Valenthian Guardhouse: Revisited

This took much longer than expected, but here it is: the Valenthian Guardhouse post revisited.

With minion mastery well established after several updates, Strongholds have gotten much stronger to the extent of (finally?) being able to defend. 30k stats strongholds are now more common and these pose a threat to even players in gear of the stronger element.

Thus, this will be part of an ongoing series of posts to update my older trap room posts to be more relevant in the current update’s context. While these might get eventually outdated in the long run, hopefully these will provide a basis as to how to formulate strategies to build or raid such trap rooms in the future.

(And yes, I realised my previous Guardhouse post was before SH v2.0, so I’ve got my work cut out for me.)

The Guardhouse

The new version of the guardhouse retains its signature turrets but with added HP and increased radius of the invulnerability effect upon reaching T6. The mechanics remain the same as before, where the turrets pulsate and provide the invulnerability buff within the indicated radius of effect. The invulnerability buff is refreshed every 4 seconds whenever the minion stands inside the circle, unless the turret is destroyed or the minion steps out of the circle after a good 3 secs or so. At T6, these turrets have about 10k+ HP each and recover in 12 seconds after being destroyed.

While the invulnerability turrets are still present, the old Valenthian Guardhouse (or Guardhouse in short) has undergone a size reduction since the previous stronghold version to accommodate the reduction of minion quantity. The current amount of move-able space being sliced into approximately half of its original size with debris now obstructing the stairways and leaving only 4 turrets left.

Four turrets remain, 2 at the ground floor and 2 on an upper level

This makes moving within the stronghold challenging, especially if the stronghold has big sized units within it. What’s more tricky is reaching the two back row turrets since you have to climb the stairs to be either target them at a specific angle (ie base of the stairs), or be physically close enough to damage them.

The other notable feature in the room is its central divider (or table) which can either be viewed as an obstacle or as a boon for raiders. Optimistically, this can serve as a form of cover from melee type chaser minions, so ranged users can hit them without getting damaged themselves.

…Or activate a Mist of Death to damage users opposite of the table

TL;DR: About half its original size with 4 turrets left. Just about everything else is still the same.

Building it

Guardhouse is a truly defensive SH which provides robust defence to its minions in the form of invulnerability. This provides an interesting opportunity to have minions that increase their defences further, or be all out damage dealers added with some crowd control effects. The stronghold also serves as another universally versatile stronghold as it allows any elemental minion to benefit from its effect.

Although the placing light minions in this SH will yield the highest stats, it is recommended to mix other elements inside your stronghold to withstand any strong pure dark raiders. Nature and water are the more common elements for minions to be prioritised since they keep out potential but weaker dark and fire raiders instantly.

Minion mastery also helps non-champion units to gain relevancy in this update as it is easier to obtain them from chests. This allows initially weaker minions but with good abilities to be considered.

The most prominent (and probably highly exploited) examples here would be the Ranger and the Gelid Voror. Rangers serve as the primary damage dealer against unsuspecting dark raiders as they deal significant amounts of nature damage from afar. Their triple bolt shot inflicts the annoying defence-ignoring DOT which can possibly reach up to a ridiculous 800+ dmg/sec at M6! (dependent on your ranger’s attack, which is a combination of nature minion bonus and SF points). Thus, they’re a wildcard in this trap room as they can quickly change the tide of the battle since no matter how high your HPH is, there isn’t a chance of recovering that much DOT in such a short time. Moreover, their low HP is protected by the invulnerability aura.

Both Rangers and Gelid vorors are a pain to deal with, and the 755 dmg indicates the unfortunate DOT per tick 😦

Another would be the Gelid voror whose defense aura buff and reflect shield work in unison with the invulnerability turrets. This gives a much stronger armor boost to nearby minions which works much more impressively than in any other stronghold (and will be explained/speculated) below.

Place both of these at the top left and right corners and these make the battle a whole lot more difficult for the raider. Doing so would require the raider to destroy the back turrets first before being able to reach these units, making it tricky to take them out. Never ever place them in the front row as they simply don’t have enough HP once they’re out from the invulnerability buffs.

Minions to be Considered:

  • Ranger – High DOT, Slow
  • Gelid Voror – Defence buff, Reflect shield
  • Druid – Healing, Burrowing
  • Wolf/ Stormwolf – Consecutive range shots, stun
  • Monkey – High Critical, High dodge, periodic invulnerability, Stun
A strong Guardhouse Setup (19k/17k) with one Champion

Placing a couple of champions improves your stronghold’s durability without saying. In this stronghold, we can consider Champions which either have large in size to obstruct the raider, or to have good stun/freeze/bind/slow abilities to keep the raider from moving around too much so the other minions can gang up on him/her. Notable mentions include the Assassin, for its revival, binding and DOT capabilities, and the Kringle, for its freezing and multi-shot snowball.

The downside is that Champions are not easily mastered as duplicates are not as easily obtainable compared to non-champions. This makes it challenging for getting spares to master them. Additionally, this is more so for Event minions, like Kringle, since these probably will only appear once a year.

Suggested Possible Champions:

  • Assassin* – Revives if other minions are around, Bind, DOT, High critical
  • Kringle – Freeze, Burst snowball, Big sized
  • Lightning Colossus – Stun, Big sized, Artillery mode invulnerability
  • Gatekeeper – Armor totem, Stun, Spin attack
  • Ice Colossus – Freeze, Big sized, Artillery mode invulnerability
  • Mezzogian – Freeze, Slow, Consecutive multi-shot
  • Wicker Beast – Big sized, Fast chaser, DOT, Knockdown
  • Mossback – Big sized, Flying, Damage-resist shield, Healing/Dmg breadth
  • Dominator – Fast chaser, Damage reflect, Spin attack, High critical
  • Corvus – Fast chaser, High dodge, Speed + Attack buff, Blind

* Assassins are glitchy as there is a possibility that they might start running around in circles when they are close to the side of the central table. The chance of this happening is random but not very high, and has been an ongoing bug since a few updates back. 

To knock assassins out of their spinning daze, use an AoE skill

Moreover, it would be imperative to evolve this stronghold to T6 as soon as possible because it helps for placement of minions. At T6, this enables the invulnerability circles of each row to overlap in the center. This enables instant invulnerability to the center minion and raiders need to destroy the front two turrets before they can damage it. Thus, larger minions that don’t move much (eg. kringle, colossus) could be placed upfront to block the already small passageways.

Lastly, a good thing about Guardhouse is that it can serve as an anti-blitz‘ stronghold which can be (fairly) cheaply built, so long as you have minions such as Gelid voror, Ranger or Light Colossus with appropriate placements inside. Combined with the invulnerability provided by the trap room, it is difficult to players to clear your stronghold extremely quickly (ie <10 secs) and this negates it as a potential target in GW for quick and easy points from the other team.


Special Note: Personally, I’m not a big fan of imitating strong setups since I believe that it is possible to get used to the minion combination over time or build your strong sets accordingly to combat them. Popularity (of a certain setup) breeds familiarity and that’s how once-strong SHs can get taken down over time. Thus, it would be best to come up with your own unique combination of minions to throw incoming raiders off tangent. 🙂

TL;DR: Use Nature and Water minions mixed with Light. Rangers (for DOT) and Gelid vorors (for immense shielding) are the way to go and positioned at the back. Others can be big units which obstruct or have skills to lock the raider in place often.

Speculation: Why do Gelid vorors give such high defence boost in Strongholds?

If you’ve been a long time player and/or been observant during raids, you might have realised that the Gelid Voror’s shield aura is much more effective than in other strongholds. Damage dealt to shielded minions in the Guardhouse usually averages between 100-400, while other strongholds are typically >1,000 in value.

Aqve, a fellow player from iOS EU/NA, has theorised that this as ‘invulnerability’ being an addition of a monster’s armor by an extremely high preset number (eg. 99,999). This renders it immune to damage.

Since the Gelid raises the current defence value by a multiplier, a monster under the influence of the invulnerability circle will get their defence boosted even further. When the invulnerability effect gets lost, this high preset value gets deducted but higher-than-usual boosted defence still retains. This results in a much higher defence boost on the monsters until the defence buff expires.

invul-01There is another scenario with the druid being boosted by the voror which can be described by this. However, I’ll post this in the next Nettles revisited post. 🙂

TL;DR: Invulnerability is speculated to be of a high armor value; Gelid Voror buffs are multipliers that improve that boosted value; Removing invulnerability still keeps that high boosted armor value in place until buff wears off.

Raiding it

The tricky thing with raiding a Guardhouse is that all minions will be protected by the invulnerability aura in the first few seconds, making it difficult to take them out without having to attack the turrets first. Pay special attention to what is placed at the top row (esp. during a blind raid) as these are most likely going to be the above-mentioned Voror/Ranger combination or hard hitting but slow moving units (eg. Colossi).

While Dark might seem a first-choice for a light-based stronghold, do remember that it is extremely susceptible to nature units inside the stronghold, especially assassins and rangers which have high DOT. Nevertheless, I personally would opt to go in with a good Dark set, so long as you have decent stats with good skills. Additionally, I’ll be narrating a strategy from the approach of a Dark user and will cover the minions which pose most of a threat to you.

Raiding with a full dark setup is also an option in this trap room

The ranger should be undoubtedly your first priority. Fortunately, there is a small window of taking her out within the first few seconds before the Gelid voror casts its shield. This involves Malevolent Rush followed by Mist of Death/ Ice Stalagmites. Getting in some DOT fire damage (via Fire Cone) also helps to get in some good damage without having to worry about the Voror’s buff.

Note that this move is possible if you don’t get blocked/frozen/bound by other minions.  Also, stronger rangers (M6, 240 SF) will be likely to survive this attack, so don’t be afraid to back off instantly after since the Gelid Voror’s shield + defence buff will come in shortly.

Under such circumstances, be sure to keep your distance from the ranger by running away to the far corner of the room opposite of its direction until your skills have recharged. If you wish to approach her again, make sure you close the distance very quickly using Rush-based skills as she tends to use her spore trap skill instead of her triple shot ability when there isn’t much distance between you and her. This might take several tries and there is an element of luck involved, since there’s a chance of DOT projectiles missing its mark or being dodged.

In the meantime, be sure to watch out of the other minions and keep running within whatever free space is available. Smoke Veil would be a great option to fend off other minions. When triggered, smoke has a chance of it reflecting back incoming projectiles, which is a staple of most units (Rangers, Assassins, Gelids, Kringles, Wolves) in this room. It’s much easier to reflect since the size of the room is small, returning the much-needed armor-shred, DOT arrows, or stun bolts back to their source.

Keeping your distance also might lure the ranger out of its corner

Following which, or lack of a ranger in the room, your next target would be Gelid Voror. These require a bit of patience to take out since their defence buffs tend to overlap with the Invulnerability aura provided by the turrets, making it difficult to catch them without their high defences. For this, you can opt for persistent zone skills like Mist of Death, Ice Stalagmites, or Entangling Vines, to wreck the turret and to determine when is a good time to strike the Voror. Once you see that it’s receiving 1.5k+ dmg per hit, then you can focus fire on it.

Ice Stalagmites helps to take out the turret and indicate when it is time to attack the Gelid

After these two are down, the battle will be much much easier. You can take out the other minions in ascending order of HP (ie. lowest to highest). Do remember to leave assassins to be your last target(s) since they will be able to ‘revive‘ themselves upon death if there are other minions around.


If you encounter Kringles, do pause for about a second before rolling out of their snowman trap. While it is a ‘panic‘ instinct to immediately roll out, doing so might immediately get you stuck in another snowman. Thus, always observe where the remaining snowmen are and use the directional pad to control your rolling after. This would definitely save on the amount of rolls and

Moreover, you can use Colossi as HP batteries. As unfortunate as it sounds to the owner of the SH, the currently boosted HPH enables you to take advantage of their artillery mode, where you can a persistent zone skill and run off, regaining a decent amount of HP per hit despite it dealing no damage.

HP batteries at the standby

Last of all, a nice tibbit is that all 4 turrets can be taken out instantly with a well-positioned Immortal Justice. Dropping the hammer at the front end of the table will destroy all of the turrets in the room, giving you a good 12 seconds to handle the other minions. Nonetheless, be warned that if any Colossi were to be in artillery mode or if any units are shielded by the Voror reflect buff, then the damage might just all get reflected back upon you…which is highly fatal.

While these strategies have been tested for Guardhouse traps between 14k-20k, I believe that much practice is required to get the timings on point. The real danger lies when Rangers hit above >650 per tick in DOT since that means you can only get hit 3-4 times the most. These will most likely appear for anything higher than overall 17k minion attack so do watch out for the minion stats before you enter the raid.

TL;DR: Priority would be Ranger -> Voror -> everything else -> Assassin.

Have Skills like Ice Stag/Mist of Death, Mal Rush, Fire Cone, Immortal Justice for offensive and Smoke Veil for defensive purposes.

Oh man…another lengthy post but hopefully it’ll be helpful in clearing all those up-and-coming Guardhouses around or building your own in the future.

In the meantime, other posts lined up include the requested Buff/Debuff post, an entry on DOT, as well as a Nettles revisited post. Stay tuned! 🙂


42 thoughts on “Valenthian Guardhouse: Revisited

    1. I’ve not seen a blighter at M6 yet so I really can’t say. But it’s DOT is really slow compared to the faster projectile bolts from the ranger so that makes it much less dangerous.


  1. Wow you are Epic 🙂
    What do you think about a death team with ravager, lord of Eve and acolyte in the Ruby Temple? I read It in One of your updated guide and was thinking if it’s still viable 🙂


    1. Thanks Des! 🙂
      Hmm…the Lord/Ravager/Acolyte combination doesn’t seem to be as strong nowadays though.
      But I did fight a 25k pits earlier with all 3 of those with Corvus and Harbinger. Didn’t lose much HP but couldn’t win that fight since both harb and corvus kept healing non-stop.


      1. Oh ok 😦
        Unfortunatly i don’t have harbinger and corvus, i’m quite new to the game (2.5 months) and i only have dominator and lord (i can make him m6) as Champions… I also miss many minions… Which do you think would be the best trap for a newbie? I have a 5s Ruby Temple cause my First Champ was the dominator 🙂
        My Monsters (all 0 maestries):
        Fire: 1 dominator, 1 cicatrizer, 2 axe druegar, 2 puro vorr, 4 sanguinator, 1 ogruin
        Nature: 1 blighter, 1 baloth, 2 druida
        Death: 1 ravager, 1 acolyte, 7 lords, 6 pumpking ghoul, 6 pumpking fiend, 1 tormentor, 1 Witch, 1 dark sentinella
        Light: 3 Wolfs, 1 moneky, 1 Rhino, 1 vapidus
        Water: 2 turtles, 1 propeth
        Currently running Ruby with dominator cicatrizer in front and lord acolyte and ravager in the back… It has good cc and 2 of them Can be revived but i think It Will be weak against strong players…
        Sorry for this tooo long message but you are a guide for me, i follow your forum since i started the game and shared It to my clanmates


      2. Hi Des, seeing your current roster of minions, it might be worthwhile to invest in Nightmare Pits. The healing + reviving does make it annoying for any raiders and you can pair this with your dominator to keep out any nature raiders.

        I would suggest:
        – Pumpkin Ghoul (highest M possible)
        – Pumpkin Fiend (highest M possible)
        – Acolyte/Ravager
        – Dominator
        – Lord of Eve (M6)

        If harbinger is boosted in chest, then you can opt to get it too.


  2. Nice article very well explained. Just one thing though I am beating 25K+ Guardhouse with my Water set often 100% health or close to. These are populated with any combination of Colossus Gatekeeper Spiritus Assassin Mossback Ranger Gelid Voror. The best Minion to add to this trap is Kringle and Mastered Mezza, as with any SH movement inhibition, stun or freeze, is a huge addition


    1. Thanks Nut Cracker. I think water is also viable if there aren’t many light based minions inside, since that cuts the ranger and assassin DOT in half. Mist also serves as the primary damage dealer so that handles the light minions very well.

      Still waiting for Kringle to get duplicates though. But on another hand, that will make a lot of nettles much much tougher in the future.


  3. Hi Zung,

    Does the ranger DOT get any bigger in Ruby temple? Should I add one there since the goal of Ruby temple is to take down the raider as quickly as possible? I already have an assassin but I could replace my ice colossus with an M6 ranger pretty easily…


    1. Hi Matt,
      I’ve not tested it, but I wouldn’t recommend having a ranger in Ruby as it simply doesn’t have enough HP to survive a few hits even from a dark user. This is very much unlike a Guardhouse where the Ranger starts off shielded by the invulnerability aura and also physically by the terrain.


  4. Hi Zung,

    So what is the ultimate set of minions for Ruby temple? Currently I have an assassin, Corvus, ice colossus, fire colossus, and gatekeeper (all 5 elements).a few are mastered a little and all have max superfusion points. It wins a lot, but I have not been able to sustain legendary for very long. I think my ice and lightning minions should be improved mainly for things that do more damage? Or replaced to a different element? I am open for suggestions and have several fire champions and that nature dragon available. My room is only 11.7k:11.9k attack/defense which I guess is good when I only have 1 fire champion active. Have beefed up the Corvus and assassin’s attack considerably since they do a lot of sneaky damage… maybe updates are needed for several of the rooms now that mastery is available?


    1. Hi Matt,
      The setup you’ve mentioned is indeed formidable. However, maintaining Legendary league means constantly and vigorously raiding other strongholds as well, instead of relying on defences.

      The best way to improve is via mastery at the moment (esp for Corvus and Assassin), and that will get your stronghold to reach beyond the 15k minion stats mark.

      Another alternative is to replace some of the harder to Master champs with regular minions. Example: Gatekeeper can be replaced by a M6 Monkey which puts more pressure to water raiders. Having a dominator instead of an Ice Col also improves the damage output from your more ‘sneaky’ minions.

      As for the future updates, I don’t have any word yet about what’s in store for strongholds though. However, plenty of players have feedback about improving these.


  5. Hi Zung,

    How does a dominator increase damage output from other minions? If that’s the case, I will build it up. I also have a Kringle now, and am going to try to get the new Corvus as well as further master the regular one I have. Any word on whether the new Corvus is good? At that point, I will have to revisit the best options I have for these minions. Too bad you cannot trade in one champion for another!


    1. Hi Matt,

      Dominator has its version of Warcry which boosts attack and crit for itself and other minions. It casts this ability in every cycle of its attacks and usually right before its whirlwind attack.

      As for the Candy Cane Corvus (I’m assuming you’re referring to that), I’ve not been hearing good things about it. Maybe it simply can’t withstand up to T7 gear. Nonetheless, it’s good to hold on to some since weaker event minions have been known to be boosted in the past.


  6. Hi Zung,

    I also have an M5 wolf completed. Should I replace my gatekeeper with him? The only thing I love about the Gatekeeper is by the time he hits the raider he’s basically invinceable until you get his totem. And my other minions are pretty good at keeping the raider busy/away from it. Hard to choose at this point which the best group would be. I suppose an M6 wolf with max SF points is technically way stronger than any Gatekeeper that’s not mastered- even with max SF points.


    1. You can try!

      I find that the Wolf has much more mobility and surviveability in comparison to gatekeeper, due to its teleportation and invulnerability when you get close to it. However, these might die off quickly against smarter raiders (esp with smoeke veil reflecting the projectiles).

      Gatekeepers are more of as a physical obstacle to raiders, but you could substitute him for a Light Col or a Kringle.

      Could I ask what mastery level is your gatekeeper though?


  7. Hi Zung,

    My gatekeeper is still M0. I have a tremendously difficult time picking up champions even when they are higher probability like the Corvus is now. I would LOVE to have more corvuses, but I am not about to spend the 200.00 or more it would take to get some. I tried a stronghold chest again today to no avail. If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’m not sure I would have any luck at all. Lol.


    1. Oh man, then go with the wolf then. It’s much easier to pick it up for further mastery, even via random SH chest pulls.

      Can’t say much about chest luck either. I’m on a tight budget myself since its the Xmas period and gatherings are rampant (XD), so I’m relying on whatever I can afford for now. 😉


  8. Corvus is still probably the best minion overall; don’t you think? Especially high stat ones. Of course; you need a good mix but that ground rune does tremendous Damage and is near impossible to dodge.


    1. Hmm….I don’t think we can judge minions individually since the ‘good’ ones have to work well together with the rest and the trap room as well.

      Indeed, Corvus can be regarded as one of the upper tier type of champions, but functioning alone, it still remains easy to take down especially with nature gear.

      That said, if you have the chance, you might want to try raiding against M6-7 corvuses in nightmare pits. Having more than 2 certainly poses a challenge to decently geared nature users.


  9. Hi Zung,

    Funny we have this conversation and the next day I randomly get another gatekeeper. I also have a M1 Kringle now. I am debating replacing my M1 Ice colossus in my SH with my new M1 Kringle. I would then have M1 Corvus, Assassin, M1 Gatekeeper, M1 Fire Colossus, M1 Kringle. All have max SF points, which of course makes a HUGE difference. Would you replace the ice colossus with the Kringle? Also have an M5 wolf built now, debating what to do with him…? In guild wars, my stronghold does fantastically well defending, but I still cannot maintain Legendary. Oh, yeah- it’s ruby temple…



    1. Hi Matt,

      Lol, Kringle performs alright in Ruby but you might want to get more duplicates of it during this event since mastered champs can pack quite a punch. However, you do need a good water bonuses as well.

      Personally, I would try Kringle, Corvus, Assassin, Gatekeeper/Fire Col and Wolf first to have some diversity in terms of elements.

      As for defending, I wouldn’t be too concerned now since T7 gear is much stronger than most minions, resulting in a even rarer occurrence for defending (from 1 out of 10 to 1 out of 15-20 nowadays).


  10. Hi Zung,
    First of all congrtz for this post, its very usefull and informative. I need your opinions on Sheshore retreat. I got it at t6 max with habringer, pumpkin champ, gelid voror with 4 mastery, kringle and turtle with 3 mastery. How can I improve my SH…is that pumpkin champ is useful or its weak? Thanks Zung.


    1. Might I know what other minions you might have?

      Generally, the Gelid, Kringle and Habringer are alright. Lord of Eve and turtle might not be too good even with mastery.

      My suggestion is to try getting more Kringles for now to up the mastery of your existing one. You can also think of having a second Kringle in place of your Lord or Turtle.


      1. Thanks for reply Zung
        Btw I still have GatekeeperM1, Fire colM2, Candy crow, Kenashi warlord M3 and Spirus but unfirtunately no corvus and assassin.


      2. Based on your minions, I would recommend Gelid, Kringle, Gatekeeper, Habringer and Fire Col. Personally, I would try to get more Kringles (from the free chest) and see how high you can push the mastery to.

        I’m still testing the Candy Crow but I don’t have a good impression of it yet.


  11. Hi Zung,

    All my bonuses are between 26 and 34 percent for every type. So not too bad. I figure a 7 star Kringle at M2 (currently at M2 and growing) will have around 11.5-12K attack and defense which is not too bad with those bonuses and max SF points. Also around 31K health. If the Kringle ends up being the participation gift in the next Hunt, then I should be able to get him M5-7. I am debating transmuting my M1 ice colossus to get a ton of SF points quickly to mac him out. I spent a whole bunch on my M5 wolf. I have to choose between the M5 wolf and the M1 gatekeeper and the M2 Kringle and M1 ice colossus. I do not picture retiring the M1 fire colossus or assassin or M1 Corvus. Stronghold building is fun- especially when you defend during guild wars. Have been very good at that…


    1. Glad to know you’ve been defending. 🙂
      As for the Ice Colossus, I wouldn’t suggest transmuting it since it could be useful if u wanted to build a shore in the future.

      The trend nowadays for top guilds is that they swap their strongholds midway during wars to confuse the opponent or even ‘block’ the opposing guild from achieving the ‘clear all stars’ quest. For example, they could put an easier Shore and exchange it with a hard-to-clear Nettles to prevent their future stars from being taken. Sure, it requires effort on your side, but nonetheless ridiculously annoying and confusing on the enemy’s side.


  12. Hi Zung,

    Never heard of that. So you are saying the screen of your enemy is reporting you have one type of stronghold when in fact you have switched it- even possibly to the opposite element of potential raiders? Wow, that’s sneaky. My Kringle is up to M3 now. 52 Sf points and climbing. He will be bigger than my ice colossus any second now.


  13. Hi Zung,

    I am in a clan that will never end up in the top 50 in guild wars. How else can I procure the decanene a land ydamene I need to make my Kringle M5? (Yes, my Kringle is now M4 7 stars with max SF points!)


    1. Hi Matt,

      Decanene (the T6 mastery material from Guild Shop) can be obtained from the Master’s Chest (in Legendary Hunt). Ydamene is from transmuting T5 minions.

      Honestly, Decanene is still quite tricky to achieve if you’re not within a top 50 guild. Trying to see whether that can be changed in future updates.


  14. Hi Zung,

    Thanks. That explains a lot (the Legendary Hunt Master’s chests dropping one of the materials) since I have a bunch of it and did not know why…I may even get enough to go up another level of mastery with this next Kringle Hunt coming up. Also of course need to make some 5 star items to transmute. Thanks for the info!


  15. At M6 or M7 (with max SF) due to extremely high health and defense , the Kringle is going to be extremely difficult to bring down without around 20k attack or at least 12K in lightning. As soon as he is gaining health per hit and his health is really high, he will regenerate health pretty rapidly since his attacks are also rapid (not to mention the DOT also)… Cannot wait to see how it works out. 🙂
    Matt B


  16. Hi Zung,
    I thought they gain them in ruby temple when the fire is surrounding them? Totally unrelated question but does anyone else have the Baron Samedi armor from Halloween? I haven’t built it all the way up yet but one thing I have noticed is it seems to move really quickly- like way faster than standard armor. Is there a possibility that max run speed is the hidden power rumored at in the description of the armor? Any way that can be confirmed?


    1. Hi Matt,
      Oh, I misread since u replied in the Guardhouse post. 😛 Yes, they do get DOT and HPH from the Ruby crystal buff.

      As for the Baron Samedi armor, I don’t have it personally but I don’t think there’s a hidden max run speed embedded inside. It does feel faster (when fighting against people with them) since it is levitating.

      On the other hand, most other gears should be able to get you to 50% (max) run speed without much difficulty so I’m speculating its more of a perception from the smoother ‘floating’ animation.


  17. Hi Zung,

    Since I am not going to use my M5 Wolf right now, I sure wish I could transmute him and get back the decanene I put in him. I think having it only available in top 50 clans is really lame. There should be nothing game critical that has anything to do with clans. I could see some alternate skins for characters or something silly like that, but there is no way I shouldnt be able to master my Kringle or whomever else I want without being in a top 50 clan. I wish there was some way we could find a smaller clan with some active members that wanted to join us too so we could kick some inactives. Is there a place where people work that out? Our clan has like 8 inactive members I would love to kick lol. Nice being in charge for once heh.


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