Tier 7 Basics

The next tier of advancement has just been released with this new update and let’s take a look at the basic overview of this latest tier. This post will delve into the specifics of what are the evolution materials, how to get them, and how much it actually costs to evolve one T7 gear.

Tier 7 Evolution

Tier 7 is an upgrade from your existing Tier 6 gear and minions in terms of stats and for some cases, traits/magical properties. The evolution does provide a good deal of bonuses, but do be warned as it is rather long, and to some extent expensive. This is dependent on whether you play by the free route or paying one.

In my last post, I covered two prior sections of:

  • What can be evolved?
  • What is Improved?

For information on those two segments, kindly visit here.

How much for Evolution

With the unveiling of the Cocoon chase dungeon, the question that has now been answered would be how to get these items to T7. We’ll explain how this is possible by using a dark WC weapon for reference. Specifically, my favourite weapon so far, the Pillar of Agony.

Besides having your gear at the maximum level at T6 (ie lvl 125), you need a series of ingredients to initiate the evolution. For the case of the WC or Legendary gear, the evolution items will be:

  • 25 x Dark Cocoons (or relevant element)
  • 35 x T6 Ancient Medallions
  • 20 x Ultimate Runestones
  • 8 x Protean Cocoons.

Similar to other gear/minion evolution, these materials vary from item to item, mainly in terms of elemental cocoon requirements. Regular (xinkashi) gear require slightly less than this list, which makes sense since they don’t gain the additional trait upon evolution. Minions require even lesser quantity than those stated here, needing 1-2 x Protean Cocoons instead.

Tier 7 evolution materials

While the other materials look comparable to evolving a gear from T5 to T6, the main challenge is procuring the Cocoons, both Elemental-based and the universal Protean ones.

Elemental based Cocoons are easier to obtain and can be gotten from the Wednesday’s daily dungeon (Exotic Materials). These each have their own dungeon to get the individual elemental Cocoons and they can be Rushed. The down-side is that the dungeon costs 60 energy per run and this is going to take a toil if you’re planning to evolve multiple gear at one go.

The universal Protean Cocoons are much more difficult to obtain, despite being a low number. This is solely restricted to the special dungeon of Cocoon chase, a mini Trial of Elements (ToE)-like dungeon that is scheduled between Tuesday to Thursday every week (ie the ‘down’ time between Guild Wars and Legendary Hunts).

Cocoon chase is a condensed ToE version 6 waypoints which cost 40 energy for the first 3 waypoints and 60 energy for the last 3 ones. The waypoints need to be cleared progressively from 1 to 6 in ascending order and without the option to skip or rush any.

Watch for the elemental type since these dungeons are pretty strong

When entering the waypoint, it brings you into a small circular room where you face off a series of 5 waves with the last being a WC-level boss (eg. Khil Urdd), without the help from allies. Each wave spawns enemies (minions and champions) of an different element based on the stated element before entering. Waypoints 1-5 are dual elemental type which feature monsters of 2 different elements. Waypoint 6 is a multi-element and consists of monsters from all 5 elements.

The Igniter steps into the field

A recommendation is to watch for the element type, since some might be contrasting in elements. For example, a waypoint might feature Water and Nature minions and recommend either Light or Fire gear. However, going in with Fire gear is gonna screw you over since Water champions will hit you hard. Unless your fire set is remarkably strong (ie. >20k stats), its best to bear in mind whether your gear is weak to the other minions that are spawning.

Once you’ve cleared all of the waypoints, this gives you 3 x Protean Cocoons, 3 x random element Cocoons, and a couple of T4/5 Rainbow boosters. Putting these numbers into context, this equates to clearing the whole set of waypoints at least 3 times before you get sufficient Protean Cocoons (8) to evolve a leg/wc gear.

You get 3 Protean Cocoons upon clearing all 6 waypoints

Additionally, the dungeon is scheduled to refresh naturally once every 2 weeks. This means that from the time you start your first waypoint in the dungeon, it will refresh 2 weeks later on Tuesday.

Do note that this equates to only being to evolve one tier 7 legendary/wc gear every 1.5 months(!) if you’re waiting for it to refresh without spending.


If you do have gems to spare, there is an option to refresh the dungeon multiple times. Refreshing the dungeon expends a progressive increase of gems, with the starting quantity of 80 and increasing by 20 gems every instance of refresh (ie. 80 – 100 – 120 etc.). This refresh cost caps at 250 gems, which means that everything past 240 gems refill will be consistently 250 gems (ie. 220 – 240 – 250 – 250 – …).

Fortunately, this refresh cost will return to its base of 80 gems after the two weeks have elapsed. Thus, perhaps it is better to wait after a certain number of refreshes within that duration.

Another word of caution would be that to finish off all the existing waypoints before refreshing the dungeon, since this resets your progress to waypoint 1. Refreshing at waypoint 3 is the same as refreshing at waypoint 6, thus it’s imperative to verify that all your waypoints have been cleared. Even if you’ve not, there is a warning notification which prompts you to check first before proceeding.

Be warned! Always finish all your waypoints before refreshing

Once you’ve gotten all your materials, you’ll need 2.4 mil gold for the evolution to happen. This consumes all of your materials and reveals the new evolution screen for your brand new T7 weapon.


An alternative option is that if you’re lazy and have extra (real life) coin to spare, you can straight up evolve your gear through the instant tier-7 offer. Your gear must not have been maximum level prior to the update as fusing to level 125 at tier 6 after the update is the only way to trigger that offer. Admittedly, this is a bit tempting considering the difficulty to procure all of the evolution material. But of course, this is purely an optional venture.

TL;DR: Evolving to T7 is costly either in terms of time by waiting for natural refresh (1.5 months) or spending gems to refresh the dungeon.

How much for max Level?

So, you’ve finally gotten your gear to T7. The next step is fusion to get it up to its maximum level of 150. This, however, is no small (or cheap) feat as you’ll require a staggering amount of boosters to achieve this.

From the T7 pillar, I required a total of:

  • 64 x T5 dark boosters
  • 10 x T5 rainbow boosters
  • 2 x T4 dark boosters for t7 complete fusion

In short, you’ll need 75 x T5 boosters to get from level 1 to 150.

Fear chance is honestly helpful, especially against hard-hitting Rangers

Not to mention that I spent about 1.5 mil additional gold for this fusion as well. 🙂

TL;DR: Fusion to max level requires plenty of boosters (75 x t5).

So how much does it cost?

Let’s say we want to evolve and fuse our T7 gears by today (Wednesday) as of the launch of the Cocoon Chase dungeon. How much will it actually cost in terms of gems to implement an evolution of one Leg/WC gear assuming that we don’t have existing energy, materials or boosters available.

Here is a breakdown of how approximately how much gems you need to spend to get your T7 gear instantly:excel.PNG

This, however, gets exponentially more expensive if you wish to evolve more than one gear due to the refresh rate of the Cocoon chase dungeon.

Is it worthwhile?

There is much to love and hate about the latest T7 evolution.

The bonuses are certainly impressive as compared to the former tier 6 evolution and the stat gain is definitely immense, breaching well into 30k if you have well-mastered and SF-ed gears. To put into perspective, the pillar I wield can bring me into WP60+ with the new auto-repeat mode for ToE without needing to change, and having issues at the next WP60+ Nature based waypoint.

At least we have auto-start now 🙂

As for minions, I’m not too sure yet how the current ones are performing at T7, though I would say that certain ones look rather promising. These include:

  • Kringle
  • Mossback Dragon
  • Harbinger (in Nightmare Pits)
  • Monkey

And then there’s the Candy Cane Corvus which hasn’t been released formally into the game yet. However, I do believe that the above might pose some threats to raiders now.


Unfortunately, it is quite evident that the evolution process is remarkably tedious and costly as well, particularly if you were looking at evolving multiple gears/minions in one go. While on first glance it is a big turn-off to some, it is also a dilemma on the larger context. Reducing the cost means that everyone gets multiple T7 gears and minions much quickly, and that raises the power levels between long-time players and entry-level players. Thus, this makes it much harder for newcomers to enter the scene, unless they are willing in invest to reach that status.

Moreover, bringing the bar up too quickly might further reduce the current difficulty of current challenges, especially for competitive game modes like Arena and Raiding. To put simply,  this translates to lesser defends for Strongholds since they’ll be much easier to clear unless players have plenty of T7/M7 minions with good minion bonuses at their disposal. This also could mean that players would getting bored much quicker with the easier challenges until a rebalancing is done.

Perhaps a first-step suggestion to the devs would be to reduce the refresh rate to a weekly one instead of a once every two weeks one. This at least helps non-paying players to get their gears up quicker and that helps to keep them a bit more vested in the game itself.

…also, at least take us back to the Cocoon chase dungeon screen instead of always returning us to the Landing page. 😉

TL;DR: T7 is indeed strong, but it is tough to balance how quickly players can procure them. Perhaps the first step is to get make it easier for non-payers to get this evolution first.

Okay, that wraps it up. Enjoy your new T7 items!


7 thoughts on “Tier 7 Basics

  1. Good post man still this is like usual a gem spender love the new shit really after last update no crash I wonder why alwase . Make it Al expensive like this . I can’t talk on the live chat because I sad dick in Dutch. To a nothere Dutch you know DH5 isn’t the only game to makes so good the money the won’t have to make it this high.


    1. Hi Rednax,
      I would advise evolving to T7 if you are certain you will be getting multiple duplicates of the same armor/gear in the future. For example, I evolved my Pillar (WC Dark Staff) first as I managed to get enough duplicates for M5. Legendary gears are much rarer, even from LegChest, and that takes a while to get a Legendary gear to >M4.

      That said, what 2 armors are you looking at specifically?


  2. I set priority according to their stats and OPs added/upgraded;
    eg.: heal/hit, DOT, HP+, etc..
    so it will be like
    1 Drakkanscale Plate # heal/hit; still tier 5 as I got this only 2 weeks ago but will be #1 in my armors
    2 Mereian Jade Glaive # heal/hit; still tier 5 as I got this only 2 weeks ago but will be #1 in my weapons
    3 Pillar of Agony # master 1; heal/hit; currently #1 weapon until Mereian Jade Glaive upgraded
    4 Empyrean Column # still tier 5, DOT
    5 Bone Chomper # tier 6, heal/hit
    6 Sleetblade # tier 6, heal/hit
    other than these I have Archmaster of the Depths tier 6 and
    [Skull Baron’s Guard, Regal Raptor, Ringleader of Elves Crosier] tier 5, etc.,
    but these will be after the 5 above (or not if I got better armor/weapon until ..)


    1. Sounds good!
      It’s good to focus on 1-2 main elements first (Nature being a good choice since Fire-based minions can be taken out by Ice Stalagmites). Personally, I went with Dark (been blind raiding with this since last year) and Fire (since there was and still is an influx of Nettles) and this makes a number of strongholds much more manageable.


  3. Hey man loved the guide! Are you gonna make a new basics guide for the new input system they introduced on the devices? Now with the new skill and global cooldown introductions i would love to see your view on rotations.


    1. Hey enoemos, thanks for your kind words 🙂 I’m still trying to get a grip on the new skill cooldown mechanism and will post an entry soon. While it might not seem much at first, there might be a way to go about overcoming this action-based delay.


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