Halloween Gifts (2018)

The Halloween Update was launched a few weeks ago with the game introducing a few unique event-specific(?) items to spice up the current game meta.

We’ll review these 3 items and how to get/find them during this holiday period (31 Oct – 5 Nov). Moreover, I’ll also throw in some suggestions about how to improve the implementation of these items or rewards.

Time for some Treats?

Halloween Treats

This year’s Halloween treats are all about HP/Hit, and Life Steal.

These come in the form of a legendary Champion, a S-grade armor and a trinket, each featuring a high dosage of HP/Hit (for gears) or Life Steal (for minion).

Countess Carmilla

The second Legendary Champion, Countess Carmilla, is a vampire-ish unit that um…sucks?

through Life Steal 

But honestly, I’ve yet to see her in action since players would have just obtained her from the Legendary Hunt (LH) that finished a few days back. Moreover, I doubt players would use her currently since 3 was the maximum anyone could get and even M2 Legendary champions aren’t exactly robust enough against the current strengths of players.

The closest available information is from the update trailer video which showcases her prowess within a Seashore Retreat.

In the video, she is seen to have 3 attacks:

Chilling Ray – A bluish beam attack with a small range (width-wise) which deals damage where the ray touches. She doesn’t use it for very long in the short clip so it’s hard to tell whether the damage is being applied if used over time. I’m also hoping that this one cuts through dodge and an activated Smoke Veil while giving HP/Hit (like Ray of Darkness or Ray of Frost).

Ball of Darkness – This ability has her teleporting up into the air and launching a ball of darkness into the ground for an AoE attack. I’m guessing she has some extent of invulnerability from the jump and the final attack might have a chance to cause either knockdown or stun.

The part in the trailer video where you can see her teleporting up and doing a ‘spirit ball’-like smash into the ground

Bat BoltModerately fast-moving Projectile Blast attack with a stream of bats in its trail, damaging whatever the bolt touches. Can’t tell much from this skill from the video but I hope has a homing mechanism to track the raider down.

Overall, her movement and speed of attacks/ using abilities don’t seem to be very fast, but trailer videos can be misleading. Should she teleport as often as the old Witch minion (before she got nerfed), then she might function very well in Nightmare pits. Additionally, I’m curious to see how she pairs up with other support units (eg. Druids and Gelid Vorors) or those that give strong buffs (eg. Dominator – Crit + Atk Up; Corvus: Haste)

Countess Carmilla has a very nice base attack stat

Another potential flaw is that her stats seem to be lackluster for a legendary champion. Her HP and defence are less than that of a Lesser Geonodon and certain other M7 champions as well (eg. Candy Cane Corvus).

Granted, this might be so as she’s less of a tanky champion, but could be more of a hard-hitter ‘glass canon’ type unit that dishes out damage hard and fast.

TL;DR: Countess Carmilla appears to be a glass-canon of sorts, with low HP/Def but high attack with teleportation abilities. However, there’s not much information on her since there’s no well-mastered (>M4) version of her yet.

Where to Find her?

Countess Carmilla can only be obtained from the last Legendary Hunt (for ranks 1-35) with a maximum of 3. Unfortunately, the hunt has ended earlier this week and there doesn’t seem to be any other areas to procure her.

…giving a maximum mastery of M2

I do hope she appears in co-op as summoning shards in future updates, like how the Lesser Geonodon is made available to players through consistent coop play.

TL;DR: First Halloween Legendary Hunt only for now unfortunately 😦


Countess Carmilla is a new enemy that appeared out-of-the-blue without much of an introduction as to who she really is. What could’ve been great would be to have her integrated into the event lore itself through a special mission dedicated to how she was spawned into existence…and why she is to be revered as a Legendary champion.

Moreover, that mission could be a Legendary Hunt where you can fight against her as an enemy boss. This would give players a sense of how powerful she can be eventually be as a M7 maxed out unit…or perhaps with the difficulty raised at higher difficulties. At least that would enable players to recognise her strengths and entice them to strive for her.

Another more general suggestion is for the summoning of Legendary Champions.

With legendary champions being the new goal for stronghold building, it would be nice if they incorporated their minion shards (of Legendary Champions) into the transmutation mode.

For example, you get X% chance to obtain a Countess Carmilla minion shard for transmuting any Dark-aligned minion. The chance can be further boosted when transmuting Champions or Mastered minions as well. Such gives players the opportunity to ‘earn‘ these end-game minions if they actively engage in the game over time.

(Bloodthirsty) Carmilla’s Fang

This new trinket features fixed stats (like the Citadel trinkets) which upgrade with every new tier.

In this case, Carmilla’s Fang has a decent HP/Hit value (15), while offering other nice offensive properties like Attack Speed (9%), Critical Chance (7%)/ Damage (14%) and giving higher than average bonuses to Dark element attack and defence.


Where to find it

You can craft the trinket from scratch using drops of Carmilla’s blood which can be obtained from the Halloween event chest (not the Exclusive edition) and in the current (second) Legendary Hunt. There are more ‘blood‘ ingredients in the Daily Halloween calendar and the Special Marathon (quest: Open 25 halloween chests).

Unlike the Citadel trinket, the evolution requires only one of the previous trinket with additional drops of blood.

For those who actively participated in the first LH, there was a guaranteed T3 trinket available as a participation reward at a rather steep maximum price of 6,135 gems (1.0 million event points), assuming no energy orbs from natural refills (over time) were used.

If you missed that, you can still get T3 version of the trinket through the Halloween Exclusive chest (the pumpkin sitting within a grey throne). This serves as a mid-way boost for those interested in building the final T6 trinket.

Clearing the Halloween Chests quest gives some Blood drops.

TL;DR: Craft from Carmilla’s Blood, obtainable from Legendary Hunt participation, Daily Calendar, Special Marathon rewards. You can get a T3 trinket from Halloween Exclusive chests or the former LH.


An issue faced by players would be that every trinket is its own ‘progression path. This means that if you have one trinket, you need to collect Blood to specifically upgrade it to its maximum tier. And, it does not contribute to upgrading of other trinkets.

As such, getting an additional T3 Carmilla’s Fang means that you’re ‘forced‘ to build another trinket altogether.

One suggestion brought up in Discord would be to revise the crafting recipe of Carmilla’s Fang to be similar to that of the Citadel trinkets. This means that you take 2 of the previous tiers to combine them together. As the upgrade from tier-to-tier is non-linear in terms of the amount of blood used, every upgrade tier can be supplemented by requiring additional drops of blood for the crafting process.

TL;DR: Revise the trinket upgrade method to match that of the Citadel trinkets so getting additional trinkets will help in the next tier upgrade.

Carmilla’s (Bloodthirsty) Regalia

One of the two S-grade armors released for this update, the Carmilla’s Regalia is a super-charged Tun Daemon Ward with high Dodge (21.7%), HP/Hit (95) and HP/Kill (375) along with a high base armor stat for maximum survive-ability.

Carmilla’s Regaila boasts strong parameters in both offence and defence

Equipping this with several of Carmilla’s Fangs (trinkets) and a good HP/Hit weapon can provide significant amounts of HP/Hit (>200). I daresay that makes even Dark sets viable in Nature strongholds (ie. Nettles, Courtyard)…until maybe some improvement to Raiding comes along. Thus, if you don’t have a good (mastered) Dark armor yet, this will be a fantastic addition to your arsenal.

Like the champion, I’ve yet to face an opponent equipped with this armor in the Arena so not much can be reviewed about its performance first-hand. But, it’s quite definite that this new armor would make Dark users much harder to finish off even if you’re using Nature.

Where to find it?

The armor is available from the leaderboard rewards of the Second Legendary Hunt for ranks 1-35 with a maximum of 3 armors given out per player.

A worthwhile M2 armor…for those who make the cut

It is also available from the Halloween exclusive chest and perhaps the other variations of Gear/ VIP/ Arena/ Legendary chests in due time.

Old Halloween Items

For those who missed obtained the rewards of the previous 2-3 years of Halloween, they are still available from the following sources till 5 Nov (Monday):

Hallow Win (Spear) – Weekly Marathon (Clear 25 strongholds)

Pumpkin Head (Armor) – Weekly Marathon (Spend 2.5k energy)

Jack-o’-Saber (Dual Blades) – Second LH (170,200 pts or 1,050 gems), Halloween Exclusive Chest, Legendary Chest

Baron Samedi Attire (Armor) – Second LH (302,200 pts or 1,860 gems), Halloween Exclusive Chest, Legendary Chest

Lord of Eve (Champion) – Stronghold Chest, Halloween Exclusive Chest, Previous LH

Baron Samedi’s attire (from last year’s LH) sits at the 1/3 mark of the participation rewards

Out of these, I would recommend getting the Jack-o’-Saber as an Arena weapon since it has nice crowd control properties (ie. Fear, Stun) and good HP/Hit value. If you have extra gems to spend, Baron Samedi Attire is a fun novelty armor with some neat off-the-ground levitation effects.

TL;DR: It’s worth getting the Jack-o’-Saber (Duals) for Arena and Baron Samedi Attire (Armor) for novelty. 🙂

Another delayed post….I really need to stop on the procrastination!

Besides that, one concern about this update is ‘What’s Next?‘ till the next patch as there doesn’t seem to have any other major event released for November. I also do hope that the next update brings about the much-awaited Guild Siege and that it’s as promising as players expect it to be. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Halloween Gifts (2018)

  1. Can you umm make a blog about Ruby Temple and its best minions? I plan on changing from Nightmare Pit to Ruby Temple. I currently have M3 Assassin and M6 Corvus. I plan on adding M6 Light Col, M6 Saberwolf Tooth or M6 Ignicore, and M6 Santa (Alternative is Mezzogian). Thanks.


  2. With 50 Percent Damage boosted by Gameloft it really became challenging (Still beatable but for inexperienced users they might die quickly due to high amount of DoT being dished out) Any thoughts? Thanks


  3. Surprisingly no Santa. I think it can still somewhat help. But do you think Mezzogian as an alternative would do? And also What else to put beside them? Like I said my current minions now are M6 Corvus and M3 Assassin. I plan putting Mezzo (or Santa), Light Col, and Wolf (or Immortal GateKeeper). Do you think putting Ignicore would be good in replacement of Wolf or Immortal Gate Keeper. Thanks bro! 😀


  4. So I am trying a new Setup in Ruby that cost me less materials, gems, etc. I equipped 3 Rhino Vigil (T3), M3 Assassin (T7), and M6 Corvus (T6). Currently it got two defenses few days ago. For now though they seem to be more careful in raiding these type of Stronghold. But still the Damage Reflection is pretty good. What do you think? Thanks 🙂


      1. Just an update. After a week of using that setup. Which is M3 Assassin, M6 Corvus, Three T3 Rhino’s on Ruby Trap. I got a staggering defense of 8 defense in a week. That’s fantastic if you’d ask me. I have been mastering corvus for a long time. Since my Setup is a Nightmare Pit before. Others tried to mix it with Lesser Geonodon (T3 too) which I found nice as well.


  5. Hi Paul, that’s good to hear!
    I’ve rarely heard of anyone getting that many defences with Rhinos before, perhaps it has to do with the presence of multiple Rhinos in your stronghold which gives constant invincibility if raiders don’t know which to attack first.


    1. Yes I agree. lol. It has got to do with some luck and stuff. lol. Anyways the new update just came out but its still unlocked so maybe you can do a blog about it! Thanks bro 🙂


    1. Haha….that’s true. I’ve had the pointers done for T7 stronghold review for the longest time. But I’ve been bogged down with work. Maybe I’ll get it done by this week or next. 😐


  6. Hi Zung,

    I follow the GL forum, many long term players are saying or have been saying that GL had stopped monitoring and caring for GH5. What do you think? are you still in touch with developers? any news you could tell me?

    I mean I like this game, i.e., the only game I play actually. Played it for few years now on and off. Would be a shame/ sad to see it die.




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