Forbidden Courtyard

As requested by Pornpote in the last post, here is my take on the Forbidden courtyard (or ‘Courtyard/Court’ in short). Honestly, I never thought I would be doing this stronghold as it was rather average since its inception in the very first Xinkashi update. It never stood out even after SHv2.0 was released, going so far as to boost a consistent 100% to all nature minion stats at max tier

Recently, this room started to gain more traction after the Kringle ‘surge’ in the last christmas update. Because of this, a very specific setup of minions now dominates the current ‘meta’ of nature rooms available in the higher leagues.

Like in all stronghold posts, this entry will detail a general overview of the physical features of this room, strategies as to how to raid it, and tactics of building it.

Fun Fact: This was my first ever Stronghold (from the Minions chest) back when the first version of SH was around. It popped out as a T5 😉

Forbidden Courtyard

This Xinkashi-themed stronghold features a medium-sized triangular-shaped room filled with three flowers arranged in a similar triangular arrangement. The flowers are similar to the Guardhouse turrets, each with its own radial field of effect (or zone). These ‘active obstaclesdeal ongoing damage once you are within their zones and damage is applied similarly to Damage over 3 seconds (DOT) but will not persist after you leave the area.

The damage is exclusively nature based and is subject to elemental advantage/disadvantage (ie. dark will receive double damage and fire will receive half). Just a gauge, a raider with 20k global armor will receive about 100 damage per tick from a flower zone in a T6 courtyard.

While the damage does not sound a lot, being within the zone also results in instant slow and get a chance (not 100%) to be eventually stunned if you stay there for longer than 5-6 seconds. This is useful, or dangerous, depending on which side you stand on, as the minions within the room deal a whopping 50% more damage when the raider is slowed.

Flower zones deal damage, slow and eventually stun

However, unlike the turrets from the Guardhouse, these flowers do not have a HP bar and cannot be destroyed during the battle itself. These will only vanish once the raid is won, allowing you to collect your chest unharmed.

Other notable physical features of the room include the signature Xinkashi naga statue in the room’s center which obstructs movement and blocks projectile-based attacks from one end of the room to another. This is a undoubtedly useful obstacle for raiders to prevent ranged attacks from hitting you across the room and allowing you to recover your skill cooldowns.

With the (long-time) release of the SHv2.0 upgrade, this room did not undergo a change in its overall shape or size of the room. Thus, this makes the Courtyard a moderately large room, comparable in size to the Ashkardian Crypt. The T6 room also boosts a standardised 100% across all the nature minion stats (Attack, Armour and HP bonuses). With no stat in particular standing out, this provides a greater flexibility to customise your SH with a strong stat of your liking (or simply based on the minions you managed to obtain).

Raiding it

Notice: At the time of writing this post, the skill/action delay (and strangely the skill cooldown numbers too) is finally out of the way for all platforms, returning the pace of raiding back to normal.

In the introduction, I mentioned a very specific setup of minions dominate the current trend of Courtyards. This comprises of Kringles/ Mezzogians, Rangers and an occasional druid or assassin in an alternating staggered formation (see below). Since this one of the more challenging and popular configurations available for Courtyard, this section will be written mostly in reference to this setup.

For a Kringle/Ranger configuration, these deadly setups usually are between 20 to 26k minion stats.

Assuming that all these minions are at full mastery, this combination is especially deadly since Kringles keep the advantaged Fire users at bay while Rangers dish out a lot of un-dodgeable DOT damage to non-fire users. The Druid in the middle (behind the statue) helps to keep any minions from dying off too quickly and the Assassin deals a nasty bind and armor shred which cuts your armor by 20%.

Additionally, this combination works well in a larger room since Kringles teleport rather frequently. Thus, you’ll be spending more time chasing them down instead of actually dealing damage. This increases the chances of you being bombarded by snowballs, getting stuck in the snowmen traps or flower zones or showered with the poison projectiles from the rangers.

Preparing for the Battle

From experience, I’ve not been able to clear this stronghold with 2 or more (M7) mastered Kringles with Fire gear (without Bloodrage activating) since their attacks will get to you faster than the Ranger’s DOT. Fortunately, I find that it is very much possible and easier to clear this combination using Light and/or Water (as shared by some of my Guildmates).

For this entry, I found that raiding in Light was more optimal for myself. The armor used was Justicar for HP/Hit and armed with Sunsearer crossbow to snipe while keeping your distance from Kringles/ Assassins since their heavy-hitting projectiles are avoid-able from a distance. The secondary weapon would be a Fire melee (Searing Edge) to kill the lower HP Rangers/Druids off quickly at close-range.

Ranged raiders benefit much in this room, due to their capacity to dish out damage at a distance while avoiding incoming projectiles

Cheaper alternatives would be mastered Dust Fangs or Twin Rogueblades which can both be found from missions. These provide HP/Hit and Attack speed which are beneficial in removing both Kringles and Rangers quickly.

One thing to note about Ranged raiders in Courtyard – Although the flower zones cut out quite a bit of walk-able space for the raider, Ranged raiders are more at an advantage since they don’t need to approach the minions directly and potentially get caught in the flower zones. This works well against projectile-heavy minions (Kringles, Assassins). You can also use the big statue as cover from the Kringles‘ snowball(s) on the other side of the room.

Snowmen traps paired with the flower zones makes things much trickier

Magical properties/traits to consider would include Run speed and Dodge as priority as you’ll want to evade attacks by physically running aside or by passively dodging them. HP/Hit is also of great necessity to improve survive-ability….just in case, you get accidentally hit by a Kringle’s large snowball or the poison bolts from Rangers.

Moreover, you might also want to select skills which emulate the above properties while granting periods of invulnerability or aiding in defence. Such skills include:


  • Bat Shield – HP shield, HP/Hit
  • Lightning Shield – Stun, HP shield
  • Smoke Veil – Active + Passive Dodge increase


  • Fire Cone – High active DOT and Good damage against nature units
  • Flame Eruption – Good DOT and fast cooldown to enable quick bursts of invulnerability
  • Draconian Outburst – High raw damage + Attack Spd increase
  • Malevolent Rush – Good mobility + increase critical, knockdown
  • Snowball – High passive + active DOT


  • Mist of Death – Short invulnerability, Persistent zone + Bind, Easy to use
  • Ice Stalagmites – Persistent zone + freeze, Easy to use
  • Immortal Justice – High raw damage (but challenging to use well)
  • Haste – Increase Atk Spd/Run Spd
While Mist of Death pairs well with HP/Hit to deal damage and recover HP, always remember to keep an eye on your HP!

TL;DR: Light/Water as recommended base elemental gears if there are plenty of Water champions around; priority on HPH, Dodge, Run speed; Recommend skills that deal damage while granting invulnerability

Tactics in Raiding

Regardless of which element you select, I personally find that the optimal order of minions to take down would be:

  1. Rangers – Low HP but source of high damage
  2. Druids – AoE healing
  3. Kringles/Mezzos – annoying damage dealers + slow & freeze
  4. Assassins – to avoid having them to revive again

In the case of high stat Courtyards, the critical period in raiding this room is within the first few seconds of entering. Kringles will almost instantly cast their snowman traps, making it almost impossible to move to the right, where the closest ranger will most likely be.

Getting hit by the first DOT attack from the Ranger on the right makes things much tougher from the get-go

Warning: If your global stats aren’t high enough (>20k def in a non-dark element), you might not be able to overcome this first step. There’s also an element of luck involved since the projectiles might miss, allowing you to move away from the entrance unscathed. Also, practice…practice…practice! 🙂

If you don’t succeed in avoiding the traps in the first few seconds, try to move towards your 11 o’clock (ie. diagonally left to the top left corner), which is likely to be where the second ranger or assassin is standing at. Don’t engage but instead move in an anti-clockwise manner around the periphery of the room. This helps you to roll out of the Snowmen trap since it turns your character to face left by default. Since you are already moving left, you’ll tend to get caught in the left most trap first, allowing you to roll out into free space and not into another snowman.

A very daunting entry which takes some practice to run out from

Despite their high DOT (up to ~600 dmg per tick for a ~20k global elemental-neutral armor), Rangers fall very easily and can be subjected to fear /stun /bind /freeze /knockdown. As covered in my Guardhouse post, the rule of thumb would be to keep a very far distance if you’re not engaging with them and close in when you’re ready to attack. This stops the rangers from performing their painful triple bolt DOT attack as it is done only when you’re slightly out of Melee range.

Thanks to the large size of the room, you can easily run away from the rangers, while keeping a watch on the Kringles.  This allows you to wait for your cooldown of your shields/damaging skills to be completed from a safe distance. After which, you can close in the gap and finish them off with your Fire melee weapon or skill (eg. Fire Cone, Flame Eruption, Draconiod Outburst).

Always take a breather to wait for your skills to cooldown

If there is a Druid in the room, the time duration/window of which you need to kill the Ranger becomes much smaller. However, I personally find that it is still well-worth to attack the ranger first due to its lower HP and to eliminate other sources of damage. Thus, additional Attack Speed helps to finish off the rangers before they can get healed, or at least right after the first heal.

Should you find that you are taking too much damage or get frozen/bind midway, don’t be afraid to run off and wait for your cooldowns to recharge before returning to engage the rangers again.

After clearing the Ranger(s), go after the Druid to stop further healing from occurring on the other higher HP minions. Kringles or Mezzogians (and then finally Assassin) should be shortly after to get rid of the main damage dealers in the room.

For additional information about dealing with multiple Kringles, do give my previous Seashore post a read as I covered some general strategies inside.

While it takes some time to clear the room, practice makes perfect!

One less commonly encountered combination would be Gelid voror paired with a Druid usually at the top near the statue. This setup can get quite annoying since there is a chance where the Voror shields the Druid when it burrows underground, which grants the Druid immensely high defence. Thus, you’ll need to wait for the shield to wear off before the Druid can be killed off efficiently.

The explanation for this is similar to the Voror’s shield buff when affecting units under the influence of a guardhouse invulnerability turret, which you can read here. The druid’s defence is set to a high figure when underground to activate its ‘invulnerability’ status. As the voror’s buff stacks upon the existing defence of the affected unit, this results in a high boosted armour of the Druid.

A simple trick of overcoming this would be to avoid rushing in too quickly to damage the Druid, as this will cause it to instantly burrow and match the time of the Voror’s casting. While the Druid will still be buffed, the defence increment is much less and it can still be subjected to decent damage (1-2k+) to be taken down relatively quickly. Alternatively, use Fire Cone or have passive DOT since it ignores armor completely. 🙂

TL;DR: Rangers go first, followed by Druids, then Kringles/Mezzogians and Assassins. Keep running to avoid getting swarmed by the enemies or getting stunned/frozen locked in place.

Building it

For those who lack the minions or means for the ever-popular Kringles, Rangers, Druid/Assassin option, don’t fret as there are other minions which function well in this room.

The relatively large size of this room makes this a double-edge sword with certain minions functioning better than others here. One group of minions would be the Chaser-type such as Wicker Beast, Dominators, Monkeys to keep raiders moving or to ‘push‘ them into the flower zones. These make Ranged units especially difficult to attack since it does not give them breathing space to fire from a distance.

Another type of minions would be those that keep their distance but linger close to the raider while pelting him/her with projectiles. Usually, these come with flying or teleportation abilities, inclusive of Mezzogian, Corvus, Candy Cane Corvus, Assassins, Wolves.

Candy Cane Corvus deals annoying knockdowns when it lands

Other minions which are viable are Mossbacks and Nagas. Having multiple (mastered T7) mossbacks will pose a threat to both fire and non-fire raiders with their damaging and healing breath. This effectively makes the battles much longer, which is beneficial in GW. Nagas on the other hand, have high incremental Dodge, homing projectiles and a hefty whirlpool attack that slows the raider to a near un-moveable state.

Mossbacks make the battle much longer with their healing and damaging breaths

While Colossi (and perhaps Warlords) can be considered, I find that they are unfortunately too slow to be useful in this room and function more as another (artillery) attack which the raider has to watch out. They do, however, serve to lengthen the time raiders spend in the SH, a much cheaper option compared to 2 or more mossbacks.

Recommended minions


  • Kringle – High Water damage, Freeze Trap, Teleportation, Slowing
  • Assassin – Teleportation, Armour Shred, Bind, Slowing, DOT, High Crit
  • Mezzogian – Teleportation, Rapid fire, Slowing, Freeze
  • Mossback – Flying, Healing + Damaging Breath, Damage mitigation
  • Corvus – Haste buff, DOT, High dodge, Fast
  • Candy Cane Corvus –  Flying, Knockdown, DOT
  • Wicker Beast – Fast, DOT field, Knockdown
  • Dominator – AoE Crit + Damage boost, Damage Reflection, High Crit

Non Champions

  • Ranger – High DOT, Slowing (Low HP)
  • Druid – Large healing range, Burrowing/Invulnerability
  • Monkey – High Critical, High dodge, Long invulnerability periods
  • Wolf – Teleportation, Stun (Low HP)
  • Gelid Voror – AoE shield buff, Slowing, goes well with Druids and Assassins

Prioritise Nature/Water/Dark minions to counter Fire/Light raiders who are entering your SH blind in GW, which are emerging elements in this period of the game to counter the once-popular Nettles, or more common Seashore Retreat.

In response, the following stats can be considered to be boosted:

Nature HP/Def – As you’ll be relying on DOT from Rangers and Assassins and additional damage from Slow, these stats will be more appropriate for keeping Rangers, Assassins and Druids alive for a longer duration. This can also be beneficial for Mossbacks since their healing is based on percentage of their total HP.

Water Atk/Def/HP – This helps to quickly take out any potential Fire raiders quickly while keeping your water minions alive throughout the battle. Be warned though, as non-mastered Kringles don’t have a lot of HP and defence, especially in a Nature room, so they’ll need some durability through permanent minion bonuses.

TL;DR: Equip Nature/Water/Dark minions to counter Fire/Light raiders and boost Nature HP/Def and all Water stats respectively. If you don’t have the means to obtain the Kringle/Ranger/Druid combination, try going for Chaser type minions or Range-projectile based or slowing units.

And that concludes this long post on Courtyard!

I’ll be doing a quick coverage of the Chinese New Year event once it drops, so do stay tuned for that 🙂


66 thoughts on “Forbidden Courtyard

  1. Thank you very much for a useful article. I have some questions about building it. Now my stronghold is courtyard. My set-up is that Wicker Beast (t6 max, +150 sf point), Ice Colossus (t6 max, m1, +165 sf point), Kringle (t7 max, m7, +255 sf point), Mossback Dragon (t7 max, m2, +180 sf point) and Assassin (t6 max, +150 sf point). My average attack and defense is about 16,000. At first, I believe that I could defend. The result is that I can get some defense in Master 3 league but not Legendary.
    My other minions are:
    – Gelid Voror (t6 max, m6, +152 sf point)
    – Mezzogian (t6 max, +150 sf point)
    – Warmage Sentinel (t6 max, +1 sf point)
    – 3 Candy cane corvus
    – Lord of eve (t6 max, m4, +1 sf point)
    – 7 Rangers
    – 5 Nature Colossus
    – 2 Druid
    What do you think of my set-up? (Back: Beast, Middle: Ice Colossus and Kringle, Front: Mossback and Assassin)
    Should I replace any minions with my other minions?
    I don’t have any Decanene left so I can master my other minions to M4 only. Are Ranger, Nature Colossus and Candy Cane Corvus worth to build and master?
    You may say that “don’t worry about defending” but for me, only fun part of this game is about defending.
    I used to use Seashore retreat. My set-up is that Kringle, Ice Colossus, Mezzogian, Gelid Voror and Assassin in the middle. My average attack and defense is around 20,000 but it is worse than my courtyard. I can hardly defend with seashore even in Master3.
    Sorry to bother you again but I need your advice. Thank you.


  2. Out of your other minions, I would recommend Ranger as the most worthwhile to master and that can replace your M1 ice colossus. You might also swap your Beast with Mezzo since both aren’t mastered and having an extra water minion helps fend off fire-raiders.

    Another minion you could consider would be a Mastered Druid + Gelid Voror combination to keep your units alive much longer, though that places your setup as a more ‘support-oriented’ one where you wear down your raiders over longer period of time.

    In short, you can try the following:-
    Back: M2 Mossback
    Mid: T6 Mezzo/ M6 Gelid (right); T6 Assassin (left)
    Front: M6 Ranger (right); M7 Kringle (left)

    Additionally, I’m sure you’re aware that it is much more challenging to get defences in Legendary league since a great number of players would have the capacity (and confidence) to win most (if not all) setups. This means that you’ll still experience a significant percentage of loss even with a robust high stat setup.

    Unfortunately, you don’t have plenty of mastered minions, which makes your SH an easier target. Thus, it might be better if you focused on getting more mastery in first.


  3. Thank you very much. So I will keep my Mossback, Kringle and Assassin. I try using Mezzogian instead of Ice Colossus but it dies in one shot with Immortal Justice. So what do you should between Mezzogian, Ice Colossus and Gelid Voror?
    For the Beast, I may replace it with Ranger but my problem is that I don’t have Decanene to master it to M5 and M6 and this material is very hard to get. Do you still think M4 Ranger is better than Beast?
    And in the future if I can get more Beast and master it to M4, what is better between M4 Beast and M4 Ranger?


    1. You try between Mezzo and Gelid. I personally find Ice Colossus too slow in this large room.
      For ranger, I would only recommend if it were >M4 since it doesn’t have much HP/Def to survive for very long. M4 Wicker might be more desirable. It might not out-damage a Ranger, but it will prove to be an annoyance to ranged raiders.


  4. Hey zung can you help me in my nightmare pit setup? I currently own a M3 Overseer, M2 Bewitching Specter, M2 Lord of the Eve, M0 Harbringer, and M0 Acolyte. So what are the best fit in the pit? Please help im getting raided constantly at M3 League in SH. Thanks 🙂


      1. Well my other minions are Dominator, Dark Vorror( Forgot the name), Err Tidespitter and other useless minions. lol. I wanted to switch through Seashore Retreat and join the Vile Kringe event last year. Too bad i did not and now i slightly regret it. 😦


      2. You can try lord, harbinger, dominator, dark voror and tidesplitter in pits. Not a very orthodox combination, but your other minions aren’t very strong either and can be cleared with a mid range nature set.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. So I here is what I did. I bought a lot of Stronghold chest. and What I got are a lot of Bewitching Specter , a lot of Dark Vorror too, and got Two Ethera. What I did is I M6 my Specter and M1 my Ethera. This is my setup now. M6 Bewitching Specter, M1 Ethera, M2 Lord of the Eve, M0 Harbringer, and M3 Overseer. I plan on M6 my Dark Vorror. But then I realized M6 Tortured is better because of its damaged and can revive from being dead. So whattya think? M6 Vorror > M6 Tortured? or Vice versa? Thanks. Sorry for the long post. :))


      1. I plan on putting a M6 Tortured that can deal high damage as ranger. IT can be t7 too. Soo Hopefully next Death Minions


  5. What about 2-3 Moss dragons and pair of kringles. All T7 and fully or almost fully mastered. Dragons keep healing each other and flying around. Looks mission impossible.


    1. Yes it’s tough, but still doable.

      In this case, using light gear + secondary fire helps as well. Use immortal justice to wipe the Kringles first. When facing with mossbacks, I find that isolating them by running about before they land helps to keep the healing breath from cross-firing on another nearby mossback. The large room makes things easier since it’ll keep the dragons far apart when done right.


      1. I use light gear and t7 m6 Xumero as my 2nd weapon along with Bat Shield, Draco and Immortal Justice. I can beat 3 t7 mossback (2 of them are fully mastered) and t7 m5 Kringle with t7 m3 Mezzo with that combo.


      2. Nice….Xumero is quite awesome too with the attack speed from Draco. Unfortunately, for those without Draco (like myself), fire cone does the job well too.

        I’m curious to know what is your main weapon and armour though.


  6. How about Ethera? Is she good in this room? I see that Ethera is boosted in Stronghold chest this week. One of her ability is slow which fit to the room but I am afraid that she is gonna die fast. Is it worth to get her?
    I also have Lord of the eve. Is he worth to master to M4 and put him in this room?


    1. Ethera and Lord have too Low HP to be placed outside of pits though. Personally, I’ve not seen a m6 Ethera yet though I wouldn’t count on her being awesome here.


      1. Hey Zung. I asked some suggestion from others. One person suggested M6 Ravager, M6 Tortured (I do not own these two)… M6 Specter, and M2 Lord, M1 Ethera. I think its a pretty great setup considering Ravager has armor shredding while Tortured has high attack, the other minions does the damage as well. You think its great? 😀 I’m the same person as Paul and Paul Rage from this post. 🙂


      2. Hey Paul, could you replace your Ethera with a Harbinger if that’s the case? At least you’ll have another reviver champ that helps your tortured and ravager come back more often. Their flying ability also keeps them away from being damaged and that gives them ample time to heal if its flying above a lit tile.

        One problem I find is that Etheras and Specters fall too quickly nowadays, and are less worthwhile at higher Mastery levels. I’ve not seen a tortured at high Mastery though since Dark strongholds are not particularly strong at higher leagues.


    1. Hmm…I’m not so keen on Lightning Colossus in this room though, unless it has high mastery and high boosted minion stats. If anything, it serves more like an annoyance to lengthen the time of raid, and at lower mastery, it falls fast to Mist of Death.


  7. What do you think about draconic outburst? @djarwoo666 said that he use draco and can kill 3 t7 dragons. I don’t know how. I got draco and I use it but I don’t see that it can do any damage to dragon because dragon will put green shield around it when it is first hit. Moreover I use draco to beast and it do a little damage to it. Unlike Immortal justice, it can kill beast in one shot. I think firecone is better than draco. What do you think? I’m not sure that it is a waste to try to get draco from the chest or not. I opened 40 chests to get it. That means I spent 2,520 gems for it.


    1. After some quick try-outs of Draco, I find that it needs quite a bit of precise timing for the damage to be dealt properly, similar to Immortal Justice. The Area of Effect seems to be quite large too but there appears to be homing to some extent.

      My initial suggestion is that you’ll need to get used to raiding with it first, which might take a while before you get the hang of it. Fire Cone is honestly much easier to use as a skill.

      Moreover, if you wish to replace Fire Cone with Draco, do be warned that you’ll be missing out on dodge and run speed. Fundamentally, I find that these are much more important for survive-ability when facing off moss or even rangers and assassins.


  8. Thank you, Zung. Do you know how to use Draco effectively? For me, I can kill Dragon faster with Firecone than with draco.


  9. Hi Zung
    I just got 3 corvus yesterday and I can evolve it to t6 and m2. I considered to put it in my courtyard but I can decide which minion should I replace with between Gelid voror (t6, m6, +152 sf point) and wicker beast (t6, + 150 sf point). What do you suggest?
    My other minions in my set up are Kringle (t7, m7, + 255 sf point), Assassin (t7, + 150 sf point), Mossback (t7, m4, +210 sf point).
    Moreover, I also got 2 dominators and 1 Naga. Is it worth to build them?


    1. Hi Pornpote,
      Nice! Corvus is great and since you don’t have much mastery on your wicker beast, I would recommend replacing it with your M2 corvus. The gelid should do well in boosting the rest too.


  10. Thank you, Zung. I have one more question. I just got one more Mossback. I think it is hard to get decanene for me now. Do you think I should wait until I get enough decanene and then master it to m5 or I should build it to t7 and place 2 Mossback (one t7 + M4 and one t7) in my courtyard?


  11. I believe that my guild will finish above rank 50 this week so I will have enough decanene to master my minions. My main set-up is M5 Mossback, M7 Kringle and t7 Assassin. For the other two slots, which minions do you choose among M6 Gelid Voror, M6 Ranger and M2 Corvus? Moreover, I have 6 Nature Colossus now. Do you think it is worth to build and master it?


    1. Nope to Nature Colossus since they aren’t really as tanky nor damaging compared to the other minions.

      As for the other 2 slots, you can try Gelid and Ranger first since it’s easier to boost their stats (ie. Water and Nature permanent minion bonuses). Alternatively, you can consider Corvus in place of Gelid if you have high Dark bonuses.


  12. Thank you. My dark bonus is only 20% so I think I should use Gelid and Ranger. Then my minions in the room are Kringle, Gelid, Mossback, Ranger and Assassin. In your opinions, which position for each minions?


  13. Thank you. My dark bonus is only 20% so I think I should use Gelid and Ranger. Then my minions in the room are Kringle, Gelid, Mossback, Ranger and Assassin. In your opinion, which position for each minions?


      1. Dude so here is what happened. This is my current setup. M5 Ravager, M6 Acolyte, M6 Specter, M2 Lord of the Eve, and M1 Corvus. If I just had a duplicate of Lord of the Eve it would have been a better Sh. 😦 My bonus percentage in attack is at 42 percent already and around 36 at Armor Bonus. 😦


      2. I think its pretty nice cause Acolyte and Ravager can be annoying sometimes because they can revive each other and Corvus and Specter has Dodge Capabilites 😀 I just need to M6 my Corvus and M6 my Lord of The Eve and its one badass Nightmare Pit. Considering I have high Permanent Bonus already. Whatdya think? 😀


      3. Acolyte can revive Ravager but not the other way around. A harbinger would be a better alternative.
        Specter doesn’t have good dodge, and I wouldn’t recommend her since she doesn’t teleport away upon hit like she did before.
        Perhaps you can do Ravager, Acolyte, Harbinger instead.

        As for waiting for Lord of Eve, that might take a while since they release it only on Halloween. As for Corvus, that might also be tough to get, but it is a strong minion to have in your setup.


  14. Err. Can you give me your Fb atleast so we can talk about Dungeon Hunter things and raids, etc. Would be a great help 😀 Plus also its much harder to visit all the time and post here Haha. If you have LINE app I can connect with you as well. Thank You so much Zung! Paul and Paul Rage are the same person btw. 😀


      1. I just transmuted my Harbringer 😦 But I find it really useless if its not Mastered. Few strikes = Dead. So Yeah I plan to stick with my Setup for Good. If you can Tell me whats a Good Replacement for Specter Please tell me. Thanks 🙂


      2. Here is my plan for my Future Sh. M6 Corvus, M6 Lord of the Eve, M6 Ravager, M6 Acolyte and M6 (Hopefully M7) Tortured. 😀 My bonus is this. Attack Bonus : 42 %, Armor Bonus : 38 %, Health Bonus : 32 %. Hopefully by October I can do all of this. What do you think?


      3. Sorry if I’m too d*mn noisy. Hehe I just wanted the best for my Sh. Even though there are a lot of good Nature Armor and Weapon already… Thanks 🙂


  15. Now the stronghold can be evolved to T7. At first, I think that it’s gonna be great. My SH is Courtyard. When I look at the stats, it looks good to me. All minions’ bonuses are increased to 170% and additional damage on slowed opponent is increased to 80%. My set-up is M7 Mossback at the back, M7 Assassin in the middle on the left, M7 Kringle in the middle on the right, M7 Kringle in the front on the left and M6 Ranger in the front on the right. All minions have maxed SF points.
    After I had evolved my SH to T7, I tested it with my fire set. The result is that I can clear my SH with full health. I really don’t understand why. Moreover, I cannot defend at all. It seems that everyone wants to raid my SH because it looks easy. I tried to replace rangers with M6 Corvus but it still doesn’t work. Do you have any recommendation on setting up my SH? You can suggest any minions. Thank you.


    1. Hi Pornpote, yes the bonuses are much better now (even at T6). However, the power creep from existing gear means that Strongholds still aren’t up to par with the gears from raiders.

      To be honest, your setup is already much better than average with a good mix of water/nature units. You can try swapping out the Ranger with another Mossback or Assassin since those have more durability in the long run.


  16. Thank you very much, Zung. I encountered some Courtyard using Druid at the back, 2 Kringles in the middle and 2 Rangers in the front. What do you think of this set-up? I also have M6 Mezzogian. Should I replace Ranger with Mezzogian? What about Wicker Beast?


    1. The M6 Mezzogian might do some good. It helps to lower your overall minion stats (since water minions won’t be higher than , misleading more people into fighting your SH.

      I’m not less keen on the Druid for your setup since most of your minions are quite durable already (besides the ranger). Putting in the Druid will result in players attacking him first and while that might distract them for a bit, it’ll ultimately be a ‘wasted’ minion against stronger fire raiders.

      The setup which you mentioned (2 Kringles; 2 Rangers; 1 Druid) works since it gives people 3 critical targets which players have to take out fast (ie. Rangers, Druid), while getting pelted by the Kringles.

      Wicker beasts are more appropriate against ranged users but I would predict most people would go in with Melee fire weapons. Thus, they’ll make short work of your wicker beast really quickly (ie run to the back of the room and kill it before the rest of the minions catch up).


  17. Thank you very much. I think the setup that I mentioned is the cheapest way to build SH and when I raided this setup, I will always defeated. Any recommendation on how to raid this SH and what skills should I use?


  18. My current traproom is Courtyard. The set-up is M7 Mossback, M7 Rangers, M7 Assassin, 2 M7 Kringles. I plan to strengthen my SH. I have a lot of options but can not decide which one is the best.
    First: evolving my t6 Seashore to t7.
    Second: evolving my t5 Xinkashi Spring to t7
    Third: stick to my Courtyard and buy bonus for water minion.
    My other minions that I have and believe that they are useful are M7 Mezzogian, M6 Corvus.
    I am afraid that evolving another traproom especially Seashore or Spring will be a waste because a lot of players will get M7 Light Gear soon because of the crystal challenge. If you were me, which option would you choose? If you choose to evolve Seashore, which minions and which position should I place?


    1. I would go for the third option though. The improvement will be very slow (since the price per bonus is incremental) but at least there will be definite progress.
      Alternatively you can level up another Assassin since those will make killing the Kringles at lot harder.

      If you go with Seashore, then the Kringles, Mezzo, Corvus and Assassin will be useful. The Assassin fares best in the center (since it doesn’t die immediately), while you can mix-and-match the other unit placements.


      1. Assassins take longer to kill than Rangers, thanks to their teleportation and revival abilities.
        Rangers deal more (DOT) damage in the short run, but it is possible for skilled/ lucky raiders to evade the damage and take the Rangers out quickly.

        When paired with Kringles, I feel its better to lengthen the fight since there’s a higher chance for the Kringles to deal good damage (from Freeze+Snowball attacks) while the user is distracted by the incoming arrows from Assassins.


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