Easter 2018

The long weekend is here! And finally I’ve got some spare time on my hands (after so long) to post some entries 🙂

For those who were wondering: Yes, I intentionally skipped the review of the update. It was initially planned as a Chest Drop post but seeing the flak it has been getting on forums/discord, I’ve decided to avoid that for now. What’s more, probability of chest drops isn’t something that can be ‘cheaply‘ quantified so I’m afraid that I lack the resources (and data) to properly evaluate them. 🙂

For this holiday entry, this wouldn’t be so much about a cultural post this time but more of a Legendary Hunt (LH) strategy post for early to mid game players. It is in response to the difficulty scaling in the Easter mission, which makes legendary mode more challenging than your usual LH.

Update (31/3/18): Added Critique’s suggestions. 

Easter Events

This year, DH5 sees a slew of Easter-themed events which offer Easter gears and minions for their rewards. Although these events are referenced from the regular existing events, there are slight revisions to their individual run durations as indicated in the forums:

  • Arena (2nd Half): 29 Mar (Thu) – 1 Apr (Sun)
  • Special Marathon:  29 Mar (Thu) – 3 Apr (Tue)
  • Legendary Hunt (LH): 29 Mar (Thu) – 2 Apr (Mon)
  • Guild War (GW): 30 Mar (Fri) – 2 Apr (Mon)

Specifically, GW and LH have been extended by one day each with LH starting earlier and GW ending later. Also, GW seems to not take up the entirely of Monday as it is terminating about 8 hrs before its usual ending time. Additionally, Arena has been split into 2 runs in a week, with the later half of the Easter-theme edition lasting for 4 days with gem count rewards halved and modified rewards.

The Easter Plate is the second S-grade armor which can be obtained from the leaderboard rewards in LH

To add to the already bountiful amount of things to do over this holiday, there will be all Daily Dungeons Unlocked event over the weekend (31 Mar – 1 Apr). This makes it all the more intensive if you choose to be actively involved in all events.

TL;DR: It’s advisable to check up upon the current event dates as most have been revised for this holiday.

The Event Mission

The scope of this post is to cover the Legendary Hunt event mission designed specially for the Easter Holiday – something which I realised that I’ve yet to cover the event dungeon itself even after playing it for the past two years.

Now that the difficulty has been romped up by quite a bit this year, I find that it finally warrants a strategy post of its own. It’ll include a catch-up of how the event has changed over the past several years.

Subsequently, I’ll do a quick breakdown of how much gems and rush tickets you’ll need right at the end if you wish to collect all participation milestone rewards.

Throughout all three years, the dungeon has been rather straightforward with your character chasing a monkey that steals (and drops) easter eggs around a temple-like environment filled with chocolate pools that slow you character.

Upon reaching certain checkpoints around the map, you’ll face a group of Easter monsters (and sometimes nature or light-based regular minions) that spawn at that position. Only after defeating them can you proceed to the next checkpoint. Minions and the route for the checkpoints are fixed so there’s not too much of a surprise after the first play-through.

Subsequently, you’ll need to deal with a boss (Strawberry Goddess of Easter) at the end. With higher damage and an evasive moveset, she might pose some challenge at the end before you finish the mission.

It’s a good thing they indicated that the pools were chocolate…

In 2016, the event used to be an egg collection exercise where players had to obtain the dropped eggs within a set period of time. If you’ve collected all the eggs before the timer runs out or if the timer completes, you’ll be sent to fight the final boss which terminates the mission.

Collected eggs contributed directly to your base score similar to the Xmas present delivery event. The total number of eggs were the ‘points‘ in this event, which determined your leaderboard ranking and provided participation rewards as reviewed here. However, the post would be rather outdated if viewed in relation to today’s game meta.

2017 had a different mechanic which melded with the WC bonus points system. The timer was removed and this rewarded players eggs as points depending on the difficulty mode they played on as a base score. The score was further multiplied by the WC bonus provided by the gears that players wore for this event.

While I found that the legendary mode wasn’t too difficult with regular fire raiding gear, the real challenge arose from procuring and evolving the fire WC bonus gears in time for the event. On hindsight, this pushed many players to get accustomed to weaker gears, which would’ve been useful for Arena which was released shortly after.

For this year (2018), it is hard not to notice that the difficulty for legendary has been boosted by a significant extent with minions seemingly dishing out a lot more damage than they used to. A rough gauge shows that for a 16k global armor (Fire), you’ll receive approximately 800 – 1.5k damage per hit from regular minions and 1.2k – 3k from the boss.

Thus, let’s take a look at what exactly we are facing against and what builds and strategies could be beneficial for this battle.

TL;DR: Not much can be said besides this year’s edition is the most challenging one in terms of difficulty.

Easter Dungeon Minions

For this dungeon, there are a total of 3 different regular minions (Chocolate-filled Gargoyles, Delicious Chocolate Idols and Monkeys) that will spawn at every checkpoint with a final boss (Strawberry Goddess of Easter) at the end.

Chocolate-filled Gargoyles are the first type of minions that you’ll meet which are a reskinned version of Dark sentinels (from the Xinkashi series of minions). Their abilities are similar to Sentinels, which include a defensive barrier, a fast multi-hit attack, a stun projectile attack and a stab which inflicts armor shredding.

Its defensive shield provides the minion with increased resistance to crowd control effects (eg. slow, stun, fear, pushback etc.). The barrier also appears to be a (not-so-thin) HP shield as you won’t be damage it within the first few seconds of its casting. While I’ve not been able to pinpoint the exact HP for this shield, the shield will dissipate after a quick 5 seconds of its activation.

Gargoyles have a quick single stabbing move that inflicts armor shredding. This debuff causes an additional (documented) 35% damage to be dealt on your character, which is notably higher than Ignicores and Assassins (25% armor shred). Thankfully, the debuff does not stack and lasts for about 3 seconds before recovery.

What makes this minion dangerous is that its fast multi-hit stab attack renders it invulnerable during the attack animation. If you get an armor shred debuff, engaging it during this period of time wastes your attacks while getting hit with a series of heavy damage.

With Armor Shred, the Gargoyle’s multi-hit attack becomes much more damaging

To deal with these, keep your distance immediately when they spawn and wait for 5 seconds before re-entering the fray once their shields are down. You’ll be able to take them out quickly if you have a decent fire weapon or skill equipped.

If you’re geared in Fire armor, the armor shredding isn’t particularly dangerous due to your elemental advantage. However, do watch for the monkeys around since they deal a higher elemental-neutral damage.

Delicious Chocolate Idols are the melee strikers of the Easter minions and are more of an annoyance than being outright deadly. Their moveset includes teleportation (to evade), a defensive shield (like the Easter Gargoyles) and launching a series of slow-moving projectiles.

As long as you’re not in Dark, Idols are not too much of a problem here. In fact, it’s best to have Smoke Veil equipped as their slow-moving projectile attack can be reflected when the skill is activated.

Update: It has been noted by fellow player Critique that Idols are rather dangerous if you get hit by all of the bell projectiles since the accumulative damage (~800*3 = 2,400) is higher than how much monkeys can deal on their critical hits. Thus, it’s advisable to keep moving while keeping Smoke or Cyclone on to avoid getting caught off-guard by their attacks.

Monkeys (Brawlers) are non-Easter non-Nature minions that have been added into the spawns and are probably the more dangerous minions here. Their main moves include a stun projectile and another multi-hit attack which provides them with short bursts of invulnerability.

Be cautious of these as they’re nearly as deadly as a T7 monkey in Stronghold, making it a threat to Water and even non-dark users. It’s best to bring a secondary dark weapon or skill along for this to keep the monkeys at bay. Moreover, these will spawn in larger amounts in the checkpoints closer to the final boss.

Strawberry Goddess of Easter is the champion end-boss of the level that has been reskinned from Kara, the World Bonder, complete with all of her abilities except dishing out Nature-based damage.

The Easter Goddess uses mostly with projectile attacks and actively evades incoming attacks while stepping out of AoE zones

After a short cut-scene, the start of the battle will have her summoning Idols to her aid. However, these will not respawn after they have been taken out, and should be prioritised to make the battle much easier in the long run.

Her general behaviour is mostly defensive and will stick to flinging balls of light from a distance while evading your attacks. The projectiles alternate between a trio of balls which travel a certain distance and linger on before exploding, and a single ball which has a longer range. All projectiles are slow moving and explode upon contact, dealing between 1.2-1.5k damage. These projectiles can be reflected back onto her, making the battle slightly easier with Smoke Veil.

With a moderately large map for the final boss fight, you can use the vegetation behind as cover if you ever need a breather to recover your skills. This also helps for ranged users since they can fire behind the trees without getting hit by the projectiles.

Vegetation serves as good cover from the boss’ projectiles

She will throw out projectiles in an indefinite amount of times before transitioning to her offensive phase. For this mode, she turns invulnerable and carries and charges a ball of Light(?) while moving towards your direction. If you approach her within melee range, she will do a heavy knock-down attack. Otherwise, she will perform a giant laser beam attack towards your character which inflicts stun. Both ‘power‘ attacks are relatively easy to dodge-roll from, so long as you’re not in the middle of an attack sequence. Additionally, with HPH, you can essentially recover large amounts of HP back if you attack her then.

She has plenty of knockdown based attacks, making it tougher for Melee users to attack

The Easter Goddess also has other knock-down and stun-inducing attacks in this phase. These are in the form of a shock-wave like move by stomping on the ground, or a flashier one where she jumps up into the sky and lands directly onto your character for 1-3 times consecutively.

TL;DR: Minions are mostly nature (except the Monkey) with periodic invulnerability and are largely resistant to Crowd Control effects. Additionally, watch for Stun and Armor shred since these can cause your HP to drop once you get surrounded.

General Strategies

Fire gear seems to have better surviveability than other elements as most minions are Nature themed. Bring along a dark secondary weapon to deal with the Monkeys too.

There also isn’t too much difference between Melee and Ranged here, though I would still prefer ranged since it ‘forces‘ you into a more defensive stance, which helps a lot for the final boss. Nonetheless, Melee users perform well during most checkpoints, since the corridors are tight, making it hard to find proper cover.

Try getting global stats of 18k/18k Fire for a non-potion run on the legendary mode. For those ambitious enough to Auto, having above 22k/22k Fire should be safe enough if you bring an equally strong ally.

There is a chance for your ally to get separated from you during the last checkpoint on Auto, making the last group of minions a lot more tedious to overcome

Key defensive properties like Dodge, HPH and Stun resist are essential throughout the battle. HPH is beneficial here as you’ll be able to recover HP even when minions are invulnerable, which you’ll find yourself attacking them in that state plenty of times. Also, Stun resistance is good to have since a number of minions inflict stun which makes it deadly if you were to get swarmed.

I would recommend Damage over 3s (DOT), Attack Speed and Bloodrage for offensive properties. DOT helps with taking out the beefier minions, especially with removing the defensive shields and eating away at their HP once they go out of invulnerability. Additionally, I found bloodrage to be particularly great here too due to the high number of minions spawning at once.

For skills, Smoke Veil is a must-have as most minions have some form of ranged projectile attack that can be reflected back upon themselves. Malevolent Rush too provides the same reflection effect after activation. However, do note that this reflection is not 100% so try not to take it for granted too much 😛

Flame Eruption is good since it gives a 2 seconds of invulnerability with an extremely short cooldown. It comes along with an active DOT attached to its skill which helps taking out the minions much quicker. Alternatively, fire cone does a good job with the DOT, though the casting is at a slower rate.

Update: A good suggestion from Critique is that the Cyclone bracer works well for those without Smoke Veil. Cyclone is able to deflect projectiles to help reduce the incoming damage and their effects (eg. stun).

Mist binds the minions, even with their defensive shields up

Mist of Death for belt as it holds the minions in place (even with the defensive shields on) and deal higher damage to the monkeys. Otherwise, Ice Burst (for its quick invulnerability) and Haste (for mobility) are good options as well.

TL;DR: Fire gear (>18k/18k) with Dark secondary weapon. Have traits such as HPH, dodge, Stun resist, Attack Speed, DOT, Bloodrage to make your battle much easier. Skill-wise can include Smoke Veil, MRush, Flame Eruption and Mist of Death.

The more vital information

Once you’re able to clear the Legendary difficulty (hopefully on Auto) without potions, it’s time to look at getting the specific rewards as you rush (or auto) your way to a higher score.

First priority would be the 5 Easter Chests which are located at 4 different milestones of the participation rewards (12.5k, 20k, 52.5k, 100k). These provide a good chance to obtain this year’s edition of the Easter gear, with the AAA Polearm and the S Plate Armor (~5.4% as listed). An additional 4 free Easter chests can be obtained from the Special Marathon and daily login rewards.

The participation milestones offer great rewards with multiple chances (as Easter Chests) to get this year’s gears

The next would be the Eggcelsior armor and Staff – gear from the last year’s Wanted Challenge. These items are obtained at 29.5k and 110k VP respectively and function well in arena as they provide good properties all around at T7. The staff is particularly good-to-have since it features a high DOT at T6.

Moreover, with the update, there is better loot from the Hunter and Master chests, with essential crafting/evolution materials, epic/leg gears and gems being much easier to pull now. Thus, this makes the LH all the more worthwhile for the amount of gems (and rush tickets) you spend.

Reaching 110k to get all the milestone rewards would approximately take a total of a low quantity of 160 obtained/paid gems (calculation below) if you rely on the natural regeneration of energy orbs and milestone rewards. This is without factoring in gems obtained from chests though as it is difficult to quantify the un-guaranteed.

Playing the event till 110k requires 223 rush tickets with 44 of them being re-claimable from the participation milestones.

easter calc.PNG


Good luck with the events and Happy Easter!


5 thoughts on “Easter 2018

  1. I would have to disagree with only one portion. I ran it on legendary on all 10 toons and if you are unfortunate enough to get hit by the idols’ ranged attack, it does at least as much damage as the monkey’s main attack.
    This was in avg 20k fire sets with bat shield, cyclone and stags/mist.
    I would also add that another way to avoid the ranged attacks is cyclone. Whenever I saw the lantern things coming, I spin up cyclone and it deflected them.
    Another observation was that melee seemed to have an overall easier time than ranged weapons. (Compared M3 bone chompers to M1 searing edge and M1 flesh carvers)


    1. Hey critique, yes I agree on that aspect since the bells deal about 800*3 damage in total which amount to be higher than a critical hit from the monkey (2k+). With smoke veil activated, chances of getting hit by the idols are greatly reduced, though monkeys can still ‘cut through’ the improved dodge.

      Will add the cyclone suggestion too. Don’t use it often enough though. Thanks! 😉


  2. Nice post Zung 🙂
    I was able to auto it with my fire set having 14k attack and just under 12k def fire set.
    I used a t6 me bone chomper and bushi oyori armour.
    My dodge was about 65%. Also I had a strong water ally. I suspect that’s why it got done easily. Ally died at the boss stage though.
    I tried again with an ally giving 6 rush tickets but was able to get only to the third egg before the character died.
    Since I don’t have stag or mist, I use ij. I believe it hits hard. Gives me a near full health refill of I use it on 3 or more monsters at a time.

    That calculation at the end is very useful 🙂

    Keep up the good work! And happy Easter.


    1. Thanks Obi!
      Yep IJ is a good alternative too. So long as you can time it right (outside of the invulnerability frames), the damage will go through. I wanted to suggest Draco Outburst too, but that too requires some precision in activating. 🙂


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