Valethian Christmas (2017)

The Christmas holiday special has dropped on the turn of December, and unfortunately I’ve been late on covering this due to a busy weekend. 😉

Here’s a breakdown of this year’s version of the event and some strategies that you could consider in getting the rewards. 🙂

Update 8/12/17: There is an increase in the number of available Xmas Nature Armor and Water Duals you can now buy from the shop from 1 to 7. Probably revised for Mastery purposes. Additionally, there are some updates to the strategy in getting 5 presents. 

This event is fairly straight forward and honestly I wasn’t too sure how much I could contribute to what players would have already figured out from a weekend (and half a week) of playing. If you’re feeling nostalgic or curious and wish to compare this event with last year’s one, click here to check out the 2016 edition.

For 2017, the Xmas event consists of 3 main things to do:

  • Play the Event mission
  • Trade Ornaments via the Holiday Shop
  • Craft Xmas trinket(s)
Title Card for the Xmas event 2017

Ornaments, similar to last year, serve as the main event currency and these are fairly easy to obtain through the Event mission and also the Holiday Chest itself (meaning that opening chests might get you even more ornaments).

Self-perpetuating Ornaments from Chests

Event Mission: Valen’s Holiday Tree

Moving down from the roof tops, you now deliver presents to families at the ground level in a less dodgy fashion (in plain sight instead of on rooftops through chimneys). Instead of an endless spawning of presents, you now deliver up to a maximum of 5 presents within a shorter time period of 1 minute. It also adds a Santa suit onto your character’s sprite, complete with presents and costume.

The new map is a linear one, with the center Christmas tree as the solo spawn point of the presents. Upon collecting the presents individually, you will need to physically approach each target family to deliver it. The location of the target family is unfortunately random, meaning that you need to check your mini-map often to know which direction to move towards.

Delivering presents to the families only when all monsters are gone

Monsters will spawn specifically at two instances: (a) when you are going to deliver the present to the family; (b) when you’re waiting for the next present to spawn. This consists of a mix of Xmas themed minions (eg. Gift Takers, Kringle’s Workers, Yuletide Miscreant) and regular minions with some reskinning (eg. Nature Hound, purple Warmage Officiants etc.).

Generally, these are more than a hindrance than anything else as you’ll need to clear each complete wave of monsters before you can deliver the held present or collect the next spawned present. Lingering around the tree or the target family when monsters are around, will not trigger the present spawning/ present delivery!

Thankfully, for those with T6 gear and above, monsters in Legendary difficulty shouldn’t pose much of a threat. But do try to dodge their attacks since most projectiles are aimed to slow you down.

Grim Green Goblin boss

Once the 1 minute duration is up, you get transported to the Xmas tree where the final boss, Green Grim Goblin will spawn (basically a reskinned Nature Kringle). Its skill set matches that of the Kringle but like the minions, it should be quite manageable in difficulty.

TL;DR: Present Delivery service now on the ground level, done within a shorter time with a fixed 5 presents. Kill all monsters before your next present spawns or gets delivered.

Strategy of Getting 5 Presents

The strategy is pretty much similar to the same one used for the last 2 years’ events: Increase Run speed and have mobility skills (ie. the typical trio of Haste, Malevolent Rush and Fire Dash) to get around much quicker the map. Increasing run speed to a maximum of 50% shouldn’t be much of a problem nowadays with armors featuring 30%+ easily.

However, do note that Haste does not boost run speed beyond 50% so activating it when your gear already offers that will not help in improving your mobility. Thus, this frees up your belt slot for something more useful. For this, I highly recommend Ray of Darkness since it has incredible range and short casting time, allowing you to snipe far-away monsters even if they get feared and run off.

In terms of weaponry, ranged weapons (ie. Staff, Crossbows) prove to be more efficient to reach those far away minions upon spawning, instead of chasing them around with melee. This helps minimise waiting time since you can immediately collect or deliver the present upon reaching your destination(s).

Update: A useful tip shared by Book (iOS, EU/NA server) is that you can equip items (Drakkenscale Armor, Draconid Outburst, Master Kick etc.) that boost your Attack Speed in order to get rid of the monsters more quickly. However, do bear in mind not too sacrifice your run speed too much in the process. 🙂


Oh yes, unlike last year’s event, you cannot pick up the last (fifth) present and deliver it after killing the boss since all the families will evacuate the map once the boss spawns. Thus, you’ll need to do everything within the one minute allotted.

Update: According to Badjaybird (iOS, EU/NA server), there is a possibility to pick up the last present before the time ends and deliver it after the boss has been killed. This is only possible in a very specific scenario where the final target family is not within the blocked off areas of the map. 

While I’ve not encountered this, this certainly helps a lot in getting all 5 presents in. 


Bearing these in mind, it should be possible to get 5 presents if no hiccups occur along the way. 🙂

TL;DR: Increase Run Speed, Have mobility skills and Ranged weapons. Kill all monsters quickly when they spawn before collecting/delivering presents.

Ornament-to-Energy Ratios

Playing manually gives an additional 3 more ornaments for every delivered present. This amounts to a total of 15 more ornaments, taking into account that all 5 presents are delivered. On the other hand, rushing would provide the base cost and assumes that you did not deliver any presents (ie. what is written on the screen).

Putting that in perspective, below is a chart of the Energy to Ornament ratios of the various difficulties when rushed or manually played (with maximum of 15 additional ornaments obtained).


Legendary difficulty wins naturally in terms of rate (as always, hands down).

Strategy for the Busy Folk

While there is Auto mode to ease the effort spent in physically (and mentally) engaging the game, the number of presents you’ll get averages between 3-4 presents and requires you to constantly hit the replay button.

But more importantly, it is significantly faster to rush the event, even if you are a bit short on rush tickets.

This is because the holiday chest provides stacks and stacks of rush tickets which surpasses what you spend for rushing for the event. Thus, it makes it a worthwhile option especially for those of you who have hectic schedules

TL;DR: Just rush the event, since rush tickets can be earned back (and more) quickly.

The Holiday Shop

The revised holiday shop now features 4 main items, and you can also purchase the old Xmas Nature Armor (max stock: 1 7) and Water duals (max stock: 1 7) and T1 Xmas trinket (max stock: 32). There is also an endless supply of Holiday chests which offer a decent variety of Xmas themed fusion boosters, minions and other items inclusive.

Update: The increase in stock for the armor and duals is probably to enable mastering these event-themed items, since they only appear once a year. 


The cost of each item roughly equates to:


Also, RobSJ has shared his chest pull rate on the forums (link here), which gives an approximation of how the rates of each item featured in the chest.

T6 Xmas Trinket

One of the greater rewards for this year’s event would be the T6 S-grade water trinket featuring awesome fixed properties of 8% all weapon bonuses with critical hit chance and damage.


To craft it, you’ll need a total of 32x T1 Xmas trinkets as each tier of crafting requires 2 trinkets from the former tier (ie. T6 requires, 2x T5; T5 requires 2x T4 etc. etc.). You can obtain these T1 trinkets by purchasing them from the shop at a fixed rate of 1.2k ornaments per T1 trinket, which equates to 9 rushes of Legendary difficulty.

However, there is a maximum stock of 32 trinkets, which means you can get the most of T6 trinket if you rely solely on the shop. Obtaining more T1 trinkets can be done by opening the holiday chest. This is unfortunately random at best, but the only alternative of getting a second or third T6 trinket.

If you wish to obtain the T6 trinket instantly without relying on natural energy regen, this requires 910 gems (max ornaments manual) or 1,010 gems (rush) for energy refills on Legendary difficulty. Below are some of the calculations for the number of playthroughs and the number of gems needed.

cost total

One nice touch is that this certainly benefits those who have made the effort to obtain the T4 Xmas trinket last year. With that T4-trinket in their possession, it probably allows one to own more than T6 trinket more quickly.

Some Improvements perhaps?

Despite all the rage with the much-desired Snowball, Kringle and Candy Cane Corvus being ‘stuck‘ in chests, it honestly is too soon to tell since this is the beginning of the Holiday event.

The later half of December features 2 holiday themed Legendary Hunts, which are probably for obtaining the new Reindeer Armor and Xmas Crossbow. My prediction is that these will feature these event-type items (eg. Snowball, Champions) as part of their participation rewards, similar to the Summer and the more recent Halloween event.

As for the holiday chest, one main gripe which I would have is the tedium of opening multiple holiday chests at once. Perhaps it might be more ideal to have the option to open 10x (or even 100x) holiday chests at once to ease the menial work of constantly pressing the button over and over again.

That’s about it for now.

Happy holidays! 🙂


16 thoughts on “Valethian Christmas (2017)

    1. Nope….didn’t include that one.
      It’ll definitely be reduced if one chooses to wait. Moreover, we don’t know if the LegHunt special events will provide the T1 trinket as well.


  1. I am opening more than 100 chests a day and still have only gotten 1 Kringle from the free chests. If someone can tell me they got more than 1, I will know to continue trying. Would really appreciate it! I got my second Kringle from a paying chest (the one currently in the paid section).


    1. This is honestly quite interesting.

      Yes, the present seems to spawn at the 1:20 mark after killing the monsters, and even an indicator to deliver shows up after. Is this a regular occurrence?

      P.S: ‘Dark Quest’ sounds so much better than ‘Dungeon Hunter’


  2. I have found that if you click the purchase button for the holiday chest very quickly it kicks off 2 chest animations and you may get double chests per purchase. Can anyone confirm that? Also, I did finally get a second Kringle from a free chest. Additionally, Zung your prediction was right and at least the Candy Cane Corvus is a participation reward for the next hunt. Hopefully Kringle is for the one after that since I will end up with around M5 mastery before the holiday ends if not M6 or 7 which would be great! Does anyone know if the Candy Cane Corvus has the ground rune attack the standard Corvus has? I haven’t fought enough of them yet to absolutely confirm but it does not look like it. Is the Candy Cane Corvus good? Better than a standard one?


    1. I’ve fought the Candy Cane corvus a few times now (T7, M5-6) and it doesn’t fare too well even in boosted shores. I’ve not see the ground rune ability, but I’ve only noticed its presents + knockdown skill, which is fairly irritating but not entirely deadly against a decently equipped dark user. It also seems to have a poison-type ability but not too sure what is the animation for that. Gotta do more tests to determine this.


  3. > Is this a regular occurrence?
    at least not very rare;
    my character can deliver around 4 times, sometimes 5, while regular delivery time.
    and I can get 155 points in 2 try
    (get 5 delivery on most of 2nd challenge when could not get 5 in the 1st challenge)

    the boss often does not serve the small fry;
    in this case I simply abort the challenge unless 5 delivery succeeded 🙂

    btw, I once saw the 6th “what may appear” beyond the ice gate


  4. I see the countdown before killing small fry for 4th or 5th turn,
    and if the time remain is less than 10, I don’t kill them, let them survive when the boss comes up.
    this way I get 155 in most of match.
    btw, when I move to wrong direction in 1st turn, immediately stop the match and start next match 🙂


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