Summer Event (2017)


With the Summer Event of 2017 in place, here’s a quick post to discuss the flow of the event, explain the workings of a custom-made calculator and give some insights about known issues.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be working on a cultural post for this round, like my other event posts, since I’m knee deep in real-life work at this point. Perhaps I’ll do it sometime later since I just read that the Fire Colossus might actually be a ‘she‘ based on Polynesian folklore.

Summer Event

Like the Spring and Halloween Event, the Summer Event is relatively straightforward: you get a bunch of enemies that constantly spawn and you need to clear them to complete the mission.

Instructions of the Mission

What’s unique about this event is that the Fire Colossus boss turns up for the whole duration of the mission itself and serves as probably the heaviest damage dealer around. It has the same move-sets as its Stronghold variant (which you can read here) but will lock into artillery mode when it is stationed at the altar for some intense damage while being shielded with invulnerability and projectile reflect. The bombardment zone is indicated by a target pulse on the floor, giving you roughly 2 seconds to roll away.

Target Pulse on the ground to indicate where the bombardment lands

This is its most dangerous mode since it has been reported that sometimes the damage does not show up (but HP just drops) and that it is sometimes hard to see the target pulses. To avoid getting huge damage, keep a HP shield at bay and have rush skills (ie. MalRush, Fire Dash, Lightning Dash) at your disposal. Alternatives would be using AoE skills to grant short bursts of invulnerability during casting or using the recoil of certain skills (eg. Snowball) to push yourself out of range.

Thankfully, they are dodge-able and now deal less damage as per community request since about a day ago.

An overview flow of the event is as follows:

  1. Damage the Fire Colossus till ~1/3 HP
  2. It’ll teleport away to the left altar and regenerate HP, locks into artillery mode
  3. Kill the surrounding 3 Worshippers, or wait out for some time to stop the healing
  4. Damage the Fire Colossus till ~1/4 HP
  5. Repeat steps 2-3, this time at the right altar
  6. Kill off the Fire Colossus

As one can see, it is possible to entirely avoid killing any of the other minions, especially if you opt to just wait out for the Fire Colossus to end its artillery mode after 18 seconds or so. It doesn’t actually heal too much on the altar even after the full duration of waiting out.

Sticking in the opposite corner and waiting out saves a lot of HP

You can also completely evade the bombardments by staying either at the extreme left or right of the map opposite to where the colossus’ altar is. (Credit to Kincade for discovering and sharing this.)


This might be a bit late for some (since I see players posting screenshots of their 2nd colossi already), but the main intent of the calculator would be to figure out how many gems and manual runs you would need to get to your goal.

Since the last WC calculator (which was ages ago), several functionalities have been added and updated to fit today’s DH5 context, inclusive of WC bonuses and new VIP energy rates. It also has a reference list of the notable rewards and the amount of ‘Sun Points’ (this event’s currency) to obtain.

The calculator assumes that you’ll be manually running the WC Event to get the full WC bonus since its much more efficient that way in terms of financial expenditure.

To use it, first download it from this link onto a device/computer with excel or excel-compatible software/app.
(*Kindly do not request for access since it’s best that the formulas don’t get messed up.)

For Non-spending Players

Next, follow the following (main) steps:

  • Key in your target Sun points and your current Sun points
  • Input your Player level and VIP level
  • Specify the time left (as listed on the clock)
  • Select whether you’ve collected your daily bonus
  • (Optional) Input whether you’ll get additional energy during the course of the event
  • Select the difficulty you plan to run and input your total WC bonus

Basicenergy gain


Within the ‘Free Route‘ box, the calculator will tell you how many Sun points you’ll get from that free and naturally regenerating energy, how many manual runs you can do, and whether you can meet your target goal based on the free energy.

For Spending Players

Most likely you’ll not be able to get the Fire colossus through the free route – a fair trade since getting the champion is essentially much cheaper than chest pulls. If you plan to spend gems on this, you can use the next section of ‘Paying Route‘:

  • Input current gem count
  • (Optional) Input whether you’ll get additional gems during the course of the event
  • (Optional) Specify the amount of time needed per manual run


Once done, it’ll automatically tell you how many additional gems you’ll need to purchase, in order to get to your target goal.  It will also tell you of how many extra manual runs, and the total number of runs necessary to achieve the goal.

Glitches and Issues

While not as…memorable…as last year’s event, there are several issues specific to this particular event. Here are some of things which you might have asked yourself (or others) during this event:

Q: Why does Autorun stop ever so often? I need to keep looking at my screen!

A: This occurrence is ultimately random, and sometimes autorun works fine for 2-3 event runs before stopping.

While this has been looked into, the unfortunate thing is that this issue might not be fixed given that today is Saturday and that there is a short amount of duration for the event itself.

Consequence of auto-mode bailing halfway

A key observation would be that there’s a tendency for the auto-mode to be disabled immediately after getting hit by an artillery strike or whenever the Fire Colossus teleports itself onto an altar. Thus, my advice is that it’s necessary to be vigilant after the first time it teleports away.

Q: Why is the artillery strike damage so high?

A: It’s been reported that players have been dying from the first or second hit due to the multiple instance and high non-elemental damage from the artillery strikes.

Initial artillery strikes dealt multiple damage with up to 1.4k for a 15k/15k water set

Fortunately, this has been fixed as of yesterday’s patch, lowering the damage significantly and the number of times it hits. Hopefully you’ll be able to auto run legendary difficult now…oh wait. :/

Q: Where are my Fire Shards from last year’s event?

A: Players who had played last year’s summer event are surprised to see their original fire shards missing – the currency that was obtained during the event to summon the minions (which you can now gain from the leaderboard).

Although I can’t give an exact confirmation, the devs have been notified and fingers crossed that they’ll do something about it.

That’s about it for this short post.
Good luck with getting that fire colossus!


3 thoughts on “Summer Event (2017)

  1. Hi Zung, juste a note: you’re not mentionning the trait “bonus points to fire events”, but it is actually quite useful. A T5 weapon and armor with this trait roughly multiplies by 3 the amount of points you get, and a T6 weapon + armor multiplies by 4. Even if you have to run the event in a lower difficulty setting, this is well worth it. Of course, that also mean that you cannot use rush, which makes it quite tedious to get the 2 colossi. Still, I believe that’s the best course of action for a free player.


    1. Hi Bob, yes you’re right.
      But I did not mentioned it as it’s quite commonplace at this time since the game literally ‘feeds’ you the gear before the event. This has been factored in for the calculator though, which takes into account the bonus % from the gear, but that has to be manually input.


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