can easily complete it with my nature/light gear around 8k attack and 9k deffense…… any tips on who should I get? : / what to change


    1. Hey aranncar, Warmage sentinel and gelid voror are fine for water types. Unfortunately, the ethera, acolyte and specter aren’t going to benefit very much from the seashore and are relatively easy to take out.

      Would you have any other dark or water type minions or champions you have at your disposal?


      1. I know but I was thinking if i’d mix with shadow minions because if they wan’t to beat my water type minions they’d have to use light gear and if my shadow minions counter light? so is it better to use all water minions? I unfortunately have only the ethera and warmage sentinel from champion pool, I have all minions tho…. I just can’t get my stronghold to be as strong as I would like to…..


      2. Mixing dark minions is fine but the ones which you listed aren’t going to last very long (esp if you are in upper leagues). Thus, it might be better to stick to full water minions at the moment until you get a good strong dark unit.

        Seeing that the new update has dropped, and that certain drop rates have been boosted, it might be worthwhile to wait and try aiming for the specific minions which you desire. It seems that Mezzo is in for this season and judging from what my guildmates have said, it seems to drop quite frequently.


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