Citadel of Death Pt.1

The Citadel of Death (or also known as Crystal Challenge) is a new collection-type event that was just launched recently during this update. At the point of time of writing this, I do recognise that it’s a rather late post for this week’s event, but hopefully it can be used as a reference for upcoming versions of this event in the future.

Here, we will document the new event – Citadel of Death, detailing its basic mechanics and event shop with the rewards cost breakdown. It will also tease what is to come in for future Citadels.

As the Citadel doesn’t present much of a challenge, I’ll skip the strategy segment for this. Instead, I’ll be adding a follow-up post providing an analysis of the event and suggestions for Citadel, which will be done sometime next week.

P.S.: Somehow I’m speculating that the ‘Death‘ refers to the element-theme of this current Citadel, which might hint that there are other elements involved. 

Citadel Mechanics

The Citadel of Death is a collection event that requires players to collect shards from missions which translate to currency (crystals) in exchange for items in the event shop. This is reminiscent to the concept of the annual Christmas event. However, the duration is much shorter to procure and retain this new currency as the crystals vanish shortly after the mission ends.

The current event lasts from 29 Aug to 3 Sept (according to the time remaining on the event page). It is also mentioned that the shop will last till 4 Sept before the earned crystals vanish from your inventory.

Basic Summary of the Citadel/ Crystal Challenge

The mission’s objective is fairly straight-forward which involves moving-and-picking within a map comprising a series of 6 large circular platforms with 6 smaller ones in-between. Your character jumps from one to another to fight monsters and collect crystal shards.

For this, it is necessary to check the mini-map as an indicator will point you to where the next shard is located. These shards usually spawn right next to the next-immediate platform, ie. it’ll be on the platform on the left or right to where you collected the last shard. Thus, you don’t really need to jump about too many times unless you went accidentally in the wrong direction.

Oh, and there’s also a countdown to keep you moving at a steady pace. 🙂

A fly-through of the map showcasing the 6 platforms

Glitch: There is a reported bug that sometimes the next shard doesn’t spawn, resulting in no indicator on the map yet the countdown still carries on.  This sometimes happens when you’re in an area with weaker internet connectivity, but as usual, it has been reported to the devs for investigation.

A yellow indicator reveals the location of where the next shard will spawn

Jumping onto the right platform with the shard will result in a series of monsters that spawn to defend the crystal. As for this specific event, these sets of monsters are randomly selected from the following:

  • Many Dark fighters (not a known minion)
  • Vapidus, Spirius
  • Overseers, Succubine
  • Dark Sentinels, Harbinger
  • Dark Vorors, Prophets
  • SentinelsWaerdians, Gatekeeper

The most annoying set will be the one with a Harbinger as you’ll need to finish it off before it flies off and does its bombardment attack. When it takes flight, you essentially lose about 12 seconds since you need to wait for it to land again and become vulnerable to attacks.

On the other hand, the Dark fighters are deadly for those who aren’t geared well as they deal hefty damage. Fortunately, you can make things easier by casting AoE skills, such as Mist of Death and Predatory Instinct, to clear much (if not all) of their HP at one go.


After clearing the monsters, the shard will spawn in the center of the platform. Picking up each shard extends the duration by 20 seconds, giving you ample time to move from one location to the next to collect the next one.

TL;DR: Jump-and-collect quest where you have to watch the mini-map to find the next shard spawn location with a countdown timer. Fight monsters that guard each shard and extend your timing to collect all 7 shards.

Crystals and Energy Orbs

In total, there are 7 shards to collect in each mission and collecting all of the shards will end the mission. Should the time unfortunately run out before all 7 are collected, the mission will end abruptly and provide you with extra crystals based on all you’ve collected so far (ie base reward + 4 per shard)


Thus, the maximum total number of crystals you can earn for a manual run would be 48  by collecting all 7 crystals in the legendary difficulty run (20 + 4 * 7 = 48). However, rushing the Citadel will yield the base reward of crystals with each consuming a single rush ticket.

Moreover, each run consumes a single energy orb (different from Legendary Hunt’s energy orbs) and each orb takes an hour to replenish. You can hold up to a maximum of 5 orbs and replenish all 5 orbs with 20 gems.

TL;DR: Playing manual provides more crystals as rushing only gives the base reward. 20 gems to replenish all 5 orbs, with an hour to naturally replenish each orb.

Crystal shop and Breakdown

Examining the Crystal shop, here is a quick breakdown of how many instances of manual play or rush attempts you need to perform per item:


For Early-game Players

For those who have started not too long ago (❤ months), you might want to prioritise getting the new Nature trinket (Aventurine amulet). This can be done by crafting purchased T1 trinkets from the shop, with a total of 32 x t1 trinkets for the final T6 variation (see breakdown above for gems needed).

However, do note that there is a limit of 8 trinkets a day. This refreshes along with your daily rewards list or Arena gear repair timing. Such also means that you will only be able to get 1 x T6 trinket the most during this run of the event.


These trinkets boast very nice fixed magical properties, ranging from Critical Hit Damage, Chance and high Dodge and HP Bonus values. And these make a very healthy addition to any nature-based setup. Perhaps the only problem is the lack of Specific or All weapon bonuses, which I believe is a fair trade-off considering that that crafting through the former manner is mostly dependent on luck.

Also, as recommended by a number of players, getting 2 x T5 trinkets might be more beneficial over getting 1 x T6 trinket due to the limitation in time of the event. Equipping 2 x T5 trinkets provides a guaranteed 32% HP bonus and 34% Dodge chance, which is unlikely that another T5 (or T6) nature trinket can achieve through the regular crafting. Of course, this can be further upgraded to T6 during future events.

For the Late-stage gamer

Personally, if you’re a late-game player attempting to push his/her gear just a bit further, I would recommend getting the Fire Glaive (Sentinel’s Glaive) and to get it to a high a mastery as possible before the event ends.


As a melee weapon, it functions well as an upgrade to the popular Searing edge Greatsword as it has a similar combination of traits with Attack Speed, Bloodrage and HP/Hit, but with higher base attack stats and the all-useful Damage over 3s (DOT). Unfortunately, the main issue is that you’ll need to replace your existing fire trinkets to match that of the glaive instead :X

On the other hand, the S-grade fire armor (Sentinel’s Armor) is an okay addition but not a must-have. But for those with existing mastered fire armors with a good combination of magical properties (eg. Dodge, Run speed, Crit), this new armor might seem to be less appealing.

How about the Chest?

Oh yes, there is still the chest

While the advertised boosted drops seem great, I wouldn’t recommend these since the drop rate doesn’t appear to be too fantastic. By probability, you’ll be ending up with more B-grade gears rather than the desirable S-grade or legendary champion.


As a quick gauge, opening a small sample size of 5 chests yielded 3 x B-grade items and 2 x AAA-grade items (Rootstaff and Bushi’s armor). Although the latter epic AAA-grade armor was decent, I’ll probably opt for more guaranteed outcomes instead. 😉

As for those who were banking on the 2% drop rate to get the Lesser Geonodon from the chest, let’s just say it’s more worthwhile to farm the minion shards from co-op instead. Oddly enough, the frustration of getting a bad (or meh) pull from a chest you’ve earned after 13 manual runs + 60 gems then shifts to that of crashing out.


  • Early stage – 2 x T5 trinkets
  • Late stage – Glaive (as many as possible)
  • Chest – not that worth, unless you feel lucky 😉

Future Citadels

For those who were wondering, the devs have hinted that event itself will be different in terms of crystal shop inventory and gameplay.

Thus, not only will the shop rewards change, but the Citadel will also feature different game-modes as well. Thus, the jumping-platform mechanic might be something else in the next edition of the quest. Perhaps something to look forward to…

TL;DR: Shop rewards and gameplay will change.

That’s it for now.

As stated above, I’ll publish a follow-up post to this giving an analysis of the citadel and provide suggestions of how it could be improved from its current state.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Citadel of Death Pt.1

    1. Hey, I don’t have the fully evolved traits values off-hand, but I can say that out of the 6 traits, only HP/Kill and Damage to Attacker increase with the gear’s level. The other properties of Fire Skill Cooldown, Brawler Damage, All weapon bonus, Critical Hit Chance, will remain as the % displayed in the collection tab (ie. T7, lvl 1).

      And as what yui mentioned, it does not have HP/Hit, but it is HP/Kill instead.


  1. I see that the S fire glaive is very cheap to get and everyone can get a lot of it for mastering. I think it is the end of all nature trap room. I don’t know what GL thinks.


    1. Yeah, I know a good number of players who already have it at M7 thanks to the event. It’s massive amount of grinding but very worthwhile considering its properties + stats (14k at m7 max lvl).

      In general, I do agree there’s a stark difference between the maximum strength of the stronghold vs the maximum strength of the players. Stronghold itself needs a lot of rework before it can handle player strength again.


  2. Draconid Outburst and Frost Shield is also very effective AoE skills for the Citadel…it finishes the minions along with your attacks in just 5-8 seconds (T6 DO and FS).


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