Summer Event 2018

It’s time for the Summer event in DH5 again….though this one is a tad bit late (almost like my updating this month). This year’s edition comes in the form of 2 main events (a Legendary Hunt and an Energy Marathon).

In this post, we’ll cover both of these events, specifically the Legendary Hunt and a breakdown of obtaining the rewards.

Summer Event (LH)

This year’s Summer event’s legendary hunt lasts for 12 days in total between 26 July to 7 August, with 7+ more days remaining at the time of this entry.

A fine water set is the way to go here 

The event mechanics are similar to the previous Summer events – taking out the boss (Fire Colossus) yields a set of points which in turn grant different participation rewards. The ‘Sun points’ (VP) earned are proportional to the difficulty of the run initiated.

With the growing power creep of gears, this year’s boss would be relatively simple if you possess a decent water set (>15k stats). In fact, if you own a stronger element neutral set (ie. anything besides nature), the legendary difficulty shouldn’t pose a great threat to you. To read more about the boss, do refer to last year’s post for the strategy guide (click here).

Use skills like Frost Shield/Ice Stalagmites to clear off the worshippers fast so the Fire Colossus does not recover too much HP when sitting on the ritual zones

Rewards breakdown

This event features an extended range of rewards, with some of the notable rewards listed as such (with their respective VP score).



  • Sun Wukong Armor (1mil)
  • Sun Wukong’s Pillar (1mil)
  • Fiery Summer Garb (780k)
  • Fiery Summertide Brand (780k)


  • 3 x Fire Colossi (600k, 800k)
  • 4 x Cyclops Guardians
  • 6 x Cyclops Worshippers

Trinkets and Crafting

  • T3, T4, T5, T6 Fire trinkets (one each) (T6 trinket at 520k)
  • 10 x T6 Fire King’s Remains (T6 crafting material, 920k)

Materials and others

  • 25 x Magma Cocoons
  • 10 x Protean Cocoons
  • 62 x Celestial Spheres
  • 102 x Rush Tickets
  • 175 x gems

To put these into perspective, completing the event till the very end of the participation rewards should grant you the following:

  1. Enough Cocoons to evolve a Leg Fire gear from T6 to T7
  2. 2 x Craft-able T6 fire trinkets
  3. M2 Fire Colossus; M3 Cyclops Guardian; M5 Cyclops Worshipper
  4. 2 sets of decent/good Fire gears (Epic and Legendary)

However, if you cannot complete the entire set of rewards, there are a few cut-off points I would like to recommend (listed with the key rewards that come along):

  • 520k VP: T6 Fire Trinket, 15 Magma Cocoons, 90 gems, 52 rush tickets
  • 600k VP: +Fire Colossus, +3 Magma Cocoons, +20 gems, +14 rush tickets
  • 700k VP: +Fire Colossus, +3 Magma Cocoons, +20 gems, +16 rush tickets
  • 800k VP: +Fire Colossus, +4 Magma Cocoons, +20 gems, +Summer event set
  • 920k VP: +10 Fire King’s Remains, +10 Protean Cocoons, +25 gems

Assuming that there’s no wastage in energy orbs regenerated over time, translating these into gems and rush tickets will be:

spent free



Effectively, this means that you can potentially reach the first 520k VP tier without spending gems at all, with even a positive net gain of +15 gems. Getting all the rewards, however, would entail 800 gems and 522 rush tickets on a minimum (breakdown on the left). Not too shabby for a guaranteed decent legendary Fire weapon and armor if you’re playing consistently for all 12 days (rate of 84k VP/day).




TL;DR: You can reach 520k VP (T6 Fire Trinket) for free if there’s no wastage of free regenerated energy. Getting to 1mil VP requires 800 gems and 522 rush tickets on a minimum.

Energy Marathon

The other prominent event(s) are the two (or three?) written energy marathons with revised rewards for this summer event. The events are set on 28-29 July (last weekend) and 4-5 Aug (next weekend). Interestingly, the current marathon (30 July – 4 Aug) seems to be Summer-themed as well as it provides Summer event minions (inclusive of the fire colossus).


For a detailed writeup about how to clear the objectives of the Energy Marathon, do click here for the post.

Not much else can be said about the event though let’s hope that teasers for the next update drops soon.

Enjoy! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Summer Event 2018

  1. as the rank rewards for this “summer” LH are shabby and
    most likely the ones for “normal” LH will be better,
    most people should focus “normal” LH instead of this “summer” one.
    in fact, about 200-300 players (windows pf) got 150k points in the last yellow LH

    so the “free” orb which can be used for this “summer” LH is only 80 (130k points) or so.
    this way 1.6k-1.7k gems will be needed to reach 1M


    1. Fair point. I was eye-ing the light duals in the last LH as well but ultimately chose to focus on this one instead due to rush ticket constraints. Consequentially that takes out the amount of orbs/gems/rush tickets from the Summer event as well.

      Fortunately, the upcoming water LH doesn’t seem to be too appealing so that wouldn’t impose another avenue to drain resources from the Summer event. 🙂


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