Weekly Marathons

A rather overdue post which I initially wanted to work on a while back when this event first became official.

This post is intended to be a mix of a guide and a database reference to not only those who are new to the game, but also for long-time players in completing Weekly Marathon events. These have now become a permanent(?) installation to the game to give players an additional set of objectives and rewards to complete over the course of the weekdays.

Also, much credit to ObiWan, Critique, Darken Rhal, yui and many others who have written in on the #Strategy section of Discord.

Update (12/4/18): Changes to SF boosters as mentioned by yui

Update (15/4/18): Changes to Mission 6 as noted by Dragec

Update (20/6/18): Additional quest requirement for kill minion with ‘weapon type’

Marathons and their Quests

Weekly Marathons are apparently an ‘old‘ event-type feature in the game which were released sporadically during special occasions (eg. Eurocup, A7X crossover, Lantern,  Spring festival etc.) usually as a way to bestow players with special gears, skills and/or chests for their efforts. These were revived recently mid-way in the last update (23) and have been integrated in the event schedule ever since.

These events start typically on Sunday/Monday shortly after GW and lasts till Thursday/Friday depending on which side of the world you live in. These small-scale events present 4 different quests and finishing these quests offer up to 50 gems (at the time of writing this post).

The quests/objectives of these marathons follow the element of the week, usually coinciding with the ToE/GW/LegHunt element unless otherwise stated. To the best of my knowledge, quests that have appeared before include:

  • Kill X number of monsters in Solo Missions
  • Kill X number of monsters in Stronghold Raids
  • Use X number of items for fusion
  • Clear X number of waypoints in Trial of Elements
  • Craft a Trinket
  • Clear X number of Legendary Hunts/ Event Mission
The shortened Marathon to make way for the Good Friday/Easter edition

Kill X number of monsters in Solo Missions

Currently, the number of monsters to kill is fixed as 75. While this seems like a large quantity, it actually requires about 1-3 instances of attempting a solo mission with adequate number of right-element monsters.

It is recommended that you go with the easiest difficulty (normal) as these usually have a single element of minions as other difficulties usually have a mix of . Additionally, minions killed by your ally also adds to the kill counter.

Note: A good tip shared on Discord and Forums is that you can bypass the energy consumption by ending the mission before you collect the final chest. As the game registers the minion kill(s) during the mission itself, it will add to the final counter. However, you’ll lose out on the gears you obtain during the mission itself.

*All missions listed below are on Normal Difficulty. 

Fire – Mission 12, 34, 64 (Expert)

While I’ve yet to find any missions that only require a single clear to achieve the 75 minion mark, missions 12 and 34 should require about 2 attempts to get to that number. I’d prefer mission 34 though since there are a greater number of minions per run with less delays in between.

EditΒ (8/1/2019): Courtesy to Wasikeo, Chris and many others who have mentioned this to me before, Mission 64 Expert is also a good source of fire minions with its endless spawn along the fallen log bridge right after you meet up with Madie. For those stuck way further back on the Expert level missions, Hard mode also gives a constant spawn at the same location. However, it is much less Fire minions (with a mix of water ones) than what is given for Expert mode.

Nature – Mission 58 (dream portal)

This mission has a full line-up of nature minions complete with Assassins, Rogues and Harpies etc. and should require 1 (or the most 2) attempts to reach the 75 counter. Equip Fire and clearing this mission should be a breeze.

Dark – Mission 14, 78

Mission 14 is an easier mission and there is a chest after entering the first portal and moving straight instead of going down the ramp on the right. This provides a continuous spawn of 3 minions every time you walk off and revisit it (Credit to Critique for sharing this discovery).

Location of Mission 14’s endless spawn

EditΒ (8/1/2019): There is, fortunately, an easier way to get the endless spawn of dark minions. Simply visit the last area of the map (ie. the large pronged room) and stand at the large door. 3 ghouls will spawn continuously even after the final boss has been defeated. If they stop spawning, walk to the end of the corridor and back again for the spawn to continue. Repeat, Rinse and profit(?). πŸ™‚

For those who want some challenge, Mission 78 is a good alternative as it offers numerous spawns of dark minionsΒ (>75 minions) if you delay killing Corvus and its totems. Be warned as you need to fight your doppelganger right before a long match with Corvus. Assuming that you’re going in with Nature armor, have a Fire secondary DOT weapon or skill and the (pre-)match should be a breeze.

Moreover, the spirits that spawn from Cursed Minions also contribute to the kill counter.

Light – Mission 23

Not much to say here since one instance of Mission 23 should be able to complete. Do note that summoned minions (from Spirius, Immortal Gatekeepers, Rhinos) also add to the kill count – an information which would be useful in the next section.

Water – Mission 6, 16, 64 (dream portal)

Mission 6 might require a few runs to complete but Running missions 6, 16 and 64 would complete the quest in one go. My favourite is Mission 64 as it has an endless spawn of water minions once you met back up with Maddie. This happens about half way through the map and the bridge will have an endless spawn of Water minions, which you can clear to your heart’s content.

Update (15/4/18): As highlighted by Dragec, Mission 6 has the same endless minion spawn as Mission 14. This means that you can go through the top right exit of the starting room and 3 minions will spawn. Once killed, walk back a few steps and return to get another set of 3 minions. 

– Fire: 12, 34
– Nature: 58
– Dark: 14, 78
– Light: 23
– Water: 6, 16, 64

Kill X number of monsters in Stronghold Raid

This quest might get quite tricky since it is dependent on what other players have in their strongholds in your league. Do be forewarned as if they exist naturally (in higher leagues), they most likely would be OP (eg. M7) so do exercise caution when dealing with them.

The easier way to complete this would be through teamwork, if you’re able to convince your non-allied/guild friends (on your server) and yourself included to participate by having 5 weak minions of the same element. Of course, this wouldn’t be an easy task since you’ll be the prime target of other raiders trying to achieve the objective as well.

And no, testing your own SH does not contribute to the minion kill counter. 😐

Fire – Besides the once-common Ruby Temple, locating these minions now can be challenging in the upper leagues (ie. Master, Legendary). The Dominator, Ignicore, Fire Colossus are the main ones which you’ll be facing which exist even outside of their innate elemental strongholds. Fortunately (or unfortunately), these are less of a threat outside of just the Ruby Temple.

Nature – Second to Water minions, nature minions are popular with the large number of Courtyards and Nettles around. Mossbacks, Assassins, Druids and the pesky Rangers are frequent in majority of Strongholds. However, do watch for DOT, especially if you’re geared up in Dark armor.

Nature minions can be found in most strongholds, though watch for those in Courtyard or Nettles since they might boast high stats

Dark – These minions are slightly less difficult to find as Corvus-es or the less common Lords of Eve are can be found in a number of strongholds (eg. Seashore, Courtyard, Pits etc.). Mastered Corvus-es, however, can be a pain to deal with in Pits or if you’re wearing unmastered Light Armor.

Light – These minions are actually a little tougher to find, particularly in the upper leagues. However, there is a neat trick to gather more than the number of minions are shown in the SH preview.

Apparently, light minions are the few which still retain their summoning abilities, adding additional minions/items to their aid in Stronghold. Destroying these contribute to the final minion count. Specifically, these are Gatekeeper (summons up to 4 Totems per raid), Rhino Vigil (summons 3 clones at a go), Spirius (summons 3 meroes at a go).

Water – With the popularity of Kringles in almost every SH, this element should be the least of most player’s issues. Just remember to bring a good light weapon or have Immortal Justice on standby. Alternatively, you can check out this post here for dealing with multiple Kringles in Seashore. πŸ™‚

TL;DR: Easiest to hardest elements to locate in SHs – Water, Nature, Light, Dark, Fire

Using X of items as Fusion material

This is fairly straightforward an objective as all types of boosters can be used for this quest. For those short on boosters, you can use gears which you obtain from missions and bounty chests which adds towards this requirement. Moreover, these give more experience than boosters of the corresponding tier and element.

Fusing Dark Items also add to the count

Additionally, this objective is particularly easy to achieve for Light as Celestial (SF) boosters are considered as Light-based items.

Update (12/4): As mentioned by yui (extracted from a Japanese Blog mola village), Celestial (SF) boosters are considered as a universal elemental fusion item. This means that fusing them into an item adds to the counter regardless of the element. Additionally, rainbow boosters also can be used for the same effect.

Kill X minions using specific Weapon in Stronghold Raids

[Update: 20/6/18]

A recent addition to the Energy Marathons would be to kill a certain number of monsters using a specific weapon during raiding. The quest requirement is straightforward as the criteria is that you land the ‘finishing blow‘ on the monster using said weapon type.

Of course, this will be easy if you’ve been diligently building up all the different weapon types and raiding with them frequently. However, it will pose some issues if you don’t have a well built-up weapon type. Perhaps this is GL’s way of motivating us players to build up and use a variety of weapon types instead of sticking to just one. πŸ˜‰

Unfortunately, this quest is marred with a slight mishap (or glitch rather) since the killing blow will not be registered if it were made by:

  • A Skill (eg. Mist of Death/ Ice Stalagmites)
  • Damage over 3s (DOT)
  • Damage to Attacker (DTA)
  • Strike Chance (once the animation shows)

In short, the final attack must be strictly made by the weapon type.

That being said, let’s hope there will be a looser requirement to this to ease the clearing of this quest πŸ™‚

TL;DR: Kill monsters and deliver the killing blow with the specific weapon type.

Other Quests

Most other quests are relatively straightforward with ‘Craft a Trinket’, ‘Spend X energy’, ‘Complete Legendary Hunt/Event Mission X times’ or ‘Complete X number of waypoints‘. For the last one, do note that skipped waypoints from VIP rank will not add to the counter.

That’s about it for Weekly Marathons. I’ll be updating this if I see new objectives in the near future. πŸ™‚


42 thoughts on “Weekly Marathons

  1. for sh one, I could not complete even the green ones until last 24h
    wasting more than 10 mil. of quartz and finally done
    there are 80% of blue and rest for others
    @ PC/2-2.2k-league

    > Additionally, this objective is particularly easy to achieve for Light
    > as Celestial (SF) boosters are considered as Light-based items.
    no, it can be used for all elements not only for light, and can be used again and again


    1. In the upper leagues, M3 and Legendary, Nature minions are almost everywhere for my server.
      But perhaps with the current influx of T7 easter minions, perhaps there will be a general increase of nature minions?

      As for the SF boosters, I’ve not tried fusing them for a non-light marathon requirement. Will try it later and update accordingly. Thanks!


      1. Here is my plan for my Future Sh. M6 Corvus, M6 Lord of the Eve, M6 Ravager, M6 Acolyte and M6 (Hopefully M7) Tortured. πŸ˜€ My current bonus is this. Attack Bonus : 42 %, Armor Bonus : 38 %, Health Bonus : 32 %. Hopefully by October I can do all of this and increase my Percentage Bonus even more! What do you think? ^_^


      2. You should also try making a blog for Nightmare Pit. I saw someone with two M7 Harbringer, M6 Corvus, M6 Ignicore and M6 Dominator. Not sure how he got so many Harbringer…(lol). But I’m playing on Android Asia Server.. Thanks Buddy!


      3. Hi Paul,

        Yes I agree. I will make an entry for Nightmare Pit after I’ve completed the other (backlogged) posts.

        The setup seems fine, but I think you can replace the tortured with a Harbinger since it can revive both the Ravager and Acolyte. Alternatively, the Ravager can be replaced with another Corvus since those things pack a punch.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I’m really stoked to see your blog! But yeah I plan on doing that. If I am just that rich I would buy tons of gems and get corvus 12 times. Hahahaha. But yeah soon this will be my Setup. M6 Ravager, M6 Acolyte, M6 Lord of the Eve, and Two M6 Corvus. Killer sh right? πŸ˜€ Very very soon actually. lol. I have m6 Specter so I will replace that instead. Ravagers purpose is for armor shredding and revive because of Acolyte. πŸ™‚


      5. Please suggest the best placement for my minons. M5 Ravager, M6 Acolyte, M1 Corvus, M2 Lord of the Eve, and M6 Bewitching specter. Can you please advice me the best position for each minons? Thank You πŸ™‚


      6. Front: M5 Ravager, M2 Lord of the Eve,
        Center: M1 Corvus
        Back: M6 Acolyte, M6 Bewitching specter

        (Do note that I can’t reply you instantly as I have a day-job. But will try to respond to your queries when I’m available. Thanks)


  2. Hi. Regarding your statement in killing water monster : “Mission 6 might require a few runs to complete”, this is actually not true, it can be done in one run. In mission 6, northeast exit from the first room, near the chest, monsters are respawning, 3 monsters each time.
    Just kill them, move away from the screen to the left or down, then get back and monsters would be respawned.
    Kill, move away, return, kill, repeat as much as you like.


      1. Hmm can I ask where will you post the Nightmare Pit? lol. Sorry for asking I know you’re busy but I wanted to know your opinion. Thanks! πŸ™‚


      2. My schedule is approximately one post per week and I have another post scheduled for next week (Draconoid Outburst). Was initially planning to do other posts (ie. Power ratings, Strength of DOT) but I can push it forward to the following week.

        However, according to the update cycle, the next update might be due in a while. Thus, it might be better to write it after the Update itself since I don’t know what changes are in store and whether they will affect Nightmare Pits.


      3. As I’ve said before, this isn’t my day job and I’m doing this purely out of passion. Additionally, it takes time and research to do a decent entry worth reading and I’m not willing to compromise on quality just because someone demands for it.

        Moreover, I need to consider that my posts are sustainable as well. Knowing that the update might arrive soon….if any of the minions I did not propose get T7 status and becomes the new go-to configuration, doesn’t that render my post outdated immediately?


      4. Well I’m just joking buddy. lol. So I have a question I plan on T6 my Ashkardian Crypt. Do you think its worth T6? Its main properties at T6 is (80 Percent Damage Bonus while Bound) Plus the separate 90 percent bonus from the Stronghold itself. πŸ™‚ Whatddya think? Thanks buddy.


      5. Not so good though. I did a post on it a long time ago when it was OP. Unfortunately, it isn’t now since the trap’s bind abilities has been reduced a lot since SHv1.0.


    1. Overall attack bonus would be if bound is (80+90+44 = 214.) The 44 Percent came from my Permanent Minion Bonus which is found in the Workshop menu. I have M6 acolyte for bind purpose. Which is great! πŸ™‚


      1. Hmm, the trap room bonus damage acts as a multiplier on top of your minion’s damage and isn’t to be confused as stats. Imagine critical hit where it tops up an additional x% damage to your existing damage, except that this happens when your character gets bound.

        To put it in figures:
        90+44 = 134% bonus Attack for your dark minions

        That Attack stat is factored against the raider’s armor and elemental advantage/weakness.

        +80% damage to existing damage when raider is bound


      2. I see so now my Sh Stones is at 9+k and I’m planning on Saving till 17k for that SH. Well I have M6 Acolyte and hopefully I Can M7 it this coming update. Which means better stuff for my acolyte. lol Anyways do you suggest me spending my 17,000 Stronghold Stones on that Trap? Thanks!


      3. I already bought it. No change in terms of raiding though I see changes in Stats. And also in attack. The defense meanwhile is not really impressive but the Attack did increase. I think I just need to Master my Champions. M6 my Corvus and M6 my Lord of the Eve. My stats on the Ashkardian Crypt: 18.7k/20.2k and on my Nightmare pit : 19.4k/20.2k. πŸ˜€


      4. I also Mastered my Acolyte to M7 which I find to be fine. Not impressive with no M6 Champions.. But maybe once I get em all I will find my Sh to finally Defend. Thanks Zung for your advices and Awesome stuff! πŸ™‚


  3. I plan on putting another M6 Ravager to replace my M6 Bewitching Specter. The burning/armor shredding and health of ravager inside or outside the nightmare pit is insane. With M7 Acolyte (Which I Currently have) it also kicks ass. But I think I have to M6 my Corvus first. My plan for the Future is Two M6 Ravager, M7 Acolyte, M6 Corvus, and M6 Lord of the Eve. Whatdya think? Thanks!


    1. Ravagers are alright at lower leagues, but I’ve yet to see one M6 at higher ranks. Yes, their armor shredding and DOT is good, but I would prioritise having the M6 corvus (if you can afford it).

      Also, I would pair M7 Acolyte with the Harbinger as that gives a hard time to the raiders as the Harbinger can keep reviving the Acolyte (and other ‘undead’ minions). I recall that you do have one?


      1. I already have One M6 Ravager.. My setup is now is. 1 M6 Ravager, 1 M7 Acolyte, 1 M6 Specter, 1 M2 Corvus, and 1 M2 Lord of the Eve. I currently equipped Ashkardian Crypt. Plus I don’t have Harbringer I transmuted it as I find it hard to get like Corvus and its very easy to kill if low mastery. Now I think the best Setup for my Minions would be this : 2 M6 Corvus, 2 M6 Ravagers, 1 M7 Acolyte due to Corvus having High Health and Dodge which Ravagers prefer and can take advantage of. I’ve seen someone in Asia Android have 4 M7 Harbringer on a Nightmare Pit. Trust me he is a huge spender for sure.


      2. It is a great setup right? The one I mentioned above your comment. Problem is it is so hard to get Corvus.. Let M6 it alone. So hopefully I can master my Champions. Soon πŸ˜€


  4. Specially when Ravager vomits that is when the damage really strikes. That is why I need M6 Corvus for more Health/Attack while the Ravagers are getting revived constantly. lol.


  5. My SF points is 100 each for Corvus, Lord, and Ravager, 90 on Acolyte and 80 on Specter(Soon to be Ravager) and Attack Bonus : 46 Percent, Armor Bonus : 38 Percent, Health Bonus : 34 Percent. Just really need to master my Champions right? Right now it is just M2 Corvus and M2 Lord..


  6. Hi.Not sure if it was mentioned anywhere but for 99 fire minions it’s best to hit level 64 on expert difficulty since there’s an endless amount of fire minions on the tree bridge.


    1. Hi Wasikeo, thanks for the info! Yes, this has been mentioned to me a couple of times, but it always slipped my mind 😐 Will update it now. πŸ™‚


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