Not sure how you managed to get here but, Welcome to the Dungeon Hunter 5 Guide blog!

Listed within this guide would be my writings, analysis, research and experiments on (so far):

Wanted Challenges (WC)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) (minions & auto-mode)

Crafting Trinkets

…and featuring some downloadable content to make your DH5 game-experience¬†easier as well.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, new to Dungeon Hunter V, and stumbled on the site. My question is I have some weapons (Groiwing Dragon Bile Blade etc.) that reqire Unrefined Beryllos to evolve. I started a Guild to get scrolls to buy it, but not many of the members get involved in Guild wars. Looks like I need to rank higher to buy it. Do you know of another way to get the Evo material, or do I need to dump my Guild and get with a stronger one? Thanks.


    1. Hey Jason, thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, its only from the Guild Shop at the moment so improving is the way to go.
      Just curious, why not join an existing guild with a good rank?


      1. Thanks for the reply, since I started the guild I didn’t want to just bail on everyone, I guess your right I’ll have to leave and join a higher ranked guild. I enjoy your site keep up the good work.


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