Spirius Expellius

Probably one of the more challenging instances in DH5 at the moment, the Spirius of ToE Waypoint 71 presents a hassle to most players due to its immense levels of healing, making it almost unkillable to some extent.

This has been so much so that many of whom have resorted to attempting to skip it entirely, to which I would point you to Book’s ToE map for navigation. It presents the percentages of Champion spawning in each sector of the map, allowing you to find out what’s the most optimal route to take.

But for those who are well-equipped enough (in terms of gears, potions and time) to take on this fight, here is a post of how to best the Spirius in her own game.

Do note that this will be a short post of the Spirius since there isn’t too much about her. I’ll also be releasing my Shield post sometime next week.

Waypoint 71

For some reference, here is a youtube video which demonstrates how to defeat a Spirius at WP71. It shows how a character, decked out in full Dark gear, clears WP71 with a Spirius as a boss at wave 4.

In the video (which was done during the last update), the player has approximately 7k/11k of global stats and fully decked out in Dark gear. It is probably the lowest stats I’ve seen to successfully clear WP71 as Mist of Death helps a lot. The average damage received from the Spirius was ~1,400 and thanks to HP/Hit and Mist of Death, it took a fast duration of 2.5 minutes to win.


As observed from the video, the Spirius for the ToE has only 3 abilities:

Sword Slash – Literally a single sword swing. However, do note that it hits faster and heavier than the regular Spirius elsewhere as ToE champions have increased attack speed and damage. Due to the enhanced attack speed, it is difficult to dodge-roll this at point-blank range.

Light Spike – Spirius jumps in the air, pointing her sword towards the ground and a line of spikes emerge from the ground. This is a slightly more damaging attack (an approx x1.5 multiplier) compared to her Sword Slash but it is easier to dodge roll away from it. This is because this attack is easily notice-able and there is quite a bit of time spent in the air, giving you ample time to physically escape from the attack.

Meros Summon – Not an offensive ability, but definitely the most annoying. Spirius summons 3 Meros that attack you. Upon destroying them, they linger around like a ticking time-bomb and explode, healing the Spirius (and any surrounding enemies in the area) and damaging you for with an approx x2.0 multiplier.

This is the most annoying ability since this solely constitutes to her healing. A single Meros’ explosion heals her by a percentage of her total HP, which amounts to about 12.5%(?) of her life a pop. This means that if all 3 explode together within her immediate vicinity, she gets back close to 40% of her total HP!

That effectively makes the Spirius as tough as the early version of SHv2.0 when it was first released.

Attack pattern
Slash – Slash – Slash – (Slash) – Spike & Summon – repeat

*I’ve observed that the number of consecutive slashes are irregular and might change if you move away from her attacking. The general guide is about 4-5 slashes before she initiates her ‘Spike’ skill.

Spirius is tough but definitely do-able!

TL;DR: Spirius only has 3 skills in ToE: Regular Sword Slash (fast and difficult to avoid), Light spike (slow and avoidable) and Meros Summon (which explode and heal her)

Battle Strategy


Spirius is fast, not just in terms of attacking speed, but also her movement speed as well. This makes it difficult to outrun it, but you can use her speed to that same advantage as well.

Although she starts off with a Meros summon, it is imperative to first quickly take out all of the other monsters which are spawning in the vicinity. Do so until only the Spirius is left and not concerning about her healing at this point.

This might take quite some time at this waypoint, but possible to be done if you are of 10k stats and above for dark gear. In this instance, Mist of Death helps a ton since the persistent zone area of effect does a number on the surrounding minions. However, if you unfortunately do not have it (like myself), Ice Stalagmites or Ray of Darkness are good alternatives.

As observed in the video, having a relatively large room with blockages also helps, as you can lure the Spirius to a corner while you clear the other minions without interruption.

Keeping the other spawned minions alive causes unnecessary death sooner than later

While I don’t usually recommend face-tanking, I noticed that outrunning or physically rolling away from her regular sword slashes seems unnecessary and it makes sense to use that period of time to keep attacking to whittle down her HP. Thus, keep healing up through HP/Hit items and defensive measures in check through Smoke Veil or Demonic Shield.

If your ally is fortunately still alive and is able to withstand the Spirius’ attacks, you can take a ranged approach, making your job much more easier so long your ally stays alive.

After she does 4-5 slashes in a row without moving from a spot, the Spirius will faithfully initiate her Light Spike attack. As mentioned earlier, it is easy to roll away from this as her ‘air time‘ is relatively long and the series of spikes emerge linearly in the direction she is facing.

Generally, she summons Meros in a triangular formation shortly after (or sometimes before) the Light Spike attack. The Meros will undoubtedly swarm you immediately, to which you can take either of the 2 options below.

Defensive Option

Just keep running to avoid the attacks from both the Meros and the Spirius.

This is due to a (less known) fact that the summoned Meros (those conjured up by the Spirius only) will self-explode after 8 seconds of inactivity. Thus enabling you to lure the Spirius far away from the explosion and not get healed by it.

While this option is definitely much safer, the amount of time spent would be much longer as you’ll be escaping most of the time. However, it is much faster if she simply heals too often.


Offensive Option

On the other hand if you wish to go on the offensive, you’ll need to constantly lure the Spirius away from the exploding Meros to evade recovery.

For a 10k dark attack user, Meros are considered to be relatively squishy and thus are NOT difficult to kill. This means that you might end up killing 1 or 2 accidentally during the course of the battle. If so, do make sure to lure the Spirius away quickly since the Meros don’t explode immediately upon death, you have about 2-3 seconds to perform this.

Do so when the Spirius is attacking you with her regular sword slashes, instead of the Light Spike. This is because exploding meros will heal her even when she is in mid-air of that attack, making it impossible to lure her away and she’ll inevitably get healed.

Another good strategy would to have Bloodrage gear on yourself, since Meros spawn relatively often and destroying them does give you a potential to induce the bloodrage multiplier, making your job much easier. Nonetheless, do remember that bloodrage is by no means reliable, especially if you only have 10% bonus of it.

Bloodrage helps a lot in getting in massive damage. However, do not use it as a ‘miracle’ trait in this instance since its not instant win when it triggers.

TL;DR: First kill all other minions in the area. If you’re playing defensively, lure the Spirius around when the Meros have been summoned as they eventually will vanish after a while; If you’re going for the offensive, lure the Spirius away whenever you see a Mero exploding.

Recommended Gear

As you would’ve probably guessed, Duals benefit the most here for their speed since you won’t be running very far to keep up the damage output. If you’ve got a strong ally to tank her, Staffs are also fine since you can pump in damage from a distance.

Like all gears recommended for ToE, traits like HP/Hit (HPH), Damage over 3s (DOT), Bloodrage are useful in this scenario.

In terms of Armor, I would recommend only attempting this if your armor is able to sustain less than 1.5k average damage per regular hit from the Spirius to prevent you from dying too early or consuming too many potions in the process. My guess is that this is above 10k armor stats, which should be achievable with a WC and above armor with good T6 skills.

As for skills,  Smoke Veil or a nicely SF-ed demonic shield are great for defensive shields and MRush to move around quickly and boost critical-associated values.

Ironically, while Mist of Death is greatly useful at clearing out the other minions first, might not be an entirely good option to use during the fight with Spirius and needs proper timing. Triggering it binds all of the Meros and Spirius within the same area. This means that the Meros will instantly heal the Spirius when killed due to their close proximity. Nonetheless, you can rely on the high raw damage from Mist to quickly take out the Spirius entirely.

Otherwise, an nice alternative would be Ray of Darkness which heals per every zap, with an extremely long range, or Ice Stalagmites for its area damage (with reduced chance to bind/freeze).

TL;DR: Typical ToE traits like HPH, DOT and bloodrage are good for this battle. Keep armor above 10k to stay alive. Additionally, defensive skills like demonic shield/smoke veil, and offensive ones like Ray of Darkness and Mist are recommended.

Just a short post for the weekend before I transit over to writing the Shield post. It’s being made relevant for the Arena (and other game modes as well).

Have fun!


4 thoughts on “Spirius Expellius

  1. Awesome post. I find myself running around inflicting do3 with firecone and not attacking at all due to low damage from staff. Dark duals with do3 and long ranged dark skills will get you through without much effort. Crit increase from mal rush helps a little. You really need bloodrage to help with damage more than mal rush at this stage.


  2. I used to use Darkness Burst, before Mist of Death : when the spirius is nearly dead, deploy burst, scare off the Meros and go in for the kill.


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