Arena Weaponry

As inspired by Matt B.’s helpful comments on Arena weaponry, this (short) post will examine some of the nice weapons that one can use particularly for this game mode. Do note that this list is just a recommended list and is non-exhaustive. If you have any suggestions you would like to share, kindly write them in the comments below.

It will also have a discussion on what traits are great for Arena-based weaponry and also a brief discussion of Melee and Ranged weapons when in Arena. More importantly, do note that these is my subjective take on the weapon selection and in no way definite.

*Notice: Due to some technical faults, I won’t be posting new screenshots at this time till much later. Thanks for the understanding! 

More importantly, many thanks to Matt B. for all the insightful weapon suggestions for Arena; Book, Josh for providing much-needed info of where certain items can be found; Aqve, Glembi for adding to the list of suggestions. 🙂

Preferred Traits

Before we begin, let’s examine some of the magical properties/traits which we wish to seek out in these weapons. This is because while Arena degrades the base stat of gears, traits are not subject to degradation and will be relied (heavily) upon. In context of this post, this will focus on primarily traits found on weapons….so don’t go crazy if you don’t see dodge or run speed here. 

For a complete list of the traits and explanations of their effect, do refer to this post.

Highly Recommended

These traits are those which have a great impact in the Arena by bolstering one’s chance of victory. Having a few of these traits on your weapon alone does make it inherently excellent when fighting in these battles.

Damage over 3secs (DOT) – The ultimate trait for the hit-and-run strategy. Damage is influenced by elemental advantage and is fixed per tick. This can be reapplied easily and continuously. Gets the crowd boo-ing at you, but who cares about that if you emerge victorious at the end.

DOT is always useful in any scenario

Attack Speed (Atk Spd) – Boosting your rate of attack essentially means more damage per second. This can be supplemented by Haste, but still a good trait to possess.

Stun/Fear – Effective for disabling opponents, enabling damage to be dealt safely on your end. Fear being particularly useful for Ranged users since it increases the distance between you and the enemy.

Less useful traits

These traits are not so useful in the Arena setting but nonetheless still beneficial. These might be marred by lower innate values and thus do not have as large an impact compared to the above traits.

HP/Hit – Recovers HP on the go. However, you might need higher values (>30) before this becomes actually useful in the case of short Arena battles. Also less effective for slower and hard-hitting weapons (eg. Greatsword).

Update (05/12/17): HP/Hit (HPH) is now actually very useful with a revised value of 90+ for T7 weapons and more legendary armors having HPH as well. Do note that it still remains less effective for slower weapons (eg. Greatswords without attack speed) and does not activate during ongoing DOT. 

Slow/PushbackLess effective disabling skills but they still have their uses – Slow decreases both the enemy’s attack speed and run speed; Pushback forces the enemy away from you slightly. Neither actually stops the enemy from attacking you entirely though, but just make it harder for the enemy to deal damage as consistently as before.

Critical Hit Chance/Damage (Crit Chn/Dmg) – These values need to come in a pair (Chance: >40%; Damage: >200%) but multiplies damage to excellent levels. Not too useful when your damage is inherently low though (due to degradation).

Also goes well with Mastered weapons (strike chance) since damage is almost doubled

BerserkerGreat for a comeback but not entirely useful for any time other than when your screen is flashing with blood stains. Thus, it might be risky to rely on it during Arena, especially if your opponent is hitting you for over 2k damage on average.

Additionally, traits which are completely negligible in Arena would include Health Potion Damage, HP/Kill, Bloodrage. These do not have effect due to the nature of Arena battles and/or have its effect disabled to not intentionally result in an unfair one-sided match (ie. Bloodrage).

Good – DOT, Atk Spd, Fear/Stun
AverageHPH, Slow/Pushback, Crit Hit Chn/Dmg, Berserker
Useless – HPK, Bloodrage, HPD

Ranged vs Melee

Both Ranged and Melee weaponry have their merits in Arena, but I’m leaning more so to Ranged for this one. Melee, while it offers direct damage and more damage per hit, subjects the user to the risk of getting damaged more frequently. Thus, this might be detrimental especially if your armor values have been degraded and rendered unable to withstand incoming damage.

On the other hand, ranged users have it safe from a distance – escaping potential fatal scenarios of getting stunned followed by a Mist of Death. However, they lack the equivalent damage per hit compared to melee weapons and might result in a lengthy battle.

Here’s a short (TL;DR) summary of Ranged vs Melee weaponry in relation to Arena battles:


+ Deals damage from a distance, allowing you to potentially not get hurt
+ Less likely to get hit often, less chance to get disabled (eg. stunned/feared)
+ Keeping distance means easier to escape AoE/Persistent zone skills
+ Easy to implement Hit-and-Run
– Damage is dealt slower since projectiles need to travel, and might miss
– Damage per hit is lower than Melee

Ranged weapons are excellent for Hit-and-Run


+ Damage per hit is generally higher than Ranged
+ Great for getting in free damage against Cyclone-Frost Shield spammers (see here)
+ More direct damage dealt, potentially leading to a faster battle
– Get hit more often, resulting in higher chance to get stunned/feared
– More easily caught in enemy AoE/ Persistent Zone skills

Probably the most effective use of melee weapons

Of course, the weapon selection ultimately boils down to weapon availability and play style. Having good weapons does immediately equate to an instant victory, but certainly does increases the chances. Thus, it’s best to get used to all weapon types first before making your pick.

Recommended Weaponry

These weapons have been chosen according to preferred traits above, the numerical values attached to those traits, and via player suggestions. The list will be updated as more items become available (esp. the free gear in missions)…and if I’m able to discover which mission certain recommended items drop. :/

It is also broken down into two categories: Non-mission (which only are obtained through paid or earned chests) and Mission-based (which is exactly as its name implies). Non-mission weapons naturally give higher properties than their mission-based counterparts.

An example of a great mission-obtainable weapon suitable for Arena

Moreover, weaker weapons (ie. those available from bounty chests) will not be considered unless they have recommended traits which are of high value. This is because their attack stats are rather low to survive more than a few degradations.

Non-Mission Weapons

Mission Weapons

That’s about it for the quick post and good luck with the Ultimate Arena season!


45 thoughts on “Arena Weaponry

  1. Hi Zung,

    A fantastic list and thanks for the shout out! With mastery now, a lot of those old weapons that used to be useless have really come back to be fantastic.. a bolt screamer and kraghuld at 6 stars mastery can be used in raiding (somewhat), in ToE, all over the place. Has anyone said just how much extra elemental damage is done whenever it is activated? Is it a percentage of total? I am going to build up a few more on this list and I also want to look at the feasibility of mastering the Berserker Battlseuit (the dark armor with bloodrage, berserker and brawler) to a high enough armor level to be useful. May be fun to play…


    1. No problem Matt!

      For mastered weapons, I think the percentage is close to 90% as seen on the second screenshot of this post. If you observe carefully, the strike (indicated by the dark X) reveals two damage values (1666 as base, overlaid by 1485). The weapon which I was using is Pillar of Agony (M1 at that time), but from the name of the trait ‘Strike Chance’, it could mean that that additional 90% is fixed regardless of Mastered stars.

      Not too keen on mastering weaker armors yet though, since mastered weapons have more universal effect and mastered armors are only mildly effective against mastered weapons in the arena. You might want to consider that before commencing mastery for the Battlesuit.


  2. I was going to say that I went into an arena fight w a setup that had 20% bloodrage and for some reason it got activated mid fight. I was so shocked I didn’t even make use of it. Anyone else have this happen at all???


    1. Hi Vengance, pretty sure that its more of an animation glitch since the effect of bloodrage is disabled in arena.

      There were rumors spreading that if you do an AoE skill near the audience, you can ‘kill’ the people in the stand and gain bloodrage from it. However, this has proven to be false and will only show the animation (purple bubbles from your head) without any effect whatsoever.


  3. Hi Zung,

    That actually happened to me once too. I fired avalanche up towards the top left side of the crowd and the bloodrage animation kicked on. I don’t think it did anything either.


  4. My tip to everyone: if you have the arena stuff available, master the bolt screamer and kraghuld. They are great in arena and easy to master. Up around six stars, they are as good as almost any weapon.


  5. Is it just me or does pushback work a lot better all of a sudden? It used to nudge people back a step or two, now it knocks them clear off the screen! Or am I imagining it?


  6. Hi Zung,

    Just to be sure we totally understand the effect of strike chance on mastered items, can we test just exactly what percentage of damage you are getting at every level of mastery (if it changes)? Also does the strike
    Chance damage double on opposing elements or stay the same? Is it flat in every circumstance? Is it a percentage of the weapon’s total damage that stays the same regardless of opponents armor value?
    My 6 stars mastered bolt screamer honestly feels like one of the most powerful weapons in the game right now. I breeze through high levels of ToE with it. Especially when teamed up with the new bats shield so I get over 50 health per hit. Really enjoying it!


    1. Hi Matt,

      The problem with this test is that I only have a few mastered items (with the highest being a mastered 3 star pillar). Thus, I’ll try to answer your queries based on observations I’ve made so far.

      – percentage of dmg: seems to be fixed at around 90% which is tagged to the hit. Damage is overlaid over the first number so it is hard to see properly.

      However, if you manage to capture a screenshot of the damage of strike chance for your m6 weapon, you can post it here. 🙂

      – elemental advantage: since it is a fixed percentage that is tagged to the hit, I guess elemental advantage doesn’t really influence the value.

      – Damage influence: this is frankly quite hard to answer but I’m going to say that strike chance is like a damage modifier trait (e.g. HPD, berserker etc).

      My observation is that strike chance has an opportunity to manifest on every possible hit (based on the given percentage). Since crossbows are fast (and made faster with haste), this enables you to get more strike chances in which virtually doubles(?) your existing damage output. Of course, this factors in the boosted base attack as well which results in your OP weapon. 🙂


  7. Wow, how did you get that many pillars of agony to get it mastered to 3 stars? That must be incredibly powerful…It’s been my favorite weapon for a while now and I very much wish I had several of them!
    A 6 star mastered pillar of agony with 150 plus super fusion points would probably pretty much break the game… lol.


    1. Legendary chests 🙂 I normally save those from ToE runs since I’m not heavy on Arena.

      But I only open when the staff was boosted, which has been fortunately twice so far.


  8. Hey, do you know what happened to Mojo’s site that has that fantastic rankings lists of all the equipment? It hasn’t been updated since April and much has happened since then…


  9. Hi Zung, been a fan of the blog for a long time.
    I can confirm also that Firefly which has high DoT on it along with slow and stun drops from mission 56. Not top of my wanted list as it’s Fire and until they balance Nature and Fire with the legendary skill introduction the numbers of these opponents in arena will be limited.
    One thing that’s worth noting as well is that to Evo Northern Storm equipment is so much cheaper than anything else as it is only 15 Chromatic Crystals and 15 Medallions to go T6. Makes the DoT Northern Storm Weapons my first choice when looking for arena weapons. Kraghuld, Beamscepter and Soulbludgeon hit and run with them at maxed out T6 is so good, although not found a mission that drops Soulbludgeon as yet though.
    Along with these weapons a good dodge based armour with some fear on it is also worth investing in. I usually use a dash based skill choice as well to keep my distance during the fights.
    Nature ranged with DoT is good, however you do need to be very aware during the battle as most opponents will be equipped with Smoke Veil. If you aren’t paying attention the reflected projectiles will cripple you 🙂

    Oh and Glintneedle Slinger is no longer part of the drop list for bounty chests. It may have been in the past but it is not there now.


    1. Hi Richk, thank you for the updates!
      Will edit the post as soon as I have time.

      I’ve also received word recently about the reduced evolution materials for Northern Storm gear and hopefully this is here to stay. Additionally, this was observed to be primarily for gear within that series that give WC-bonus, and the others (non-WC gear like Dawngrace etc.) still require 35 crystals/relics to evolve. Nonetheless, a great discount for making transmutable T6 gears.


  10. Soulbludgeon looks like a fantastic weapon to master if I could figure out how to get more than 1 of them…last time haste was on the boosted probability list, I got 4 extra and they are all tier 5 max now. I can’t wait until it’s on the list again. Will save my levendariea going forward until pillar of agony is on the list. Great idea!


    1. Yep. Personally, I do prefer the Death Incarnate (leg dark staff) a bit more (than pillar) in the arena though, constant fear + DOT makes the match a breeze, even with 66% gear degradation.


  11. Yeah, totally agree. Wish I had it. Pillar is excellent for raiding though. Mastering it a few times would make it just stupid. Finished ToE last night and holding onto legendary chest until pillar is in it again with elevated chances. Every week I will get more,, and I think we also get one for free tomorrow. Thanks so much for the tip. I already have my pillar and daemon tun ward armor at 150 super fusion points so want to grow them more…


  12. Zung,

    If you had 2 fire colossuses, 1 ice colossus, a mossback dragon, a mezzogian, a dominator, and 2 corvuses- who would you put in Ruby Temple and why? My thoughts are all colossuses, the Mossback and the Mezzo because they all attack really quickly and the Mossback is hard to bring down. Thoughts? Positions? Thanks!!!


  13. My thought is 1 fire colossus on either side of character, ice colossus top left, mossback middle, and mezzo top right. What do you think?


    1. Hey Matt,
      With those minions, I would have both Fire Colossi at the front since they won’t be killed off quickly as they swap almost immediately to artillery mode. Dominator would be in the center since it’ll get to the raider first. 2 Corvus or 1 Corvus/1Mezzo at the back. Corvus deal high amounts of DOT (combined with the DOT from the ruby buff) from their ground rune attack. Mezzo for freezing your opponent if need be.

      I’m not so much keen on Mossback in Ruby. While they’re annoying and provide supplementary healing, skilled raiders (even in dark) can still take them down without getting too much damage in the process as the room itself is relatively big.

      Would be good if you had a lightning colossus or Gatekeeper though, to keep away Water type raiders. Another recommendation is Assassin as they are similar to Corvus in terms of high DOT damage.


  14. Hi Zung,

    What about the ice colossus? Should I not use it? I benched the corvuses because I felt like they attacked too slowly compared to the mezzo (wanted to keep DOT ticking). I had also benched the dominator so I didn’t have too many fire creatures, but I can see having something that chases the player around will be very beneficial here… ok I’ll try it and a few other configurations to see what seems to be toughest. Thanks!


    1. hey Myhailo, thanks for the info. I’ve not reviewed that since the update dropped yesterday.
      Mind if you let me know which you noticed had errors so I can update them proper? Thanks!


  15. Misha is an easier option of my name )
    Not sure that I can provide you with the right Missions for each weapon you mentioned. But I guess it’s better to just let devs know that they got to check all the claimed drop possibilities. It’s not my first time when I cant find gear shown on mission preview page.


  16. Until mission 20 epic I’ve got the gear just as shown on the list. Eg, the xumero I’ve already got 4 of them by using the pause tricks around 20 or 30 times. Will update you on the Vineknifr mission


      1. Hi Zung, i’ve been reached mission 36 epic so far (due to lack of playing time) and found 2 Vineknifr at mission 34 at the 12th and 13th attempt. So IMHO the list is still up to date, but the drop rate might be decreased by GL.
        From my experience it is best to play the mission rather than rushing it. Rushing save a lot of time but you’ll getting randomise crap gear, while playing the mission you can get what you want if you’re patient enough.


      2. Yes, I realised that some of the drop rates are lesser now, esp the rarer non-listed items (eg. I’ve not gotten Rogue twinblades in this update yet) than the previous update.

        You can always use the ‘pause’ trick to get the gears which you want without wasting energy. This is done by pausing right before you finish the mission so you can see what exact loot you’ve gotten from the pause screen.


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