Update 22 Changes

Yay! Update time!

Unfortunately, I won’t be working on the dedicated Tier 7 post at the moment since the Protean Cocoons aren’t available for now. The dungeon to procure them (ie. Cocoon Chase) hasn’t appeared yet. Fortunately, it is mentioned that the dungeon will appear next week and thus, I’ll leave that post in the works till then.

Instead, I’ll be discussing some of the major changes that have been implemented for this update and review how these will impact our gameplay.

The updated items which will be covered in this post are:

  • Tier-7 Evolution
  • Arena Changes
  • Trial of Elements auto-replay
  • Item Lock

Tier-7 Evolution

Tier-7 (T7 in short) is an upgrade of our current T6 gears and minions. However, due to the inability to evolve the items at the moment, we will look at a general outline of what changes T7 will bring through examining the Collection Tab. I’ll share a more detailed post once we find out how these gears can be evolved.

What can be evolved?

As of this update, it is clear that only specific types of gears (weapons and armors) and minions can be evolved as indicated by the 7 stars at the bottom of the item card. You can find the entire list of evolve-able items by specifically choosing the T7 category in the Collection Tab or seeing the Changelog here.

Plenty of gears to T7

Gears include:

  • All WC Gen 1 (eg. Ender’s Blades) and Gen 2 (eg. Exalted Phoenix)
  • All Legendary gear (eg. Oceanbreacher)
  • All 3 Kingdoms gear (eg. Guan Yu’s Armor)
  • Some Event gear (eg. Baron Samedi Attire)
  • Certain Xinkashi gears (eg. Xumero).

Thankfully, some minions also get T7 status to balance out the T7 gears potential raiders will be getting. These consist of:

  • Some Non-champions (eg. Monkey)
  • Some Champions (eg. Mossback dragon)
  • Xmas event minions (with the new Candy Cane Corvus as well).

Skills, however, have yet to receive the same treatment and still remain un-mastered and non-evolveable to T7 as per this update. This is probably since they are difficult to balance out in terms of strength as they are much more versatile than gear and benefit in any element setup.

TL;DR: The better gears (Leg/WC) and some Minions have been made T7.

What is Improved?

For gear, Tier 7 provides a stat boost from its former Tier 6, though not much more can be gained in terms of how much stat value can be raised.

Moreover, existing values of traits for gears are improved by a small value/percentage of their T6 version, which is useful if your gear possesses existing excellent properties (eg. attack speed, DOT).

What is more impressive is that for Legendary/WC type gears, Tier 7 gives you an additional trait/magical property. This trait is usually not a game-changer level property (eg. HPH, DOT) and has a lower bonus value than the same trait on regular gears. Nonetheless, this new trait is useful considering how strong T7 gears already are. Unfortunately, this additional trait bonus does not extend to the regular gear (ie. those from the Xinkashi series).

T7 Legendary light armor with additional Run Speed and boosted traits

On the other hand, it is observed that minions gain a stat boost when evolving to T7 without any additional properties/skills.

A word of caution though, as I’ve noticed a slight stat reduction in certain minions when you evolve them from T6 level 125 to T7 level 1. Thus, it’s best to have additional boosters to get in some levels to ensure that they don’t lose out once you get them to T7.


Evolving your gears/minions will also bring their maximum level cap to level 150. This means that you’ll need to get them up to level 150 first before you can obtain your item’s maximum potential. However, this is also a missing piece of the puzzle since we don’t know how many boosters it will actually take to get to level 150.

Last of all, T7 also opens up the option to M7 your gear. Although the mastery won’t be performed so soon, we can probably guess the ingredients as there are 2 new transmutation shards (Urraxite & Urraxene) at tier 7 shown in the Collection Tab. This means, like in any Mastery instance, you’ll need to transmute T7 gear/minions first before you can get an M7 one.

Uh oh, time to get some sacrificial T7 gear

TL;DR: For gears, you get a stat boost, trait value boost and a new ‘weak’ trait (for Leg/WC gears). For minions, you get a stat boost.

What all this means?

Not much can be told at this point since T7 gears nor minions have appeared yet. Moreover, we don’t know how will the Cocoon dungeon be implemented or scheduled for that matter. Perhaps only time will tell since it will be released next week.

Uncertainty of the Protean Cocoon

However, I’m thankful that we have minions which are made T7-able in this update to balance out strongholds and fend off the T7 raiders. Furthermore, it is indeed a good time to start building up one’s SH, since the event minions are in-bound for the December holiday period.

TL;DR: Still too early to tell, but thankful that minions are T7 as well.

Arena Changes

Arena has received an equally impactful change with the ‘nerf‘ of the hammer’s effectiveness. Using the hammer now repairs only the gears in the set that you have equipped and visible on the ‘select your gear‘ screen. This is indicated by the ‘repair set‘ icon, instead of the original ‘repair all‘ button. Thus, it is vital to have even your secondary weapon equipped as well to benefit the most from your hammer usage.

Hammers now repair the gears which you have equipped

On the flip side, hammers can now be gotten from the Arena daily chest in addition to the Arena quests. This enables hammers to be procured slightly more frequently now but could remain as a luck based obtaining since they are from chests.

Update: Community Manager Max recently highlighted that the system does not allow you to equip gears which are at 100% damage state in the Arena equipment selection to benefit from the repair option. To overcome this, you have to equip the damaged gear through the ‘Info’ tab and enter the specific Arena set you wish to get repaired. Only through there can you equip the damaged gear.  This has been notified to the devs and they will fix it soon. 

This information can be found here.

TL;DR: Hammers are less effective now and only repair your current equipped set. Fortunately, you can get them from daily Arena chests now.

What this means?

While this might seem to be a bad ‘nerf‘ on first glance, the reduction of how many sets the Hammer can repair might decrease the number of points required for each ranking tier past Masters league. Ranks between 1-1000 could be less expensive to reach since a single hammer now warrants a maximum of 3 attempts the most. A lower score requirement also effectively cuts down the time spent on Arena, making it less as a time sink than before.

Thus, this could be more beneficial for the hardworking players who wish to climb to these higher ranks without spending too many hammers in the process. It also encourages and to some extent, rewards players for saving multiple hammers instead of only having plenty of gears alone.

Players with plenty of gears cannot simply repeat the method of expending all of their gears before repairing them all at once. Thus, this requires a new strategy to get to higher ranks.

TL;DR: Potential reduction in Arena ranking scores for the upper ranks. Players need to have both plenty of gears and plenty of hammers now for the higher rankings.

ToE Auto-Start Mode

Trial of Elements (ToE) now has an improved auto mode which allows players to continuously move to the next waypoint without having to constantly monitor their devices. Once auto-mode is activated, the game automatically jumps to the next waypoint upon completion of the previous one. This starts the next waypoint with your same gear and your same ally.

Auto-starting in 10 seconds

You can still stop the auto-start mode by clicking the ‘Waypoint [No.] and changing your gear if you encounter waypoints which are strong against your current gear’s element (eg. having Dark gear in a Nature waypoint).  You do need to be quick though, as there is a 10 second timer before the system moves you over.

TL;DR: Auto-mode in ToE now starts your next waypoint for you.

What this means

Less time spent doing ToE and more time for oneself! 

….until the game crashes.

Also, you’ll still need to play for the tougher levels (ie. WP65 and beyond) or at least change your elemental gear set before proceeding for these levels.

Gear Lock Function

All items (weapons, armors, skills, minions, trinkets) can now by locked. This requires clicking-and-holding onto the specific item card and pressing on the blue ‘lock’ icon on the top right above your gear/minion image. This changes the blue ‘lock’ icon to red on the overall inventory screen.

Locked gear from the Red lock icon

Locking prevents accidental fusing, transmuting, selling your gear or using it as crafting or mastery sacrifice. This greys out the item card and you cannot click on it during these functions. You can still fuse items into, evolve, master your locked item or use them in Arena or Raids.

Locked gears can still be used in Arena

Additionally, you can perform auto-lock through the Settings page by clicking on the item types which wish to lock automatically. This enables multiple items to be locked instantly by tier, rarity and grade without having to manually select them.

Auto-lock function to instantly lock all specific gears

(Note: It seems that the auto-lock function is a bit wonky at the moment and it does not work on the older items but the newer items you’ve procured instead. The devs have been notified to fix it. 🙂 )

TL;DR: Locking to stop you from accidentally ‘destroying’ your much-needed gear.

What this means

It’s going to be much harder to justify if you or your children/spouse/relatives/pet ‘accidentally fused/sold/transmuted your Legendary item‘.

Besides that, the locking process is still a bit ‘clunky‘ for people with larger inventories and if there were certain specific items you wish to lock but fall outside of the auto-lock function (ie. a newly procured T3 WC/Event item). Perhaps it would be better if the lock could be done through a more instant method instead.

See you for the upcoming Tier 7 post! 🙂


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