Citadel of Disorder

A tad (very) late since I just flew in from abroad a couple of nights ago, but better late than never. 😉

We’ll talk about the Citadel of Disorder – the second installment in the Citadel-collection events. This time with portals instead of jumping in the journey to collect as many shards as possible. Additionally, we also have a new item to boost our shard drops – Shard digger (or ‘Shovel’) which we’ll explore in this post.

Likewise, the format of the post will describe and analyse: (a) Basic mechanics of this new Citadel; (b) The Shard Digger; (c) Breakdown of items and number of runs/gems to procure them.

*For those interested in the analysis, simply scroll right to the bottom for the excel breakdown. 😉

Citadel of Discord

*For clarity, I’ll be naming the spawned items in the mission as Crystals and the event currency as Shards. Hopefully that takes away some confusion since they are essentially the same thing.

Citadel of Discord (or CoDis for short) is next in line of the Citadel events (see Citadel of Death here). This one lasts longer, elapsing for 14 days from 9 Oct (Tues) to 23 Oct (Tues).


The new edition now features teleportation, instead of jumping, while retaining the crystal collection feature. You teleport from platform-to-platform through portals to slay monsters that spawn. Clearing each platform of monsters will spawn a crystal, which translates to how many shards you gain at the end of the mission. There is a maximum of 6 crystals you can collect here.

The platforms and crystals are back. Now with portals!

A very neat graphical take on this Citadel event is that each platform has a large symbol inscribed into its floor. These appear on the portal itself as an indication to which platform you’ll be teleporting to next.

While that might not mean much on first glance, a fun fact is that portals will change their teleportation destination if you don’t immediately hop into each one. Simply wait a few seconds in front of the portal and the portal will fade out and reappear with a different symbol in the middle. Such indicates that the next destination is now a new one. Thus, you can effectively ‘chart‘ your route around the platforms to appear where you would want to next.

Waiting in front of the portal will cause the symbol to change

(Of course, this won’t work if you run out of time or are already at your 5th platform/crystal) 😉

Back to the main objective of crystal collection. Each crystal adds to the base shard value earned depending on the difficulty played (eg. Legendary: 200 shard base). In the case of legendary difficulty, every crystal picked up rewards 50 shards. Thus, assuming no shard digger bonuses, the maximum amount of shards you can earn is 200 + (50*6) = 500. Likewise, rushing the mission will only reward you with the base value of shards (ie. 200 shards).

Maximum of 500 shards for a manual run without the Shard digger bonus

Don’t forget the timer!

Upon jumping onto the first platform, this starts the timer with 30 seconds. Every crystal picked up adds 20 seconds to this counter. However, should you (hypothetically) happen to run out of time, the portal to the final boss will spawn.

Interestingly, if you’re on the final (6th) platform and ran out of time, you can still collect the final crystal after slaying the monsters on it. After which, you can hop into the final portal to face off with the boss.

The monsters spawned are entirely water-aligned ranging from:

  • Gelid Vorors
  • Prophets
  • Cardinals
  • Warmage Sentinels
  • Mezzogians
  • An Ice Colossus

The more annoying units would be the Gelid Vorors and the Ice Colossus especially if you’re a ranged weapon user. Gelid Vorors can cast reflect-projectile shields on all allies so use AoE skills (eg. Mist of Death, Ice Stalagmites, Entangling Vines) or Melee skills (eg. Malevolent Rush, Cyclone) against them. Additionally, the Ice Colossus turns quickly to Artillery mode after firing off its first barrage of ice bolts. Once it goes invulnerable, this results in a loss of ~8 seconds.

Gelid Vorors cast projectile reflect which makes things tricky for ranged users

Fortunately, this shouldn’t be a problem since there most likely will be enough time at the very end if nothing major goes wrong…like falling asleep midway through the mission T.T (Grinding sure takes a toll.)

Ice Colossus swaps to Artillery mode right after its initial ice bolt barrage

Anyway, after picking up the 6th and final crystal, the timer will stop and the final portal will appear to bring you to a new room. This pits you against Khil Urdd (the water shaman) as the final boss. Even with the other minions around, this isn’t too difficult for a 20k stat non Fire-geared user. In fact, he falls quickly if you drop an Immortal Justice hammer on him.

Not a tough boss, but necessary to win against to gain your shards

More importantly, it is necessary to win this battle before the mission concludes as a victory. Fortunately, if you choose to exit after a loss, the game will not deduct the energy orb used for that mission run.

TL;DR: Teleportation event mixed with Crystal collection. Portals teleport you to different platforms to kill monsters and pick up a max of 6 crystals which translate to how many shards (currency) you are rewarded with. Finish off the boss to claim your shards.

The Shard Digger

Before I go into the specifics of the breakdown, we’ll first have to discuss about the Shard Digger of Disorder.

The maximum of 50% shard bonus is available for a M7, max level ‘shovel’

This light glaive acts as a boost based on its tier and mastery level, giving up to 50% more shards as a reward bonus at M7 max level. It works in a similar fashion as the Gold Bonus property where equipping it during a Citadel mission (during manual play or rushing) will boost your final shard count once each instance of the mission ends.

Unfortunately, one thing I’ve yet to test is whether the shard count stacks further if you have 2 of these diggers (primary and secondary weapons). But assuming that it works akin to the Gold Bonus property, it is likely that the boost will stack.

However, the Digger is only available from (very rarely) Medieval chest, or from the paid event bundles.

Do note that it has been announced that the Digger will ONLY work in this specific Citadel event. However, neither is it clear when CoDis will resurface in the future…possibly only after the full cycle of all of the remaining elements.

Looking at the Digger in isolation, the glaive itself is great as a light weapon – featuring high values of 1,296 damage over 3s (DOT), 22% attack speed, 79.3% crit hit damage and 14k base attack as its more attractive qualities. This works great in Arena (against well-geared Water opponents) and even in Raids as well. Moreover, considering that most AAA-S grade light weapons lack the ever-so-versatile HP/Hit, the Digger can be considered as a worthy addition to your arsenal even outside of the Citadel event itself….if you don’t mind lugging a shovel around. 😉

TL;DR: The shard digger adds to the number of shards you get rewarded but is only specific to this Citadel event. Nonetheless, its a good weapon if you happen to pull/ purchase it.

Breakdown and Analysis

On first glance, everything in the shop has been increased in price proportionately to the increase in shards gained during the event.

Crystal Shop with the 4 main items (Trinket, Armor, Crossbow, Chest)

First off, if you’re a new player who lacks the popular Caocao’s Falcon Guard armor, I would advise to aim for the Glacialis Knight’s Guard armor.

This new armor boasts a high base defence (16k+ at M7) with a good lineup of traits such as Dodge (19.5%), HP bonus (16%) and Critical Hit Chance (19%). Water, as an element in the current meta, is largely versatile and suffers from few elemental disadvantages. So you’ll likely to be able breeze through challenges like ToE (on auto mode) or harder Strongholds like Nettles, CourtyardShore, Ruby, and even Guardhouse.

On the other hand, I’m less keen on the Glacialis Knight’s crossbow since there are better water weapons out there (eg. Oceanbreacher, Seven Gem Sword etc.). Knowing that this new armor does not have HP/Hit, perhaps its essential to get a weapon with this ever-useful property.

On a broader context, something which has yet to be addressed is where the game will be progressing at this point. It is yet to be known whether any improvements to the current challenges (eg. Stronghold Raids) or how difficult the new modes (eg. Guild Siege, Live PvP) will be in the near future. Thus, while a 30k set suffices in this current meta, it’s hard to say how long that will last in upcoming updates.

The T1 Kyanite Amulet now costs 4k each with the (formerly questionable) limit-to-purchase-per-day‘ being removed. This enables you to purchase up to 64 trinkets all at once, which is sufficient for 2x T6 event trinkets.

Kyanite amulet is a offense-oriented trinket with good damage-enhancing properties

The properties on these trinkets are very much geared to offence, providing Critical Hit Damage/ Chance, Attack speed and higher than average Water element bonuses (atk, def). Like the armor, they’re great additions if you’re just starting out but might be outclassed once you start getting S-grade T6 trinkets in the future.

It also includes Damage to Attacker (DTA) which I find is more useful in Arena than in other areas. However, Fire opponents currently pose much less of a threat against water users… …maybe until live PvP drops.

For newer players, an alternative option would be to craft 4x T5 trinkets instead. This gives a significant stat boost since the property gain between T5 to T6 is minimal. These 4 trinkets can last until you’re able to craft better T5/6 trinkets from future events, Guild Wars or Legendary Hunt leaderboard rewards. Subsequently, you still have the option to fuse them together later to make equipping space for your other trinkets.

Last but not least, the Crystal Challenge chest is purchase-able at 800 shards.

Not much to say about this option. Probably the only option if you’ve picked up all of the available stock of armor/ weapon/ trinket and want something to spend your shards on. 😉

TL;DR: Procuring the Glacialis Knight Guard (armor) and Kyanite Amulet (trinket) are suitable for newer players, but less so for the Glacialis Knight Crossbow (weapon).

Breakdown of Numbers

Finally to the Math…

Let’s take the legendary difficulty mode since it gives the highest shard-count. The figures I used in this analysis are as follows:

  • Rushing – 200 shards
  • Rushing (w bonus: 1x M7 maxed shovel) – 300 shards
  • Manual play – 500 shards
  • Manual play (w bonus: 1x M7 maxed shovel) – 750 shards
  • Refill for 5 energy orbs – 20 gems

In summary, clearing the total stock (of 64 trinkets and 8 armor and 8 crossbows) requires a maximum of:

  • On Manual play (without bonuses) – 4,160 gems (1,024 attempts)
  • On Manual play (with bonus) – 2,800 gems (684 attempts)
  • On Rush (without bonuses) – 10,240 gems2,560 rush tickets
  • On Rush (with bonuses) – 6,880 gems1,708 rush tickets

This means that 1 M7 shard digger translates to 2,080 – 3,360 gems (and 852 rush tickets) if we put things into perspective.

TL;DR: That’s a lot of gems and rush tickets.

So that’s about it for now.

I do have plans to tweak the layout to make things easier to find, especially the more popular ‘database‘ like entries. But those changes will be rolled out in due time.

Enjoy 😉


9 thoughts on “Citadel of Disorder

  1. Always nicely analyzed. Thanks for this.
    Do you think the Lesser Geonodon is any good? I have a Ruby Temple with a max Dominator at the middle. Thinking about replacing it with the Geonodon. Thank you in advance.


    1. Hi Emerson, thank you!
      At the moment, I’ve personally yet to come across any Strongholds with well-mastered Geonodons.

      Fortunately, there’s a youtube video (by Hunter) showcasing a Ruby Temple with these 5x M7 champs:
      Seems like even that can’t match up with the current strength of water gear. So, unless strongholds or minions get buffed soon, I would suggest to keep the max Dominator. The Dom much more versatile as a chaser-type with ally crit buff and damage reflect.


  2. Hey Zung, I have an armor question, but I can’t figure out where to put it on the site… It is more opinion than anything, but I am wondering which armor you think is best at it’s max tier, Blazewarden or Pelt of the Tiger? I was lucky enough to pull both and am wondering which to invest in… I am a dual blade lover and have fleshcarvers.


    1. Hey claviclarius, they’re pretty similar but I would prefer the Pelt since it provides higher armor. That would be more useful as a melee weapon user since you might be taking a lot of damage from water units in nature strongholds head-on.


  3. Thanks for the feedback! I love the blog, and have spent hours rereading posts to get a better edge on my game. Thanks for all of the time and effort!


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